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    We're wrapping up the framework that will not only allow for powerful expansions to the core version of Spriter 2, but over the coming weeks, we'll be showing off some GIFs for a future add-on to Spriter 2 also made possible by these investments.
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    No, that's not possible. You'd need a character map system that actually can replace bones or shorten bones to go along with the shorter images. This does not exist in Spriter Pro but eventually Spriter 2 might allow for such things. You might need to create a scaled clone of the entire Spriter project for smaller characters, and then repaint the reduced-sized images for the new shorter characters.
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    Yes, Spriter 2 is very much in development and we're working on a big update announcement. Progress can be followed here: https://brashmonkey.com/roadmap/
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    Generic Java Importer

    Hi all, Thank you Trixt0r for your implementation. After adapting the generic C++ reference implementation for the Windows platform on the CF2.5 game engine, I am now porting this implementation to Android. I used your code to perform this but I have got the usual first nightmare which is the coordinate system which is not really standard on this game engine. I got this on grey guy standard example (see attached image). From your experience, where do you think I need to investigate first and where in code? - reverse Y on Load? - reverse angle on Load?
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