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  1. Thanks! The tutorial would be great as well.
  2. Hello, two quick questions: 1) How do I clear guides I've used in Spriter? The blue lines I've pulled from the side rulers, I mean. 2) When exporting to Construct 2, is there any way to get the sounds I've put in as well? Or do I have to manually apply them in the C2 engine? Thanks!
  3. I have a character that I animated with bones that floats up and down. Midway, I want it to fade into a blurrier version of the sprites. So I was planning to overlap the character with the blurry sprites, attach them to the existing bones, and then animate the opacity to make them fade in/out. However, whenever I put in one of these new blurry sprites and keyframe it, it throws off the bezier curve for the entire project. Am I doing this incorrectly? I can provide my Spriter file if needed.
  4. Windows 64-bit, 16 gigs of ram for my specs. If I copy key objects and paste them somewhere else (like Paste to All Key frames) and try to link them with an existing bone, the program crashes.
  5. A way to easily hide objects in the Z-order view would be nice, akin to turning off/on the eye icon in Photoshop layers. It would make matching up characters to a template much easier. Right now I am doing Hide/Show object by clicking on each sprite part individually, but it's a bit of a pain. If there is a way to already do this then I would love to know :) Would also be cool if switching animations could blend into each other for programs like Construct 2.
  6. Hello! Love Spriter. I have a quick design/C2 question. Right now I have all my sprites/animations in one SCML file. That one file has my character, items, and backgrounds as different entities. If my sprite count gets very big though, does it matter if I'm still only using one SCML file for everything? Or is it better to create multiple SCML files and separate categories of sprites into them (like one for characters, one for items, etc.) and just create each when needed? I'm just wondering how it works from workflow/computer resources put of view. Thanks :)
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