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  1. Thanks allot Dengar for Coming up and replying. I hope I'll find some way to finish! Still the converter is great and do many thing perfectly. One more thing about pivot, why it's can't be translated to unity. I know it's tough to write and translate stuff to unity but just asking to get know how about working. Thanks
  2. Ok Done. I was successful in doing stuff as you guys said. One more thing. The Spriter file doesn't ever imports successfully in the first run. I must have to force quit unity then mark all the image assets as Sprites from the Inspector and then have to change the spriter file name to get prefab and animation controller. Is I am the only one facing this? or this is meant to be done this way (there are anomalies which prevent it from importing the way it should). A BIG Issue. Why unity is writing values between keys Frames? I have a pipe. It's x scale is 1 from frame 1 to 200 but Unity it
  3. Yeah that's cool but then I need to scale each and every part of my object ! Which is ofcourse I don't want to do. I can do this all in Unity itself. How It's helping me that I can even flip the stuff or scale the whole object, which indeed can be achieved easily by changing Z-Axes and manipulating Scale of parent transform! One more thing don't you feel that unable to change pivot is also a great problem. I just love spriter for it's super easy and hassle free animation support but I am very disappointed with the unity3d integration. I know that the unity integration assistant plugin is not o
  4. Ok So what do I do if I want to scale up all graphics? As I told you I was planning to create a bounce effect. Ok Alright about it if Spriter didn't support this I will do some trick to achieve this. I am just curious how will I flip my Graphics? Flipping is also not working when importing to unity. definitely it wont, As it's also done in Spriter with a Negative scale ! Right?
  5. Worth Following Post :) Thanks allot all of you! I am also having trouble getting spriter work in my Unity Project. Hard Luck :(
  6. Mike Thanks allot for replying! No Mike I am just using Basic Animations. I have earlier changed the pivot! Now I have used the default pivot to overcome the problem but still the negative scale(flip) is not working the way it should. It's looking really odd. one more thing. I am creating a bounce effect for which the scale on bone is not reflecting in the unity. I don't see any Prefab and animation controller! Then I manually changed all the images to sprite, still no luck. After changing images to sprite I must have to rename the scml file for the changes to appear!
  7. Mike you are an angel. Excellent Response to a very vague complaint.
  8. Hy I am using Unity 5.1.1 The Default GreyGuy is importing correcting but I am unable to import my animations. I followed the same steps from the Videos but there is no character prefabs of Animator controller in my project.
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