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  1. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed multiple bugs where certain singular actions required multiple undos and redos Fixed multiple bugs where undoing or redoing certain actions would leave the program in an unstable/unpredictable state Fixed multiple bugs where certain undoed actions couldn't be redone Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable state Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Visual bug when dragging out new images. Sometim
  2. @bwwd I agree about the save. I'll make it a point to fill in some of those gaps soon. For the curve adjustment shortcut, would something like this work?: If you have child or parent/child selected, you press a key to make the slider appear below the pointer. Or maybe hold a key and click and start dragging, and the slider appears under your pointer as you drag. Just to be sure, you're trying to right-click the child bone, right? As far as the auto weights and segmenting, it is a bit limited for now, but the rigging system was built with a lot of room for expansion.
  3. There will be more gui items in the final product, but you can save for now with Ctrl-S, though it shares some issues with undo. I also noticed some of the mesh undo issues just before release. I will see what I can do about those for next build.
  4. Hello everyone. Today's build includes one of our most frequent requests recently, video tutorials. In our last video, we said tutorials would be loaded from YouTube, but we ended up switching to playing directly off the hard drive. The videos will be highly compressed, so it shouldn't affect the download size too significantly per update. We ran into some issues with the YouTube player when creating the final build which aren't a priority to fix at the moment, as they only affected YouTube playback. It also has the advantage that videos start faster. There are also a number o
  5. Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming alpha build of Spriter 2 focusing on integrated video tutorials.
  6. hi @simon@pigobo.com . Apparently the information to add this ability isn't in the sdk documentation yet. I asked about it on the construct plugin sdk subforum, an dI will update as soon as I have an answer.
  7. This build is focused on bones and bone rigging and marks a large step toward 1.0. The focus over the next two to three weeks will be to improve in-editor documentation and help features to make it easy to pick up and play. Change Log Additions Added 'Z' shortcut to select all child bones and ancestors of selected bone Changes and Enhancements Made bones thinner Made default mesh triangulation more triangulated (will be manually adjustable in a future update) Bones now work with save and load Made it so adding additional meshe
  8. @Jamin Grey no direct support for circles, I'm afraid. I think points would be your best bet, as you suggested.
  9. Hello everyone, this week's release is out now. We will be releasing a simple tutorial soon explaining how to use some of the features to make it more testable and usable until the UI and help system is more fleshed out. Change Log Additions Alt-Home now centers the canvas at 0,0 Changes and Enhancements Removed the middle control point for bone ligaments. You can now right click the child bone to access bezier tweaking for ligaments. Moving the middle control point resulted in odd and unpredictable behavior. Changed process f
  10. @standby2 the override happens per tick, so you need to set it every tick. In this instance you could have a bool variable that marks whether the click has taken place, and if so set the override
  11. Change Log Additions Rigging zones now attempt to automatically set reasonable rigs according to mesh dimensions Added 2-bone ik when dragging while holding shift outside of rigging mode Blue control point lines now appear for rigging zones for increased readability and can be dragged to drag both connecting points Changes and Enhancements Removed hovered mesh highlighting when one of it's control points is selected Rigging zones now visible while adjusting ligament curves Known Issues Undo and Redo don't always
  12. This build introduces a number of quality of life improvements that improve the feel of editing meshes and deformers. Behind the scenes these a lot of work was done that will be used for some more substantial features over the next few builds. A lot of work went into getting bones ready for primetime as well, though this is all on the backend and won't result in anything noticeable just yet. Change Log Additions Blue control point lines can now be dragged to drag both connecting points Holding shift on blue control point lines now drags all line segments
  13. The UI is still very much WIP. We will continue improving every aspect of Spriter 2 as it develops, especially as we continue to get feedback from users.
  14. @SquigglyFrog @BlooberryPi3 I'm not sure if this is still relevant for you, but I was able to fix both of those bugs (flickering pointer/hourglass when prefab is selected and import not working at all in later unity versions). If you'd like to use them while waiting for them to be merged into the main repository, you can download the package here: https://github.com/lucidspriter/SpriterDotNet/blob/develop/SpriterDotNet.Unity/SpriterDotNet.Unity.unitypackage
  15. @Jonybir once the implementations are done, you should be able to use the sound effects directly in whichever engine, automatically in most cases. We may look into the grant thing at some point further along. Thanks for the suggestion.
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