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  1. Sphax

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    Toolbars/palettes are not saved when closing Spriter. For example if I move the "Palette" toolbox on the Animations Toolbox, I get 3 tabs on the right tools below (History, Animations and Palette). If I close Spriter and then reload, this modification of the UI is lost and I'll need to move it again. Same problem for all tools.
  2. Hi, Is it planned or will it be planned to make plugins/extensions or full integration of Spriter SCML files with Fusion 2.5 by Clickteam? If not, have you been able to discuss that with the Clickteam creators? I would really like to see this and would even buy this extension if necessary. ;)
  3. Thanks for your fast answer. I think the best thing to add as feature would be a "ON/OFF" button to toggle if we want to modify all keyframes or just the current keyframe. This button would be like "modify animation or modify pose" as it is in 3DSMax with the big "key" button to toggle on or off to modify or not the animation.
  4. The question is in the title. How to change Z-order of elements in the whole animation? Infact, it seems a feature is missing, like in 3DSMax to activate or deactivate record of keyframes. I've already done some animations for a character and then I want to change its skin for a girl. My problem is that now I want the torso and pelvis above legs (and not behind for a male). How can I change settings for the whole animation and not just the key frame I'm on?
  5. Where can we find this "warp" tool?
  6. Would it be possible to set a config file (and/or using the guides saved in the PNG files with Fireworks or Photoshop) to set the default Pivot coordinate? That would be very useful to easily use Skins without having to change all the pivots each time...
  7. When I copy default pivots of several files and paste them to other files (same number and names), sometimes, wrong values are pasted... I must retry several times with reselecting files copy/paste to make it work... Would it be possible to fix this issue by when copy/paste pivots from/to several files, the order is respected or the names are respected. By default it would be cool to respect order but if two files have the same name, it should paste the copied pivot from the file of the same name. This would allow easy Skin change...
  8. Hi, I'm currently discovering Spriter and I quite like this tool. It reminds me a very old small tool I made when I was young (Space Animator) so I must love this new extremely useful tool. :) I'm an artist myself but I hate animating and don't have much time for that. I would love to see an Animations Art Pack with 8 directions for all the already done animations in the Platformer Starter Pack. Would it be feasible? I would buy directly. ;) Cheers and keep up your good work. -Sphax
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