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  3. Hi, I need a zombie animation of a zombie spawning from ground and get up If you're interested in please contact me Goto 100 studio
  4. Update process failed
  5. We're still focused on stability & usability for now, with cool features like motion paths (shown below) in the pipeline. 0.8.6 Change Log Changes and Enhancements Strokes now attempt to subdivide based on the length of the stroke rather than an arbitrary triangle size Massive optimizations to many stroke rigging operations Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where changing zoom immediately after clicking a mesh could sometimes cause the mesh to resize Fixed a bug where newly created contour points would fail to have any effect until another action caused the rig to refresh Fixed a bug where sometimes newly created contour point verts would be affected by the wrong point's movement Fixed a bug where undos on the creation of new contour points would sometimes not work correctly Fixed a bug where adding a second child to a stroke would corrupt the hierarchy state resulting in unpredictable behaviour Fixed a bug where adding a child to a stroke after a mesh was already added would cause the original mesh to inverse resulting in the mesh being squished at the origin Fixed a bug where zooming immediately after selecting an object could still cause the object to get stretched under certain circumstances. Fixed a bug where attempting to drag a mesh attached to a stroke, that other objects as children to the stroke would cause visual artifacts Known issues Stroke keyframes still show value editor even though you can't edit the values by right-clicking a keyframe Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik motion path demo.mp4
  6. This is tricky but might be able to be done with the bone override feature in the Spriter plugin for construct: you might want to check out the last few comments in this thread, especially the posts by Lucid: https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-2/how-do-i-18/spriter-mix-animation-events-117351
  7. We've only ever made tutorial videos and this general thread: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21631-spriter-plug-in-for-construct-2/
  8. It's in the same folder as Spriter, wherever you had set Steam to download your apps and games. An example would be: /SteamApps/common/Spriter/Art Packs/Essentials
  9. If you rename folders then Spriter is still looking for the old folders and therefore can't find your images. If you save the Spriter project in .scon format, then load that .scon file into a good text editor, you could do a search and replace for all the folder names to update them manually.
  10. It a Video Clip. Looks great. But I tried it also and I never know how
  11. Why is nobdy commenting on how sick this is! Awesome Lucid!
  12. I never looked at the features of the API (I'm just an artist) but I think it only supports play-back of animations made in Spriter and maybe hijackings specific bones to make them behave how you want, regardless of what the Spriter animation data says to do with those bones. The feature would likely called bone override or something like that. I suggest you do a search through any documentation of the API or the code itself to see if you can find that feature (if it exists) I'll ask Edgar (the programmer) when I see him online, but that might be a while.
  13. Hi Currently I am considering downloading Spriter C++ API to use for a 2D skeletal animation system. What I need the 2D skeletal animation system for: 1. I need to be able to create a 2D sprite using a 2D sprite image (check image url for example) 2. I need the 2D skeletal animation system to add limbs to my 2D Character. Why do I need to add limbs to my 2D Character: I want to rotate my limbs while my game is running causing my 2D Character image to bend, rotate, and move as I choose in game Example of what I need the limbs for: To create character movement such as a character running if I press forward To create character aiming such as a character holding a gun and rotating the characters limbs or body as the mouse cursor moves as a crosshair Can the Spriter C++ API do this and if so how do I download it and create something as described above? 2D Sprite Image example https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fKik92c30sqkn2R_lNDMOUpcy8rXtARW/view?usp=share_link
  14. Available for New Work Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Feel free to contact us for your Art related queries. Thank you HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT 2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price Contact Details: Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HephaestusEntertainmentarts/ More Art: https://www.artstation.com/artist/hephaestus_entertainment
  15. 0.8.5 Is their anyway if we have pre-purchased to play with this?
  16. This is the second release of the past week, though we didn't post an announcement for the other one. This changelog reflects all of the changes of both. 0.8.5 Change Log Additions Added Select All with Control A for objects when hovering the canvas and for all visible keys when hovering the timelines Added Revert All Objects To Rig State and Key with Control K Added ability to multi-drag (position) of multi-selected objects by dragging one object Added ability to horizontally resize the timeline label view Changes and Enhancements Large optimizations for many mesh and rig manipulation actions Tweaked the way certain sub-menus react to hovers and clicks to add more consistency to the ui feel. Bug Fixes Fixed multiple undo/redo bugs for various actions. Fixed a bug with paint to select that didn't allow multiple overlapping objects to be selected at the same time Fixed a bug that allowed attempts to add change the hierarchy outside of rigging mode, resulting in unpredictable behaviour Fixed a bug where right-clicking a value keyframe would often not make the keyframe value and curve editors appear Fixed a bug where revert and key didn't work if the property wasn't already keyed at some point in the animation Fixed multiple bugs where taking actions immediately after dragging and dropping a mesh would cause the mesh to revert to original pre-drag position or cause other unexpected behaviour Fixed multiple bugs when attempting to rename entity states or create new ones, etc Fixed a bug where children of other objects could create unnecessary keyframes after making a change (e.g. creating x, y, and angle keyframes, when only the angle was changed) Known issues Stroke keyframes still show value editor even though you can't edit the values by right-clicking a keyframe Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik
  17. I'm one of the native developer of axmol (Cocos2Dx 4.0 fork). Can I get a trail version of Spriter2 to support Spriter2/Spriter Pro with axmol too? Axmol githup link: axmolengine/axmol: Axmol Engine – A Multi-platform Engine for Desktop, XBOX (UWP) and Mobile games. (A radical fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0) (github.com)
  18. Never tried Construct before, took me 15 minutes to get a little game going, without installing anything or registering an account. Pretty sure this is going to be my go to from now on to recommend for aspiring game devs to get their first experience!
  19. @c0d3r9 Sorry for the lack of tutorials or documentation. We'll get started on that soon. You need a folder full of images to begin a spriter 2 project. Once Spriter 2 is officially released we'll make sure it's much easier to use both Spriter Pro and Spriter 2 on Steam without the current clunky switching method. Spriter 2 is still too incomplete to use for real projects, so should only be used for testing and to provide us feedback, bug reports, and feature requests, but that will be much easier once we make some getting started tutorials etc.
  20. Hello, buyed it today...but how i can start.If i rightclick on rigging mode and click on the picture icon....an oval form comes on screen and thats all. How can i get any sprite inside the ide? And a second question, its nice that we can switch in steam beetwenn Spriter Pro and Spriter 2 Alpha, but as long Spriter 2 is so buggy, it should be possible to get a second key for a second install. Its not cool that for every switch between the two version, the ssd (i know a drive downloads nothing)must do always download all files again, and again, and again, and again.... Or is there a way to get the alpha beta whatever on an other way, until its final? And if i click in the main menu back to main menu...it freezes complete. Is there an easy tutorial for starting with spriter 2 with own sprites?
  21. This is the third release of the past week again, though we didn't post announcements for the other two. This changelog reflects all of the changes of all three. 0.8.3 Change Log Additions Added multi-bone ik with a chain of bones of any length (with multiple bones selected, hold shift) Added length-constraint to strokes. hold control (along with shift) when redrawing a stroke to constrain the length of the new stroke to the length it was prior Added ik for stroke, either drag the new drag control at the end of a selected stroke or, continue to hold control while creating a length-constrained stroke to transition from drawing to pulling the stroke once it reaches the target length Changes and Enhancements Made meshes attached to strokes automatically subdivide further Made it so strokes can have alternate easing curves Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where opening a project that had strokes in it would automatically begin to draw a stroke when first clicking a mesh in animation or rigging preview mode. Fixed a bug that allowed you to add contour points outside the contour's outline. Fixed a bug where using incremental save when you hadn't already saved your project would bring up the old file dialog. Fixed multiple undo/redo bugs. Fixed a bug that would allow you to create an invalid stroke outside of rigging mode Fixed various bugs with hierarchies involving strokes Fixed a freeze if alt and shift were both held down when creating a stroke Fixed a bug where manipulating the multi-drag gizmo on the control points of non-contour deformers could result in erratic results Fixed a bug where loading certain projects with deformers would cause control point lines to appear upon load not tied to their deformers resulting in unstable behaviour Fixed a bug where repositioning the reference mesh of a mesh that was connected to a contour deformer would distort the mesh. Internal Implemented several internal testing, debugging, and troubleshooting systems. Known issues Stroke keyframes still show value editor even though you can't edit the values by right-clicking a keyframe Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik
  22. I create sprites animations with specific colors. For example, I have a character sprite that uses 3 colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE) but with different shades (thing grayscale) and then export to PNG files. The issue I am having is Spriter Pro is modifying my colors and blending the colors causing my game engine's custom shader to fail. Is there anything I can change in the software that will prevent Spriter Pro from modifying my colors and just export out what it gets in as input?
  23. We think the .json file is just another format of an atlas file, so I think you're missing the actual animation data file, which is either .scon or .scml If you'd like, you could zip and email these files to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look to verify.
  24. Yes, you would get Spriter 2 as a free upgrade once it's available if you buy Spriter on Steam. Currently it has no pixel art specific features, but we'll be exploring them after the release of 1.0.
  25. Hello, Brash Monkey community! I'd like to introduce Austin Visuals, a top-tier <a href="https://austinvisuals.com/animation-studio-services/engineering-and-technical-animation-2/">3D Animation Techniques </a> and visualization studio that specializes in crafting high-quality content for a variety of industries, including gaming, architecture, medical, and entertainment. Their team of skilled artists and technicians are proficient in working with tools like Spriter and other industry-leading software to bring your creative visions to life. Austin Visuals' services include: 2D & 3D Animation: Partner with Austin Visuals to create captivating and fluid character animations that enhance your game's storytelling and overall player experience. Custom Game Assets: Collaborate with Austin Visuals to design and develop bespoke game assets, including characters, environments, and props, ensuring a unique and memorable gaming experience for your players. Visual Effects (VFX) for Games: Improve your game's visual appeal with stunning visual effects crafted by Austin Visuals, seamlessly integrating with your game assets for an immersive gaming experience. Motion Graphics & UI Design: Work with Austin Visuals to develop engaging and intuitive user interfaces and motion graphics that elevate your game's aesthetics and usability. Game Cinematics & Trailers: Entrust Austin Visuals to produce compelling game cinematics and trailers that capture the essence of your game and entice potential players. Why choose Austin Visuals for your game development projects? In-depth experience in the gaming industry and working with various animation tools Customized solutions tailored to your project's specific needs and goals Cutting-edge technology and software for top-notch results Effective project management and communication for a seamless development process To discover more about Austin Visuals and their 3D animation and visualization services, visit their website at [your website URL]. Feel free to reach out to their team to discuss your project requirements and explore how they can help take your game development projects to new heights. Happy developing, and I can't wait to see your incredible projects enhanced by Austin Visuals!
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