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  3. Change Log Additions Added zoom functionality to image palette. Zoom maintains hover focus even when grid columns dynamically adjust. Added auto-scrolling when dragging an item near the top or bottom of the z-order window Z-order window now automatically refreshes to display updated sprites following manual adjustments or timeline image swaps Rigging mode now allows for simpler mesh repositioning via drag and drop, without needing to select 'Reposition Mesh'. When using this method, deformer control points will automatically move with the mesh Changes and Enhancements Overwriting a key (by making a change to an object) will now keep the easing curve of the old key Bug Fixes Fixed a bug preventing initial scrolling in the file palette window until viewport was adjusted Fixed a bug where loading a project caused the Z-order window to display white squares instead of the intended sprites Known issues Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik Visual bug when images armed for adding swappable image and mesh in reposition mode Some pop-up ui elements appear below panels
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  5. Just wondering as there appears to be no sign of Pro and the forum is very quiet and it seems to have issues with modern OSes Is there any documentation on SCML/SCON? e.g. What's a gline?
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  7. 0.9.3 Change Log Additions Major UI Overhaul Introduced dockable, floatable, and resizable panels for enhanced customizability Added menu items to toggle panel visibility and reset to the default panel layout Redesigned Z-Order Panel Improved usability with a persistent interface, but kept convenience right-click option to adjust z-order without navigating to the panel Automatic zooming of the z-order panel based on its width Redesigned Image and Sound Palettes Improved usability with a persistent interface Now features easier folder navigation with buttons to navigate to project root or parent folder Added a blue outline to the mesh and the panel to indicate "Add Swappable Image to Set" mode Added a lock toggle to stay in "Add Swappable Image to Set" mode Changes and Enhancements Extended top menu bar across the entire screen Temporarily removed video help Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where upon loading a project, textures applied to existing meshses would tile if the mesh cage was adjusted Fixed a bug where adding swappable images to a mesh would add a separate z-order entry for the alternate images Known issues Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik Visual bug when images armed for adding swappable image and mesh in reposition mode Some pop-up ui elements appear below panels Z-order window images do no change when mesh images are swapped New Z-Order Window: donutzorder.mp4 New File Palette: cyberpunkgirlA.mp4 Automatic character setup with swappable images with PSD file: (add "__swap" to a group name to set up those images as swappable) cyberpunkgirl2.mp4
  8. Hmmm... I should've checked my outbox sooner. I didn't realize it never sent. It should be in your inbox now. Thanks for the heads up and your time as well. I hope I can use this feature because I have a few ideas, but if not I'll happily work around it.
  9. @zrangatang Have you sent an email yet? I don't think I've received it. If you had, please resend to mike@brashmonkey.com and maybe let me know the first several letters of the email address you are sending from so I can search for it if need be.
  10. Hi @Sophtware 1) Unfortunately we've switched over to full time development of Spriter 2 so we won't be updating Spriter, and it does not have any built in way to deal with modern high res monitors, but maybe this would help: 2) see above. Regarding your suggestions, hopefully the youtube video will make Spriter comfortably useable for you and in the meantime Spriter 2 (which you'll get as a free upgrade if you won Spriter Pro) is being made with compatibility with high res displays from day one so none of these issues should carry over to Spriter 2. Sorry there's no direct fix for these issues in Spriter.
  11. @SoulTrace You would access it via Steam: Log in to steam in your browser (not the Steam client app) with the account which owns Spriter, then go here: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://steamcommunity.com/app/332360/discussions/1/1743355067128015969/ Please let me know if that works for you.
  12. @Mike at BrashMonkey Thank you, I will email you a video briefly showing my issue. As well as a zip of my current spriter project. I appreciate the quick reply and look forward to continuing to work with and learn this program!
  13. @zrangatang I think you'll need to post a video showing how it looks in your Spriter project and the resulting appearance in Construct. Last I knew fading the opacity of body part sprites etc works fine once imported into Construct, but maybe something in Construct changed to break compatibility a bit. I've also not seen any issues where black lines appear around characters once in Construct. If you want to help us figure out the causes of these issues quickly, you can zip up your Spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll investigate. thanks
  14. Well, I found that when I change the blend mode in construct to premultiplied alpha I get a darkened version of the animated opacity however... I prefer the effect blend mode because it gets rid of the black lines around my character appendages that make it look too puppet like.
  15. Hello, still loving the product so far and it gives me the ambition to want to finish my first indie game. I see someone else has asked about the opacity animation function not working. Is there any plans still to update this? I have made animations with a sword swoosh that have a nice fade effect but in construct are completely opaque. Should I go a different direction or try a workaround? Any help would be appreciated!
  16. lucid

    0.9.3 next week

    Just a quick heads up, everyone. Normally releases are every two weeks. Taking an extra week to finish up this UI overhaul. 0.9.3 should arrive roughly next Friday.
  17. Thank you so much! I just applied these settings and now everything's at a much better scale for me :]
  18. I'm new to Spriter and have 2 questions: 1. I have a high resolution monitor, and when I place a bone it's just a tiny sliver, which is difficult to see (like the tiny toolbar icons too). This makes setting the correct pivot point for the bone very difficult. Is there a better way to place bones on new animations? For instance, if I have an arm with 3 parts and 2 joints that overlap at the wrist and elbow. How do I get the pivot at the correct spot when the next arm layer is covering up the spot where i need to precisely place the bone. So I can't really see the shape below to accurately place the bone. 2. When the bone is initially placed, it's just a tiny sliver on my monitor. Is there a way to make it wider so I can see it? SUGGESTIONS: 1. Allow Alt+Ctrl left mouse click to start a bone on the closest pivot point below the cursor. This would save a LOT of time fussing around to get the pivot correct. 2. Allow the interface to be scaled. On my monitor the toolbar and dialog buttons are the size of a embroidery pin head. And that's tiny... Thanks for creating this software!
  19. I just noticed that if project PNGs are a certain size - and if dragged into workspace without resizing, the resulting exported PNGs are a different size - even if if all I did was a simple rotation in place. Does not seem to be a way to constrain size by px only by % (which Ieft as 100%)> Am I missing something?
  20. SoulTrace

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    I got a quick question. The website stats that All Spriter Pro owners have access to the Spriter 2 alpha builds. I bought Spriter pro on steam a while ago, but where do i find Spriter 2, how can i access it? I really would love to try it.
  21. 0.9.2 Change Log Additions Added step easing curve option Changes and Enhancements Implemented an isolated undo stack for Test Rig Mode, preserving the ability to toggle between undo and redo actions without without compromising the integrity of previous changes in the main undo stack. Laid the foundation for some frequently requested substantial overhauls of key UI elements. Bug Fixes Multiple general stability fixes Fixed a bug where certain invisible rigging elements would affect automatic export box cropping Fixed multiple bugs where certain rapidly overlapping actions could cause display artifacts for ui animations Fixed a bug where attempting to switch to animation mode when already in animation mode would hide some of the ui elements Fixed a bug where locked object were still moveable with softdragging tools Known issues Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik Much requested UI updates coming soon: dockable.mp4
  22. @pjakobs Very sorry for the late reply. If you unzipped the art packs and do not move the sub-folders of images that come with it you should not have this issue, unless somehow your downloads were corrupted. You might need to make a screen recording showing the un-zipped folder and then the result when you try to load the Spriter files for us to be able to see what's going wrong. Thanks for reporting the broken search bar. I'll look into that.
  23. Unfortunately not within Spriter. I'm assuming your monitor screen res is quite high. I'm not positive this will work, but if you're using Windows 10 or 11, please try this: 1. Open Explorer and search for the application (exe) file of the program that causes problems, e.g. in my case: Photoshop Elements 6.0.exe 2. Right click and choose Properties 3. Select the tab "Properties" and click on "Compatibility" button 4. Click on button "Change high DPI settings" 5. Tick the two boxes and choose "[when] I open this program" and "System (Enhanced)". 6. Click OK
  24. Have you used triggers yet in Spriter animations? If the Spriter objects getting hit also play getting hit animations, then you could have a trigger at the very beginning of the animation (for example, call the trigger "SLASH") and then in Construct you could do the "On Event Triggered" event to then Spawn that effect sprite... or even build the slash effect into the hit animation.. otherwise, could you perhaps post a screen grab here of your logic and maybe I or someone else can figure out a way to fix it or make it work? Sorry for the very late reply.
  25. The Steam versions require you to be online and logged into your Steam account. For this trade-off Spriter Pro is on sale more frequently and for bigger discounts on Steam. However, the actual features are exactly the same and if you buy Spriter on Steam you will get Spriter 2 on Steam as a free upgrade once it's released.
  26. Sounds like you need to turn off smooth sampling or maybe even turn on pixel art mode in Spriter, this should stop it from generating all the extra colors while rotating and scaling images etc. Sorry for the very late reply.
  27. @greenleafvt Yes, if you pre-purchased Spriter 2 or have purchased Spriter Pro here then find the forum section for Spriter 2 Owners canned "Spriter 2 Private Alpha" and go to the first post called "Spriter 2 Features Preview" in the "Spriter 2 Discussions" section. Read that to the end and it will explain to you how to access the Alpha build of Spriter 2.
  28. Hello everyone. Apologies for the slightly delayed and less comprehensive build than usual. A series of events contributed to this, including migrating to a new development rig with a fresh OS install, immediately followed by a malfunctioning air conditioner during an extreme heat advisory. We will resume our usual schedule and output from here. Change Log Additions Added selection groups for setting and recalling named selections (selection groups are not saved yet, but will save in future versions) Changes and Enhancements Massive optimizations to rerigging operations that occur when dragging and dropping multiple rigging objects attached to a multi-bone mesh Bug Fixes Fixed a but where changing the rigging points of a multi-bone mesh would not immediately cause the mesh subdivision to be calculated until an additional change was made(leaving the subdivision one change behind at all times) Fixed a but where changing the rigging points by dragging a rigging mesh connecting line would only affect one of the two dragged points at a time Known issues Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik
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