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  2. Fantasy Forest -- Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. desixstudios.com Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com Social: twitter.com/desixstudios
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  5. Smart Guy Texture version If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to info@deathstalkerentertainment.com or Contact me through Skype ID: deathstalkerarts
  6. Here I have question for you - How we can make a Explainer Video according to your strategy?
  7. Yes, move them all with the arrow keys. Otherwise, this is what I discovered, but it's really hard to explain so I made this video.
  8. Yes, please everyone never set a scale ratio to zero.. something like 0.01 will give you the same results and avoid all the bugs around using zero.
  9. Things should be much more stable if you never set any dimension attribute to zero. If you set it to something like 0.01 instead you should get the results you want. Let me know if that helps avoid the crashing issue as well. Thanks.
  10. Sorry, we only officially support Ubuntu 14 due to the potentially unending compatibility issues each new version introduces. We spent a disproportionate amount of time fixing Linux compatibility issues during the years after initial release, and with our small team, it's just not sustainable. We'll likely officially support a newer version of Linux with Spriter 2, but not all versions as that's just not viable.
  11. Gdevelop can use JavaScript code events. So, surely theres a way to bring Spriter to life in Gdevelop? If so please post how to.
  12. There's no way to make a child of a bone also a parent of that same original parent so we'd have to figure out another solution, I don't think any would be more than a little automated. Whether you're using the finsihed animation as just an exported sequence of images/GIF or using a Spriter plug-in in a game engine might also determine what the best solution is. For example you might be able to save time using sub-entities (animate one of these and have multiple clones of this animated object in the dully assembled vehicle) BUT sub entities aren't supported directly by any of the plug-ins as fr as I know, so it might only be useful if you just want to export your animation as GIF or sequential PNG images.
  13. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it could be a glitch associated with the very large size of the resulting images. Your best bet might be to scale at 100 percent and use an external program to batch process and up-scale the resulting image after the fact.
  14. Sam

    Spriter R11 Bug Thread

    I still get this bug where the images move at different speeds - Is there any workaround for this?
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  16. Hi all, I have an SCML File including multiple animations and I try to export them with "Export Animation to PNG/GIF". When I set the output scale to more than 100%, there are little white lines and shares in the created PNGs (see attached image). The resulting image contains 4 (2x2) key frames and using 200%, it has a resolution of 9990 x 8394. Do you know if this is a known bug and does it only happens if the scale is set to more than 100%? Thanks and greetings Daniel
  17. Hey guys, I've used Spriter before but primarily for straightforward stuff bone arrangements. I have an asset now which i want to use an octagonal 'foot' so to speak (picture here). If any of you remember the AT-HH hermit crab walker things from The Last Jedi it's the same concept. I want the topmost segment to be stationary and the rest of the octagon connected to eachother so that when i move the bottom of the 'foot' the rest of the joints will dynamically reorient themselves.Is there a way to create a closed loop of bones or am i going about this in the wrong way? Thanks a bunch regardless guys :).
  18. Any app that can save out 24 bit PNG images with transparent backgrounds. Two fantastic free options are: Krita from https://krita.org/en/ MediBangPaintPro from https://medibangpaint.com/en/pc/ make sure you draw into a new layer so the background will be transparent and make sure you trim all the empty space around the body parts before you save them out.
  19. Sorry for the delayed reply, and for not having an easy solution. I've tried the things you said you tried and as you discovered, they won't get you your desired results. What is the target platform for the final animation? If it's in a game engine like Construct or Unity, you could possibly pin the final lip sequence as a sprite to the head of the character inside the game engine instead of inside Spriter. If you only care about inside Spriter itself, or exporting the final animation as a sequential image sequence, then you could use the sub-entity feature.
  20. Hi, please can you add function setFillColor() for sprites. Because I realy needed in that.
  21. Hello! I am having a huge problem right now and I only have a week to fix it before I am going to an industry fair and I really want to have this animation for it! I have a character that I animated in Spriter Pro but I didn't like the lip sync experience so I animated the lip sync in Toon Boom. I got the lip sync into a png sequence and I import the png sequence into Spriter Pro but when I parent the sequence to the head it doesn't cause the png sequence to follow the head, it just sits still. I then tried making a bone specific to the mouth, parenting the mouth to the mouth bone and making the mouth bone a child to the head bone. nothing. This is killing me. Please help if you have any idea how to fix this!
  22. how to getting image pieces like leg, arm, head etc, or where to make it? what apps to make those pieces?
  23. I noticed a problem regarding sounds: The volume for sounds is not set correctly. It seems to be always set to 1. Do you have any ideas what the problem could be? EDIT: If I understand the code correctly, the value for the volume is loaded in SpriterDocumentLoader::getSoundObjectInfoFromSoundlineKey(...) and stored in a SoundObjectInfo, which is then passed to a TimelineKey. On call of SpriterModel::getNewEntityInstance() a SfmlSoundObjectInfoReference is created, which holds the actual Sound object of SFML. By debugging i found out that the correct volume is loaded and stored into the SoundObjectInfo. Also setting the volume from outside by calling setVolume() on the object returned by EntityInstance::getSoundObject() works as expected. But somehow the volume loaded from the xml, which is stored in this SoundObjectInfo is not passed to the actual sf::Sound that is stored in the SfmlSoundObjectInfoReference. When calling getVolume() on the object returned by EntityInstance::getSoundObject() the returned value always is 1. SECOND EDIT: I managed to fix this by changing the code of the body of the for-loop that iterates over the soundTimelines in Animation::setupAnimationInstance(...) into: auto newVolume = dynamic_cast<SoundObjectInfo*>(it->getLastKey()->getObjectInfo())->getVolume(); SoundTimelineInstance *newInstance = new SoundTimelineInstance(entityInstanceData, it, it->getObjectId()); newInstance->getResultObject()->setVolume(newVolume); timelineInstances->push_back(newInstance); This is probably not the best way to fix this but it works for me right now. If you have a cleaner solution, maybe you could share it
  24. A Logo identify your business, products and services. Best designed logo has been shared here.
  25. Feel free to message me with how much you've done so far in that scene and I'll try to provide hints without spoiling too much.
  26. I can't past the coffee part stage. Please help me past Maggie :(
  27. Have I seen Lion-O? Now i'm in!
  28. As You know most animations for this game are made with amazing original Spriter using 3d meshes , Today new version of the game was released, its been 4 years and im grateful to Brashmonkey for such fantastic software.
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