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  3. Okay. I found the documentation on setting up the hitboxes. Any way we could get a tutorial on how to properly implement them in Construct 3? I'm going nuts here. All that work and it just gives me a giant hit box the player can't avoid. Should I be using the family instead of the sprite sheet in my code? I'm very confused, and this seems to be too niche to find a tutorial for.
  4. Hi, Mike! I found your video on collision boxes on youtube, but there was no audio and didn't understand it. I have a complicated animation with an asteroid with four wormy creatures that pop out. I really need to figure out how to get collision working throughout the animation. Is there another tutorial I might check out?
  5. Interesting, we'll look into this. Thanks for the successions and all the feedback.
  6. Sad, but understandable. Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to news on this PS: Would it be possible to add steam workshop support? There are always a ton of talented people who would make addons for this.
  7. Thanks very much for the concise feedback and requests. I'll discuss it with my team-mates, but keep in mind, even if we decided to focus on making such an expansion immediately, making art packs like these takes the better part of a year, so if it happens, it won' be very soon unfortunately.
  8. Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about. I would love to have a lot of options. The character creator is great, but it only has a handful of options when it comes to hairs and such. Dresses, civilian/villager closes would be nice too. In my opinion, you guys made a very powerful tool here and you should expand on it. I'd like to be able to populate an entire game. Character game hub has something like this, but that is for RPG maker. On top of that, I really like that with this I can make larger resolution (128x128) characters and it has other animations, like idle and activate. I do
  9. I assume you mean added customization options like other hair styles etc. No expansion is currently planned. Is there something specific you're after?
  10. I've owned Spriter pro and the RPG heroes pack for a few years now. I recently decided to make a top down RPG style game and started wondering if there any chance we could get an expansion/more parts to this? I know we can make them ourselves, but I'm no good at pixel art. If I was I wouldn't have gotten this in the first place.
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  12. Hi, I just made this parser for SCML files, it's one of my first ever pure C programs and i learnt a lot from it. I made this because i was unhappy with the current spriter C++ implementation requiring inheritance to use. It probably isn't perfect but it should just about work with some edits. You will have to manually navigate the spriter_data structures, please make pull requests! Example: #include "scml.h" int main() { struct tag_list tag_list = parse_file("test.scml"); struct spriter_data spriter_data = parse_tags(tag_list); // navigate the spriter_data structures tag_
  13. You are very welcome. I'm happy I was able to help and sorry again for the inconvenience. Best of luck with all your endeavors and cheers.
  14. yooo thanks alot , the 86x version worked for me!! i was kind of sad cause i seen one of your videos on youtube and thought it was really cool and i get a bit frustrated i couldnt event manage to open it lol, thx alot again!!!
  15. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have you tried the solutions for number one here yet?
  16. hello after downloading spriter i got an error saying that i needed vcom120.dll ( with a message stating that re installing the software would repair it) i tried several times and it kept saying it will solve itself wich obviously did not, so i went to a page i downloaded the file, set it on the proper folder, then i got error (0x000007b), checked online i read that maybe i was trying to use the 32 or 64 bit version incorrectly, download the other version of vcom120.dll put it on the apropiate folder, still getting (0x000007b) i now seen this page but the link lucid have posted its oudated for
  17. You are only supposed to use PNG image files. https://brashmonkey.com/spriter_manual/Spriter_Manual.pdf
  18. thanks for replying, I tried few things and make it work!!! I dont know why but the sync start working properly once i converted JPG file to PNG. before that tried increasing total animation time longer than audio and also tried disable the loop, but nothing worked until i did the image format switch. Hope this help someone else with this random issue
  19. Change Log Bug Fixes Fixed multiple bugs where certain singular actions required multiple undos and redos Fixed multiple bugs where undoing or redoing certain actions would leave the program in an unstable/unpredictable state Fixed multiple bugs where certain undoed actions couldn't be redone Known Issues Meshes above a certain number of verts cause pin deformer to fail and leave the program in an unstable state Undo and Redo don't always function correctly with the new features Visual bug when dragging out new images. Sometim
  20. I think the problem is you and they are trying to add an audio file much longer than the duration of the animation into the timeline. Try increasing the duration of the animation to make room for the duration of the actual audio content before dragging it in, and also its likely a good idea to make it a not looping animation too, by clicking the little orange loop icon above the timeline.
  21. Glad you figured out the issue. Sorry I didn't reply soon enough to help.
  22. I have my og email and serial that I got spriter pro with, but n access to the email is there still a way to get the alpha?
  23. I am having the same problem as this guy the video I properly double click audio file and followed instructions in the official video, Everything goes good but the mouth just dont switch to the others, it get stuck on the rest mouth. Please help
  24. Hi, i'm trying to implement the spriter api but i don't understand what "unmapParent()" does to the bone transform? It's defined in the SpatialInfo class in the reference (http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html) Cheers!
  25. To anyone who ends up here by a search: my problem was that I had previously imported this object using the individual sprites method, and then tried to use the automatic re-import to re-import it using the spritesheet method. This worked for replacing all the objects, but it did not generate the required "associate collision box item with spriter object" events that are required in the construct editor. I renamed the file, re-imported it as a new object to check exactly what events should be being generated, then fixed my old import to add these needed association events, and now it wor
  26. @bwwd I agree about the save. I'll make it a point to fill in some of those gaps soon. For the curve adjustment shortcut, would something like this work?: If you have child or parent/child selected, you press a key to make the slider appear below the pointer. Or maybe hold a key and click and start dragging, and the slider appears under your pointer as you drag. Just to be sure, you're trying to right-click the child bone, right? As far as the auto weights and segmenting, it is a bit limited for now, but the rigging system was built with a lot of room for expansion.
  27. Ah so i can save but theres nothing onscreen that indicates that, so its hidden , well then i assume it doesnt exist and not even look for it, im not sure if other people are doing this as well but first experiences with gui can tell a lot of whats possible so i can feel "safer" cause i know for example that i can save and load. Its pretty simple to test every new feature like that, just let someone new open this beta and tell him to save then watch what happens.Yeah... So that video tutorial helped me a lot, like A LOT.I hope there will be more of that.Yup hold my hand like 2 years
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