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    First off, this could have all been avoided had we heeded the community's warnings against Like-based voting, specifically relating to how easy it is to manipulate and abuse the system. We hope we can all agree that getting the contest back on track to a system where the art can be judged based solely on its merits is ideal for everyone. We've actually lined up some fantastic artists and animators who are willing to judge the contest and are not privy to this current mess of a situation. When the situation was first brought to our attention for a specific user, when we went to verify, we ended up seeing another user's submission on the site. Had we waited another five minutes, or logged in five minutes earlier, it's likely we wouldn't have seen the second video, or maybe we would have seen a third. As has been covered in the thread already, it's possible for anyone to submit any video to KingdomLikes, and without turning this community into a crime scene investigation, it would be impossible to figure out who is abusing the system and how. I'm sure KingdomLikes is not the only way to unfairly generate additional likes. For this reason, we think it would be unfair to disqualify any specific participant(s) when we can't prove wrongdoing, and we would potentially be benefitting another abuser of the system who simply wasn't caught. The best solution is to switch to a system that can't be abused and where any potential current or previous abuse is irrelevant. Here is what we propose: The contest will be judged by three judges with game industry and animation experience. So far, we have two awesome judges lined up - Nick Wozniak (Artist on Shovel Knight (http://store.steampowered.com/app/250760/)), and Nathan Lavato (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gdquest/game-art-quest-make-professional-2d-art-with-krita/description). We're currently working on a third. Edit: We have our third judge: Louice Adler, concept and graphic artist at Tripwire Interactive (creators of Killing Floor) In order to give an opportunity for anyone who stayed out of the contest due to the original YouTube-based judging to make an entry and participate, we'd like to extend the window of submission until the original judging date of August 31st (6 days from now). This is also an opportunity for anyone who's already submitted to further tweak or improve your current entries if you'd like. The judging should take place within a few days after that. Anyone who makes any attempt to privately communicate with any of the judges before the judging takes place will be automatically disqualified regardless of the content of their communication. Also, since we're trying to fix past oversights with the rules, we'd like to take this opportunity to clarify some things that weren't made explicit in the previously posted rules. Any sound effects in the submitted video should originate from the Spriter animation (sound effects should play back with the animation in Spriter) You may have background music as long as either you (or your team) created it or you have the rights to use it. Judging will be based only on visuals (and use of sound effects, if applicable) but not on background music. No post production video effects other than simple fades from one animation to another. Please avoid any effects that might be mistaken for part of the animation created in Spriter. Don't worry if you have doubts about your already submitted entry breaking one of these clarified rules - all current entries will be allowed as they are. All original rules aside from judging, prizes, and the clarifications made in this post still apply (see original post in this thread for reference) As a thank you for agreeing to the rule change, we'll also increase the total prize pool to allow two additional prize winners, and a slight increase to second and third prize: The Grand Prize of $1,000.00 USD Second place Prize of $400.00 USD Third Place Prize of $300.00 USD Fourth Place Prize of $200.00 USD Fifth Place Prize of $100.00 USD We can only enact these rule changes if all the current entrants agree to it. To make this as simple and painless as possible, if you agree to this rule change please like this post (using the like button on the bottom right of the post (). Once we have every participant in agreement, we can make the changes official.
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    scml documentation update

    Just wanted to link to this on the main forum for anyone who's been waiting on this: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12569
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    Hi Everyone, As you might have noticed, we've upgraded to a totally new forums system. The migration seems to have gone off without a hitch, but there's the possibility that if you posted during the 30 minute window in which we were migrating that your post ended up in the old forums and didn't make it over here. For anyone with a missing post, for a limited time you can actually access the old forum by going here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/forumOLD and copy the text from your post so you can easily repost it into the new forum. If this is required I apologize for the inconvenience. cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post 1.0 release of Spriter. Aside from a couple of bug fixes, this release includes a new video help option that lets you watch our YouTube tutorials in a floating window (with links to open the playlists in your default browser). Video Help will show up immediately upon startup to give guidance for beginners, and the window has an option to disable this behavior. Spriter will now warn you if you try to save outside the project directory that it won't be able to find it's images, and will also provide an explanation and the expected file structure when you load a file with missing images. An important note for Mac users. There is an optimization in this version that may correct the performance issues some users have been experiencing on the Mac. Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you, as it seemed to make a significant difference on our machines. We will continue to fix bugs and provide minor feature updates, but my primary focus at the moment is completing the developer documentation. Lastly, if you're reading this and you don't already own Spriter Pro, or you have a friend who doesn't, Steam is having their Autumn Sale now, and Spriter is 50% off until December 2nd. Spread the word! Thanks everyone, and enjoy the new build! download Spriter r2 here Change-Log 11/28/2014Additions and Enhancements Performance optimizations - possible fix for Mac slowdown issuesAdded Video Help on startup (with the option to never show again), and in the Help menuAdded a link the Grey Guy example file in the Help menuAdded a warning when attempting to save outside of the project directory(with the option to never show again)Added a warning/explanation that pops up when a project has missing images, and displays the expected file tree(with the option to never show again)Added a Help menu option to reset all 'show this message again' checkboxesSaving a resized project no longer allows you to save to your current project folder or any of it's subfolders to avoid confusion and overwriting or mixing up both projects' imagesSaving a resized project now confirms individual image overwrites as it creates resized copies of imagesOriginal image size data is now preserved in Missing Image placeholdersOriginal image size data is now preserved when saving a project with missing imagesBug Fixes Fixed a crash that could occur with certain projects with missing folders and imagesFixed a bug that would give autosaves the *.scon extension when working on a project last saved as *.scon, even though all autosave data is saved as scmlFixed a bug that would cause child bones created on very wide parent bones to have 0 width
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    Hi all, i desperately looking for some help for the slow performance of spriter on my mac, it is a macbook pro with 16 gb ram and using a Geforce GT 650 graphic card, i have the latest spriter b11 running and turn off the open GL but still experiencing slow performance. pls let me know is anyone has a solution for it. many thanks
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    Very excited about this program guys!! Posting these as suggestions, but maybe there's already a way to do this... Ability to cancel mid-operation (position,rotation,scale) For example, I've selected a set of parts and in the middle of rotating I realize I started rotating the wrong parts, or maybe I'm just playing around and want to preview how the rotation would look. If I hit 'Esc' while I'm rotating these parts, it could cancel out of the operation without needing to undo. Simplistic paint I'd like to hack some really simple shapes together, or sketch out some ideas without having to jump to my workhorse image editor (Photoshop). These would basically be placeholder art that I'd reskin later.
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    Hi! I want to buy the PRO version but the gui looks pretty bad and complicated work with the program. the other problem is that the final version works very slow and also tried b11 version. the b9 version works well graphically but all have the problem gui. i've a macbook pro retina display Yosemite 10.10 I hope you can help me because I am very interested in the program
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    End of year update

    Happy New Year! This was a big year as we released Spriter 1.0 and are now on Steam. We also released two new Art Packs, a new promo video, and a new site and forums. Now that the foundation is set, 2015 will be an exciting year for Spriter Pro owners. We already have some amazing unannounced features in the works that we can't wait to share once they're ready to be unveiled. I'm currently focused on creating a working, fully featured and well documented reference implementation. Once finished, this should make creating full Spriter support for any particular authoring system trivial. And we'll be focusing resources and efforts into helping developers port this to as many languages and authoring systems as possible. Originally we were going to make this a barebones implementation with support for all Spriter Pro features, but we've decided to take a bit longer and include several implementation and playback features that most developers will want in their arsenal. Sorry for our slow response times on the forums and tech support during the holidays. Don't worry, you haven't been forgotten, and we will respond and help you resolve your issues as soon as we can. We also realize there are a few open bugs with Spriter R2, and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as this implementation is complete. On a final note, the Steam Sale ends on January 2nd, so there are only two days left to get Spriter Pro for 50% off. Also on BrashMonkey.com Spriter Pro and all of our Art Packs and bundles are also 50% until January 2nd using the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS. Thank you everyone for a great year, and we look forward to making 2015 an awesome year for Spriter users.
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    Hi everyone, Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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    it's a definite possibility for the long term. good idea. It was already going to have the spinboxes, but that's a good idea. Also, the angle control will have a wheel you can rotate with your mouse. The current beta does have a 'protected selection' feature. You can drag, drop, and rotate a selected object even if it's behind others. only if you click a sprite on an area that doesn't overlap the currently selected object(s) will it change the selection. yes, that's in there yes, the next release will be native UI on Windows, Mac, and, Linux yes, all of that is planned for the long term, and the groundwork is already layed for those features. thanks for the kind words, and yes, we do want to work with the community to develop an ecosystem of some sort for both the animators and the developers. the todolist is huge, but things are going very well on fronts. working hard on the next version, and loving every minute of it.
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    Spriter for Unity 5.0

    IMPORTANT: BEFORE POSTING YOUR BUGS/ISSUES, PLEASE CHECK THE "KNOWN ISSUES" PARAGRAPH TO SEE IF I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOUR ISSUE. THE AMOUNT OF REPEATED REPORTS OF THINGS I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IS GETTING KIND OF ANNOYING. Previous thread: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3365-spriter-for-unity-43-updated-integrated/ Old version: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2Unity Even older version (Unity 4.x compatible): https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity UPDATE: So I've decided to build an entirely new version of the importer from scratch. This enabled me to work with it way more easily. Hopefully other programmers will also find it much easier to work with now: Spriter2UnityDX 1.0.3 GitHub Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX Anyone is free to fork it and do their own work. If it's pretty good stuff I'll merge it into the main branch. Package Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX/raw/master/Packages/Spriter2UnityDX.unitypackage Use instructions: !!!Requires Unity 5.x!!! 1) Import the above package into your Unity project. Just drag and drop it into your Project View. 2) Import your entire Spriter project folder (including the .scml file and all of the textures) into your Unity project. 3) The converter should automatically create a Prefab and an AnimatorController in the same folder that contains the .scml file. 4) When you make any changes to the .scml, the converter will attempt to modify existing assets if they exist. 5) If these updates cause any irregular behaviour, try deleting the Prefab and Controller and re-importing the .scml. Differences from previous version: -The textures' import settings are examined before building the prefab, and automatically set to the format that is needed to build the Spriter Entity. -AnimationClips only contain curves for properties that actually change. -When updating existing assets, priority goes to the AnimatorController that is actually connected to the prefab, in case you are using the same AnimatorController for multiple Spriter Entities. -Body parts that have alternate textures (such as facial expressions) have an additional script component named "Sprite Swapper" on them which controls which sprite is displayed at any one time. You can manipulate this component at runtime to do fun things like give your characters alternate skins. For sprites that don't need a Sprite Swapper, you can just manipulate the Sprite Renderer. -The root GameObject now holds an "Entity Renderer" which allows you to manipulate all of the children's Sprite Renderers simultaneously as if they were one sprite. Disabling the Entity Renderer will also disable all the Sprite Renderers, and enabling it will enable them again. -Easily extensible, readable code. (Currently) Unsupported Features & Future Ideas -Automatically generate an Override Controller -CharacterMap support (I don't have Spriter Pro myself though, and I know very little about this at this point in time) -Dynamic Reparenting (changing the parent of a sprite during the animation will not be translated to Unity) -Support for other Pro features (subentities, notably) Known Issues: -Pivot points that are assigned on the canvas. Right now if you do this, your sprite will be misaligned when imported in Unity. I am planning on creating a fix for this on the next update, but not sure when that will be. For now, just set the default pivot point instead. -On a related note, NOT setting any default pivot points at all will also cause irregular behavior. -In some cases, the importer will endlessly loop. A workaround is manually setting your texture files to Sprite in the import settings. I have not figured out the cause for this but hopefully it'll be fixed in a future update. -Bones that are added later during animations are perpetually disabled. -The only supported curve types are smooth ones. Warning: Only the basic features of Spriter are implemented. And most certainly none of the Pro features. That said, if you feel you're a pretty good coder, feel free to take a shot at implementing it yourself. Warning: The tool as it is is very new. If you run into any unexpected behaviour, please tell me and I'll see if I can work out a fix. ChangeLog: v1.0.4: Fixes: -AnimationEvents are now preserved between reimports -SpriteSwapper renamed to TextureController to avoid confusion -Fixed a z-position issue with the SortingOrderUpdater v1.0.3: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where flipped (negative-scaled) bones caused child sprites to appear out of place and in odd angles Features: -Added a toggle to the Entity Renderer that allows you to apply the .scml file's Z-index to the order-in-layer property of the Sprite Renderers -Removed Spriter2UnityDX components from the Add Component menu, since they are automatically added or removed v1.0.2: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where sprites appeared distorted when resizing bones -Exceptions are wrapped up nicely and no longer abort the whole process Features: -Now adds AnimationClips to existing AnimatorStates if they exist -Autosaves no longer trigger the importer v1.0.1: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where the Z-order would get messed up if body parts were moved during animation Features: -Z-order can now be mutated by the animation v1.0: Initial version
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    Hi everyone. Please use this thread to post any suggestions you might have for features. cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Just signed up two give two suggestions - it would be nice to have a 32 bit build for linux, and a very brief note on how you run it in linux would be nice. Looks like a great program... I'd love to not to have to use Windows to use it. ;)
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    Hi, I'm currently discovering Spriter and I quite like this tool. It reminds me a very old small tool I made when I was young (Space Animator) so I must love this new extremely useful tool. :) I'm an artist myself but I hate animating and don't have much time for that. I would love to see an Animations Art Pack with 8 directions for all the already done animations in the Platformer Starter Pack. Would it be feasible? I would buy directly. ;) Cheers and keep up your good work. -Sphax
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    Spriter R3 Bug Thread

    Please post bug and crash reports for Spriter R3 here.
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    Spriter R3 Bug Thread

    I have an annoying bug in windows 8.1 When I set the interpolation curve of a parent object to something other then linear, the IK targets on the children move out of place. It's a spider so there are a lot of legs and a fairly deep hierarchy. I can set the interpolation for the timeline as a whole but this isn't ideal since it's messing up the timing for all of my secondary animations. My workaround right now will probably be to manually animate the legs, which is a HUGE pain. Hopefully that can get hammered out in a future release.
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    I'm trying to make sprite sheets that have effects like this http://vxresource.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/slash_effect_002.png And http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/346/b/8/megaman_x_hadouken__remake__by_dragonfaku-d5ntxg0.gif Just simple tips/youtube videos for making them in photoshop. The energy glow/windy distorting effects (like in the spriter effects pack) are both what I'm looking to create. Also do you have tips for editting Spriter sprite sheets in photoshop, and making sure that when I save them, I don't get problems with transparency? Like if I decide to have a sprite sheet of the guy punching, and I add some blur or whatever to each frame of the punch, then save it, and I see black/gray/white stuff where it should just be clear... how do I prevent that? I used to get that problem a lot when I'd edit sprites in Little Fighter 2, trying to add energy beams and crap like that and then when I play the game, there's blackness around the energy beam >=[.
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    I purchased a key for myself and a friend recently and I was wondering if or how I could get steam keys for both of those. I followed the directions in the sticky, emailed support and only received a single key.
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    Steam Key?

    Seeing that Spriter is on steam now, i'd like to know if there's any way to get a steam key for it. I've been using spriter for a few months already and i have to say that i love it, but with it on steam i could track of how much time i've been using daily and that would be nice to know. That's pretty much the only reason
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    Spriter r2 bug thread

    I still have issues on running this on windows on intel gpu, but none under linux. thought r2 might fix it, guess not. Perhaps its related to the frameskipping problem mentioned above.
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    Hi. The feature Jonjon show in the video is something that really seems to be missing in Spriter. I've seen the Spriter video where it set 2 bones to a skin (the snake skin sprite), have tried it, and is really good. It works perfectly with sprites with a longer width, but would love to do have the same option for height (a sprite with height greater than the width).
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    Hey guys what if spriter would have rotating algorithm like this software? http://info.sonicretro.org/RotSprite Do you think it could be done? It preserves shapes perfectly, maybe if you would contact developer then he would share how he did it and it could be implemented in spriter so pixel art animating would be even better. Just look at examples: This is other program SolarStrings rotater which also rotates sprites preserving details and shapes + whats most important - source code is available for lookup and maybe create something similar http://wayofthepixel.net/index.php?topic=13052.0 In my opinion having something like solarstrings rotater as option to rotate sprites would be great, even if its not used in realtime during opengl preview but only when exporting.
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    I've decided to open a new thread for this implementation as the old thread is mighty out of date (especially the first page is misleading). Spriter2Unity Get it from GitHub: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity A tool that converts SCML files into unity .prefab and .anim files Based on the original work by Malhavok (https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Unity) About What it does: [*:o70kr28x]for each entity in SCML file creates a Unity prefab [*:o70kr28x]each entity got it's sprites assigned as long as you imported these sprites before conversion [*:o70kr28x]for each animation in SCML file creates a Unity animation under the prefab [*:o70kr28x]sprites are changed during animations, so only 1 SpriteRenderer is used for each node in the spriter file [*:o70kr28x]an AnimatorController is created (if it doesn't exist already) [*:o70kr28x]an Animator component is attached to the prefab. It gets a reference to the AnimatorController. Known issues: [*:o70kr28x]Only quadratic, cubic, linear and instant curves are supported [*:o70kr28x]Mainline curves are not yet imported [*:o70kr28x]Only works with a "Pixels To Units" setting of 100 [*:o70kr28x]Some animations throw errors when selecting/scrubbing through them in the editor. They work fine when running the game. Important missing features: [*:o70kr28x]Sounds [*:o70kr28x]Points [*:o70kr28x]Boxes Usage Copy the contents of the Assets folder into your Unity project's Assets folder or import the package from here. Any SCML files copied into the project will be automatically processed. Prefabs are created in the same folder as the SCML file. Detailed: [*:o70kr28x]Download this Unity package: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Un ... itypackage [*:o70kr28x]Open your Unity project. [*:o70kr28x]Import your whole Spriter project folder into Unity. [*:o70kr28x]With Unity open, go to the folder you saved the Unity package to and double click it. [*:o70kr28x]Unity should pop up with a dialog asking if you want to import the assets, click import on the bottom right. [*:o70kr28x]Unity should now import the Spriter2Unity package and then automatically convert your SCML files to prefabs. The prefabs will be in the same folder as the SCML files. There's an example included which imports the GrayGuy character and animates him via Mecanim. I'm currently working on the in-code documentation to make it easier for other people to contribute. You are very welcome to fork the repository and create pull requests! If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. I'd appreciate it if bug reports would be done via GitHubs issue system (https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity/issues), but I if you don't want to create a (free) GitHub account, this forum is fine as well. Changelist 26th of June 2014: [*:o70kr28x]Fixed ZIndex Animation [*:o70kr28x]Added an example [*:o70kr28x]Implemented Sprite changing into the native Unity animations
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    Hi! I'm very new to this program and I'm just trying out the trial version. However, already I'm running into a problem. You see I use very small nes/snes style sprites, and when I export an animation to a sprite strip, the images become slightly distorted. I was wondering if there is a fix for this or if anyone knew why this was happening. I've tried exporting at 100% scale, 200%, 400%, and 800%, and I've tried shrinking down the larger scales in photoshop after exporting them, but none of these methods have really helped at all, I still end up with some sprite distortion with the finished product. Here is what the sprites should look like: however, as you can see here, the head being a good example, the sprites get squished when I export the animation Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    Nomenclature question

    Hi, Spriter team and community, I'm in the middle of writing an email to a friend, and I just realized I have no idea what to call the output of Spriter to differentiate it from other kinds of "sprites". Is there an official name or phrase for these besides the somewhat clunky-sounding "Spriter sprites"? Going by the blurb on the main Spriter page, I would assume it's "modular sprites", but I've never seen that actual phrase used anywhere. I was thinking something like "skeletal sprites", but that sounds more like something that's not finished yet, like the early stages of a sprite. Besides, not all "Modular sprites" use bones... Also, I'm not sure if we need to differentiate from the output of similar tools, like Spine, or just use a generic phrase that covers the whole concept, then differentiate using "Spriter <phrase>" vs. "Spine <phrase>" etc. Anyone want to weigh in on this one? Mike? Edgar?
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    Hello, I was using the "Spriter Free" edition for a while and thought the program was so great, I needed the Pro version. Seeing that it was available on Steam made it a no-brainer for me. However, when I upgraded to the Pro version and attempted to use the inverse kinematics "locking" feature that was mentioned in the tutorial videos (the ones that appear every time I open the program) doesn't seem to work and I can't find any buttons or other shortcuts that have the same features. Has this been removed, changed?
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    Spriter R4.1 Critical Bug Fix: There was a critical bug in yesterday's build of Spriter that made it so you couldn't edit default pivot points. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and here is a new version that fixes the issue. If you use the Steam version of Spriter, it should automatically update the next time you log in. This version also contains a fix that may help some Steam users that were experiencing library issues on Linux. Original R4 Update: Hi everyone, We're pleased to announce the release of Spriter build R4 available for download at www.brashmonkey.com and also as an automatic update on Steam. R4 is the first build to feature the newly updated manual which now covers all core features. R4 also features the long awaited hot-key list, which you can access by pressing Shift+Escape (or through the Help menu). One great new feature introduced in this new build is the ability to copy a specific individual attribute of an object (such as it's x scale, y scale, position, angle, or opacity) and automatically paste to all of its other key frames. This build should also fix a library issue with the 64 bit Linux version. Internal testing shows the Steam version of Spriter Pro now loads properly from Steam with Ubuntu 11.04, but so far we can only get it to run on Ubuntu 14 by launching it directly from it's Steam folder location. It will not launch directly from Steam itself. We will continue to look into this and thank you for your patience. Here is the full changelog for Spriter R4: Spriter Release 4 Released 4/22/2015 Additions and Enhancements Updated manual now includes all core featuresAdded Shortcut Key Popup (available in the Help menu, and through keyboard shortcut Shift-Esc)Added the right-click menu option on the canvas to copy a single object attribute (x,y,angle,etc) to every frame (when one object is selected)Export To PNG/Gif window now remembers 'Keyframes Only' setting Changes Minor cosmetic changesChanged Export to PNG Sequence naming convention to use one underscore (myImage_000.png) instead of two (myImage__000.png), as the double underscore was causing issues on certain OS's and API'sBug Fixes Fixed a bug that made the right click image list for sprites not show up under certain circumstancesRemoved the 'Program Update' settings from the Steam version, as Steam handles updates and these settings had no effect.We'd also like to take this opportunity to mention some great new Spriter implementations in the works for several popular authoring systems. Here are links so you can get the specific details for each of them. (If we missed any new Spriter implementations, please let us know and we'll mention it in our next update.) Atomic Game Engine (Video) Overlap 2d Clickteam Fusion (Video) We should also mention Spriter2Unity has also been updated to work with Unity 5. Speaking of runtimes, we'd like to humbly thank everyone again for your patience as we continue to work on the Spriter Pro reference implementation. As most of you may know, the goal is to provide a fully featured and easy to follow/port Spriter implementation, and the delay is in general because we are making sure the implementation is as flexible as possible, includes several up-coming features and improvements, and makes room for the easy addition of several planned features which will be a big part of Spriter's future. As this full and future-proof implementation develops we're very excited with what it will offer Spriter users, but it's also becoming obvious that there's a conflict between the need to make sure its done carefully and the desire to get it done quickly. For this reason we've decided its best for me to switch gears and make a much simpler reference implementation which perfectly supports all current features (but not the future features) so that people who need to port or finish a Spriter implementation sooner rather than later will have a concise and easy to follow example in the near future. The much more robust implementation will be the focus once the basic implementation is made available to everyone. We will deliver a detailed update regarding this 1.0 feature complete reference implementation within the next 14 days. Cheers, Edgar at BrashMonkey
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    Hi, I have a problem when importing the scml or scon file into Construct 2. It doesn't import the individual sprites/images, only the gray block with a number "1" appears. The sprites show up in Spriter (I'm not getting any "missing-image" pictures). The SCML and SCON file have the same name and are in the same directory as the folders of all the body-parts. Can someone help me with this problem?
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    Simply put: when trying to copy/paste properties between keyframes, the property field being copied from/pasted too will catch the key event (and mess up your animation) unless you've cleared focus by clicking somewhere outside the field. This is compounded somewhat by the fact that pressing enter/return while an input is focused doesn't clear focus as with many applications. For this reason, timeline controls are ideally constrained to keys that are considered invalid inputs on the most commonly used input fields. IMO, the "QWERT" row would be much better suited for timeline manipulation, though I suppose it could also be a togglable(toggleable?) option.
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    Spriter R3 Released!

    Hi everyone, We're please to announce the release of Spriter build R3, which includes some great new time saving features and bug fixes. First a quick note to Linux users. Spriter for Linux is available to test on Steam. We're not going to officially announce it as supported for Steam until we get some more users to confirm it works for them. Please reply here if you get a chance to try it and it works, or if it doesn't, please post as many details as you can, such as OS version, 64 or 32 bit, any relevant error messages, etc. If you own Spriter Pro on Steam, just log into Steam under Linux, and it should be available. As for Spriter R3, we've got handy new shortcuts for moving through the timeline, and a new batch export (to png/gif) feature. Here is a quick video showing showcasing whats new to R3 (Full Change-log at the bottom of this post): We hope this new build will save you time and make using Spriter an even more convenient and enjoyable experience, and we also hope you find it to be worth the wait. Speaking of waiting, we apologize for the prolonged silence in regards to the Spriter reference implementation we're working on. While it is our top priority until it's finished, there has been a great deal of preliminary planning, and careful design decisions to work through before the actual coding was begun. Our original plan was to create a basic implementation which covers only Spriter's current feature set as quickly as possible, but then realized that a rushed version would definitely cause the need for some fairly drastic re-writes in order to accommodate several of the up-coming features we have planned for the coming many months. This made us realize its a better idea to take the time needed to do it right...to make sure its as future/feature proof as possible, and that it's built from the ground up in anticipation of the upcoming expanded feature-set. In fact, some of the new features will just work instantly on any Spriter implementation ported from the reference implementation as soon as the feature becomes available in Spriter. We've also done quite a bit of planning to ensure that even some of the larger upcoming features will require minimal additions to existing code. In other news, aside from the preliminary work for the implementation itself, as well as small bug fixes and new features to Spriter itself, we've also been very busy with many other investments in Spriter's future, including but not limited to commencing with the design and creation of a new art pack, which will not only introduce new animation and art content to Spriter's library (hint, not for a side-scrolling game type), but will also introduce several new features to Spriter itself. These new features will not only give this art pack an unprecedented level of customizability, but will also offer even more flexibility and options to all Spriter users for the creation of their own original content. (more on this up-coming new art pack is a future update. It's roughly half finished, but still several months away.) Again, we apologize for the not so regular updates, and we will make sure the next update won't take so long, and progress reports will be more frequent and more complete. We'll do everything we can to make the implementation (and eventual new features that it will accommodate) well worth the wait. And of course, once we're finished, our focus will be on helping developers port this fully featured implementation to as many authoring systems languages as possible. Thanks again everyone for your support and patience. Cheers, Edgar at BrashMonkey Download Spriter R3 here if you don't have the Steam version or automatic update notifications on. Spriter Release 3 Released 2/26/2015 Additions and Enhancements Added Shift key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Shift+1 and Shift+2 will go to the previous and next frame where the currently selected objects are keyedAdded Control key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 increment and decrement time by the currently set Snapping Interval, or by one millisecond if snapping is turned offCleaned up Export to PNG/Gif Dialog to hide controls that don't apply to the current export settingsAdded new Pro Feature 'Batch Export' to the Export to PNG/Gif Dialog. Allows you to choose several animations to export at onceAdded 'Trim To Entity' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all of the selected animations for each entityAdded 'Trim To All Entities' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all selected animations for all entitiesBug Fixes Removed tutorial video playback within Spriter (video links are still available) as a temporary fix for some users who were experiencing crashes due to the featureFixed a bug where creating a bone required several undos to revert instead of oneFixed a bug where the images in the File Palette weren't updated after the Reload All Images was pressedFixed a crash that would occur if you attempted to close Spriter while in the middle of renaming an entity
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    Just wanted to say thanks

    About 2 years ago I started teaching myself programming in order to bring an idea to life that I had had for a long time and was really just a pet/hobby project. Thanks to your software and art packs I have really been able to make it breathe; granted it's totally a self funded non-commercial project at the moment, but I am really enjoying it. I added a little creditation on the site, hope you dig it. Anyway, hopefully it will be a success and I know Spriter will be. Thanks! Check it out if you can, I put it in the works in progress forum as well. http://www.snesexplainseverything.com/
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    My animated sprites

    Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full version once i get used to the software, sprites are made using exactly the same technique using stickman software from cutoutpro.Im using OpenBOR engine and i play my games on my Android phone and Windows cpu but you can play also on MAC,Linux and other systems. Can't embed YT vids for some reason...
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    We're determined to get this on EVERY major game engine, as well as APIs for easy integration into custom engines built from scratch if there is a demand for it. We will do some ourselves, and some will be outsourced, and free support will be given to anyone who wants to add Spriter animation to any engine. To this end, developer support will be given through this forum, and in the future we will release documentation so anyone can get started on their own. Now that free beta is complete, and we have moved to a super easy to parse XML based format, Spriter will be much more attractive to third party developers, so we expect to see the format expand rapidly. This list may not determine the exact order we pursue a given platform, but we're interested in knowing how much interest there is for the various platforms, and we can use this information to inform potential third party developers of the audience. Please take a moment to let us know which platform you're most looking forward to. You can choose up to three options, but please only select those which you think you will actually be using to load your characters. The Construct Classic plugin is feature complete, and the beta version of this plugin will be released shortly after the new beta version of Spriter itself) Edit: The following is a list of all platforms where loading and animation playback of the current beta format has been accomplished during this kickstarter. While these implementations will need to be updated before 1.0, it should inspire confidence that your chosen format will be supported: [*:znscphjp]Cocos2d(by @TacoGraveyard) [*:znscphjp]GameMaker(by icuurd12b42) http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=537492 [*:znscphjp]Flashpunk(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/PunkSpriter.swf [*:znscphjp]Flixel(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/FlxSpriter.swf [*:znscphjp]Starling(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/StarlingSpriter.html [*:znscphjp]AS3(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/BitmapSpriter.swf [*:znscphjp]XNA(by Mark Schmelzenbach) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/SpriterBetaXNA.zip [*:znscphjp]JBlocks(by Zeroluck) [*:znscphjp]Libgdx (by Christian Finckler) http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/view ... =17&t=3863 [*:znscphjp]Love2D(by @mariocaprino) [*:znscphjp]Torque2D(by @FractalOutlook) [*:znscphjp]SFML(by mr.wonko) https://github.com/mrwonko/SFMLSpriter/downloads
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    Need help on bone twisted issue.

    Hi, Recently I have tried to integrate Spriter to my game by rendering it by myself.Before doing anything further I tried to render all the bone correctly. Here is the Grey Guy's bone looks like in Spriter:But what I got in my game is something like: There is a serious twist in the result I got, and I am not sure what goes wrong, seem it is related to non-uniform scale we have in greyguy skeleton. What I have done basically can be break done into following step:Get the Matrix of each bone by reading scml data. following code is related to bone matrix calculation. void Transform::ToMatrix( glm::mat4& mat ) const{ glm::mat4 scale(1.0f); scale = glm::scale(scale, m_scale); glm::mat4 rot = glm::toMat4(m_rot); glm::mat4 trans = glm::translate(glm::mat4(1.0f), m_trans); Matrix::Multiply(scale, rot, mat); Matrix::Multiply(mat, trans, mat);}void Matrix::Multiply( const glm::mat4& mat1, const glm::mat4& mat2, glm::mat4& output ){ output = mat2 * mat1;} Get the bone join coordinate by I am just doing (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0) * localMat * ParentMat1 * ..... ParentMatN Can you guys give me some lead about how could I fix this issue?
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    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a plugin or plans for further development to support exporting the animations to various or at least on type of Video file? Etc . Avi. This is useful to share the current phase, look and feel of animations with others in our team while partnering for a project. I know there is an export to animated GIF function but this does not cover it completely. I mean wouldn't it be nicer to have export to a video file support? Please correct me if I'm missing something or point me to a plug-in. Thanks a lot,
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    Rotation AntiAlias Problem

    Firstly, great program - it really helps programmer types like me get some decent animations with little skill. I am having problems with jagged edges when rotating any sprites attached to my rig, and it looks terrible. I have searched the forum and found that this is a known issue, and that you say it is fixed in the next update which is coming soon. The posts I saw were dated Jan 24th, so I was wondering how soon is the next release looking? Is there any chance of you issuing a hotfix for this issue specifically, as right now it makes the program unusable in terms of creating anything with it. Keep up the good work, it's already a powerful little tool, and with some work could be a must-buy! :)
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    distorting sprites the easy way

    This is a tutorial I made That I think could be a good idea. Its for making sprites in a 3/4 view which can be VERY difficult without a 3d model, so we use an easy way with the scaling tool. You can disable interpolation in the tool (in gimp) for less blurring results. If you use other program there should be an option similar. This method is very old and was used in pixelart for making things like coins or the rings in sonic spinning (or similar method). 1-First take the sprite or part you want to make 3/4 view and have it on a layer. (draw it, paste it, whatever). 2-Make 2 Duplicates. 3-Divide the 1 duplicate by middle by deleting it with the square selection tool(natural middle in this case about the navel). 4-Do the same for the other duplicate. 5- Now use the scaling tool on one half of the duplicate , in this case the one which is farther to us, and tweak it to make it narrower. 6- Do the same to the other part, but have in mind to leave one part smaller as to emulate perspective. Tweak everything By hand, I recommend 1px round brush. This is the final result after tweaking. Sorry about the crappy presentation I almost messed up last image, but you get the idea. Using a 3d modelling program and drawing over is tedious, and using the perspective tool can get messy. This way is easier... Now the most important is tweaking and leaving as you like and make last corrections at the end. Hope you find it useful, I think you can do the same thing with vectors if you use flash (Im not sure). Cheers.
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    Spriter r2 bug thread

    Post bugs for Spriter r2 here.
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    bug will crash spriter

    hello, i'm new to spriter but within a few minutes i found one (or two) bugs: 1. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> resize this image sets imageposition to 680000,00000/680000,00000 -> you can not move or resize this image only delete 2. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> try to rotate this image -> spriter will crash i use spriter R2 @ win7 x64 thanks, blastar.
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    Hi , great tool by the way , but what if you implemented this as a Plugin ? :smile: https://www.codeandweb.com/spriteilluminator ? cheers BrainMonkey
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    James W

    LOVE it! glad its done!

    I have been following the creation of spriter since the beginning... payed for a early lic, and patiently waited on the finished product. I would periodically pop in and download the new releases and play around with them... get started and then some plugin for C2 or the method of insertion would change, things would break and.... well. lets just say I continued to wait. Yesterday I downloaded the most recent "stable" update and i must say you guys have done a great job! I will be recommending this to anyone looking for animation software. and... im sure i will be asking for help using this amazing tool in the near future. please have mercy on me. lol
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    Spriter design question in Construct2

    Hello! Love Spriter. I have a quick design/C2 question. Right now I have all my sprites/animations in one SCML file. That one file has my character, items, and backgrounds as different entities. If my sprite count gets very big though, does it matter if I'm still only using one SCML file for everything? Or is it better to create multiple SCML files and separate categories of sprites into them (like one for characters, one for items, etc.) and just create each when needed? I'm just wondering how it works from workflow/computer resources put of view. Thanks :)
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    Good time of day I apologize if not in that section speed as quickly as permissible excess ? heard that the changes will be in this respect or nothing has changed ?
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    Hi, I tried to launch Spriter on my archlinux system but got an error. segmentation fault (core dumped) ./Spriter Running ldd showed nothing unusual and it worked in a lubuntu vm. Gdb told me the error was caused by some qt code. I found another post with, what looks like the same problem: https://www.scirra.com/forum/spriter-early-adopter-sale-tools_p851923?&sid=216adbd35567c46a162b0a6a9930ee42#p851923. After searching around I found that it is most likely caused because I'm using http://i3wm.org/. After switching to gnome-session, Spriter worked. This looks like a general problem and not related to B11. It would be awesome if a dev could try to launch Spriter in a i3wm session and see if this causes the application to crash. Is anyone else using i3 and is able to run Spriter? thanks edit: I tried running Spriter in an active https://github.com/baskerville/bspwm session and got the same error (looks the same) edit2: tried the same using http://dwm.suckless.org/ and got the same error edit3: I changed the title from i3wm to tiling window managers because it looks like a general problem with these.
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    Linux 64 Gif export crash

    I have Spriter B11 (latest files downloaded today) and when I want to export an animated Gif it just crashes. This is the output: QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_setBoxToAnimationCancelled() QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_keyFrame_edittingFinished() QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 3 Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing exceptions from an event handler is not supported in Qt. You must reimplement QApplication::notify() and catch all exceptions there. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Magick::ErrorModule' what(): Spriter: UnableToLoadModule `/home/joekinley/Downloads/SpriterB11(64)/png.la': file not found @ error/module.c/OpenModule/1282 Aborted (core dumped)
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    Spriter 1.0 Released!

    Hello everyone, We're pleased to announce the official release of Spriter 1.0. It's been a long journey, and we'd like to thank all of our glorious Kickstarter backers and Early Adopters for making this possible. While this build offers substantial optimizations, and a few feature additions, enhancements, and bug fixes, we're just getting started with where we want to take Spriter. There will continue to be new builds with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and improved documentation, which will be free updates for Spriter Pro owners. The Essentials version will also continue to get updates with bug fixes, and workflow enhancements. Thanks again and enjoy Spriter 1.0! Spriter Release 1 Released 11/11/2014 Additions and Enhancements [*:3lb04hxy]Several performance optimizations [*:3lb04hxy]Added Pro only feature to add custom watermarks to Png and Gif exports [*:3lb04hxy]Export to Png and Gif now recalls last used settings [*:3lb04hxy]Added the ability to resize the default pivot point editor [*:3lb04hxy]Added single action to copy the selection from canvas and paste it to all frames (available in the edit menu, the right click menu on the canvas, and with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D) [*:3lb04hxy]Paste to all frames now only creates one key for the addition if possible [*:3lb04hxy]Added 'Deselect All' to the right click menu after clicking an object on the canvas to make zoomed in editing of many overlapping parts easier Bug Fixes [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where only rotating a bone not involved in the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where moving a bone far up the chain from the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed several bugs in onion skinning where onion skins could get stuck stuck on the screen after they should have disappeared [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused unintended selection behavior in the file palette after dragging an image onto the canvas [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that allowed the default pivot point dialog to very large images into a window that extended outside the borders of the screen [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused the default pivot point dialog to appear in a different monitor than the program for certain setups [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where after deleting the last animation in an entity, the keyframes would remain in the timeline widget, and the program would crash if you attempted to edit them [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where sub-entity onion skins would either display incorrectly, or not at all [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where it was impossible to delete sub-entities [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changes to the canvas zoom made using the keyboard shortcuts or menu items would revert back to the previous zoom level after making a change to the sprite z-order [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changing a bone's angle would reset it's opacity to 100% [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where clicking to drag a bone would cause it's opacity to flicker momentarily if it's opacity was set to less than 100% [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping a new sub-entity when a bone was selected would cause the sub-entity to shift it's location upon the drop [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where copy pasting multiple keys wouldn't always paste all keys A quick note about version numbers. We've opted to use release numbers instead of version numbers, so this build is Release 1, the next will be Release 2, etc. Hotfixes, and beta versions to be tested before being marked as stable releases will use decimals. (e.g Release 1.1)
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    Hello I need someone with pro version of spriter to save my project with diffrent scale, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8. Its an animation from Don't Starve game, I'm making mods for that game, but this mod needs resized animations, and that can't be scaled by game, cause then it scales all special effects on it to and it looks very bad. Contact me on steam if you want to help me out with this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027077262/
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    Hey guys, Been a big fan of Spriter for some time and tweet/stream a bunch of my work with the software. I saw Spriter Pro on sale recently and grabbed it, though I didn't activate until today when I needed one of the features for crunch work I'm doing. After activating the software, I restarted it as the OpenGL said I needed to, and now it crashes on load, stalling and bringing up the 'Spriter has stopped responding' dialog box. I have: 1.) tried uninstalling and reinstalling (several times) 2.) tried uninstalling, cleaning registry keys with CC Cleaner and reinstalling I'm on crunch right now, please help. ): I have a bunch of rigs I need to get finished over the next few days and would really like to be able to use the software I bought. Update: I installed Spriter B8_2 and that seems not to crash on load with Spriter Pro activated. B9, however, seems to crap itself still.
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    Dynamic Lighting with Spriter animations

    The Kickstarter of Sprite DLight can now be previewed here: http://kck.st/1vVwkRs There is an example for dynamic lighting + skeletal animation in the video. It has been done with Spine, but things should work for Spriter in a similar way. On the Construct 2 Forums, there is also a discussion, involving C2 and Spriter integration with normal maps: https://www.scirra.com/forum/sprite-dli ... rt_t118649 TLDR version: Launch will be next Tuesday. I'd love to try processing some art made for use with Spriter. It would be amazing to combine these two technologies.
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