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  3. Have you watched our getting started, quick tip, and longer format tutorial videos? https://www.youtube.com/user/BrashMonkey Once you learn the basics of setting up a rigged character in Spriter the difference between bipedal or quadruped animation should not be very big. I recommend you find a good reference set of hand drawn frames or photos to copy, rig your wolf character, then use bones to copy each key frame of the animation.
  4. Hopefully we can help resolve these issues quickly, but we need to know a lot more information. What operating system are you using Spriter on? What features are you using when it closes? How big are the average image files you're using in your Spriter project? Can you make a screen recording of the program closing when you try to work? The vast majority of people do not have this problem so we will need this kind of info to figure out the cause for the issues you're experiencing. thanks
  5. Anything but side view is much more difficult in any 2d animation system, even drawing on paper... the big issue is you can't even use bones for the limbs for the most part and likely have to use mostly image swapping for moving the limbs in perspective across the animation, especially if the style is detailed and realistic. Even if someone made a tutorial example it might not help you because it would depend greatly on the visual style of the art but also the animation style you are after. If you post an image of the character itself (ideally a single frame of him running forward) someone might be willing to help.
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  7. If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to info@deathstalkerentertainment.com or Contact me through Skype ID: deathstalkerarts
  8. In the top center of the UI there`s a "Show Bones" toggle button, that is probably turned off, so you don`t see the bones. After selecting a bone you can use the "Object Properties" panel to set position, rotation and scale by value, or you can directly modify bone transform from the viewport (near bone base + drag for change of position, near bone tip + drag for rotation). Even with bones being hidden you can select them from the "Hierarchy" panel and modify them from the "Object Properties" interface. Just follow the tutorial more closely and experiment a bit more. As most of the things in life, this will also take some time to learn, so be patient and motivated. Good luck!
  9. Hi I try to work with spriter pro but it keep shut down randomly. I can't rly work with a soft who just diseaper. Is there a fix or something i need to work on Thx
  10. Hi, I downloaded the "Grey Guy" art pack and loaded it into Spriter. I am trying to follow along this video below where he moves the bones of hte character and all the parts move, but this doesn't work when I try to do it. When I try to move anything all the other parts stay still and the thing I'm dragging detaches from the rest of the body... how do I move the actual bones?? Thanks!
  11. joemid

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Hope you all are safe and healthy. Best wishes!
  12. So I need to animate a guy running from the front view. The style of my character is on the realistic side with normal human proportions. He has different materials with textures for his design as well. Anyone have examples of spriter animations which I can view with these criterias?
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  14. Contego (security/loss prevention company) Logo Design http://incrediblelogoarts.weebly.com/
  15. How do you animate a 4 legged walk and run cycle for a wolf?
  16. Hi! Please, help me! How make angle limiter if i use override bone with IK in Construct? I make platform shooter and i use override bone with IK for hand with guns. I made it the hand moves depending on the position of the mouse (mouse.X,mouse.Y), but i need angle limiter for hand. angle limiter should work in override bone with IK. How to do it? Thanks again.
  17. We hope to have support for Fusion 2.5 but can't guarantee it yet. Sorry we can't give more accurate info in this regard yet, there are too many unknown factors at the moment.
  18. Hi, I like to buy spriter 2 pro (with your pre-order). have spriter 2 pro an extension with fusion 2.5+ ? Or do you plan it ? regards
  19. Hi! How set position spriter object to another spriter object in C2? I may set position one spriter object to another Construct 2 sprite, but i dont may set position spriter object to another spriter object. If i set position spriter object to another Construct 2 sprite then movements objects are not synchronized.
  20. Have you tried yet with a different browser or incogneto/private tab? I'm pretty sure the page is fine and it's an issue with the cache in your browser or IP. If that doesn't work, download and unzip this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/142IMdqqn3pSqf3F_T7Tslxm7V1pOuKDl/view?usp=sharing
  21. I tried that and it's still showing the same issue. I try again either later today or tomorrow and thank you for your help.
  22. please try the link again. It works for me. We ere having server issues for a while. You should be able to save the page as HTML to use offline if need be, and there re also websites or plugins you can use to download videos from Youtube. After clearing your browser cache please let me know if the link is still not working for you.
  23. Is there a working link to the Documentation for the Construct 2 plugin? I've clicked on this link from the construct page for the plugin and it says that it can not locate the item i'm trying to view, and gives me a 2F173/O error code. I want to hopefully download it just in case I lose my access to the internet during this time.
  24. 1. How do you lengthen the duration of a keyframe? 2. Does spriter have an official discord server?
  25. Lumberjack - Character Research & Concept Creation with Turnarounds www.zagreusent.com Game & Animation Studio Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/ZagreusEntertainment https://twitter.com/ZagreusEnt [ AAA - indie price - zagreus zagreusent ze studio character concept high / low poly character & creature game prop weapon game rig and loop gaming animation production company studio india asia ]
  26. Yeah, we don't consider this a valid long-term solution, but we're glad this works as a temporary work-around until the issue can actually be fixed.
  27. Thank you for the update Mike That's mostly what am I doing atm (only I let Construct rename the newly imported character, will try to see what happen if I rename just the Spriter object before importing) and I can deal with it, i'm just afraid to do some mistakes in the long run I'm not using collision at the moment (I'm using a dummy (same for behaviors & variables)) but once the character is fully animated I might give it a try if it's not too demanding for the engine.
  28. I'm back with a preliminary update. Until Edgar can fix the issue in the import process (it might take help from Ashley at Scirra) I think the best work-around is to rename your current Spriter object, import the updated version, then use Construct's replace object in events feature with all events selected in order to replace all references to the old version of the Spriter object with the new updated version... the, of course you can delete the old version from the project. For this to work you need to be careful not to add alterable values or behaviors directly to the Spriter object and instead to a normal construct sprite which you might have the Spriter object pinned or or programmatically 'anchored' to. Also, if your Spriter character has collision boxes you'd need to be careful to replace the references to the old collision boxes with the new ones that the updated version would create a long with it (in all events).
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