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  2. OKay, I still don't quite understand the purpose though as there is command in C3 to tell it whether to loop or not. Either way, that toggle button is still somewhat broken I think. But yes, I can work around that one and the keyframe copy issue is the biggest problem. Cheers
  3. OK, thanks. there's no need for me to test with a specific project. I can confirm this behavior. At least now that you know that toggle is only for telling the game if the animation is to be looped infinitely or play once it should be easy to avoid the problem, as typically animators know from the start if an animation (like walk, idle, etc) is meant to loop or not.
  4. Yes. EVen if I delete those keyframes manually it makes no difference to the animation. If I repeat toggle the button the keyframe dont appear again but the animation remains the same (broken). If I hit undo this also has no effect of the animation. (Still stays broken.) So there is no option but to reload the project. I put the complete project files and images in a zip here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/br34bccpbr57u53/Issues.zip?dl=0
  5. Thanks. Did you happen to try hand-deleting that last row of key frames which it created when you un-checked the looping toggle?
  6. OKay THanks. Its worth mentioning too that when I toggle the repeat playback button again it actually never returns back to its previous state and I cant even hit undo to get it back. The only way was to reload my project. This happens every time. See video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/llw32r40whqk6qj/Issue_ToggleRepeatNotWork.MP4?dl=0
  7. Thanks very much for taking the time to make these recordings. It helped a lot. Also, very nice, clean art. Kudos. Copying and pasting multiple key frames is definately a problem. It's either a bug or a non-implemented feature. I'll talk to Edgar about that. Regarding the playback looping. As I mentioned, that's not a bug. That loop setting toggle is tells spriter if the animation is one intended to loop, which means the last frame needs to tween and blend into the first frame. If you turn that off then the end of the animation changes to not blend back to the first frame. For t
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. The first issue regarding replay playback button can be seen in a video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu884rgzmiaa9do/Keyframe_CopyIssue.mp4?dl=0 The second issue regrding copying/pasting multiple keyframes is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/88t9i5j4z4ki7vi/RepPlaybackIssue.mp4?dl=0 I managed to solve the glitching issue which was object losing their parenting midway through the anim and also the offset issue which was a rogue missing frame when I copy pasted. I manually fixed that but it could have something to do with the missing keyframes issu
  9. Can you make a screen recording showing these issues? Also, what OS are you using Spriter on? The repeat playback button you might be toggling is data for in-game play-back, and not for use in previewing the animation in the editor. It's for telling the game if the animation is supposed to wrap and loop infinitely or be a one time play-through. It certainly should not in any way change the animation duration. Hopefully we can figure out the cause of the issues with your help. The fastest way is via a screen recording.
  10. I just hit the repeat playback button and my whole animation became completely offset by 600 frames?!??. What is more it does not undo nor does it change back when I toggle the Repeat Playback button!!??!? This offset also seems to happen when I increase the amount of frames (without stretch frames checked OR with stretch frames checked). I must be doing something very wrong because nothing in this software seems to be working out for me.
  11. When I select ALL my keys of every object by dragging a box around them all and coning ctrl+C and then hitting Ctrl+V on an empty part of my timeline it just seems to past keys in the 'top level' and no keys on the actual objects themselves. What is that exactly and how can I just duplicate a large part of my animation without having to copy /paste each key one by one...because that's ridiculous. Cheers
  12. From what I found you should just only need to manually replace the .scon file on its own (use import in C3) rather than creating a completly new zip each time. This will update the anims and wont recreat events etc but I guess it only works if you haven't changed any textures.
  13. Also I've got keyframes that will never delete and there doesn't seem to be any way to remove all keyframes from an object. Also, I'm trying to remove a bone and parent it to a different bone but then I get very weird behaviour of my objects popping around all over the place. It's quite unusable. I'm using r11. Is it just full of bugs? I'm 2 months into a Construct 3 project and was depending on this to actually work
  14. Help! I'm trying to do a simple rocking animation left to right (of a tree). This sounds very simple, but no matter what I try the tweens are always wrong. I get horrible snapping on playback and/or the tweens are not symmetrical (left right) even though the tween curves have been copies. This is a two keyframe animation. God help me with anything more complex! -I dont understand why the main timeline keyframes have different keyframe curves to the ones in the actual bone that I'm animating? -Why does the repeat Playback button seem to have an effect on the animation pre
  15. Id love to see spriter with Gdevelop! It makes animations for interactive traps, objects and bosses super creative and easier than doing everything in the game engine
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  17. Hello everyone, this week's release is out now. We will be releasing a simple tutorial soon explaining how to use some of the features to make it more testable and usable until the UI and help system is more fleshed out. Change Log Additions Alt-Home now centers the canvas at 0,0 Changes and Enhancements Removed the middle control point for bone ligaments. You can now right click the child bone to access bezier tweaking for ligaments. Moving the middle control point resulted in odd and unpredictable behavior. Changed process f
  18. Thank you lucid, you guys are the best!
  19. @standby2 the override happens per tick, so you need to set it every tick. In this instance you could have a bool variable that marks whether the click has taken place, and if so set the override
  20. Sure, i had sent Lucid an email. It was basically the grayguy demo, the only event i added was on left mouse button clicked, change player head bone angle to 45
  21. You would need to activate the option of minimize window in the alpha's it's really difficult work without it
  22. OK, it should be fixed now. please refresh your browser and let me know if it works for you.
  23. OK, I'm uploading it now. The new download link should be up and working in less than 20 minutes.
  24. If you can, please email your construct project file and zipped spriter project to lucid@brashmonkey.com so he can take a look and figure out what the problem is. He can't tell from the screengrab.
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