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  1. So, I apologize as I did this wrong but... I posted what I think is a bug here: Is this behavior typical? Is it making the ajax calls over and over because there are many instances of that spriter object? That's the best guess I had so far...
  2. I had been noticing that my load times were getting huge once I switched to the "Draw Self = true" method with the spritesheets in C2. Other than this bug, I have loved it, but basically what happens for some reason is this: so it ends up d/ling 80 MB when the entire project is only 14 MB. You can even see it live if you'd like to by opening the debug console before going here: http://www.snesexplainseverything.com/justEp1/ Thanks, please let me know if you need any more info or how I can help.
  3. Absolutely, will do. And while I am not concerned about this, but in order to reproduce it I had to zip the folder as a whole, would you mind after debugging just deleting all the project files I send you? I was only able to do it specifically with this folder structure so I had to zip it the way it exists today for it to work...
  4. The bug I am getting causes Spriter to shut down completely and, while at first I thought it was happening every time I tried to import one project into another, I now realize it is happening only with specific spriter files. I tried to debug it in Visual studio only so that I could potentially give you guys more information in an error shot, so those are attached. I can also provide the scml file for which it bugs out if you'd like? Thanks,
  5. Awesome! If I upgrade to this, will the exported scml/scon files still work correctly with the Spriter Plugin for Construct 2?
  6. Bump as pretty much everything has been updated:)
  7. So, I learned something new today. If you open that gif in photoshop it's going to turn each frame into a layer automatically. it's like layer 14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqvj6cwf53napbs/banner2BugExample.png?dl=0 I also capped it (there) :)
  8. I'll try and reproduce it in a slower version... I just tried to screen cap it and it's only 1 of the 20 frames and I was not fast enough. (Thanks on the art :) ).
  9. This bug that I found can be described super fast by just showing you the result. This is a gif exported from spriter (which is working much better in the most recent release btw, props!). It looks like I accidentally clicked the image while it was exporting and it actually put the trace from the GUI in spriter into the export. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tm5gw77g8t895un/banner2.gif?dl=0
  10. About 2 years ago I started teaching myself programming in order to bring an idea to life that I had had for a long time and was really just a pet/hobby project. Thanks to your software and art packs I have really been able to make it breathe; granted it's totally a self funded non-commercial project at the moment, but I am really enjoying it. I added a little creditation on the site, hope you dig it. Anyway, hopefully it will be a success and I know Spriter will be. Thanks! Check it out if you can, I put it in the works in progress forum as well. http://www.snesexplainseverything.com/
  11. Bump due to added episodes 1,2, and 3. Getting closer to a more com Strength is for mercy The Prologue that Came After the Beginning Limericks and Lillipads
  12. Will it still function with the Construct 2 Spriter plugin? I tried doing it and it gave me an error but I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or needed to add a step when doing it this way? Thanks,
  13. Will the most recent version of the Construct 2 Plugin still work with this beta release? These features are awesome but I do not want to break the animations I already have of course....
  14. Thanks, i will look into both of these things...
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