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  1. @radel1996 https://www.construct.net/en/construct-2/addons/177/spriter/9-16-2019-392 This should fix it. Thanks for reporting the bug.
  2. If you don't mind sending the project to mail@brashmonkey.com (please link or mention this thread), we could take a look at it for you.
  3. Awesome. Glad you got it working.
  4. Sounds like it. Your own transformation class would still need to grab the parent and transform using the matrices. You won't have to search, though, if you use the array/list method. It's not the parent's id that is given. It's the parent's index within that list.
  5. Hello. It looks like you're not applying the parent bones to the child objects. In the scml file (or scon file), you'll see something like this: <bone_ref id="0" timeline="22" key="2"/> <bone_ref id="1" parent="0" timeline="23" key="2"/> <object_ref id="0" parent="0" timeline="65" key="4" z_index="0"/> <object_ref id="1" parent="1" timeline="62" key="5" z_index="1"/> You would have something like an list of transformations. Take each bone transformation and put it in the list in order, first transforming it by the parent transformation at index 'parent'. So in this example, you'd put the first bone_ref's transformation at index 0. The second one (id="1"), you'd transform by the transformation you put at index 0 (since it says parent="0"), and put the result at index 1, and so on. Each "parent" value refers to the index of transformation you'd use for that bone or object. The same goes for objects, except you don't need to store their transformations in the list, as the non-bone objects can't have children.
  6. Hello, the timeline specifies the index of the timeline that's being parented, and the parent refers to the index of the transformed parent. If you use an array or list for the results of your bone transformations. The first one in the hierarchy is 0, second is 1, etc.
  7. K. I will make it scale for next build.
  8. The version is approved now @Chadori_RebornXD . If I remember correctly, subsequent versions might not require the lengthy approval process.
  9. k. It's less translucent for the next build.
  10. @Berty - sure, check our Steam forums. Make sure you're logged in under the account you purchased Spriter with, and you should see a subforum on the right side called Spriter 2 Testing.
  11. @Chadori_RebornXD We haven't forgotten about you! The file has been submitted as an 'alternate version' of Spriter Pro, like the essentials art packs. It's currently awaiting approval by Scirra, which usually takes a day or two, but I don't have any control over it. I will be checking periodically, though, and I'll make sure to update the thread in the Scirra forums with a note about it as soon as I know it's live.
  12. hello @akusan. If you purchased it from our store, you should have access to private beta forums at the bottom of our forums. The first topic explains how to access it. If you purchased it from Steam there is a subforum in the Spriter Pro forums called Spriter 2 Testing that has instructions. If you purchased from Scirra, there should be an "alternate version" of Spriter Pro under your downloads as soon as Ashley and the gang approve it. If you purchased elsewhere, please let us know and we'll get it figured out.
  13. Hello. It should be the same math that you use to get a child bone position from a parent bone. Use that to calculate the pivot point from a sprite's location. So if you say that your sprite's position is like the parent bone's position, then the child in this situation would be at position (-pivot.x * scale.x * image.width, -pivot.y * scale.y * image.height), the resulting position of that transformation is where you should position the sprite.
  14. Hello @Wermfood - thanks for the support and kind words. This should do the trick, I believe: It's an action, and would be used every tick.
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