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  2. Hi, I'm looking for a 2D animator that can help complete a set of simple, short animations for a Don't Starve Together mod. If we don't already have the assets you need, I can ask the artist (MizArtz) I'm working with for assistance. 1. A snow den which needs signs of life when occupied, ie. a little puff of breath every few seconds. 2. A paper bird trap. Most of this animation is already complete, but we need the idle animation updated (basically a single frame). 3. An animation of the character jumping into/out of the water, and doggy paddling in three directions (up, down, and to the side) (the water is opaque). We already have a completed example of these animations with assets for a reference from the original animator. Please PM me for more information with your email / rates / portfolio.
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  5. I'm not positive this will work, but I think this is how Construct logic structure works.. Try moving the action "Characters:append character map" to be the first thing that's done directly after the "for each character".. I think the fact that you create the thunder effects might be making construct forget you want to effect every character... Oterwise, you can add a separate kind of hack fix event "If character animation "ThunderBlast" is playing, then append character map "ThunderBlast"
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  7. @lucid @Mike at BrashMonkey please help
  8. Hi there, so I've been trying to append charmap for each character. It works well for one character, but when there are alot of multiple same character, sometimes the append charmap wouldn't working. @Mike at BrashMonkey @lucid What I do, is just like this : + Touch: On double-tap gesture ----+ System: For each Characters -----> System: Create object Thunder on layer 0 at (Characters.X, Characters.Y), create hierarchy: False -----> Characters: Append character map "ThunderBlast" -----> Characters: Set animation to "ThunderBlast" and play from start with a 0ms blend -----> Characters: Flash: Flash 0.1 on 0.1 off for 1.0 seconds -----> System: Wait 2 seconds -----> Characters: Remove character map "ThunderBlast" -----> Characters: Set animation to "Idle" and play from start with a 0ms blend
  9. I see. I'm still hoping that it will happen in the future. I'm off to look for alternatives then. Thank you for your honesty.
  10. Sorry, no.. well.. a small amount of the foundation for the eventual art pack has been started, but I and the other artist I'd need to collaborate with both have been spread thin with more pressing obligations so there's no way we can estimate how long it will take us to really be able to really dig in and then eventually finish the art pack. So, It's planned and it's been slightly started, but right now we can't put any man-power on it.
  11. Hi. Just wanted to see if there has been any updates on this actually happening. Yay or nay?
  12. Thanks for the response and the welcome! Unfortunate to hear there's no feature for that thus far. I think I can still get the end result I like but it is just very tedious.
  13. Sorry for the very late reply oosman, if you want sprite sheets of full frame finished animations then there should be no rotation happening at all. You might be accidentally selecting the wrong export option. It's Export Animation To PNG/GIF, then choose the sprite sheet option.
  14. Every frame can have totally different objects and/or hierarchies of parent and children. If you ad an image to the first key frame it is not automatically added to everything. Please watch this video:
  15. Welcome Sir. Unfortunately there's no way to do this to many objects at once. There is, however, a way to change ALL of the positions of all objects across all frames uniformly, which you do my holding the M key and left clicking and dragging on an empty spot of the canvas. This will move the zero/zero central coordinate relative to all objects across all keys, which is actually moving all objects uniformly.
  16. underneath platform swinging - like you would on monkey bars. swinging (rope) swimming (normal, fast) - similar to "Donkey Kong"
  17. I'm very new to this and I'm trying to edit a menu animation from Don't Starve Together to simply have some objects more centered (https://imgur.com/a/sP86iR4). The animation has many objects and I would like to shift the selected ones "X" and "Y", and still keep their animations/properties across all keyframes, basically just moving a select bundle of objects down/up/left/right with their animations. The closest thing I've seen work to how I would like it is the ctrl+u -> move object -> ctrl+i (New Feature, copy change to all keyframes - YouTube) to shift the objects but this seems to work only for a single object OR, selecting a single object and copying the item property to " X,Y,Y-Scale,etc" for all frames. I would like to do the same thing as those but for multiple objects. Is there any way to do so? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello, I work with Spriter every now and then and keep coming across a problem that drives me insane. As soon as I add a new sprite to an existing animation and try to implement it into the animation, the sprite is only shown once for a short time and then disappears instead of being constantly visible. How do I add sprites to existing animations? I read about pressing Ctrl and dragging the new sprite into the scene, but that didn't help, nothing happened.
  19. you can use blender to do similar things
  20. While this is understandable, this gives me the feeling we're looking at possibly many months again before anything happens. I've been delaying it for the past year or so hoping this would become a usable product, but it might really just be time to buy Spine or even Creature.
  21. Hello everyone, We had hoped to post this announcement along with the latest build, but there's still a bit more to do before it's ready. However we can update you on the progress of Spriter 2 and a couple of other relevant details about the upcoming builds. First, I will be moving home and office to a new city in July. Unfortunately, this means after the upcoming build, we don't know when update builds will be released until after the move. On a happier note, there is not that much left to do before Spriter 2 is out of alpha, and onto a feature complete beta. There may be some minor features added during the beta, but it will essentially be version 1.0 aside from bug fixes, documentation, runtime implementations, and non-Windows OS's. We still won't be giving an ETA today, but these are the remaining features before the beta. Each feature may take longer than one 2 week release cycle, and won't necessary be released in this order, but it should be easy to follow progress until the beta from here on out: Image swapping (in progress) Linking deformers Hierarchical deformation Sub-Entities Miscellaneous workflow and UX enhancements (smaller, simpler features that will be quick to implement) 1. Image swapping This is what will be included in the release I'm currently working on. Image swapping will work somewhat like it does in Spriter Pro with the pop-up image selection bar, but much more customizable. For instance, if you have 3 frames for a head turn to the right , you will be able to create the full 5 frame left to right head turn, mirroring and positioning each frame, and then placing them on the selection bar in whatever order makes sense to animate with: 2. Linking deformers Currently, you can add a single quad or bezier patch deformer to one or more images. This feature will allow deformers to share their control points allowing you to link one or more deformers together to deform objects of arbitrary complexity, simulate perspective, etc. 3. Hierarchical deformation Currently a deformer can be the child of a single bone, this feature will explore how far this can be enhanced. The goal will be allow defomers to be the children of strokes or multiple bones. We will also explore the feasibility of whether we can make deformers be children of other deformers. 4. Sub-Entities This will be an enhanced version of the experimental that was in Spriter Pro. It will allow you to create sub-animations that can be controlled from within other animations. For instance, you could animate a head turn using multiple images, deformers, alpha fading, etc, and then tie it to a single slider that can be used to turn your head at any time. Unlike Spriter Pro, the inner-workings of this and related features are part of the DNA of how Spriter 2 was designed under the hood, so the workflow should feel seamless by 1.0. This was originally going to be an Alchemist-only feature, but since things have been delayed by so much longer than anyone anticipated, we wanted to give something back to everyone who's been so patient all this time. 5. Miscellaneous workflow and UX enhancements These are several smaller features, enhancements, and just the final touches to other features that are needed to flesh out the program and make it feel complete and easy to use. There are several, but some examples are: Export options such as trimming, etc to flesh out the export to image/video feature Ui missing for any feature that currently requires a keyboard shortcut Better timeline visibility options to filter to current to the current selection, be able to arbitrarily expand the timeline size, etc One last pass on the save format to mark it as final. We also want to separate the format into editor-specific and runtime sections to make it possible to save even smaller saves for runtimes, while maintaining the ability to have feature rich saves of future editor states. Once again we want to thank everyone for your support and patience. We're on the home stretch now. We hope that you enjoy the final product and our vision for how easy and fun a powerful 2d animation program can be. There is more planned for after 1.0, but we'll save that for after its release.
  22. Greetings I've been trying for hours to export a spritesheet of my animation using the Spriter exporter. It looks like whatever configuration I try, there is no way to control the frames rotations inside the output spritesheet, this risulting in Phaser rendering the sprite with its body parts randomly rotated and attached to the wrong points. How can I force my Spriter Exporter to output a spritesheet containing only non-rotated frames?
  23. Hello, I am starting a project that is a top-down fighting action game, and I can't find any top-down templates on the internet. of course these assets are also perfect for twin stick shooters, and stealth games. I am choosing this artstyle, because you can have a lot of horizontal freedom, without a lot of extra sprites for rotation, allowing me to focus on complex animation states. I am probably being ambitious, but that's why I want to jump off from an art pack rather than starting from scratch, I am sure other users would appreciate it as well. Thank you for reading! If I am to make any suggestions on the animations included if this art pack is made, I would add: Idle (with gun ready variant) Walking (with gun ready variant) Running (with holding gun variant) Sneaking (with holding gun variant) Sneak Idle (with gun ready variant) Dash (with holding gun variant) Shoot (gun only) Shank (melee only) I believe these would make a good starting point for most projects that decide to use this art pack
  24. If the bone isn't exactly as long as the limb, the IK doesn't work properly. If you resize the bone then the sprite is out of sync with the bone which makes "squash and stretch" a pain if you can't easily reset a sprite back to 1.0 I saw a shortcut that reset bones but I can't remember it and googling doesn't bring up any results. It's not in the shortcut list (but barely any of the shortcuts are listed for some reason.) It was something like holding a button and double-clicking on the bone. Can anyone help me?
  25. Thanks very much for making this and sharing it with the community brinsleylogic!
  26. Hey guys, I'm not sure how many people will actually get use out of this but I've been working on throwing an implementation together for use with a pixi.js project I'm working on. I've published it to npmjs and the repo on Github is public with (somewhat) documented code. It's feature-complete (yet) and still a work-in-progress but hopefully someone will find this useful
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