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  4. I've set up SpriterDotNet on MG 3.8, although, I've had to heavily modify it due to poor code quality of the library. I've PMed you a link where you can contact me.
  5. Change Log Additions Added animated color tinting (right click on mesh in animation mode, and click on color palette) Added animated opacity (right click on mesh in animation mode, and click on opacity icon) Known Issues Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Visual bug when dragging out new images. Sometimes image disappears momentarily Double entries for images in z-order Changes to z-order in rigging mode not reflected in animation Occasional visual glitches while editing animations
  6. OK sorry for my post, after a long search i found it shame on me
  7. Hi there I bought along time ago Spriter Pro with the option to get Pre Order for Spriter 2 as well. I read here the Alpha version, but can't figure it out where i can download it. hope to get some feedback thy in advance!
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  9. make sure in your browser you are logged into your Steam account which owns Spriter and then follow the link provided here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/332360/view/2243302203310905038
  10. Hi, I got Spriter Pro from steam is there a way I could access the private alpha?
  11. Thanks for answer my questions! Now im just waiting for the tutorials! Thanks again!
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  13. I'll be making Spriter 2 tutorials soon, and many concise and polished ones will be ready for the 1.0 launch. Currently there is the help feature in Spriter 2 which explains most of the features which are currently present. (a question mark icon at top-left of Spriter 2 which brings up the help system) We don't have an official feature list yet, but the same general features of Spriter combined with advanced and flexible (no pun intended) mesh deforming feature is the key. Many features will be added and announced after the initial version 1.0 release. I'll release public tutorial v
  14. Very sorry about my oversight. The new one was placed over the old file, so it just needed to be re-downloaded and installed. I'm glad you tried that despite my poor communication.
  15. Hi, I'm using DrawSelf mode in Construct 3 and getting these grey lines around my sprite. When zoomed in, I also notice that the quality is not as good using the darwSelf mode. Wondering if anyone has any input. Reference:
  16. The latest alpha build, released about a day ago, can export to many animation formats or sequential PNG images. Have you tried it yet? You need to download and install a new Spriter 2 file, the previous build won't auto-update to this latest version automatically.
  17. Guys sorry but...but...is there no way to export the PNG animation? for now you can only save project (with bug) and not export? I really need it ... when will you wear it? I understand the work, the work you are doing and I appreciate it so much, but exporting even in the initial stages is fundamental for testing. Thank you
  18. "This version requires a new launcher. Please download it from the original download location. Future updates to the launcher shouldn't require a new download. " Well, after trying to hunt that down finally found the old location. Downloaded the old launcher because the new one isn't in the intuitive spot it should be (first) & neither are labeled to differentiate the other. If you're not going to make a new thread with the location at least provide a link to the new launcher. Posting link in spriter 2 forum section.
  19. Pine Tree -- Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. desixstudios.com Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com
  20. Where is the Spriter 2 tutorials? What features will have? Im new to this things but Im thinking of buying this software. First i need to see tutorials before i buy it...a trial version would be nice too. Some things i need to know:this software will be good for mascot logo quick animation motion graphics like 10 seconds intro? This software is capable of doing rotoscoping?
  21. I actually tried that. (This is for Don't Starve Together) I know there's a way to layer the animations in game, as well as a way to replace parts of the animation of another animation (eg. Replacing a tent and empty basket with a tent and basket full of food, while the tent's flaps continue to sway in the wind.) Unfortunately all of my attempts to do this so far have unexpectedly failed, and the last failure was so intense the whole file seemed to break and I needed to revert an hour's worth of work. Honestly I have no idea what happened, almost certainly my own fault, but thank Goodness
  22. good progress. set goals and try to meet them. right now got no clue how to use the alpha version of spriter 2. Its a total new software which is in dire needs of tutorials of how to use it.
  23. You could export the animation as sequential images and animate the other object separately and then combine them together after the fact, especially if this is for inside a game.
  24. Hello everyone. We've just released the new Spriter 2 alpha build. In this build we've introduced export to mp4, webm, gif, and sequential pngs. There are also a couple of simple quality of life additions, like Spriter 2 remembering the last used project folder and file. Behind the scenes, we've also updated the project to the latest version of Unity (2020), which won't affect your user experience for now, but will allow us to take advantage of the latest features and stability improvements. In the interest of releasing this build with no further delays, we've decided to roll-back the
  25. Hi Spriter community, I'm worried that I'm going to exceed the file size limit on my sprite atlas with all of my character maps. I came across "Generate Multiple Sprite Sheets when images don't fit max", is there any way to get this working in Construct 3? Would be super useful and help our games scale better! Thanks in advance, Chris
  26. Ah, ok, I think I understand. Being able to animate a scene as you call it, would certainly be helpful. I was hoping that I could take this original animation that has lots of key frames, and add my simple animation directly to it, with only a few key frames. Until Spriter 2 comes out I guess I'm doing this the hard way! Phew!
  27. Ah, you are not blind. That has nothing to do with Z order. Spriter was really designed to animate individual objects which would be assembled into full scenes inside games. it's not really designed to animate entire scenes with separate objects animating separately. The problem is everything shares the same key frames and easing if you turn easing on from any key to another. Spriter 2 will be much better suited to animating entire scenes.
  28. Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't see an option to 'copy the z-order across the entire animation.' I can paste to all key frames, but that's about it. Also I'm sorry, I'll try to describe it better. I have an animation of a tent with a lot of key frames, used to make the tent sway as the player sleeps. I wanted to add a lantern outside of the tent that sways just a little in a soft breeze. It should be very easy to animate, using only a few key frames. The problem is, it seems like I need to animate the lantern for each existing key frame, which is considerably harder.
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