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  1. @JekSun @liu tong We'll strongly consider both of these requests/suggestions and making a language-pack type file that Spriter 2 loads in is definitely the way to make it easier for us and/or the community make language packs for it. Sorry we can't promise this yet, but we'll make an effort to make this a reality after Spriter 2 reaches version 1.0
  2. Sorry, then it's likely not supported by the latest or your version of Mac OS.
  3. ok, I'm glad you found a solution. I think what I was talking about only applies to IK constraints.
  4. @Justin I recently updated the first post in this thread, please read it and download the zip file and try to run the files inside and hopefully that will resolve the issues for you.
  5. Sorry, we did not directly develop the Spriter plugin for Multimedia Fusion and your best bet for technical support for it is on their forums and by contacting its developer directly. Unfortunately we've not heard from any other Multimedia Fusion users for many years. :(
  6. @Johrivnomil Spriter 1 will still be useable, but no longer updated, as development has moved on completely to Spriter 2. Spriter 1 owners will keep access to it as a separate program.
  7. We do have plans for such things down the line, but cany promise when or to what degree any particular physics based feature might be added.
  8. @GreenRock You'd have to delete the images themselves from the project folder, then re-save your spriter file. This should do it, but when re-loading your project, Spriter will complain there are missing images if you are referencing them in a character map for example.
  9. Try holding the right mouse button while your mouse is over the parent bone, and then hovering over the inheritance icons and release the mouse button. This should toggle the child bones from inheriting things like scale.
  10. @leonard-moro If you're putting PNG files in the folder you pointed Spriter to when you chose to start a new project, they should show up in Spriter... if you're putting them in the folder when Spriter and your project are already open, you might need to close and re-open spriter and your project for them to show up. If this doesn't help you'll likely need to zip up the project folder and email it to mail@brashmonkey.com with a description of the problem so we can take a look and figure out the issue.
  11. @Centrion This website seems to give pretty thorough instructions for how to fix the issue. Hopefully a combination of these steps works for you: https://www.howtogeek.com/874113/how-to-fix-the-0xc000007b-error-on-windows/
  12. @Aahan2023 did you try any of the proposed solutions?
  13. @tobar.io Sorry, there is no direct way we know of. It might be possible but likely not without quite a bit of work and custom code.
  14. You can find it here: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/8-software/
  15. Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration, Ghastly97. Did you try the Adobe Creative Cloud solution? (installing the trial of Photoshop). That seems to be the fastest and most consistent way to resolve the issue for most people. Just be sure to cancel the trial before you get charged for it if you don't want to continue using Photoshop etc. before the trial period expires. Please let me know if that works for you.
  16. @lokiwhizz most windows systems have at least one, typically more versions of visual studio pre-installed out of the box as far as I recall, regardless, this is the typical way to get the missing DLL file installed onto your system. Did you try following the instructions here: Did you try installing the trial Adobe Creative Cloud/Photoshop? That seems to resolve the issue for most people as well, but if you try this approach, be sure to cancel the creative cloud subscription before you're charged anything if you don't want to continue the subscription to it and end up being charged.
  17. The easiest solution is to just create pre-flipped images of the head etc facing the other direction and then use the image swapping functionality to flip it when you need it flipped. You might also be able to do it by making some key frames of some objects set to instant, but that's much more complicated and likely a can of worms best avoided for this particular issue.
  18. Thanks for reporting this Redxouer, and very sorry for the late reply. I'll look into the broken videos in Spriter, but in the meantime, all our tutorial videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/@BrashMonkey/playlists
  19. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, you can copy key frames. Click in the actual canvas and press control+a, then control+c to copy, and then control+p to paste where you want to paste this frame. This can be from anywhere in the time-line in fact, just just an actual keyframe. You can also create a copy/clone of entire animations, and can choose to rotate or flip the resulting animation copy in the process. These videos below cover the majority if not all of Spriter's copy functions.
  20. @Simon Adeltoft I've not seen this issue and I use Spriter in draw self mode all the time in Construct 3. Could you screen grab it and ideally zip up the Spriter Project (the scml or scon file along with all the required images) and email to to mail@brashmonkey.com for us to take a look? Maybe there's something about the way your PNG's are saved out etc...
  21. @Cool Studios , did you make sure to uninstall all the newer versions of visual studio before installing the required older one? Also, did you install both the 32 and 64 bit versions? After that I'd suggest restarting your computer and reinstalling Spriter. What seems to be the fastest solution for most though is to install the free trial of Adobe creative cloud and specifically photoshop, which seems to install the required dll in the process, but if you try that, be sure to remember to cancel the trial membership before you get charged if you don't want to keep using the creative cloud.
  22. Thanks for sharing this info @ruberboy !
  23. @heyimkass You can download it from here to try it: If you don't mind, please let us know if it works for you and which version of mac OS you're using.
  24. Hi Sophie, Sorry for the very late reply. Did you install both the 32 and 64 bit versions of visual studio 2013? I also found this video which some possible solutions for this particular error message: please let me know if any of this works for you.
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