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  1. Hello everyone, We had hoped to post this announcement along with the latest build, but there's still a bit more to do before it's ready. However we can update you on the progress of Spriter 2 and a couple of other relevant details about the upcoming builds. First, I will be moving home and office to a new city in July. Unfortunately, this means after the upcoming build, we don't know when update builds will be released until after the move. On a happier note, there is not that much left to do before Spriter 2 is out of alpha, and onto a feature complete beta. There ma
  2. Hi everyone. Several mundane but unavoidable matters have delayed my progress for this next build by at least a week. Along with this next build we'll also provide a short list of what's left to arrive at the 1.0 feature set.
  3. Ah. I either created and lost, or never got around to creating a little set of gifs that showed common issues like this, and how to solve them. If I remember correctly this could be the texture coordinates being reversed in that engine? Try changing every pivot point to (pivot.x, 1.0 - pivot.y) as you load it (essentially flipping the pivot on the y axis).
  4. hello @brinsleylogic, it looks like it might just be the opposite rotation angles for that framework. Try taking the negative of each angle when you load the file and see if that fixes it.
  5. Change Log Additions Added check for save changes when exiting application through windows rather than the in application UI Added context menu for entity states (animations) - right-click on entity state name Added ability to duplicate entity states Added ability to delete entity states Added ability to drag multiple selected keys at once Changes Moved 'Create New Entity State' to the new entity state menu Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where a check for saving changes would occur after making no changes to a new or
  6. Change Log Additions Added multi-drag/rotate when multiple objects are selected Added easing curves for keys (right click on a key) Added ability to add new entity states (animations) Added ability to rename objects and entity states Added ability to exit to main menu Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the first attempt to open the value editor by right-clicking a key wouldn't display the proper value Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable
  7. Hello. Sorry about that delay. I hadn't received the email, but Mike forwarded it to me. It was the problem I mentioned in my last reply. I will get this fixed in the next plugin build so this isn't necessary in the future, but you can fix the issue immediately by renaming your objects that have characters C3 can't use for object names (like spaces). For instance if you rename JARI DEPAN to JARI_DEPAN and JARI BELAKANG to JARI_BELAKANG then future reimports work correctly.
  8. hi @arcadesindo - I'm not able to reproduce the problem on my end. I did find that if you have characters (like dashes -) in your sprite names that c3 can't use in an object it will duplicate those. If you'd like to send us your zipped Spriter project to mail@brashmonkey.com I can take a look.
  9. While we incremented previous build numbers, it was purely sequential instead of being based on progress towards a core-feature complete version 1.0. Now that we're much closer to that we figured we should start updating the build numbers accordingly
  10. Change Log Additions Added ability to delete keyframes in Animation Mode Added ability to cut, copy, and paste keyframes in Animation Mode Added ability to cut, copy, and paste objects in Rigging Mode Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where you couldn't drag out more than one of the same image at a time Fixed a bug where strokes would alter their children when being redrawn while in Rigging Model Fixed several bugs with certain undo/redo operations dealing with strokes and ligaments that caused unpredictable behavior Fixed bug
  11. Thank you! If you bought it from our store, you should be able to access it by going to My Purchases from the top bar of this forum. Go to you Spriter Pro purchase, and it should be there under Product Downloads. You only need to download this once, as it will automatically update each time you launch it.
  12. No need to apologize, your frustrations are completely valid and we are extremely grateful and humbled by the patience and support you and the rest of the Spriter user community has shown us all this time. Especially after such a long delay words are cheap and ultimately change nothing of substance, which is why we're relieved that not only are we showing concrete progress roughly every 2 weeks with the new update builds, but this latest build is an especially significant milestone because it reintroduces the final core feature of Spriter 2, now properly integrated in with the other featu
  13. Change Log Additions Added stroke-based hierarchies and rigging. (Video tutorial coming soon. To use, while in rigging mode, Alt-Shift-Left Click and drag to draw a stroke. While a stroke is selected, hold B and click a bone or mesh to add it as a child. In Animation or Rigging Preview Mode, select a stroke and shift-click to redraw/animate your stroke) Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable state Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new fea
  14. I tried with the scon version (that was the one that took 3 seconds). Disabling prettify in custom save options will make the file smaller: It is most likely taking up so much more space because pretty printing json arrays involves a lot more newlines and indentations total. You're still having slow loading issues when not in debug mode, and with the updated file (without the duplicate animations)?
  15. You can choose how to apply and stack them via code. If you wanted to just use multiple character maps together, like one for the arms, one for the legs, etc. You can just do that without needing to create them dynamically. It is most likely possible to create your own using the charactermap classes (in the character map folders), but this isn't a built-in function.
  16. I sent it to you, but all I did was delete all the entities except the first one.
  17. Debug mode might be causing things to go much slower. The scon file just has a lot of repeated information in it. See below: I hadn't gone through all the animations, so I didn't notice they were all the same. I see you already have character maps in your project. You don't need to duplicate the animation for each design. That's what the character maps are for. You can use them to try out on your character in Spriter and to playback in the implementation. After removing the duplicate entries, the file was only 435k.
  18. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where deleting a mesh would cause issues after switching from rigging mode Fixed a bug where deleting the last mesh that was a child of a chain of multiple bones would leave the ligament intact Fixed a bug where deleting the last mesh that was a child of a chain of multiple bones would cause buggy, unpredictable behavior Fixed a bug where undoing deletion of a mesh that was a child of a chain of multiple bones would cause buggy, unpredictable behavior Fixed a bug where deleting the last mesh using a rigging cage w
  19. I didn't find anything unusual in the file. Have you tried yet with the example sfml/json implementation? It takes about 3 seconds to load the json on my machine. No spike in memory usage either.
  20. @Dror Rejwan if you'd like to send me the json file (lucid@brashmonkey.com). 6MB seems really large for the scon file. It may have become corrupted, and I might be able to fix it. If you can send it in a zip with the project files it may help me to troubleshoot.
  21. We're working through all the new bug reports from the recent influx of testers after our first video tutorial. This build is focused on issues with object deletion. Some additional deletion bugs remain and we will continue to fix them in the upcoming builds. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where undoing bone deletion didn't work and caused other issues Fixed a bug where attempting to delete a mesh would causes strange behavior, freezes, etc Fixed a bug where sometimes bone or mesh deletion couldn't be redone under certain circumstances
  22. @TwistdRabbit The latest version is Spriter r11. It looks like you're using version r7. Please try downloading the latest version and see if you have the same issue.
  23. @TwistdRabbit If you haven't already, please try running as administrator. There are a few quick things you can try as well, immediately. The following 3 files will make changes to the registry. One of the most common causes for startup issues is the openGL settings. Spriter should automatically disable if there are issues, but it wouldn't hurt to check. In some rare instances, there are issues with it not being on. The third one will reset all settings. To try this, try running Spriter after using each one (don't run them all in a row, and then try to run Spriter at the end).
  24. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed multiple bugs where certain singular actions required multiple undos and redos Fixed multiple bugs where undoing or redoing certain actions would leave the program in an unstable/unpredictable state Fixed multiple bugs where certain undoed actions couldn't be redone Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable state Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Visual bug when dragging out new images. Sometim
  25. @bwwd I agree about the save. I'll make it a point to fill in some of those gaps soon. For the curve adjustment shortcut, would something like this work?: If you have child or parent/child selected, you press a key to make the slider appear below the pointer. Or maybe hold a key and click and start dragging, and the slider appears under your pointer as you drag. Just to be sure, you're trying to right-click the child bone, right? As far as the auto weights and segmenting, it is a bit limited for now, but the rigging system was built with a lot of room for expansion.
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