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    bwwd got a reaction from Miata Richards in Bug with deleting "ghost keyframes" , spriter file included to recreate it   
    I have weird issue with keyframes, i started do fix my idle anmation to use S curves between 2 frames so i want every bone to have only 2 keyframes  but suddenly when i started to delete some keyframes then they came back later and if i remove all of the keyframes but first from some partiucular bone then one of the deleted keyframes reappear immediately after delete( i guess that one is the "Real one" and other ones were ghosts but still - it should not came back.
    This is very strange, here is spriter project to test it :
    Go to Idle animation and "handsh" skin or "sword" skin on timeline on bottom for example and you can see its keyframes

    You see what a mess ? I dont animate like that, its previous positions of keyframes that appear as ghosts.
    Remove all "handsh" keyframes from timeline but leave first one, then look how one keyframe appears again, this happens for other bones as well, try to delete some keyframes even multiple times.
    This doesnt happen only to skins keyframes, it happened to bones keyframes as well but somehow i managed to remove them, and then save the project, after opening "ghost" keyframes were not there, but i did that previously and ghost keyframes came back several times.
    I found out that these are some leftover "ghost" keyfames that dont really affect animation but they are very very confusing because i dont know which one is real one.
    If you cant reproduce this i will make video. :)
    There is another bug i just found whch may be related to this issue or not... i dont know yet.
    Heres video:
    Start new animation, place sprite, then move its keyframe forward on timeline  and release mouse button , move it agan , move again, as you see spriter wont autodelete main  keyframe on top from previous keyframe position - this is bad, and its a bug, it should remove it because there's no keyframe for anything there anymore.It should remove that keyframe from top as soon as you will move that lower keyframe below it.
    My other issue is with default spruiter setting to create keyframes for all child bones of parent if i will move that parent, this is weird.
    I want only keyframe on that particular parent bone  not on its child bones but spriter creates keyframes on its child bones as well , now i have to manually delete them from child bones everytime i move that parent bone, something to disable this would help A LOT.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in New Spriter 2 Alpha build and Release Schedule information   
    Great, any video tutorials about it ? I tried to grasp it but its walk in the dark as of right now.
    I hope quality of the export will be similar to original spriter, i mean i tried dragonbones and other stuff but once you go into mesh mode then mesh becomes blurry on export, with spriter i figured out to upscale my art ( bodyparts) to 200% AFTER i setup meshes , this way it gets sharper when animating and after export.Its a little trick but gets great results.
    Im not sure what happens under the hood, maybe it would be good to upscale with xbr 2x or linear internally in spriter before export, this way we will get cleanest lines possible.
    I think it is important for pixel art, maybe not with png artwork but still, would be great to have no loss of sharpness when going into mesh mode.
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    bwwd reacted to lucid in New Spriter 2 Alpha build and Release Schedule information   
    Thanks everyone for your continued patience during what proved to be a very long and often delayed Spriter 2 development process so far. Now that the research part of Spriter 2's R & D is complete, we're finally able to switch to a consistent development cycle. We've released a new alpha today and there should be a new build released roughly every 2 weeks from here on out. The current build is very bare-bones with several known issues (see changelog), but each subsequent build will introduce new features, bug fixes, and/or other improvements at a regular pace until Spriter 2 reaches a stable and feature complete release.
    This build introduces a new workflow with separate modes for rigging and animation. We've temporarily removed strokes for this build as we shifted over to this more final workflow paradigm. Strokes will be reintroduced in an upcoming build and able to take full advantage of the new rigging system, which will give much more control over how your image is mapped to your strokes. In the meantime, we have a bare-bones version of the new pin system, which will also be expanded in subsequent builds. 

    Additional Release info:
    Spriter Pro owners can access the Spriter 2 forums for more information (or here if you own Spriter Pro on Steam).
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    bwwd got a reaction from joemid in He-Man & She-Ra Game 2.0 Release   
    As You know most animations for this game are made with amazing original Spriter using 3d meshes , Today new version of the game was released, its been 4 years and im grateful to Brashmonkey for such fantastic software.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in He-Man & She-Ra Game 2.0 Release   
    As You know most animations for this game are made with amazing original Spriter using 3d meshes , Today new version of the game was released, its been 4 years and im grateful to Brashmonkey for such fantastic software.
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    bwwd got a reaction from lucid in Spriter 2 FAQ   
    Great, i wish you guys would do another kickstarter to get this going with much more exposure , first spriter is amazing , very fast and intuitive workflow, compared to other software that might be more advanced into detailed meshes but most of the time theres no need and just in special cases.
    It would be nice to have more than 3x3 grid for single segment , with more blue and white dots that could be turned to light blue dots which would have more weight painted in and would affect mesh more than blue ones and less than white ones which are the strongest ones or something like that to control the mesh better or something along those lines.
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    bwwd got a reaction from lucid in Spriter 2 FAQ   
    This looks great so, so we will be able to decide how many images there will be to rotate from front view to profile view ? I would be happy with about 4 .
    I wish there would be something to change bodyparts depending on light placement setting ( it would not be actual light but a variable that lets spriter know when to swap bodypart thats lit from top/bottom/left or right) so characters are shaded properly and dont look 3d /artificial , it would of course require to create more bodyparts preshaded from different angles but that could bring more natural and pixel arty feel to the sprite.
    Most sprite lighting techniques look artificial and too 3d , maybe thats user error and could be done so it looks more like actual pixel art shadows im not sure.
    When you have hand straightened and then bend elbow , graphics would automatically change elbow images to the ones with shadow that looks correct for bent elbow when lit from top during entire animation, but that would require light variable or something. so spriter knows where the "light" is and is swapping premade and preshaded bodyparts automatically when you bend/ move  bodyparts and entire character around.Im not 100% sure it would work in all cases but it would be great to see, from what i see on current spriter2 examples with "rotating views" while maintaining bodyparts position
    IT would be something completely new and never seen before.Im excited for spriter 2!
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in update by Spriter 2   
    I hope You guys will enable having more than 9 segments with sub verts for skins ,now skins can be divided to maximum of 3x3 grid which is sufficient for most of the stuff but even 4x4 one would help a lot in more complicated cases , extruding skin into full verts doesnt have that nice subdivided bent, spriter is the only software that has this and its speeding up workflow A LOT cause we dont have to create each vert ourselves like in other software with meshes to get smooth results when bending meshes with bones.
    Also opacity for skins would be great.
    One more thing that would be useful is also NULL curve for keyframe, where it just passes by while keeping curve from previous keyframe soe we could have 3 keyframes - 1st and 3rd with "s" curve and 2nd with NULL curve to not disrupt smooth movement between 1st and 3rd but still trying to affect the shape of skin.Currently i do this by breaking S curve in half, 1st frame has first half, 2nd frame has linear and 3rd one has second half of s curve but that doesnt look 100% perfectly smooth, you stil feel that linear in the middle a bit.
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    bwwd got a reaction from AlbertMen in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    Youre doing everything wrong, first assign skins to bones and finish their setup, then its time to move them to ger proper Z order, dont do it at the beginning.Once skin setup is completed and you cant edit it anymore to add new segments then you can change their z order, it doesnt work if you do it before finishing setup, is it a bug ? Yes , but not a major one for me, just look for workarounds.Skins mode is working fine , just have to figure out your workflow and what to avoid.also when you see that wireframe ractangle leftover after previous character then close spriter and open it again.
    Where did you get "double click to " attach ? No tutorial says this, double click is for finishing skin setup, i think you just didnt do your homework.Go to brashmonkey youtube channel and watch every video.I did.
    Of course i could just mention all the shortcuts to help you but i wont, watch their tutorials.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Geraldml in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    Heinz knows, im counting on him and i hope he wont pullout despite registering here only for the contest and instead he will clear up everything.Id also like to see IP's of all the guys who registered here recently to post trolling comments and give thumbs ups to each other cause its hilarious.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Great algorithm for rotating pixel art & sprites   
    I would like to ask when its going to be available in spriter, i made some animations with pixel art bodyparts and some came out ok , it doesnt look that bad when rendered with nearest neighbour but there were still some single pixels/jaggies here and there especially on the borders, im realy curious how these animations would look like when exported with new algorithm for rotating sprites.
    Im posting some rendered gifs and my spriter file if you guys would like to test it when working on this feature and maybe do comparison or something :).
    I made if from this single sprite : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Raphael-182598470
    First three are nearest neighbour , last one is smooth sampling.

    Spriter file:
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mel in Animator Available   
    Recently finished big full game projects and looking forward to do more.
    Some examples:


    I do animations, backgrounds, sometimes music... everything.
    My work can also be seen on my deviantart http://bwwd.deviantart.com/gallery/ and in this thread:
    If You have any questions You can contact me through this forum or: 2blackbar @ gmail . com
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    bwwd got a reaction from joemid in Contest Winners!!! Final Results are in!   
    Congrats to everyone ! 
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    bwwd got a reaction from lucid in Contest Winners!!! Final Results are in!   
    Congrats to everyone ! 
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    bwwd got a reaction from specter-9@live.com in My animated sprites   
    Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full version once i get used to the software, sprites are made using exactly the same technique using stickman software from cutoutpro.Im using OpenBOR engine and i play my games on my Android phone and Windows cpu but you can play also on MAC,Linux and other systems.

    Can't embed YT vids for some reason...

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    bwwd reacted to lucid in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    First off, this could have all been avoided had we heeded the community's warnings against Like-based voting, specifically relating to how easy it is to manipulate and abuse the system.  We hope we can all agree that getting the contest back on track to a system where the art can be judged based solely on its merits is ideal for everyone.  We've actually lined up some fantastic artists and animators who are willing to judge the contest and are not privy to this current mess of a situation.  
    When the situation was first brought to our attention for a specific user, when we went to verify, we ended up seeing another user's submission on the site.  Had we waited another five minutes, or logged in five minutes earlier, it's likely we wouldn't have seen the second video, or maybe we would have seen a third.  As has been covered in the thread already, it's possible for anyone to submit any video to KingdomLikes, and without turning this community into a crime scene investigation, it would be impossible to figure out who is abusing the system and how.  I'm sure KingdomLikes is not the only way to unfairly generate additional likes.  For this reason, we think it would be unfair to disqualify any specific participant(s) when we can't prove wrongdoing, and we would potentially be benefitting another abuser of the system who simply wasn't caught. 
    The best solution is to switch to a system that can't be abused and where any potential current or previous abuse is irrelevant.  
    Here is what we propose:
    The contest will be judged by three judges with game industry and animation experience. So far, we have two awesome judges lined up - Nick Wozniak (Artist on Shovel Knight (http://store.steampowered.com/app/250760/)), and Nathan Lavato (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gdquest/game-art-quest-make-professional-2d-art-with-krita/description).   We're currently working on a third.   Edit:  We have our third judge: Louice Adler, concept and graphic artist at Tripwire Interactive (creators of Killing Floor) In order to give an opportunity for anyone who stayed out of the contest due to the original YouTube-based judging to make an entry and participate, we'd like to extend the window of submission until the original judging date of August 31st (6 days from now).  This is also an opportunity for anyone who's already submitted to further tweak or improve your current entries if you'd like.  The judging should take place within a few days after that. Anyone who makes any attempt to privately communicate with any of the judges before the judging takes place will be automatically disqualified regardless of the content of their communication. Also, since we're trying to fix past oversights with the rules, we'd like to take this opportunity to clarify some things that weren't made explicit in the previously posted rules.
    Any sound effects in the submitted video should originate from the Spriter animation (sound effects should play back with the animation in Spriter) You may have background music as long as either you (or your team) created it or you have the rights to use it. Judging will be based only on visuals (and use of sound effects, if applicable) but not on background music. No post production video effects other than simple fades from one animation to another.  Please avoid any effects that might be mistaken for part of the animation created in Spriter. Don't worry if you have doubts about your already submitted entry breaking one of these clarified rules - all current entries will be allowed as they are. All original rules aside from judging, prizes, and the clarifications made in this post still apply (see original post in this thread for reference) As a thank you for agreeing to the rule change, we'll also increase the total prize pool to allow two additional prize winners, and a slight increase to second and third prize:
    The Grand Prize of $1,000.00 USD Second place Prize of $400.00 USD Third Place Prize of $300.00 USD Fourth Place Prize of $200.00 USD Fifth Place Prize of $100.00 USD We can only enact these rule changes if all the current entrants agree to it.   To make this as simple and painless as possible, if you agree to this rule change please like this post (using the like button on the bottom right of the post ().  Once we have every participant in agreement, we can make the changes official.
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    bwwd reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    Hi everyone,

    I just locked this thread for a few minutes. Not trying to censor anyone..Edgar and I just want to interject in a few minutes with a potential solution to these current issues.
    Please stand by.
    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    bwwd reacted to Joe-Tex in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    Yeah, for me it's actually the most important thing going forward. Even though i sadly didn't have the time to participate, i can't fathom people who try to cheat in such a contest.
    And when those same people (who at some point had up to 3 times more likes than views on their video...) actually try to give their opinion on this matter like nothing happened... please, stop, it's despicable and disrespectful to Brashmonkey, the participants, and this entire community!
    That being said, i do think that Brashmonkey should choose the winners. Yes, like they said, they may know some of the contestants, but i don't have any problem putting the decision in their hands. We can't risk people trying, once again, to cheat their way to victory.
    Well, that's my two cents anyway.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in My animated sprites   
    I really encourage everyone to watch all spriter videos on brashmonkey youtube first and then ask questions about more tutorials because to be honest - everything was already explained by them in videos

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    bwwd got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here is my entry,  i cant record spriter cause it doesnt playback animation smooth enough so i recorded gifs with transitions
    I hope i didnt broke the rules, im on dualcore pc now so i cant record screen without dropping frames.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Bisoux in Properly preparing your sprites   
    Thats super weird but i have the same bug now !! with version 7 ! I have fresh install of windows 7 , so i will download version 6.1 and exe from 6.2 and will edit this post to confirm if its crashing, thats reallty strange, version 7 didnt work for me at all on winxp so there must be some serious bug somewhere in this version.
    ok I Can confirm, skin mode is completely broken in version7 , i didnt know cause version 7 crashed on my winxp machine and i installed win7 yesterday and just tried to open character which worked fine but now i see when i want to create character with skins then its crashing, so... download version 6.1 and then download exe from 6.2 :

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    bwwd got a reaction from Bisoux in Properly preparing your sprites   
    you can download my raphael spriter project and see if it works for you, i dont do anything unusual , but its hard for me to pinpoint your problem cause i dont know what steps exactly  you do to make it crash, i import as skin, then add bone then i attach this skin to bone by parenting, and then i click twice on skin, so i can edit its vertices etc. when im finished with editing and adding dots/verts, then im clicking on skin twice again to apply verts so its saved properly in project.
    His skeleton doesnt use multiple bones for one mesh tho but you cxan see if animating skin is making your spriter crash.
    Skin mode works great for me on windows xp and win7 , i dont know why people have problems with it, it does crash sometimes but you have to make some weird undoing a lot to make it crash.I dont udo, try not undo at all if possible or if you have to then just one or two steps backwards.?Save a lot, save after adding each limb and finishing its setup.This is just good habit, its stupid and risky to create entire character and dont save at all until you start animating him, not just because of spriter but because of system and real life accidents, your windows might shut down or something else, just save a lot there's nothing against saving, i know in some softwares when you save you will lose undo history but spriter doesnt work like that which is great.If you're planning yo undo then save first.
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    bwwd reacted to lucid in Spriter R7 Released!   
    Hello everyone. This release fixes several bugs, and contains a few small additions. 

    Spriter Release 7
    Released 3/18/2016
    Additions and Enhancements
    Changing speed curves in the timeline now applies to all selected keys Added ability to copy and paste speed curves in keys Added Custom File Setting to always also save an scml version of the file when saving scon Added menu item and keyboard shortcut (L) to toggle hide/show guidelines Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue where 'save a spritesheeted project' would do a normal save if you had "Never generate multiple spritesheets" selected in the Pack Images dialog Fixed a bug where child objects would usually get keyed whenever their parent bones did Fixed a bug where opening the character map editor dialog to edit an existing character map, the column for replacement images would instead display the original image file name Fixed a bug Copy Selection to All Frames wasn't working correctly Fixed a bug where some low resolutions would start incorrectly maximized until you restored and remaximized the window Fixed a bug where an scml file saved with one or more empty character maps wouldn't load correctly Fixed a bug where the timeline would scroll to the top when using the Next Key and Previous Key buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
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    bwwd got a reaction from Weasel in Spriter automatically creating keyframes on frame 0   
    Thats exactly my problem as well but lucid said its fixed for next version, it was like that for a long time, hopefully now its fixed.
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    bwwd got a reaction from germanmolto in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Soon its gonna be 2 years since its being asked to be implemented, i think it would be best to just run another kickstarter if devs lost motivation to add new features , i would gladly donate because there is nothing like it on the market and yet i feel like ball is being dropped especially with deformation feature that not many programs in this price range have and its realy BIG THING for this kind of animation vs regular cutouts.I would like to support this software somehow so i think next kickstarter is logical , esoteric did it with spine.
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