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  1. Hello everyone! This is actually the third release of the past week, though we didn't post announcements for the other two. This changelog reflects all of the changes of all three. 0.8.0 Change Log Additions Added a shortcut to make all changes to currently dragged items key as Ease In and Out (hold E when dropping object(s) you are moving or rotating in animation mode) Added a shortcut to select all object keyframes at the time the mouse is hovering in the timeline (press O while hovering the timeline Changes and Enhancements Massive optimizations to most undo operations Added ability to hold control and double click to deselect all points in a contour or border (previously you could double click to select, but not deselect) Changing a keyframe's easing curve by right clicking (a property key) now affects all selected keys instead of just the key that was clicked Bug Fixes Fixed multiple critical undo/redo bugs Fixed a bug that caused easing curves to not work properly for the final keyframes in a looping animation if the first key frame wasn't at zero Fixed a bug where double clicking to create a key at that time would always round up clicks between frames to the higher frame, instead of going to the closest frame Fixed a bug where you couldn't clear key selection by clicking the background of the timeline area Fixed a bug where object selection tools would still work while hovering the timeline thing2.mp4
  2. 0.7.6 Change Log Additions Added selection highlighting for meshes Added inverse proportional aspect ratio (automatic squash/stretch) drag to resize gizmo (hold Alt) added a feature to limit multiSelection tools (marquee and paint to select) to only mesh objects or only non-mesh objects (points, bones, and strokes) by holding Control-Shift or Control-Alt respectively Changes and Enhancements Massive optimizations to PSD import Massive optimizations to certain undo operations Universal tooltips now remembers visibility between sessions Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where undoing a change to contour points would leave the project in an unstable state Fixed a bug where the initial contour outline often had a notch in it Fixed a bug where you couldn't drag lines for deformers Fixed a bug where you couldn't add points to the lines of deformers Fixed a bug where a multi-drag operations could fail in many cases if images were imported from a PSD Fixed a bug where after importing a psd, the top-most layer's image mesh would be selected 076silent.mp4
  3. 0.7.5 Change Log Additions Made timeline resizable by dragging from the top Made timeline only display currently selected objects Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where changes to color wouldn't revert after confirming the color picker dialog Fixed a visual bug in one of the radial menus
  4. hello. I apologize for the late reply, but if you're still having the issue, would you please send the project (c3 project would be best, but spriter project would still be helpful) to mail@brashmonkey.com, and we'll take a look.
  5. 0.7.4 Change Log Additions Added an additional feature to PSD imports that allows to automatically designate a group in photoshop to be used to create swappable images by ending the group name with the suffix "__swap" (with two underscores)
  6. The latest release of Spriter Pro 2 includes a change to the way radial menus are handled, based on your feedback. This should make it more intuitive to use and allowed us to put tooltips on all radial menu items. Check out the changelog for more details: 0.7.3 Change Log Additions Added tool tip text for all radial menu items Changes and Enhancements Changed radial menus so you can either right-click, hold, and release on an icon or left-click on an icon to activate it. Icons no longer automatically activate when you hover them (except if you are holding the right-button and hover an icon that opens a submenu. A dark-grey ring is now used to mark icons that open sub-menus) Undo/Redo buttons in the application menu no longer close the menu when activated, to allow multiple undos and redos using this menu
  7. 0.7.2 Change Log Additions A system for optimizing 2D meshes attached to multiple bones by subdividing them in a way that minimizes vertices in non-deforming areas and maximizes triangles in curved areas, resulting in a smoother bend when the mesh is deformed by bones while also avoiding unnecessary vertices. Added keyboard shortcuts (1 and 2) to skip the time to the previous and next keyframes in animation mode
  8. Hello everyone, We hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! We just wanted to update you on the current state of Spriter 2 and what you can expect moving forward. First, we released a new version last week, which included a large number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Today's release mainly focuses on usability updates, including a new tooltip system to make it much easier to understand the ui and how to use all the features. We're sorry for the delays in Spriter 2's development. We know it's been frustrating and we apologize for the wait. The latest big delay was due to a severe underestimation of the work required for a specific change to the way Spriter 2 handles bone deformation, and in order to prevent it from taking any longer, we rolled back the last several months of code, and continued from there. Those months weren't wasted. We learned a lot, and we'll reintroduce many of those changes gradually after you have a fully functional 1.0 in your hands. We've also identified the reasons for our history of inconsistent communication and releases. We fell into a trap of wanting to make up for delayed releases by making sure each new release would be big enough to justify the wait, which inevitably compounded the delays and our wanting to make up for them, ad infinitum. This isn't an acceptable excuse, but we wanted to be transparent, and we've adjusted our internal practices to keep this from happening again in the future. We're back on track and working towards the feature complete beta in the near future, and we're committed to regular releases and open communication going forward, regardless of the state of any particular build at release. Thank you for your patience. We can't wait for you to see what we have in store. Best regards, lucid 0.7.1 Change Log Additions Added tooltip window to help guide new users. Click the (!) icon at the top of the screen to toggle tooltip visibility Added ability to double-click a keyframe to jump to that time Changes and Enhancements Made the help icon more visible Changed the wording on certain options to make them more clear Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where available armed tools wouldn't be current for the Alt-Shift-MouseWheel shortcut until the tool dropdown was manually clicked after switching modes Fixed a bug where the tool selection ui was visible on the title screen Untitled.mp4
  9. Spriter 2 Update Build 0.7 is available. We'll release another build and give you the details on what caused the delay before Christmas. Thanks for your patience. 0.7 Change Log Additions Added scale to multi-select options (w/ optional resize from pivot (ctrl) and uniform scale (shift)) Added arbitrary scale angle option to multi-select (right-click rotate Added rectangular marquee selection tool Added paint to select tool Added action and selection tool menus and indicators in the bottom right of screen Added shortcuts to navigate tool and selection menus without needing to directly click on menus (ctrl-shift mousewheel to switch current within current tool type or tab to switch between action and selection tool types) Added right click item in animation mode to objects to prevent a specific property from being keyed in that animation Added fall-off drag tool (soft drag) Added smudge drag tool (soft drag) Added contour mesh distortion (alt click along a line to add additional points. alt-click on a mesh to add a new contour. alt-clicking with a single contour end-point selected continues that contour Added right click item in animation mode to restore object selected properties to rig state Added right click item in animation mode to key or unkey specific properties Added double-click to select all control points of a mesh Added the ability to flip images on unconfirmed meshes Added the ability to see ghost images of swappable images when positioning unconfirmed mesh sprites Added transparency option for gif exports Added alpha channel transparency to png exports Added background color options for all exports Added ability to crop and pan export box and set export scale separately from window size Added button to crop export box to fit animation Added visual resizing and panning to export box Meshes can now be added to a single bone, even if the bone is in a chain Changes and Enhancements Added gradient background for images in image picker dialogue for greater visibility of some sprites Switched to a native file browser for loading and saving Made it so you can switch images that are already deconfirmed Multiple areas of the programs optimized for increased speed and responsiveness Faster png sequence export Mesh deformers can be added to all selected meshes at once Added separate tool to spawn strokes (with tool selected, alt-click to spawn, shift-click to redraw the currently selected stroke Upgraded Unity Engine version for stability and performance improvements Now adds one pixel transparent border to images on import to avoid texture edge stretching Removed pin deformation (replaced and superseded by contour deformation) Zoom is now based on original image pixels (100% default zoom will display undistorted image meshes at exact pixel size) Made export dialog much more compact Export initially crops and pans to fit animation Meshes now start out as basic quads until deformers are introduced Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where double clicking an already confirmed mesh by mistake could affect future drag operations on control points unpredictably Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances changes to children weren't keyed correctly resulting in objects shifting after being moved Fixed bug where color picker would always initially open with color black selected Fixed a bug where incremental saves would fail for base filenames less than 5 characters in length Fixed a bug where all rigging points were visible after loading a project Fixed a bug where redoing creating a new mesh made it no longer drag-droppable in realtime in rigging mode Fixed bug where redoing creating a new mesh by dragging an image from file palette would flip the mesh Fixed multiple slowdown bugs that occured during ui updates Fixed multiple bugs where under certain circumstances if a UI element's animation was canceled part of the way through it could cause future animations to animate to the point where it was cutoff (resulting in smaller or half faded ui elements) Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances hidden points for unselected meshes would reappear when applying changes to unrelated objects Fixed a bug where sometimes a popup menu's enable animation would play twice Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances it was possible to break the positions of some popup menus resulting in them continuing to appear in the wrong spot for the remainder of the session Fixed a bug where hovering over the invisible deformer control lines of an unselected mesh would prevent a click from selecting the mesh Fixed a bug where hovering over the invisible deformer control lines of an unselected mesh would prevent the hover mesh glow effect from showing Fixed a bug where you could drag the invisible deformer control lines of an unselected mesh Fixed a bug where control points for mesh deformers wouldn't register hovers under certain circumstances Fixed a bug where the transform tool would restore back to zero degrees upon making a new selection Removed a bug where some superfluous wireframe generation operations during the triangulation would slightly reduce efficiency during the initial drag out of images Fixed a bug where cancelling too quickly after choosing new or load project would make the menu invisible Several general stability improvements to the rigging system Fixed a bug where after creating a multi-bone chain and adding a mesh, the cage control points wouldn't reappear when reselecting a bone Fixed a bug where attempting to drag and drop a mesh attached to multiple bones would start an unintended stroke drawing operation
  10. @RohitPardhiI will get a chance to look into any issues with the plugin as soon as I finish the current sprint of Spriter 2. Unfortunately, a change a while back in Construct 3 seems to have broken runtime loading. The last known version of Construct 3 where runtime loading works is r260.
  11. Hello again, everyone! We're still hard at work on the next version. This will be a larger update than usual with over 30 new features and enhancements, and over 20 bug fixes so far. We look forward to showing you what we've been up to.
  12. Hello everyone, We're happy to announce that this upcoming build of Spriter 2 will be feature complete for the official 1.0 release. That doesn't mean this version will officially be 1.0, but all the main features will be there. There is still a bit to do before this release, including fixing all the known bugs, and polishing up the UI for the latest features, so thank you for your continued patience, and we'll keep you updated along the way. There are also quite a few additional features (some of which we've mentioned in the past) we plan to add as free updates after 1.0. While we're still not ready to announce a firm release date for this upcoming release or 1.0, after releasing this build to our community of testers (anyone who owns Spriter Pro or pre-ordered Spriter 2) and once we've had time to gather feedback we'll be in a better position to make a real estimate. Here's what's left on the roadmap to 1.0: 0.9 (in development) Fix all currently known bugs Polish UI for latest features 1.0 Finalize save format Unity runtime Mac version Linux version All community bugs Possible QoL additions based on testing and feedback
  13. New contour-based deformation feature coming to the next Spriter 2 alpha build Music provided by Argofox: Wontolla - Black Cat https://youtu.be/cEH0PXdpwzs
  14. New rigging and animation features coming to the next Spriter 2 alpha build Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone! Music provided by Argofox: Meizong - Helios https://youtu.be/_CwzyhZ5JHU
  15. Soft drag features coming to the next Spriter 2 alpha build Music provided by Argofox: NEREUS - Tacenda youtu.be/NowWqCDPZOs
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