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  2. Curious ………. Has anyone tweaked the program to support windows xp ? Or if there’s a c++ thing that would make it work ?? Just wondering …..
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  4. Here's several improvements to the transform tool coming to the next alpha build. We want to spend a bit more time to increase usability before its release. In the meantime, we'll release more videos showing off some really interesting stuff coming to the next version.
  5. Looking forward to spriter 2 version 1.0 Okay, thanks for the feedback.
  6. OH, You're talking about exporting the full frames OUT of spriter, and then using the exported frames in a game! The trick is the custom crop settings.
  7. Thanks for the response! I tried this solution: But I couldn't figure out how it can help. I pressed and hold M, while in canvas, and left clicked and drag a blank part of the canvas. But, all I could see was the sprite being moved around. The square that wraps the sprite and gives it a border didn't changed. I even set a pivot, but I don't know if this will help. Now, I'm reconstructing the sprite, using the body parts. I think this maneuver could solve the problem.
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  9. I've never seen this issue before. Can you zip up the folder with these images and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll try to figure out what's causing the issue. Also, please reply here and let us know which OS you're running Spriter on and what graphics program and settings you're using the create the PNG images with.
  10. Hi holyhell111 I just checked and the system has no record of the purchase. Please email me directly at mike@brashmonkey.com with you paypal payment information and I'll resolve this situation for you ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Mike at BrashMonkey
  11. There might be indirect improvements to Spriter Pro by the way of other programs which add to or augment what can be done with Spriter animations, but no direct changes to Spriter Pro are planned because development has switched over to Spriter 2. Usually a new Spriter 2 update build and progress report is released roughly every 2 weeks, but the current update is delayed because one of the last big 1.0 features is currently being added and connected in with the rest of it. it should not be much longer.
  12. Will there still be improvements for Spriter? Is Spriter 2 development still active?
  13. Was there ever an update to this? Where's the download link?
  14. Pre ordered spriter 2, paid with PayPal Payment went through and all but never received a email with a Serial key and I cant find any way to check "purchases" on the forum here. I only created an account here today.
  15. Everything seems to be working but when i drag the sprite into the scene, all of them just come out black. It doesn't look like that anywhere else. They're all pngs Tried putting an image from the url but doesn't seem to be working. https://imgur.com/a/TmDFUq8
  16. Welcome fed. Spriter 2 will be great at such things, but there's no easy way to add breathing to multiple animations in Spriter.
  17. PM sent. Sounds interesting, hope you are having good feedback.
  18. Hi folks! I am an independent game maker working on my own game, but I do not have time to do all of the work myself. What do I need help with? I need an experienced Spriter Animator to create character animations using our already rigged characters or create various Spriter animations from scratch. This is a paid job. Mostly piece-meal work. I will give you a description for what we are looking for, the animator will provide a quote (estimate of time and cost) for the individual work package. Preview of the animations via animated gif or video is fine, and the the final delivery will be the functional .scml file. A work package could be a character or inanimate objects with one to multiple animations. How to apply? Send a private message to me with a link to your Spriter samples and your per rate expectations (e.g. $n per hour or $n per single character with n animations, etc.).
  19. Hey Spriter community, I just bought Spriter yesterday and I am experimenting with all the features! I would like to know if it is possible to have additive animations (for example adding breathing to other animations). Secondly what is the best way to blend animations of parts, for example have one running animation but have different upper body animations/ poses that can be switched or blended. (do blend trees exist?) I wanted to search but sadly I didn't find a way to in the forum and google didn't help aswell. Btw im using the animations in Cosntruct 3 if that changes anything. Thank you!
  20. For any kind of side view game the characters should be made in Spriter so that their hot-spot is center bottom, for humanoid type characters that would be down in between where the feet would hit the ground. To fix this after the fact you can only do it on a per animation basic. For each animation hold M while in the canvas and left click and drag a blank part of the canvas to move the hot-spot to the proper spot.
  21. could you please email the actual spriter project you are trying to reimport to mail@brashmonkey.com Have you perhaps accidentally used a Spriter feature which the C3 plugin does not support, or did you meant to say if you delete the Spriter object first and then import the new version it does not crash?
  22. (released 10/13) Change Log Additions Added the ability to create entity state groups" Right-click on the entity state (animation) name when you have more than one entity state. States in a group can be played back from within other animations. Added sub-entity state players: Automatically created when you create an entity state group. The player will be visible when a state that is not in its group is selected. The player controls can be repositioned and rotated from Rigging Mode. In Animation Mode or Rigging Preview Mode, clicking on the state name will allow you to change the current state of the player, and clicking and dragging on the timeline will change the current time ratio within the state. Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable state Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Changes to z-order in rigging mode not reflected in animation Occasional visual glitches while editing animations Save and Load not working reliably in all situations Images saved from certain image editors will acquire artifacts when they have antialiased edges where the alpha isn't fully opaque or transparent. These issues aren't exclusive to Spriter 2 and will affect any game engine that doesn't preprocess them. These pre-processing functions will be introduced in a future version, and can be ignored for now. When changing curvature of a ligament with real-time preview in Rig Preview Mode, display temporarily changes to whatever image is set as default in the rig
  23. Hi, Whenever I'm trying to add new instance in Construct 3 timeline, it would crash the whole editor when a SCML object exists on the scene. Deleting the SCML object seems to fix the issue, so I believe that the culprit is the plugin. Could you please take a look at it? Here is the Construct 3 crash logs:
  24. Hello! I want to use a sprite for a 2d platform game. The issue is that the character is placed on the left of the sprite rectangle, and when I flip the sprite horizontally, the character moves to the right, when it should just turn to the other side. I downloaded the sprites from this site: https://craftpix.net/freebies/free-2d-pirate-character-sprites/ Now I want to place the character in the middle of the sprite rectangle. I heard that this task could be easily done in Spriter software. I didn't find any tutorials on this topic. How should I do this?
  25. @bernardo @Mroverlord I did a quick search engine search and discovered this is not a Spriter specific program, and some people trying to use Photoshop and other programs including many games are running into this same issue. It is a case of DLL's and runtimes which are commonly used and which are typically pre-installed on Windows PC's no longer being preinstalled on some Windows installs. Here is Microsoft's recommended solution: https://www.windowsinside.com/fix-0xc000007b-application-error-windows-10 I also found this video which might offer an easier solution BUT the person is recommending an installer program made by a third party individual which will install all required DLL's all at once for you, which is convenient, but you'll need to decide if you trust the install program for yourself. BrashMonkey LLC can't be held responsible if you decide to trust this persons solution and something goes wrong. We are not recommending it, just letting you know it exists and might be an easy solution, but there's always potential risk with such things. También encontré este video que podría ofrecer una solución más fácil, PERO la persona está recomendando un programa de instalación creado por un tercero que instalará todos los archivos DLL necesarios a la vez para usted, lo cual es conveniente, pero tendrá que decidir si confíe usted mismo en el programa de instalación. BrashMonkey LLC no se hace responsable si decide confiar en la solución de esta persona y algo sale mal. No lo recomendamos, solo le hacemos saber que existe y que podría ser una solución fácil, pero siempre existe un riesgo potencial con tales cosas.
  26. Hi Bernardo, Mroverlord reported the same issue earlier, but this seems to be a new problem which we'll need more information to find the solution for. Are you sure you actually installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, because unless you uninstall all newer versions first, it will only pretend to install, but if you pay attention later to the message it gives when it says it finished, it will tell you it didn't bother actually installing it because you already have a later version installed. I'm not positive about this new problem with )xc000007b, but in all previous cases of missing DLL errors, if the user installs the free trial of Adobe's creative cloud with Photoshop, then it resolves the issue.. The Adobe suite must install the same DLL's which Spriter happens to need as well. Hola Bernardo, Mroverlord informó el mismo problema anteriormente, pero este parece ser un problema nuevo para el que necesitaremos más información para encontrar la solución. ¿Está seguro de que realmente instaló Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013, porque a menos que desinstale todas las versiones más nuevas primero, solo pretenderá instalar, pero si presta atención más tarde al mensaje que le da cuando dice que terminó, le dirá que no lo hizo? No se moleste en instalarlo porque ya tiene instalada una versión posterior. No estoy seguro de este nuevo problema con) xc000007b, pero en todos los casos anteriores de errores de DLL faltantes, si el usuario instala la prueba gratuita de la nube creativa de Adobe con Photoshop, entonces resuelve el problema. La suite de Adobe debe instalar el mismas DLL que Spriter también necesita.
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