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  1. Ah so i can save but theres nothing onscreen that indicates that, so its hidden , well then i assume it doesnt exist and not even look for it, im not sure if other people are doing this as well but first experiences with gui can tell a lot of whats possible so i can feel "safer" cause i know for example that i can save and load. Its pretty simple to test every new feature like that, just let someone new open this beta and tell him to save then watch what happens.Yeah... So that video tutorial helped me a lot, like A LOT.I hope there will be more of that.Yup hold my hand like 2 years
  2. Ok i gave it a try, its shaping up nicely, similar to first spriter with B and alt. Id change naming to "bone" not "new bone" and make it autonumber itself incrementally, i dont need to put names of the bones if its simple 3 bones object, currently theres 3 bones each named "new bone" .should be bone1 ,2 and 3, "new" is not needed , too long, save space on canvas, it can be an issue also font might be too big. Cant save or open other projects, but these are obvious so... undo is ruining everything.mesh becomes a mess.So testing it is nerve wrecking, every mistake is punishable b
  3. it works , just have to workaround it setup and the change z order later, it doesnt work duruing mesh setup
  4. Great, any video tutorials about it ? I tried to grasp it but its walk in the dark as of right now. I hope quality of the export will be similar to original spriter, i mean i tried dragonbones and other stuff but once you go into mesh mode then mesh becomes blurry on export, with spriter i figured out to upscale my art ( bodyparts) to 200% AFTER i setup meshes , this way it gets sharper when animating and after export.Its a little trick but gets great results. Im not sure what happens under the hood, maybe it would be good to upscale with xbr 2x or linear internally in spriter before
  5. bwwd

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Great, i wish you guys would do another kickstarter to get this going with much more exposure , first spriter is amazing , very fast and intuitive workflow, compared to other software that might be more advanced into detailed meshes but most of the time theres no need and just in special cases. It would be nice to have more than 3x3 grid for single segment , with more blue and white dots that could be turned to light blue dots which would have more weight painted in and would affect mesh more than blue ones and less than white ones which are the strongest ones or something like that to co
  6. bwwd

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    This looks great so, so we will be able to decide how many images there will be to rotate from front view to profile view ? I would be happy with about 4 . I wish there would be something to change bodyparts depending on light placement setting ( it would not be actual light but a variable that lets spriter know when to swap bodypart thats lit from top/bottom/left or right) so characters are shaded properly and dont look 3d /artificial , it would of course require to create more bodyparts preshaded from different angles but that could bring more natural and pixel arty feel to the sprite.
  7. As You know most animations for this game are made with amazing original Spriter using 3d meshes , Today new version of the game was released, its been 4 years and im grateful to Brashmonkey for such fantastic software.
  8. I hope You guys will enable having more than 9 segments with sub verts for skins ,now skins can be divided to maximum of 3x3 grid which is sufficient for most of the stuff but even 4x4 one would help a lot in more complicated cases , extruding skin into full verts doesnt have that nice subdivided bent, spriter is the only software that has this and its speeding up workflow A LOT cause we dont have to create each vert ourselves like in other software with meshes to get smooth results when bending meshes with bones. Also opacity for skins would be great. One more thing that would be us
  9. Amazing work guys! Spriter is my main tool for work, i find its implementation of skin feature fastest to work with. Best software purchase ever despite its small issues. I know it says its free upgrade but I would of buy it again ! Actually was ready to preorder it and pay until i read its free upgrade. IMO even half the price for upgrade from 1 to 2 would be very fair.Cant wait for betatesting! Any idea when beta will be ready?
  10. Dont use skin and regular sprites together in one animation, if youre using skin then use it even for simplest elements of your animation, or else some stuff wont be visible.
  11. I see youre with him on it ? How do you know what he sent me in PM ? He actually did wrote that i submitted his content to third party which is obviously not true , but his content is indeed on kingdomlikes ! I want him to find out who did it before he blames me , i mentioned to some other user that his content is on kingdomlikes so i know there is a big family reunion here on forums since this contest started. its really like a big family over here but ill wait until he will show us who submitted his video to kingdomlikes, because i know i didnt so its actualy funny for me !I only
  12. Heinz knows, im counting on him and i hope he wont pullout despite registering here only for the contest and instead he will clear up everything.Id also like to see IP's of all the guys who registered here recently to post trolling comments and give thumbs ups to each other cause its hilarious.
  13. I cant let this slide, i want you to ask kingdomlikes who submitted your content , till then im waiting for you to apologize.
  14. I agree , great first trollpost backed up by new accounts
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