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  1. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    Thanks for the reply lucid.
  2. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    1st post from me 24th July 2nd post from me 3rd August Still no reply to the question, really!?
  3. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    Is this a bug or by design?
  4. You can use multiple source folders, as long as the Spriter file is at a higher level than those, so it won't have to back up the tree to find the images. Here's an example of how two animations can share images while still having things neatly organised: /project/goon.scml /project/goon/body.png /project/goon/hand.png /project/tools/hammer.png /project/hero.scml /project/hero/body.png /project/hero/foot.png /project/tools/hammer.png Hey trummgottist, thanks for the reply. Yes sorry I understand that, what I mean is that if I set the paths to go back up to tree manually in Notepad, and then lo
  5. Ahh damn, thanks for the info on this lucid. With that said, then this means that I have to have EVERY animation for EVERY object that my character interacts with, actually IN the character .scml file - otherwise I have to re-rig the character from scratch every time I want a new animation. Is that correct? I have posted elsewhere (bugs forum) that when I tried to get around this by pasting the keys from each project (into a new project) and then manually editing the scml to "../../../file.png" to traverse paths to enable the images to load - then Spriter saves the paths as ".../file.png" mea
  6. The last couple of days I have been having problems when trying to use images from different folders within the same animation, and I am wondering if Lucid or BrashMonkey could confirm a few things for me. Here is the situation: I have a full character, animated with various animations, saved and working perfectly. I then make a new animation, which for example is a background with swaying trees, flying birds, a car goes past or whatever else random scenic animations I choose. Now, the problem starts here, as I want to literally place my pre-animated character into this scene and have him walk
  7. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    I am trying to use images from different folders, but have been having problems. If I edit the .scml file in Notepad to read: ...then the file loads fine and loads all images. However when I then save this and look at the saved file in Notepad, it has been changed to: which then loads but all the images are missing until I manually edit the paths again. What are the plans with regards to multiple image folders, and using scml files inside each other (dragging a full character into another animation for example)
  8. I should be able to move animations up and down the list in the Animation Window. When I go to start a new animation by cloning an existing one, it appears directly under the source animation and cannot be moved, meaning it is hard to keep the list in any kind of organised order. CTRL+UP / CTRL+DOWN on the highlighted Animation to move it would be perfect.
  9. Ah that sounds good, I was worried I was going to have to load every image at startup like it does now (before character maps) - which would have been a huge problem in terms of memory management. I look forward to the guidelines you mentioned, keep up the good work!
  10. Can these character maps be changed/swapped realtime in our code, or are they all loaded with the scml at startup? What I mean is if I have a character with 1000 possible variations of clothes/armour/weapons/whatever, do I have to load every combination into memory when the scml is loaded (thus loading every possible character map/image), or can I define 2 character maps (normal/edited) and load the necessary images into the second character map as they are needed in the game in realtime? (thus only using 1 extra character map to load in new images for all combinations when they are needed) Ho
  11. Wow....for some reason the shortcut on my desktop was named B3....yet when I checked the About inside Spriter it was B2...no idea how I managed that! I've just upgraded and can confirm it works great, sorry lucid.
  12. This isn't a bug as such, but it is very annoying none the less. It seems that rotations are based off the pivot point you can set, but scaling still works from the top left? This causes issues when trying to scale an image up and down as because the scaling is done from the top left it makes the object slide out of position, rather than just get bigger "in place" as it were. Imagine a characters torso, which you want to scale up and down to simulate breathing. Currently when you scale it up, it slides out of position and goes out of place with the rest of the character. There may be a reason
  13. Awesome, can't wait :)
  14. Lucid, when you say the next feature is "likely" character Maps, how certain is this? I ask as from what you said in another thread Character Maps is the ability to change/hide images in realtime, and use the same animation skeleton for multiple characters (same skeleton, different images), and this is a feature I am waiting for in order to push on with my project :)
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