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  1. Perhaps a change in the type of production would be necessary ala Scrum etc., i.e. a few (1-2) features fully implemented in an I think broad-minded alpha test group with a mandatory feedback circle and then a stable beta every 1-2 months with this features (but not with all features), so that people don't lose interest in this genius sprite animation tool - I know the Alpha testing tool exists, but less features and a limited mandatory testing group would probably make sense. Otherwise the developers feel obliged to keep adding more and more features. - and a PayPal-Donation Button to push the development
  2. Hello I know Rome wasn?t built in a day, but what about a release for Spriter 2. Is there any status update or is it developing into vaporware >:)
  3. Hi , great tool by the way , but what if you implemented this as a Plugin ? :smile: https://www.codeandweb.com/spriteilluminator ? cheers BrainMonkey
  4. Today i got this homepage of brashmonkey - hacked ? :-( www.brashmonkey.com
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