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  2. Hello again everyone! The latest build went up Wednesday afternoon. You can find additional info in the video and changelog below. We've decided to delay bones one more build to get them working better with the other new features introduced in this build. Bones should be working nicely with the new deformation features when the next build is ready in roughly two weeks. We're pretty excited about what's up ahead and the state of the roadmap to 1.0. Once the bone build is released, one or two builds later we will reintroduce strokes, now using and interacting with all the new systems and features. The flexibility of all these features working together should allow for some really cool possibilities. After the stroke build, there are just three main 'phases' left until a feature complete beta and 1.0. Well, really more like two and a half. The first phase will consist of a bunch of small essential features that will flesh out the program and make it feel complete. These will be all the basic functions like multi-selection, animation management, copy/paste, delete, image/video export, etc. Also, during this phase we will be polishing the user experience, streamlining the workflow, and of course eliminating all the bugs we can find. Each build during this phase should feel like a substantial step toward 1.0. The second phase will be implementing the last major 1.0 feature, which will be image swapping. We want image-swapping to feel easy and natural to work with as part of the larger set of deforming features, so it's not as straightforward to implement as it might seem at first. The systems that power the image-swapping will also be a big part of what powers a lot of the post 1.0 features, so this will most likely take more than one build to fully flesh out. When image swapping is ready we will be in feature complete beta. This means the program should have all the functionality of 1.0, though it may still contain bugs or minor usability issues. Finally, the last half-phase will be any refactoring maintenance under the hood that still needs to be done. I will also take this opportunity to separate the editor portion and the runtime portion of the save format if that hasn't already been done yet. And of course, again we will squash any major known bugs before we call it 1.0. Upon 1.0 release, we will release the Mac and Linux versions as well. Thanks again everyone for your patience during this long journey. We're nearing the home stretch. New features: Bone features delayed until Change Log Additions Added a new pop-up menu item when right-clicking a mesh to choose a deformer for that mesh (pin deformation has been moved here) Added quad patch deformation Added bezier patch deformation Added the ability to add additional child meshes to any deformer (see help for additional information) Changes and Enhancements Pin deformation no longer automatically applied to a mesh. It can now be accessed by right clicking a mesh, and accessing the deformer menu Help now supports multiple pages of information Known Issues Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Visual bug when dragging out new images. Sometimes image disappears momentarily Visual bug when first applying a deformer to a new child. Image sometimes shifts momentarily Double entries for images in z-order Changes to z-order in rigging mode not reflected in animation Occasional visual glitches while editing animations Save and Load not working reliably in all situations Images saved from certain image editors will acquire artifacts when they have antialiased edges where the alpha isn't fully opaque or transparent. These issues aren't exclusive to Spriter 2 and will affect any game engine that doesn't preprocess them. These pre-processing functions will be introduced in a future version, and can be ignored for now. Dragging out more than one of the same images doesn't function correctly. Changelog appears every time you open the software, instead of just the first time you open the new version
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  4. I'm not a spammer, I'm just from Russia and translate through a translator. I have a huge request to help in some way. I make a game with gameplay like in a mobile game,, Flat Zombies,,. there is a beautiful ragdoll. I made a character and exported it to C2. Now comes my enemy, who must soon die. As arranged in spriter, one small cube is responsible for the entire enemy. I made it so that when the,, instance variables,, that very small cube has the number of HP <= 0, then that cube is destroyed and in its place the parts of the enemy's body with the already registered ragdoll are spawned, but it is not included. Instead of ragdoll, the enemy is simply destroyed and a moment later reappears and continues walking. For this cube, I did physics behaviors, set it up in different ways, but nothing changed. Then in the cube parameters, I deleted all,, container,, and then ragdoll started running normally, just destroy that cube and that's it. But this did not help make the game, as it will have a lot of such enemies, and for some reason they all destroy themselves.:
  5. Yes, that makes sense. I just figured I'd let you know anyway.
  6. 1 is the way Spriter is intended to work. Spriter 2 will allow for separate easing curves for different attributes of the same or different objects. 2 This is a minor bug, batch exporting only exports frames, not sound, so the sound is being triggered as Spriter makes it's way through the animation to export frames becasue sound was not considered when making the export feature. 3 I've never seen this issue before. Hopefully if it happens again you'll be able to figure out the cause and way to avoid it. Spriter is not being actively developed becasue Edgar is working hard to get Spriter 2 (which will be a free upgrade) up and usable as quickly as possible.
  7. I think I found three bugs while making my music video. 1) I'm not sure if the first one is a bug, or the intended behaviour, but it was unintuitive to me and took me a while to figure out what was going on. (The arms got wonky when I added a tapping foot.) An easing curve on a main key frame will affect all bones that are moving, not just those that are key framed there. I could of course work around this by removing all curves from the main timeline and add them to the individual bones instead. 2) Sound is playing at points when it shouldn't. Sometimes (but not always) when selecting a different animation. (All my animations, except the walk, have a sound clip attached to the start of the animation.) And when batch exporting the sound clips plays on top of each other. 3) This is the weird one. I was unable to set easing curves on the key frames of some of my sprites. I could left click on the key so it would show the little sign indicating a linear curve, but right clicking on any key of the affected sprites did nothing. Edit: As I'm typing this, I get an idea. Yep, I can confirm what probably was going on with #3. I was working with locked sprites, as I was using bones for most things, and that makes the keys locked too, except that they still can be moved which is inconsistent. Edit 2: No, that's not quite true. Playing around some more, I find that I now can change curves of everything, even with locked sprites. I no longer can reproduce what I saw earlier. I always get the curve menu as expected on all keys no matter what I try. I have no idea what was going on.
  8. Hi! This is the first time I've finished something using Spriter (nothing came of the game making plans I had when I backed Spriter on Kickstarter years ago), and as you can tell, I'm very much a beginner when it comes to animation. (If you don't care for the music, the animation starts one minute in.) I think I found some bugs too, but I'll start another thread about that in the appropriate area of the forum.
  9. My apologies, the two questions in my original post were unrelated, and your initial response answered the first quite well. As to the second, you've got the gist of it. I'll give it another shot and try what you've suggested.
  10. I guess I misunderstood your original question, and I think I still do, are you trying to make animations in a different program and convert the animation to Spriter format after the fact? I guess referencing the open source spriter run-times will help you understand the data format, and you can post the resulting spriter file that is broken and someone might be able to tell you what is wrong with the conversion.
  11. My thanks for your response. Just to follow up, is there any existing facility for importing external animation / scripting the movement of bones, or is hacking the spriter open file format the only option in this regard?
  12. Yes, I am on Windows, and I get the same result if I'm scrolling with either of my two mouses, the scrolling strip on my Wacom tablet or the keyboard. But I have now split it up into segments of just a few seconds each in length, which is a much better way of doing this. (I have not been working on this project since April, btw. I finished the video I was experimenting on back then without any animation, but I am now working on a simple animation for my next video. As it is my first attempt, it is very simple but still takes me a lot of time. I am making progress though, and it will be finished within a couple of days. I'll post in the "Your Works" section when it's done.) Also, I know I posted a request for movie export somewhere. (I can't find it on this forum. Maybe it was on Kickstarter?) I'm now retracting that feature request as it's not needed. Video editors (I can confirm both DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks) are smart enough to recognise the series of png files as video clips! Doing it this way is even better, as all transparency is preserved, and there are no compression artefacts. (I wish I knew that before setting up a workflow with ffmpeg and a greenscreen backdrop in Spriter.) So taking the animation from Spriter and putting it in my video is very easy.
  13. The file formats are completely different between Sprite and Spriter 2, and so are almost every aspect of the way images are manipulated and displayed. It's not impossible that we will make an importer or converter, but definitely don't count on that happening for sure. There will be lots of tutorials for using Spriter 2, but it's too soon for that because even the core features are not fully implemented yet, and character maps will come after that. It's impossible to say how soon and which Alchemist features will appear. We plan for all of them to eventually become available, but since the Kickstarter did not meat its goal it will take longer than it would have. Please keep an eye out for our update posts and update builds for Spriter 2 roughly every two weeks .
  14. Yes, Spriter was designed to animate one character at a time, especially for games. You'd need to script multiple characters interacting, environments etc in the game engine for best results. Spriter 2 will likely end up much more capable and flexible for animating entire scenes.
  15. how is this related to Spriter? This seems like a Phaser question.
  16. yes i thought i post in a right forum.
  17. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Btw will I be able to open spriter 1 files with spriter 2 right? I mean we got so many spriter projects saved on spriter 1. Also can you write detailed guide how to enable or disable weapons or trigger effects on spriter 2 animated files in unity? Example : Say i have a player who can switch weapons. I want idle animation with weapon and w/o weapon. Play sound effects when i fire gun. Play slash sound etc. Or maybe enable weapon if I find certain weapon and now the Idle animation and other animations are all with that gun/weapon holding in the players hand. Also how many features we going to get as shown here in spriter2/alchemist?
  18. Sorry, he's trying to wrap up the new Spriter 2 alpha build (which got delayed... he's hoping to release it today) and updating the Construct 3 plugin will be his first task once it's out.
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  20. My apologies if this is common knowledge, but I hoped to ask a few questions regarding the use of Spriter Pro. It seemed better to get a definitive answer than to tilt at windmills. Spriter seems to be geared entirely towards character animation. So, even using the pre-written engine plugins, if I wanted to incorporate multiple spriter animations into any sort of scene, I would need to write that separately. Would that be correct? I've created animations in another bone based animation program. It would be useful if I could import animations or script the movement of spriter bones. I don't believe that's possible out of the box, correct? It seems like one route might be to define the character, and then "hack" the file to write my own animation data in the format spriter is expecting. I had some limited success messing with this some time ago, but I got the impression that there were some strange things with the resulting file. Are there any guides, etc. to trying to do something like this?
  21. Absolutely, Unity will always be among the fastest updated and supported directly by us for Spriter 2. Yes, Spine has first party support for many engines and has mesh deforming features, these are two major issues Soriter 2 will address. Thanks very much for the support and thoughtful post.
  22. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Also, you mentioned that you will be releasing official unity support on release of spriter 2? Do you still plan to do that? After using Godot for long, I realized unity is the to go engine for making any commercial games or freelance work due to the vast amount of resources available and help you get when getting stuck.Also, industry standard right now is UNITY/UNREAL engine unless you are just a hobbyist. I hope there will be unity plugin on release. I mean what is the use of making animation in Spriter if you can't export the skeletons and JSON data to that engine you are using. Also please check the performance issues of the plugin for engine support. Currently with Spriter pro all animations are not working smoothly. I was wondering why you guys not so well known and why not many people use spriter for their animation but prefers Spine:2D animation for games even though its costlier. I think spine has better support for game engines export or something? Maybe you need more team members for speed things up? You know my mentor said that don't try to do everything by yourself. Outsource or etc. In the end it is going to save lot more time or bring more profit than what you are doing right now. If it keeps like this we gonna loose customer. People going to buy spine/creature/moho/etc others even though its more costly. They have bigger team and more support. Yes i love spriter and what spriter 2 is going to bring. But the support factor is the biggest thing for product like this. Why you guys burning your self up? Anyways good luck to you. I have taken already lot of time to write various comments.You need to figure things out.
  23. Please keep an eye out for the update notes and new builds every 2 weeks. The next few builds should get the three core features (bones, 'pins', and 'strokes') in and working together, and things should pick up momentum from then on. Our goal is to get all the core features in and working nicely as quickly as possible. Estimates are dangerous and nearly always wrong. The best way to assess progress is to keep an eye on the update build releases.
  24. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Will we be getting it this year or nope?How many more years we need to wait? Can you not get someone from community to help you guys? Example someone else to make detailed tutorials on how to use it or help you on code? There are also lot of affordable people to hire from fiver and etc websites.
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