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  3. I think you might need to add code to wait until all Spriter files are finished loading/initializing and then set their character maps... maybe give them a variable which you could set in the frame editor to the name of the character map you want that specific instance of the Spriter file to use. Another option is to create clones of the Spriter project and bake the character maps into those Spriter project clones so you can use separate Spriter objects per character instead of trying to use the same Spriter file for all the characters, though obviously this is not a good solution if you are trying to support player customization in the game.
  4. There is something wrong with "on create" and "on initialised" in the Spriter PlugIn for Construct 3. A Bug or i did something wrong. I place several instances of a character created with Spriter and wanted to change the char maps with "on create" or "on initialised". With "on create" just nothing happen and with "on initialised" it works sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes it changes one, sometimes all, sometimes none. Especially when you use "F5" to reload the preview. Would be nice if there would be a solution. I use the stable release of C3 version r293.3
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  6. If you wouldn't mind, please do zip up both the spriter project and the construct project and email them to mail@brashmonkey.com so we can take a look and see what's causing the issues.
  7. @RohitPardhiI will get a chance to look into any issues with the plugin as soon as I finish the current sprint of Spriter 2. Unfortunately, a change a while back in Construct 3 seems to have broken runtime loading. The last known version of Construct 3 where runtime loading works is r260.
  8. No I'm not as I just began this project but I have an old project built before the new construct 3 update that I tried the same stuff with and it worked. I did re-watch your tutorial in case I missed something. Although, the latest release of Construct 3 had a notable feature called "Template Mode" which I used in this new project on the same character (seems to be when I started having issues) but I tried removing that and reimporting and that didn't change the outcome. I also tried adding the new feature to the character in the old version of the project and it had a the same effect there though less parts were missing. After that I went back to the old project to try to reimport and I got this for the 2nd time (fatal error). Might be the plugin having issues with communicating with the engine but I'm not sure. As for the duplicate sprites, it's been doing that since I got Spriter but I'm not sure how to fix it. It actually happens each time (incrementing each time I do it). Any advice on any of this? haha. I can email you my project if you are curious enough to take a look.
  9. Hey there, I am using a stable plugin version 8-16-2021 in construct 3 and I am trying to import spriter project at runtime with the Event provided Load From URL. the localhost URLs are working fine. However at runtime I am getting following error in browser console. can someone please help me with this?
  10. No, this is not a known issue. If you're using the lastest stable version of Construct 3 and the latest version of the Spriter plug-in, and re-import the same exact named spriter project (zipped up as a single zip file) then it should properly update and not create a clone with the number 2 after it. Are you using any kind of version control like One-drive or github so you can revert back to a version of your project before you tried the first update that caused issues?
  11. There's an option "copy Z-order to all frames". Fix the z-order on any frame, then while on that frame, then choose "Edit/Copy Z-Order to Other Frames" sorry, there is no option to copy a z-order across all animations.
  12. I am also having the same issue as the OP and that was seven years ago. When will this be addressed? It is incredibly tedious moving every element of a face one by one because of a change in hairstyle.
  13. Thanks for the tip! Also, it seems I've run into a bug of sorts. When I import my spriter object into Construct 3 it duplicates all of my character's sprites and adds a "2" at the end while creating another "on initialized" event but it does not make a new family. I just want to update the animations for this character using the non draw self method. Not but a few days ago I was able to do so using this same method, as per your youtube video, but after I got those odd results I just deleted the new duplicated sprites and initialize event and I was good to go. Now when I try that same solution it deletes the original sprites as well inside the family (even though they are still inside the project) and removes them from the container of the entity as well. I've tried adding the right sprites back manually but it won't let me. Is this a known issue and is there a fix? Just encountered this about an hour or so ago.
  14. I'm glad the first part worked out. There is a way to override specific bones in Construct and a way to blend two animations two the degree you'd like on the fly as well, so you might be able to use those two advanced features to get your desired results. https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/addons/192/spriter/aces
  15. I thought that solution may work as well and it worked perfectly fine in execution in spriter since I just used the hierarchy tab to select parts of the character and had to make sure I didn't delete the "spine" or base bone (used a button at the top left to delete the selected components throughout entire animation easily) of the character and all remained in tact. However, pinning in Construct the two parts didn't yield the desired results due to some interesting event issues. Not only that but the angling wasn't quite right either. I've been trying to find a solution to this since. You mentioned in another post that Spriter 2 would be able to handle what that person called Additive animations (which is what I believe I'm asking about). Is this already available in Spriter 2? as I have it and pro for Spriter I just can't use S2 very well due to some interface confusion and it chops less than fully opaque sprites. I've reported the bug as requested but it hasn't been fixed as of yet which is understandable. Thanks for letting me pick your brain a bit - it's a super valuable learning experience
  16. I would try cloning the project first, and deleting the upper body from one and the lower body from the other. but there's absolutely a chance deleting bones that are a parent of parts of the body you might want to keep could ruin the position and angle of things, so you might indeed need to redo some or all of it. This is likely more or less true depending on the features you used and the bone hierarchy structure. If need be you could also export as sequential images of the current fully assembled characters and then load them in and use them as guides to recreate the animations more quickly and easily. best of luck. I hope it goes smoothly for you whichever way you choose.
  17. Hey @Mike at BrashMonkey how would you go about splitting an already animated character in half to be able to attack and run at the same time? Should I duplicate the project after creating a backup and try to pick apart the bones and such from the torso up to separate it from the legs and then import both projects into Construct 3 to pin them? Perhaps I should just start from scratch to do this or is there an easier way I'm not aware of? If I have to start over that's not horrible since this has been a fantastic learning experience for me having to redo the process quite a few times (all mistakes on my part of course) just would like to know if you have any tips or tricks for something like this or what your process would look like to achieve the kind of running and attack animation blending I'm going for. Thanks so much for your time! -Chris
  18. Hi, When my character reaches a ladder, I blend the whatever animation was playing to the "climbing" animation with a 150ms. On the ladder, if the player move up or down I resume the climbing animation, and if it stops I just pause the animation. But if the player dont move while the climbing animation blending isn't over, the blending is paused resulting in a weird pose. Is there a way to pause an animation only after its blending is over? I see there is a blendratio condition but as it starts from 0 to 1, and returns 0 in the end, I'm not sure how to use it Any help appreciated
  19. Hi team, GDevelop is my tool of choice is there any discussion or work being done here?
  20. Upon right clicking on the play button, it plays the animation once but finish and stay on the first frame instead of the last frame.
  21. Really exiting. Hope it won't take too long.
  22. Hello again, everyone! We're still hard at work on the next version. This will be a larger update than usual with over 30 new features and enhancements, and over 20 bug fixes so far. We look forward to showing you what we've been up to.
  23. Alright, thanks so much for all the help! No more questions... for now xD
  24. Yes, they can be assigned to a bone. You can assign many things to a single bone, but you cant make something the child of a sprite, only a bone. You can make many sprites and many collision boxes the child of the same bone so they all move etc in unison. Collision boxes even tween in their position and size if the animation is set to tween as opposed to pop directly from one key frame to the next.
  25. Yeah, that helped, though it did take me a bit to fully figure out how Spriter collision works and put your advice to use. Thanks! I still have one more question: can collision boxes be assigned to a sprite/bone in Spriter? It's just that we'd like to add a box on each major area of the character and fine tune their size, would be nice to have a way to automate the movement of said boxes in some way instead of needing to animate it by hand in each instance. If it's not possible though then that's totally fine.
  26. I appreciate you being forth coming and straight about the situation. The situation had me quite unhappy.
  27. Very sorry for the time and frustration this caused you. For many years this issue did not exist at all, as these DLL files were on virtually every Windows computer by default, and then when people started reporting this, it was rare and easy to resolve. Apparently Windows 11 has changed that to a drastically more severe problem. The no refund policy was always coupled with the 'try before you buy' robustly featured free version of Spriter, but was never intended to be a punishment or trap. Of course we want every customer to be very happy with their purchase and of course to be able to easily use Spriter. I'm sending you a private message so we can resolve this to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.
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