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  1. could you zip up the Spriter project (the folder with all images and scml file) and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com so I can take a look. Of course I won't share it with anyone and will delete it immediately once we figure out the cause of the issue.
  2. Hi Kubekokou, Sorry to hear Spriter has stopped opening for you. Can you please tell us which OS version you are using, and has that changed from the time Spriter used to work and now that it doesn't work? Currently, the only thing I can think of (other than a windows update or overzealous anti-malware causing an issue) is Spriter crashes on some systems if the "enable Open GL" feature is turned on in Spriter's settings. If you are on Windows and know how to change registries, you could try changing the registry to the opposite of what it's currently set to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BrashMonkey\Spriter\openGLENabled
  3. That red outline means your texture size for the sprite sheet isn't bug enough to export. once you change the limits on the left/bottom of the options for it the red outline will go away and you'll be able to export. Also, there's a strange amount of blank space to the right of it, do you have your images saved with big amount of empty pixel space all around them?
  4. Yes, and I forwarded it to Edgar, but at the moment he's tied up with getting the next update build to Spriter 2 out. Sorry for the silence.
  5. I think you might need to add code to wait until all Spriter files are finished loading/initializing and then set their character maps... maybe give them a variable which you could set in the frame editor to the name of the character map you want that specific instance of the Spriter file to use. Another option is to create clones of the Spriter project and bake the character maps into those Spriter project clones so you can use separate Spriter objects per character instead of trying to use the same Spriter file for all the characters, though obviously this is not a good solution if you are trying to support player customization in the game.
  6. If you wouldn't mind, please do zip up both the spriter project and the construct project and email them to mail@brashmonkey.com so we can take a look and see what's causing the issues.
  7. No, this is not a known issue. If you're using the lastest stable version of Construct 3 and the latest version of the Spriter plug-in, and re-import the same exact named spriter project (zipped up as a single zip file) then it should properly update and not create a clone with the number 2 after it. Are you using any kind of version control like One-drive or github so you can revert back to a version of your project before you tried the first update that caused issues?
  8. There's an option "copy Z-order to all frames". Fix the z-order on any frame, then while on that frame, then choose "Edit/Copy Z-Order to Other Frames" sorry, there is no option to copy a z-order across all animations.
  9. I'm glad the first part worked out. There is a way to override specific bones in Construct and a way to blend two animations two the degree you'd like on the fly as well, so you might be able to use those two advanced features to get your desired results. https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/addons/192/spriter/aces
  10. I would try cloning the project first, and deleting the upper body from one and the lower body from the other. but there's absolutely a chance deleting bones that are a parent of parts of the body you might want to keep could ruin the position and angle of things, so you might indeed need to redo some or all of it. This is likely more or less true depending on the features you used and the bone hierarchy structure. If need be you could also export as sequential images of the current fully assembled characters and then load them in and use them as guides to recreate the animations more quickly and easily. best of luck. I hope it goes smoothly for you whichever way you choose.
  11. Yes, they can be assigned to a bone. You can assign many things to a single bone, but you cant make something the child of a sprite, only a bone. You can make many sprites and many collision boxes the child of the same bone so they all move etc in unison. Collision boxes even tween in their position and size if the animation is set to tween as opposed to pop directly from one key frame to the next.
  12. Very sorry for the time and frustration this caused you. For many years this issue did not exist at all, as these DLL files were on virtually every Windows computer by default, and then when people started reporting this, it was rare and easy to resolve. Apparently Windows 11 has changed that to a drastically more severe problem. The no refund policy was always coupled with the 'try before you buy' robustly featured free version of Spriter, but was never intended to be a punishment or trap. Of course we want every customer to be very happy with their purchase and of course to be able to easily use Spriter. I'm sending you a private message so we can resolve this to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I didn't see this post until now. You'll have to zip up the Spriter project folder with the scml file and all the art it uses and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com for me to take a look and see what the problem is. Maybe you're unaware that each frame of an animation can have different images and different bones and a different bone hierarchy. Hopefully once I get your Spriter project I'll be able to figure out the problem and either fix it or explain to you how to fix it, or hopefully both.
  14. Yes, and we've made several update posts and videos showing the progress, new features, etc. via our social media and here on the forums. The most recent update post was here: Edgar is hard at work on the next update build, which I believe features the most additions and bug fixes for any build and also will feature all or at least most of the features which will appear in the 1.0 release once it's thoroughly tested, debugged, and polished.
  15. When you import the Spriter project it should create a normal construct sprite for each of the collision boxes you had added in Spriter. You need to check VS collision or overlap with those specific sprites in construct. It sounds like maybe you're testing for collision with the Spriter object instead, which is incorrect. This is because you can have unlimited number of different collision boxes in any given frame of any animation of the Spriter made character. Does this help?
  16. I'll have to look into whether or not I'd be legally allowed to do so. In the meantime, have you tried the trick of installing the free trial of Adobe creative cloud? I'd heard from many people that their installer happens to automatically install all the same DLL files that Spriter needs to run.
  17. Yup, the issue is you need to set the trimming box for the animations in Spriter to be big enough to fit the character. The Spriter plugin uses this box you set in Spriter as the sort of bounding box for when it decides if it needs to render or not (if it's "on screen") So just do what you see in this video below and then re-export from Spriter and re-import into C3:
  18. I really don't think this is currently possible at the moment with Spriter in construct 3, BUT I think clever use of the canvas object could pull of the trick, where the base of the windmill would be a standard Construct Sprite, but the spinning blades would be a canvas object getting its image data from a standard construct sprite, but being rotated and then squished via the canvas object actions every frame.
  19. The only other thing I can think of is one user had the same sort of issue years ago (with Windows 10 I believe) and it turned out they were using an antivirus program I'd never heard of which was blocking the installation of many dll files without telling him. When he paused his anti-virus and then installed the required visual studio then Spriter, then it worked.
  20. Thanks for reporting this bug and the work around. Spriter Pro is not currently in development so that Spriter 2 (which will be a free upgrade for Spriter Pro owners) can finally reach 1.0 status as quickly as possible, so knowing the work around for current bugs is very important.
  21. Was it specifically the 21013 version of visual Studio and had you uninstalled the older versions of visual studio first? Did you reset your computer after installing and copying the dll files into the Spriter folder?
  22. Typically the ideal workflow is to work with a Spriter project which keeps all body part and effect images as separate PNG image files.(in this case each image can have padding so if you need to increase the art while cleaning or improving the animations you have the room to do so). Each time you are ready to update the spriter animations in Construct 3, that is the time you should choose "generate sprite sheet for project images" from Spriter's menu and export the new project (generate scon file as well) to a NEW folder. This optimized exported version of the spriter project is the best one to import into the game, both because it will use the "draw self" rendering mode instead of creating a bunch of individual Construct sprites for all the body parts, AND like you said, it will also trim and optimize all the body part images into a single sprite atlas. So, Yes, The Spriter plug-in in Construct will properly place and animate, even though Spriter trimmed and rotated all the body part images. Just remember, always edit in the original Spriter project with separate body part images, and take that export step into the other folder before importing the optimized version into Construct to update it in game.
  23. Just to wrap up this topic, we got to the botton of this via email and this video shows the issue was the art (body parts) were drawn and saved out on angles, which doesn't work if you want to stretch and squash them in Spriter. This old tutorial video explains why.
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