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  3. yes very confusing for customers, im also searching
  4. This seemed to resolve the issue https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/
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  6. @Centrion This website seems to give pretty thorough instructions for how to fix the issue. Hopefully a combination of these steps works for you: https://www.howtogeek.com/874113/how-to-fix-the-0xc000007b-error-on-windows/
  7. I tried downloading all the files that spriter needed to run and i got the same (0xc0000007b) error code and I don't wanna use the adobe method
  8. btw i am also on windows 11 and i cant try the photoshop method as i am a kid trying to animate sprites for projects in scratch otherwise it would have worked i also tried most of the methods listed on the Microsoft website but still no luck
  9. yes as far as i remeber i tried to download all of those dll files and recieving the error 0xc000007b but the links that you sent were not working in my pc so i had to download from another website
  10. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where video exports were locked to the frame length of the animation, ignoring framerate export settings Fixed a bug when loading some projects, which led to irregular behavior in specific meshes under certain conditions Fixed a visual bug where undoing or redoing changes to a the rigging cage for meshes wouldn't update the cage on screen Known issues Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik Visual bug when images armed for adding swappable image and mesh in reposition mode Some pop-up ui elements appear below panels Z-order window images do not change when mesh images are swapped
  11. @Aahan2023 did you try any of the proposed solutions?
  12. i am getting the same error 0xc000007b
  13. @tobar.io Sorry, there is no direct way we know of. It might be possible but likely not without quite a bit of work and custom code.
  14. You can find it here: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/8-software/
  15. Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration, Ghastly97. Did you try the Adobe Creative Cloud solution? (installing the trial of Photoshop). That seems to be the fastest and most consistent way to resolve the issue for most people. Just be sure to cancel the trial before you get charged for it if you don't want to continue using Photoshop etc. before the trial period expires. Please let me know if that works for you.
  16. @lokiwhizz most windows systems have at least one, typically more versions of visual studio pre-installed out of the box as far as I recall, regardless, this is the typical way to get the missing DLL file installed onto your system. Did you try following the instructions here: Did you try installing the trial Adobe Creative Cloud/Photoshop? That seems to resolve the issue for most people as well, but if you try this approach, be sure to cancel the creative cloud subscription before you're charged anything if you don't want to continue the subscription to it and end up being charged.
  17. The easiest solution is to just create pre-flipped images of the head etc facing the other direction and then use the image swapping functionality to flip it when you need it flipped. You might also be able to do it by making some key frames of some objects set to instant, but that's much more complicated and likely a can of worms best avoided for this particular issue.
  18. Need your help. I was trying to animate a cute dancing panda bear emote for my sister. The problem is that the bear moves are repetitive and partially only need to be mirrored which I did with (-)x scale. Somehow it messed up the interpolation. Can somebody help? I got footage of its weird behaviour + reference videolink in the description. I also replaced the images on an already existing rig. I hope we can resolve the issue soon and make my little sister happy. Best regards wolf looking forward to learn and grow with you all
  19. Hey, i need help too! I don't have any version of visual studio installed, but i still get this error and i can''t run the app. HELP PLEASE. I work on windows 11
  20. is pretty self explanatory in the title, but this is getting really annoying for me and i don't know why this isn't working I'm running Windows 11 on a 64 bit processor I made sure I didn't have a more recent installation of the packages, and they installed just fine, but Spriter still says it can't find the .dll files it needs I also tried downloading the .dll files that Spriter says it needs, and then I move it to the directory that I have Spriter installed too, but once I've gone through each one it needs a window pops up saying "program was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b" Please help me because I want to be able to use Spriter :(
  21. Thanks for reporting this Redxouer, and very sorry for the late reply. I'll look into the broken videos in Spriter, but in the meantime, all our tutorial videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/@BrashMonkey/playlists
  22. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, you can copy key frames. Click in the actual canvas and press control+a, then control+c to copy, and then control+p to paste where you want to paste this frame. This can be from anywhere in the time-line in fact, just just an actual keyframe. You can also create a copy/clone of entire animations, and can choose to rotate or flip the resulting animation copy in the process. These videos below cover the majority if not all of Spriter's copy functions.
  23. Is it possible to download Spriter for Linux?
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