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    Welcome to the first Alpha release of Spriter 2. Before you download, remember that by doing so you're agreeing to not share the file or share or discuss any information about it and its current and planned features other than on the new private alpha forums which you should have access to if you are eligible to download this alpha. The new private forums can be found here: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-spriter-2-private-alpha/ Before you begin using this early alpha build, please find and read the welcome post in the new forums and watch the embedded video which will give a quick overview on how to use the currently available features. That welcome post is here: Recent Changes additions Added Z-Order (right click and hold right mouse button with object selected, and hover over the z-order stack icon) changes and enhancements Enhanced the look of mesh hovers bug fixes Fixed bug where you couldn't click or drag meshes after flipping the mesh horizontally or vertically Fixed bug where hovering meshes and selecting meshes was inconsistent and would result in misclicks or grabbing a mesh that should be beneath another mesh Fixed visual bugs when hovering meshes additions Added Undo/Redo (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y) bug fixes Fixed a bug that let you drag a control point while alt clicking to draw a new stroke leading to unpredictable results additions added a changelog dialog so you can see what was added in the latest update. It will automatically pop up the first time you open Spriter 2 for each new version. You can also open it from the help dialog (the question mark icon on the top left). bug fixes Made it so help dialog shrinks to fit on lower resolution monitors

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    Hi, I'm a former gamedev student, graduated last summer. Here are my latest Spriter works, made last fall. They were originally supposed to be placeholder assets for future game projects, but I ended up polishing them like I would've done with final assets. I was originally going to show my projects here in summer 2017, but then just few days before uploading my works, I suddenly had the hardest change in my life, which interrupted my works and affected the final year of my studies as well. Coming back here now, I'm showing my new works as opposed to those I was originally going to. In the last school Project before graduation, I worked as a 3D artist, being responsible of animations as well. As a result of this, my animation skills have been improved since mid 2017 and I'm not happy with the older material anymore, they look kinda bad comparing to new stuff. I may show the game, the old sprites were featured in, if people are interested. The sprites shown in this page can be used in multiple ways, but the general purposes are for a prototype of a side scrolling action game, mixing platforming and combat. The inspirations come from Rayman, Odin Sphere, Ori and the Blind Forest, Dust an Elysian Tail and Shantae. Axegroth, the Dragon and the golem are meant to be playable, Crusadroid is meant to be an enemy (or boss with some tweaks). EDIT: Sorry I'm figuring out, why I can't make YT embeds show. EDIT: Oh well, I just put the links here. Sorry for the mess.
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    Never mind - I've discovered that holding down the Windows key (or whatever the equivalent on your keyboard - I really should get around to getting an Arch or a Tux key) before holding down Alt-Left Click overrides the window manager behaviour and allows me to create bones in Spriter. I would imagine it also works in other apps that use this shortcut.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Char maps

    Ah. That is odd. You're the first person to ever report such an issue. It's especially strange this is only effecting the original art folder. It will be very hard to fix this if we can't reproduce it and figure out what is causing this specifically for you and not other Mac Spriter users... hopefully we can figure the cause. In the mean-time, I think it would be easier for you to use a search and replace function in a text editor to simply modify your new character map to be pointing from the images int he original folder. You can load an scml file into any good text editor to manually edit it. I'll see if I can replace this character map setting bug on my mac and report back here.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is the reduced content Essentials version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine. This Essentials version is free for all Spriter Pro owners. It requires Spriter Pro and a personal license or greater of Construct 2 or a subscription to Construct 3. You can play the review of this Essentials version here: https://brashmonkey.com/essentialsplatdemo

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    Version 1.0.0


    This Spriter file may be freely used for any game, free or commercial. (See included license file for details).


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    Hi, Thnk you for answri ng my quastion. Ihave a mac pro, and nothing happend when I press the del key, although the menue del works.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Crash when exports to .gif

    Odds are you have an issue like the one explained in this video starting around 23 seconds in. :