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    End of year update

    Happy New Year! This was a big year as we released Spriter 1.0 and are now on Steam. We also released two new Art Packs, a new promo video, and a new site and forums. Now that the foundation is set, 2015 will be an exciting year for Spriter Pro owners. We already have some amazing unannounced features in the works that we can't wait to share once they're ready to be unveiled. I'm currently focused on creating a working, fully featured and well documented reference implementation. Once finished, this should make creating full Spriter support for any particular authoring system trivial. And we'll be focusing resources and efforts into helping developers port this to as many languages and authoring systems as possible. Originally we were going to make this a barebones implementation with support for all Spriter Pro features, but we've decided to take a bit longer and include several implementation and playback features that most developers will want in their arsenal. Sorry for our slow response times on the forums and tech support during the holidays. Don't worry, you haven't been forgotten, and we will respond and help you resolve your issues as soon as we can. We also realize there are a few open bugs with Spriter R2, and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as this implementation is complete. On a final note, the Steam Sale ends on January 2nd, so there are only two days left to get Spriter Pro for 50% off. Also on BrashMonkey.com Spriter Pro and all of our Art Packs and bundles are also 50% until January 2nd using the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS. Thank you everyone for a great year, and we look forward to making 2015 an awesome year for Spriter users.
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    Spriter R3 Bug Thread

    I have an annoying bug in windows 8.1 When I set the interpolation curve of a parent object to something other then linear, the IK targets on the children move out of place. It's a spider so there are a lot of legs and a fairly deep hierarchy. I can set the interpolation for the timeline as a whole but this isn't ideal since it's messing up the timing for all of my secondary animations. My workaround right now will probably be to manually animate the legs, which is a HUGE pain. Hopefully that can get hammered out in a future release.
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    Nomenclature question

    Hi, Spriter team and community, I'm in the middle of writing an email to a friend, and I just realized I have no idea what to call the output of Spriter to differentiate it from other kinds of "sprites". Is there an official name or phrase for these besides the somewhat clunky-sounding "Spriter sprites"? Going by the blurb on the main Spriter page, I would assume it's "modular sprites", but I've never seen that actual phrase used anywhere. I was thinking something like "skeletal sprites", but that sounds more like something that's not finished yet, like the early stages of a sprite. Besides, not all "Modular sprites" use bones... Also, I'm not sure if we need to differentiate from the output of similar tools, like Spine, or just use a generic phrase that covers the whole concept, then differentiate using "Spriter <phrase>" vs. "Spine <phrase>" etc. Anyone want to weigh in on this one? Mike? Edgar?
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    Hi, I have a problem when importing the scml or scon file into Construct 2. It doesn't import the individual sprites/images, only the gray block with a number "1" appears. The sprites show up in Spriter (I'm not getting any "missing-image" pictures). The SCML and SCON file have the same name and are in the same directory as the folders of all the body-parts. Can someone help me with this problem?
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    Hello I need someone with pro version of spriter to save my project with diffrent scale, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8. Its an animation from Don't Starve game, I'm making mods for that game, but this mod needs resized animations, and that can't be scaled by game, cause then it scales all special effects on it to and it looks very bad. Contact me on steam if you want to help me out with this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027077262/
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    Cocos2d 3 support

    Does anyone have a working implementation for Cocos2d 3.x? Trying to get the old TGSpriterNode code to work but it is 3 years old at this point and pretty lacking. Thanks!
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    OSX Version Download Error

    Hello there, i'm trying to download the OsX trial from the website, the file size it must be around 65MB but, the download finish around 20MB and i cant install. Who can help me? Thanks.
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    Create New Blank Key

    Hello from Indonesia here, I've purchased the Spriter Pro, and thanks for GREAT software :-P I have a question, about your RunNGunPlatfortmerPack Essentials, in Crounch_Down_Block key number 1 to 76 how to create it? I create a new animation from scratch with my art, and I follow your pack, every I paste in key 76 or other key, the image always be animated, I want to make as you do on RunNGunPlatfortmerPack Essentials, "create new blank key with new image without animated", how to create it? sorry for my bad explain haha... :-P Thanks before.
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    Hi, I am sorry to bother with this problem, I am using Spriter for a project i began since Beta. And i have a problem now when i try swap sprites holding right click on sprites. It work correctly with previous sprites'folders i created but with new folder i just can't do it. Just as Spriter don't recognise the sprites organisation in the new folder. The folder appears in the palette with all sprites in it, but still unable to swap. Im not on the pro version yet of the soft. I would appreciate if i can have a solution with this problem. Cheers.
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    I'm getting the above warning in Unity when I run my program. I want to use the Spriter2Unity package so that I can import the Spriter Pro animations. Though the animation works normal I'm wondering what the implications of this warning are. I'm also having the problem that I can't import the animations into the uSequencer (Unity plugin to make movies) because of this legacy problem.
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    Update on Spriter API matters

    I just wanted to let everyone know my full focus has switched from developing Spriter (aside from critical fixes) to getting complete and thorough documentation for developers. This will take some time, but this long overdue step is underway and I will update you when things are further along. Thank you everyone for your extreme patience thus far on the matter.
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    Spriter and Game Maker Studio

    Hi guys! I dont know if you remember me but I did the Game Maker Spriter API a long while ago and it worked for a while but after a few spriter updates it stopped working and so I been pestered quite a lot to update the api but I simply had no time on my hand and mainly had not time to keep up to date with all the changes and features. What I need is a little guidance to figure out where to go get the information I need. I also need example files and the download I got comes with none. I need the file specs, the supported features specs, example(s) that use all the features, hopefully those example would be included with the API as a demonstration on how the api works and to show what feature are supported; as well they would make an appearance in the demo exe and the demo video. I am not an animator so I would need something "free to use" as I cannot do these animations myself. Also I got the free version, how does it differ from the purchased version, would an API written with the demo as a working/testing tool be enough? would I need to get the purchased version? Thanks for helping out!
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    How can I fix this problem ?

    How can I fix this problem ? I did everthing but :|
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    Hi everyone, A quick post to keep you informed about our progress. First of all, Condor is now in version 1.2. It’s a light update which adds a brand new interface as well as three new stunts and a rework on difficulty, the game should be easier on the first levels. You can download the game for free here, or buy the ads-free version here. About our biggest project, Sacrifices is now on closed beta and should be released in July. As always you can check our progress on Twitter, Facebook or our Website. We should launch an open beta during this month. Feel free to ask for a beta link if you’re interested in testing Sacrifices! Spooky Team
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    Hi, I would like to know how the mmf2 integration will work in the future. Also, I spend my time both at home and in work, so I would like to know if I can use the serial more than one time. Thanks a lot!
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    Hello everyone! I'm pondering on how to let a Spriter's sprite take part in B2D physics world. First of all my general question: How would you do it? My thoughts so far: First of all I used the loader/drawer of trixt0r to get to ready setup libGdx Sprites conveniently. From tis point I tried to get them taking part in physics. a) My first idea was to make out of each object/box of an entity a static B2D-Body which get a rectangular shape. The rect-shape is just for simplicity - of course the don't yield perfect coillsion. These bodies get updated each frame when the Spriter animation renders to get new x,y and rotation. By doing this, the texture regions of the sprite are sync'ed with the body's fixture shape. It follows a screenshot of the Spriters monster-Sprite, where all the objects (trixt0r lib for libGdx) which have textures attached to have a green bounding box around them. These Boxes are also shapes attached to B2D-Bodies (as fixture shape). This works so far unless I want to apply force to the monster itself. The problem is that the animation itself is controlling the physics not vice versa. I 'd want to let the monster fall down, I would have to make these by translation the coordinates of the Sprite instead of letting the Word control the position e.g. when its no longer grounded because there is no body underneath - thus I'm loosing the a lot of the advantages of a physics sim. I pasted in some code for setting this up (the following iteration is based on the code of libGdxDrawer class of trixt0r except the b2d stuff) - just to get the idea. public static void setUpBodiesToWorld(Player player, Loader<SpriteBox2D> loader,World world) { Iterator<Timeline.Key.Object> it = player.objectIterator(); while(it.hasNext()){ // itereation over all the objects with a libGdx-Sprite Timeline.Key.Object object = it.next(); /* the loader is of tpe Loader<SpriteBox2d> - its like Sprite , I put just a public field for the body in it */ SpriteBox2D sprite = loader.get(object.ref); /*Setting up the fixture shape of the body - below is just an example for taking the objects-boxes a shapes for bodies */ PolygonShape box = new PolygonShape(); box.setAsBox(sprite.getWidth() / 2 * sprite.getScaleX() , sprite.getHeight() / 2 * sprite.getScaleY() , vector.set(sprite.getX(), sprite.getY()), sprite.getRotation() * MathUtils.degRad); BodyDef boxBodyDef = new BodyDef(); boxBodyDef.type = BodyDef.BodyType.StaticBody; Body body = world.createBody(boxBodyDef); /*assigning the body and making a association between the TextureRegion and the body When rendering the sprite, the body can be easily retrieved and positioned*/ sprite.body = body; Fixture fixture = body.createFixture(box, 1); fixture.setUserData(sprite); box.dispose(); } } When the libGdx-Drawer iterates over the Player and retrieves the Sprites an additional body can be retrieved and positioned. b > My second guess was to draw a static form around the sprite (like the orange ellipse in the screenshot) which encompasses roughly the sprite. This shape is the bodyshape in B2D and keeps track of the curren pos and rotation. The sprite positions accordingly to the shape - but with odd visual side effects - e.g. things which look like they should collide don't and vice versa. I believe the main problem is that the physics aren't involved animating the bones and its difficult to make them behave physically afterwards. What are your thoughts/Experiences? Thanks david
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    Fighting with "object_" names

    We're trying to port our animations over to Unity, and I think we're running into some bugs as a result of old version of Spriter. The problem is only present in some of our very earliest animations. Under the Z-Index column, all the pieces are named "object_00x" to "object_2xx", and each animation has unqiue names. So, our main character has over 200 of these objects defined in his SCML file. For example: etc... This breaks the Sprite2Unity importer and Sprite Swapping functionality, as it creates a new child for every single unique name in the z-index column. If I try and rename the animations, and make them look like this: Spriter won't allow me to do it. I can fix one animation, but when fixing subsequent anims, Sprite auto renames "head" to "head_000", or "torso" to "torso_000". Next animation, will force me to name it "Head_002", and etc. It simply won't allow me to fix these names within the Editor. Is there any way you can think of to fix these old SCML files? I can't hand edit it, it's close to 11,000 lines...
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    Chars made in Spriter

    Here's some things I've made with Spriter:
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    Hey, guys I love this program, I just have one question about something that I had no intention on doing until I used this program. The game I am working on uses pixel art and this program does a really great job animating it. I happen to have switched one of my animations to the smooth sampling and the animation looks so smooth I am willing to convert all my battler sprites into this style. The only thing is that the first frame does not save in this style. Is there a way this program can save the entire pixel animation to smooth sampling from beginning to end even if its a single image?
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    Hello folks! I quite can't run spriter 1.0 in ubuntu 14.10 64bits here. Here is my error: In console: ./Spriter => ./Spriter: error while loading shared libraries: libQtHelp.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory What should I do?
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    SpriterDotNet A simple, fast and efficient Spriter implementation in pure C#. Feature complete. About The goal of SpriterDotNet is to be as fast as possible while keeping the code clean and readable. Being a pure C# implementation, SpriterDotNet doesn't depend on any external libraries / frameworks. It focuses on simple and efficient calculations of all transforms at a given point in time. This allows using it with any framework just by mapping calculated transforms to concrete objects. Supported Features Basic animations Bone animations All curve types (Instant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Bezier) Points Collision Rectangles SubEntities Events Sounds Variables Tags Character maps Animation blending Plugins / Examples Unity MonoGame Source Code GitHub Repository
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    Even if maybe Spriter 2 might finally let us save the UI/Workspace, could Brashmonkey just quickly include this in Spriter Pro in a quick update or add-on? Spriter crashes frequently enough (especially when it comes to certain cases of copying and pasting bones with images attached) and the workspace is such a big deal, with all the setting ticks and window sizes and locations I have to re-set up each time I open a file. It sounds like such an easy feature to include/program in. At the very least, be sure to include this in Spriter 2. However... It may be a year or more before Spriter 2 is even fully compatible with Construct 2, (assuming it ever will be, as opposed to forcing those who want to use it to use Construct 3 instead) regarding the Spriter SCML Plugin, the import process, full functionality after export, and so on. So I strongly suggest a Spriter Pro update or add-on that allows us this simple yet effective improvement that Spriter's been lacking for years. If you actually used Spriter for intensive scene work, you would realize the need for workspace-saving, so that crashes aren't the misfortune they always are.
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    Don't worry at all. We're thrilled that you're excited about it and incredibly humbled by and appreciative of the incredible patience and support the Spriter community have shown us. We promise we're doing everything we possibly can to make Spriter 2 special ,and worth the very....very...long wait. There will be an update with more info soon.
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    Hi again everyone. Just a quick update. We've gotten the prize winner choices from 2 of the three judges and the final judge said he's going to try to look through all the submissions tonight. It shouldn't be much longer now. Thanks for your patience. cheers. -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Action points tutorial

    I can create and rotate action points but cannot make them a child of the bone or sprite I want. Is there a way to do this? I have Spriter Pro. Basically, I made a simple swinging rope with 8 segments and want to attach an action point near the bottom. The problem is, I want the action point to be a child of either the 6th bone or sprite and move with the animation.
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    I press the main parent bone, press Z to select everything and try to set the alpha to 50%, as soon as I let go of the button the alpha level jumps to 100% although the reduction in alpha has been implemented, so now 50% is the newest 100%! I cant go back to fully opaque sprite anymore :oops:
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    Problem with the timeline.

    I have a few spots on my timeline already in which I've animated some stuff. I imported some new sprites in the first frame which I would like to remain throughout the rest of the animation. However, the rest of the spots don't show the new sprites. Do I have to copy and paste the sprite to each and every frame?
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    Upon re-reading this post of mine, please keep in mind I'm not talking specifically about you or directly to you..as I've seen and tried to help several artists who fell into this trap early on.. and when this topic comes up I tend to cover all the points and flavors of every incident with each of the specific artists. So please know I'm not trying to pin any psychological or philosophical position onto you... just trying to cover all the bases for any other artist as well who might stumble upon this forum thread when facing the same issue/decision. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi again Symbolic. To use fantastically appropriate word-play, no matter how you cut it, creating the level as one giant illustration is just a bad idea. 1) Super hard and time consuming to drastically edit a levels design after you've already created it, which is in the vast majority of games, especially side scrolling games, critical for ensuring fun gameplay! 2) Super wasteful of the platform's texture space...no matter how small you cut up a giant painting, its still ALL THERE... Imagine you cut it into 4096x4096 textures...you're still going to have at least two of these taking up texture space at a time at all times...and even this size is far bigger than ideal for optimal performance. 3) Super wasteful of the games file-size, download size. In short, using giant bitmaps for levels (even cut into pieces after the fact then reassembled in the game engine) is nothing but an inexperienced game maker trying to make something work within their current experience and tool-set comfort level. This is an age old problem..people bending over backwards to try to rationalize and execute a very un-optimal solution to a situation using whatever limited knowledge base and tool set they currently have. It typically leads to either disaster or a drastically inferior final product taking drastically longer to make, causing immense stress, frustration and exhaustion for the artist and delaying or dooming the entire project. Please consider that taking a few days to research a more optimal option will empower you for the rest of your life, (all future game projects) and will end up saving you a ton of time and energy over the remaining course of this project, and for every future game project for the rest of you life. It's THAT important. Important points I want to make: 1) Please DO use illustrator, but NOT to create entire levels, only to design the segments you will use to create the entire level in a proper level editor. 2) Please always do your research as thoroughly as possible when confronted with any new MAJOR task. Creating many large levels for a game is a HUGE undertaking, and it's critical you "power up" before you dive in blind and shoot yourself and the entire project in the foot with an "I'll wing it" approach. 3) An unwillingness to learn and add new tools for the right job to your tool belt will lead to drastically more depressing and unsuccessful life. did you click the link I provided to those resources for 2d level editing in Unity? The Smart-Sprite functionality is definitely one of the things you should learn and strongly consider using. Rayman Legends is an absolutely gorgeous game who's levels often look very much like giant hand painted masterpieces, but its all smart-sprites and re-used hand placed scaled and rotated segments. Here's a peak into what a truly great 2d level editor looks like: https://youtu.be/y-chi097uV4?t=7m7s As you can see, its a more advanced version to smart-sprites but extremely similar. I assume you wouldn't draw every blade of grass from scratch no matter what... so instead of making a group of grass blades and stamping them around in Illustrator, please make your group of grass and stamp it around in a level editor, so its actually a small image being reused in an optimized manner in the game. Lecture now over. Thanks for your patience. :) Cheers, Mike
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    Hi, SymboliC, You brought up a good point that I hadn't thought of when I made my first reply: GIF's color limitations. Since it is commonly only used for a preview, the reduction of colors isn't usually a problem. Anyone using it for final output is likely aware of its limitations and can work around them. However, it would be nice to be able to output a full-color animation, with full alpha channel. To this end, I believe animated PNG export support should be added to Spriter. Although APNG isn't officially supported by the original designers of PNG, and it almost definitely isn't supported by the version of libpng against which Spriter is linked, it has become a de facto standard, and is more widely used and supported than the official, and IMO overly complicated, "MNG" format. It is even supported by most browsers, either directly or through some type of extension. It would be fairly straightforward to add support, either by using a version of libpng that supports APNG, or with APNG-specific code patched into the GIF export functionality. For reference, here is the Mozilla APNG spec.
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    This is it so far, I'll make more videos when I can. Collision rectangles are normal construct sprites once imported into Construct 2 or 3... look for them in the family folder of the Spriter project you imported... you can do overlap or collision checks for them just like any other standard Construct sprites.
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    Godot is free open-source game engine. It's in active development with 17-thousand stars. Why is there no Spriter addon for Godot :( ? Juan (lead dev of Godot) is working on Sprite deformation tool in Godot 3.1 alpha, perhaps Spriter can use this to enhance the possible future Spriter Addon for Godot?
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    It`s because your attached sprite scale XY axes need to match the bone XY scale axes orientation in order for their scaling to work properly. Bone "length" is the bone ScaleX axis.
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    Using spriter animation in Construct 3

    Hello again everyone. Thanks for your patience. Here is a fix: download here
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    Or... You can use skin on the parts that are critical (need deformation) like cloth etc... so you dont affect so many objects and make the work unstable. You could have a backup with and without skin. My recommendation is: drag all objects in scene and create complete hierarchy of needed bones, save as normal version without skin. Drag and object as skin, and link to bone inmediately, then save as skin version and if you get a crash start again from that point. This is the only way to work with skin more or less fast. At this moment even free software supports bone deformation with mesh or grid, so it would be cool to have skin as stable as possible without compromising development of spriter 2, if possible.
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    First I'm not much of a programmer. So any feedback is welcome. Special corner cases not tested. Download AnimationSorter Prerequisites Animations must be batch export or all animations must have a prefix Animation names must be in following format prefix + animation + number + file extension So for example you have 3 animations: Attack, Idle, Run. When you export in spriter you are asked for a base file name. When you type "character" as base file name spriter spits out 3 animations like this character_attack_000.png character_attack_001.png character_attack_002.png character_idle_000.png character_idle_001.png character_idle_002.png character_run_000.png character_run_001.png character_run_002.png (Number of files is not important) How it works Export animations in spriter (e.g batch export) when exporting enter a prefix e.g character put the executable script file into the same folder as your animation exports run exe enter the prefix which every animation files have in common e.g character from step 2 enjoy that you don't need to sort animations anymore What the script does: The script searches for all png images in the same folder the script is. Then it extracts the given prefix from each image. character_attack_000.png becomes attack_000.png Then it extracts the extension and number as well so only animation name is left wich is attack. Next it creates a folder with that animation name and afterwards puts each matching image file in that folder. And this for each image. Conclusion I found the script to be a huge time saver. Especially with hundreds of image files (in the gif example 500+ images were sorted under 1s). So I hope it helps you guys out as well. Here the full script: import glob import os import shutil import time class AnimationSorter: """A simple sorter class""" def __init__(self): self.prefix = '' self.folders_count = 0 self.files_count = 0 def set_prefix(self): self.prefix = raw_input('Type in the prefix of the animations.\nPrefix: ') print self.prefix def get_animations(self): path = os.getcwd() + '\\' anims = glob.glob(path + '*.png') return anims def sortanim(self): anims = self.get_animations() if not anims: print('No files found.') return False self.files_count = len(anims) for i, x in enumerate(anims): basedir, filename = os.path.split(x) result = x.replace(str(self.prefix), "", 1) n = result.split("_", 1) result = n[0] result = result.translate(None, '_') dir_name, ext = os.path.splitext(result) if not os.path.exists(dir_name): os.makedirs(dir_name) print 'new directory: ' + dir_name self.folders_count += 1 try: shutil.move(x, dir_name + '\\' + filename) except IOError as (errno, strerror): print "I/O error({0}): {1}".format(errno, strerror) except ValueError: print "Could not convert data to an integer." except: print "Unexpected error:" raise self.files_count += 1 # print 'moving file success' return True if __name__ == "__main__": print '___________ SORT ANIMATION EXPORTS ___________\n\n' sorter = AnimationSorter() sorter.set_prefix() start = time.time() # call your code here if sorter.sortanim(): end = time.time() print 'Done.' \ '\nTotal files: ' + str(sorter.files_count - 1) + \ '\nTotal Folders: ' + str(sorter.folders_count) + \ '\nTime needed: ' + str(end - start) + 's' k = raw_input('\n\nPress any key to close.\n') Download AnimationSorter
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    Thanks for the reply. As much as I value your opinion, the point I was trying to make is that more testing is needed, I just gave some examples in order not to sound negative but constructive. I know that the current approach to testing is cheap and efficient, but I would advise proper testing sessions, mainly on usability and user experience. Hire 4 testers with different skill levels on Spriter (minimum for a limited budget, testers usually take 50$/hour), and observe how they approach the product. Ask questions, like "Do they get it?", ask them to perform key tasks and watch how they work. I think this will not only reveal bugs, but even usability issues. Personally I don't have the time to test right now, even though I want to help improve Spriter. I am using Win 10. Regarding Ctrl+D, that's a functionality for copying an object into all frames: https://puu.sh/tb1Y4/fe40ba978f.png Regarding the trial version, there was a video that mentioned that and I was surprised and I didn't download the latest patch thinking that I would lose access. If I find the video I ll link it as an edit.
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    Hi. I think you may have misread, it says: If you still want to resubmit anyway, we will reopen the submission thread if and when every entrant agrees. It seems so far that everyone will be in agreement, but we can't reopen the submission thread until we've officially gotten unanimous agreement.
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    Mesh deforming will be a default feature in Spriter 2, which will be a free upgrade for all Spriter Pro owners. (Spriter 2 is in the earliest stages of development, so don;r hold off current projects for it. ) You can use image sapping to swap out images with warped versions.. in combination with careful separation and jointing of images, along sith standard stretching and rotation go get a lot of liveliness in your animations. Community member bwwd has also made excellent use of the non-official proof of concept feature called "skin mode" to add mesh deforming to his animations. Which is fine if you just want to bake out your animations to sprite sheets or sequential images, or if you are willing to export the deformed skin images as sequential images, then replace the skin sprites in your final animations with the image swapped versions (IF you need to actually support the Spriter version of your animations directly in your game project) cheers, -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Spriter R6 Bug Thread

    @bwwd and @germanmolto The issue with children being automatically keyed is fixed for the next version, at least it appears to be. germanmolto, I believe the other issue may have been related to that, so please test when the next version comes out and let me know if you still have the issue.
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    Modifying several curves

    Yes i'll do it. :) Done : http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4154-s-curve-in-spriter/#entry13237 Can you guys release some extra version where we can select multiple keys and change their curves to S curve with as small amount of clicks as possible? This is insane to change S curve on every new keyframe that i'll make, ive never encountered limitation like this.Can you imagine how much time animator is wasting because such simple thing is not possible, its not even a feature ,its something that's normal, you select mutlitple keys and change their setting. I have to select every bone one by one, there are 15 bones, then 15 skins ! thats 30 for one keyframe, then add next keyframe, its another 30 keyframes to select ONE BY ONE to change their curve to non linear !! Insane !! :( And its over one year like that without this simple functionality. Plase add S curve as default curve to select, that cubic one with 2 points is perfect, one point on bottom and second point on top to create S: This should be default and ready to select when you press second mouse button it this small menu because im wasting a lot of time creating this S curve myself, its best to make it as fast as possible to change that, like on this pic : I click on S and i have S curve, no need to open menu and drag points to create it on every keyframe, this menu could apply that curve to all currently selected keyframes.
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    I've been playing with the free version for some time, contemplating also getting the Humble Bundle deal. As a developer with a 3D background, it's a common thing to share skeletons so animations you make for one model also work on the other (keeping proportions or rescaling the bones). I was wondering if such a thing is possible in Spiner? Note that I don't mean a simple texture-swap, I mean an actual different model that shares the same skeleton but might have subtle differences and without having to animate this character, I can just apply an existing animation on top of it. Or if it is possible in theory, but that it comes down to the runtime (eg. Unity) to solve that problem? Another thing I was wondering about is the image-warping, did it get any love since the latest videos circling around on the web showcasing this? Also - I'm seeing things about plugins and API's - does that mean the editor itself is extendable? I'm also familiar with Spine2D, and the thing I already like more about Spriter is the fact I can have animations in animations, and also multiple projects. If reusability of animations is a thing, this would be a total win win over Spine for me.
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    Hi Eva, I have been using Libgdx myself but have heard good things about Cocos2d (but have never tried it). From the description of your requirements, I'd probably say these two libraries might fit your needs. What you're looking for to be able to run Spriter animations directly within Java (or other languages) are called "implementations" and can be found here in the forums: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/forum/17-spriter-implementations/ The most recent one for Java that I've been using can be found here specifically: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3474-spriter-with-libgdx It might be a bit overkill for what you need, but is pretty well written and documented by the author. Read though the documentation they've provided on their thread and I believe that should help answer most of your questions.
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    I've purchased the Pro version through Steam, and even though you offered the same bate back then, I did not receive any "stripped down" sprite-packs with my download. Should be put in a separate DLC in any case... :geek:
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    Hey, thought this might be a cool time to share this and would love any thoughts feedback. What I have created, or am creating, is an episodic RPG that really runs more like a "choose your own adventure" narrative a la Telltale Games newer stuff. A lot of it is still being built in, but the primary purpose is to interact with and read a story and hopefully enjoy the jokes and easter eggs. What I have here is the latest Beta of Episode 1 which will be releasing on www.snesexplainseverything.comlive on July 1st time frame. All music is original, a lot of the art is original but a lot taken from Open game art or other copyright free sources. Anyway, here's the beta link. http://snesexplainseverything.com/lates ... index.html Strength is for mercyThe Prologue that Came After the BeginningLimericks and Lillipads
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    Spriter R4 Bug Thread

    Hey there. Thought I'd pass that along in case nobody else had noticed it yet. If you name an animation like this: "Chop - Sword/Knife", then attempt to export that animation using the batch tool to create an animated GIF (seems okay when creating sprite sheets though), Spriter immediately crashes and the export fails. Renaming the animation to something not using "/" such as "Chop - Sword_Knife" seems to work fine however. So it seems directly related to the use of "/" in the animation name. Tested in both Release 4 and recent Release 4.1 but no earlier builds. Thanks
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    Spriter R4 Bug Thread

    Ok. It's happening for me, too. I'll let you know as soon as I get a fix. Make sure you have auto-update checks enabled in your settings to get the hotfix as soon as I release it. EDIT: Fixed, and Windows version is ready for manual download . Currently building for other platforms
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Create New Blank Key

    Hi again ridjam, Here is a fast tutorial I made. Sorry its not the highest quality, between a cold, fatigue, no time to script, or edit, and the requirement to not speak at full volume because my children are asleep nearby, its not the best..but hopefully it will explain the features and how to use then adequately. Cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Hello, I am sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere, I looked through the forum and didn't find anything about this. So, does somebody know if we can, and if yes, how can we clone an object with its animation ? And if we can't, an other way to avoid redoing the animation manually when we clone an object ? Cheers.
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    Hi Shadowdawnz, Its a great question and I'm surprised no one else seems to have asked until now. Yes, its definitely something Edgar will add eventually...but can't promise how soon because of our current overdue commitment to start focusing on helping to Get Spriter supported for as many authoring systems as possible. He's currently working on a full, commented C++ implementation. Until that is done his time is very limited. So, if you need to use the char-map features with complex character map layering ASAP I guess the best bed is to write a little sub-routine in C2 that keeps track of all current character maps, then can remove one from the list, then clear all character maps, and then reinstate all the remaining character maps on the list.. I hope this makes sense. cheers Mike at BrashMonkey
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