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  1. I reported this to Edgar. He'll look into it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. In the past most PC's already had this DLL installed, but some don't. The easiest solution is to install the free trial of the Adobe creative cloud, as this also installs the needed DLL file. The other option requires more careful steps: please read issue number 1 here:
  3. I don't think either are possible, unfortunately... once you're warping the mesh in skin mode, the only way to make the entire thing bigger would be to spread out all the 'vertices' to make it bigger... maybe if it were attached to a bone and you scaled the parent bone, but I have a feeling that won't work...
  4. Yes, you'd get the Steam version of Spriter 2 for free once it's released.
  5. Have you joined any pixel art specific communities? That's a good place to start. Then find the program you'll be most comfortable with and find tutorials specific to that particular program. http://pixeljoint.com/forum/ https://pixelation.org/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfkyf95y-FOpPzcvhgmooJQ/playlists
  6. An other option is to create character maps in Spriter which hide the images, then set the character map on in Construct.
  7. I've just brought this request to Edgar's attention. I'll reply once I'm able to speak to him about it.
  8. I think I have a solution for you if you're using Construct 2 or Construct 3. Are you perhaps?
  9. When you updated the animation, had you changed any of the images or added new ones? If so, you need to drag the actual scon or scml into the layout to get it to not only update the scon file, but also update the images. That's my best guess. If that's not the casue of the problem, then you might have to zip up your spriter project and the construct project and email it to us for us to figure out the issue. (mail@brashmonkey.com)
  10. Good catch. Actually, I think that is necessary becasue Scirra had to update their API in order to fix the re-import issue. Sorry, I thought their latest stale version had that fix by now but I guess not.
  11. No, if you have the latest version of Construct and the spriter plugin, and make sure the spriter file in the zip, and the zip have the exact same name as when you originally imported it, it should replace the original, and not replace the clone. It sounds like you are not using the latest version of the plugin. https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/addons/192/spriter
  12. please try this new one:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ww4Gs41EpRJzbNwdXAZK-PHI5HMP2JC7/view?usp=sharing
  13. Sorry for the very late reply. What I do is create a layout only for importing and updating spriter objects into, so it's always very easy to reimport into that one layout, no matter what spriter object it is. I then create temporary spawner sprites which you can make look like whatever you want, and at start of layout, for each of these place holder sprites, create its coresponding spriter object and delete the place holder sprite at the same location, scale, etc. then delete the place holder sprite in the same action. as for collision boxes, if you're using platformer behavior then
  14. Sorry for the bad experience. Are you aware of the way you can right click a key-frame and change its easing? If you don't change it, it has no easing in or out, only linear tweening. If you intend the animation to loop then don't uncheck the playback looping icon. When just previewing in the editor, left click and the animation will play and loop until you stop it and right click for it to play through only one and then stop. Can you make a screen recording or email me your spriter project and explain exactly what you're trying to achieve and I'll see if I can help. ( mike@bra
  15. this issue should be totally fixed now. reimporting the entire thing should properly update the original instead of creating a clone.
  16. sorry, this feature is confirmed not implemented. I'll discuss this further with Edgar.
  17. OK, thanks. there's no need for me to test with a specific project. I can confirm this behavior. At least now that you know that toggle is only for telling the game if the animation is to be looped infinitely or play once it should be easy to avoid the problem, as typically animators know from the start if an animation (like walk, idle, etc) is meant to loop or not.
  18. Thanks. Did you happen to try hand-deleting that last row of key frames which it created when you un-checked the looping toggle?
  19. Thanks very much for taking the time to make these recordings. It helped a lot. Also, very nice, clean art. Kudos. Copying and pasting multiple key frames is definately a problem. It's either a bug or a non-implemented feature. I'll talk to Edgar about that. Regarding the playback looping. As I mentioned, that's not a bug. That loop setting toggle is tells spriter if the animation is one intended to loop, which means the last frame needs to tween and blend into the first frame. If you turn that off then the end of the animation changes to not blend back to the first frame. For t
  20. Can you make a screen recording showing these issues? Also, what OS are you using Spriter on? The repeat playback button you might be toggling is data for in-game play-back, and not for use in previewing the animation in the editor. It's for telling the game if the animation is supposed to wrap and loop infinitely or be a one time play-through. It certainly should not in any way change the animation duration. Hopefully we can figure out the cause of the issues with your help. The fastest way is via a screen recording.
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