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  1. There's no way to make a child of a bone also a parent of that same original parent so we'd have to figure out another solution, I don't think any would be more than a little automated. Whether you're using the finsihed animation as just an exported sequence of images/GIF or using a Spriter plug-in in a game engine might also determine what the best solution is. For example you might be able to save time using sub-entities (animate one of these and have multiple clones of this animated object in the dully assembled vehicle) BUT sub entities aren't supported directly by any of the plug-ins as fr as I know, so it might only be useful if you just want to export your animation as GIF or sequential PNG images.
  2. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it could be a glitch associated with the very large size of the resulting images. Your best bet might be to scale at 100 percent and use an external program to batch process and up-scale the resulting image after the fact.
  3. Any app that can save out 24 bit PNG images with transparent backgrounds. Two fantastic free options are: Krita from https://krita.org/en/ MediBangPaintPro from https://medibangpaint.com/en/pc/ make sure you draw into a new layer so the background will be transparent and make sure you trim all the empty space around the body parts before you save them out.
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply, and for not having an easy solution. I've tried the things you said you tried and as you discovered, they won't get you your desired results. What is the target platform for the final animation? If it's in a game engine like Construct or Unity, you could possibly pin the final lip sequence as a sprite to the head of the character inside the game engine instead of inside Spriter. If you only care about inside Spriter itself, or exporting the final animation as a sequential image sequence, then you could use the sub-entity feature.
  5. OK, I think I figured out the cause of the bug. If the objects are selected by any means out of sequential order from top to bottom in the z-order then when you click and drag then the movement will have this bug. If you are careful to make sure to select them in x-order from highest to lowest (this is easy if you select them via holding shift and clicking on them in the z-order list) then it seems all the selected objects will properly move in unison. Please let me know if you can confirm this.
  6. OK, I confirmed the bug in Windows On my end, but it doesn't happen every time. I'm trying to figure out exactly why it happens some time and not others. The good news is every time it happens If i stop moving the objects, undo and reelect them then it always works properly then next time you multi-select and drag.
  7. please email me (Mike) at mike@brashmonkey.com and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks.
  8. No, sorry, I've never seen this issue before. Are you exporting at a scaled down size or full size? If you can't find a setting change to resolve this you could export as sequential PNG images and find a third party program that merges sequential images into video files. I know there are several free ones for windows.. I'm not sure about for Mac.
  9. You should just be able to left-click and drag the timeline from its top edge. if you slowly drag it towards the bottom the screen the interface should open up to let you know that if you let go of the mouse-button it should re-dock the time-line into the interface. Please let me know if this doesn't work.
  10. Hi Joe, Unfortunately you're the first to ever report this issue as far as I know. The best thing to do is zip up and email a copy of the entire Spriter project to us (mail@brashmonkey.com) if this ever happens again and tell us which animation is locking up on you.. we'll look for any kind of corruption in the file. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we can figure out the cause and a way to avoid and./or repair the issue.
  11. We'll be making an informative announcement in the near future which we hope will make it clear.. but in general thinks like ease of use, being able to use it outside of Unity, and special features will be the things to keep an eye out for to decide if Sprtier 2 is a tool you'll want in your belt.
  12. Hi ccliffy, are you also using Spriter on Linux? I'm trying to determine if this is a Linux only problem.
  13. Hi ifaiella, Don't worry, Spriter 2 development has not been ditched. It is and has been is our top priory. I know it might not feel like that due to the generally long delay in it's development up to this point. (We discussed some of the main reasons for the past delays here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter/posts/1386631 ) We've been quiet recently because we're working on a big news update and something else which we hope will allow us to increase development speed on Spriter 2 now that the core of its engine is now complete. Part of the preparing for big news update was preparing this interactive roadmap so anyone can follow it's development in the most informative way possible. You can keep an eye on our progress here: http://brashmonkey.com/roadmap/ Regarding Pro Motion NG, it's important to know that it is developed entirely outside of BrashMonkey by Cosmigo, we only sell it on Steam and our own store here. None of Edgar's (the programmer of Spriter Pro and Spriter 2) time is used in any way regarding development or sales of Pro Motion NG. Nor is any funding that could go to expedited Spriter 2 development being channeled to marketing or maintenance of Pro Motion. Only I (the artist of the team) spend any time regarding Pro Motion NG, it's a tiny percentage of how my time get's spent. (mostly general business/infrastructure maintenance, customer support, etc). It's similar with Spriter's Art Packs. While they are developed by BrashMonkey, they are developed mostly by myself. We have arrangements with two contributing artists so no revenue was spent in the development of them which could have gone to increasing the actual development speed of Spriter Pro or Spriter 2. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement and thanks to you and everyone else for your patience. We're nearing the home stretch for Spriter 2 and will build momentum in some very cool ways we'll be revealing soon.
  14. It would depend on what you have been doing or want to do with Spriter Pro. They save to completely different data formats, so animations you make with Spriter Pro won't be compatible with Spriter 2. Similarly, Spriter 2 files can't be played using Spriter Pro runtimes such as for Construct 2/3, so you'd have to wait for the Spriter 2 plug-in for any particular authoring system to use Spriter 2 anims. The current Spriter art Packs won't work with Spriter 2. All new ones will be made over time for Spriter 2. And while Spriter 2 is going to offer many more powerful and flexible (figuratively and literally) features for animating individual characters and entire scenes, some of the more obscure features of Spriter Pro might never end up in Spriter 2. The best deal by far ATM is to get the Spriter 2 pre-order purchase, because you'll get Spriter Pro immediately and Spriter 2 once it comes out, and you'll be able to keep using both indefinitely.
  15. can you open other projects like this one? If so, then either somehow your file got corrupted or you're using extremely large or otherwise somehow incompatible images. If you zip up your entire Spriter project and send it to me (mike@brashmonkey.com) I can have a look and likely figure out for sure what the problem is and hopefully fix it.
  16. Sorry, there's no automatic way to de-parent a single object or multiple ones in all the key frames past a point in the timeline, especially if you have key-frames beyond that point. (to de-parent I recommend you click the parent bone, hold the B key and click on the image or bone you want to no longer be a child if it.) If there are no key-frames after where you wasn't to de-parent just turn off looping mode for the animation and key all the last frame before creating the new-frame with the images or bones de-parented from their parent bones and everything should work fine. If there are already frames beyond where you want to de-parent then unfortunately if you de-parent images from bones they might take on strange positions, scales, and angles at that time in the timeline or tween to strange positions. The best way to minimize glitches that would have to be fixed is to key all in the key frames before and after the edit , turn off looping mode, and if you have to, delete the objects that end up in strange positions and angles and copy them from previous frames where they are in the right place and re-paste them back into the frames where they had gone wrong.
  17. We've recently tested quickly with the latest version if Unity and it seems to be working. If this is not the case can you please report specific error messages, bugs, etc?
  18. Does this happen if you nudge with the arrow keys?
  19. Most likely you're either not actually successfully installing specifically the 2013 versions or you have an overzealous anti-malware software running that is not allowing the dll file to be properly installed. Be sure to totally uninstall newer versions of visual studio first, because if you do not, when you go to install 2013 it will pretend to do so but tell you you already have a newer version installed.
  20. I'm not sure what caused the issue but it sounds like the best solution is to load the spriter file (the .scml or the .scon) in a text editor and find the frame with the issue and manually fix the X,Y and scale values. If you'd like you can zip uo the entire project (the folder with the images and spriter file) and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll see if I can fix it for you. sorry for the inconvenience.
  21. There should be an informative update post later today or tomorrow at the latest.
  22. Hi Shane, Please do the following: 1) Make sure before you save your Spriter file you have all the special saving options turned on. 2) Make sure you do not zip the folder of the Spriter project, but instead zip all the files in the folder into a zip file. 3) Make sure the zip file name is the exact same name as the .scon file except for the '.scon' and '.zip' extensions. If you're doing all this and it's still not working please make a screen recording showing this process and the resulting error and/or zip up your entire Spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com so I can trouble-shoot and find the problem.
  23. You will need to provide more specific information. Please share a screen recording or screen images showing what you're trying to do and the resulting error etc.
  24. Hi CJM94, In the intro you say you are using SpriterDotNet for Unity, but the error message is for Spriter2UnityDX, which are two completely different runtimes that handle using Spriter animations in Unity in very different ways. Did you install one but are trying to use it like it's the other? Here's the GitHub page for SpriterDotNet for Unity : https://github.com/loodakrawa/SpriterDotNet which currently gives some warnings but seems to work, but the author says on his Github page he plans to update it soon.
  25. Hi Michael, We're sorry to hear you had bad experiences. Hopefully we can help with much of it, but before I try I'd like to thank you for your feedback, because users like who take the time to report issues and make suggestions improved Spriter Pro and continue to give us insights for making Spriter 2 all the better. Now onto the specific issues: "Sometimes copying keyframes from multiple objects doesn't work, so I had to copy one by one from the objects." To my knowledge you're the first person to ever report such and issue. I'd love to find out more. What OS are you using Spriter Pro on? Maybe you might be multi-selecting key frame nodes in the time-line to copy them. Amazingly I've never even tried that. What I do to copy multiple objects key frames is just select them in the actual canvas while anywhere on the time line and press control+C, then go anywhere else on the timeline and press control+v. I don't remember any issues going back a great many update builds, but if the paste acts as though not everything was successfully pasted, then try just pressing control+V again. Please watch these videos at the top of the search results: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brashmonkey+spriter+copy+and+paste "Sometimes, I can't move bones. When that happens I use middle mouse button for panning screen, and after then I could move bones again." This is another bug I've never seen reported before other than occasionally missing clicking the bones because they are quite thin, especially when working with very high res images. Again if we know your specific OS and maybe input device we might be able to figure out the cause of the issue. "And when I'm scaling bones, there was difference between the expectation about how it would scale the sprites and how it actually look like. For example, when I attach a bone to a vertically long rectangle(bone's root is on the floor of the rectangle and bone's head on ceiling of the rectangle) and scale the bone vertically, I expected this scaling would make the sprite scaled vertically but it scaled the sprite horizontally. It's not intuitive at all." This is not a bug or glitch, its because Spriter does not do mesh deforming of the sprites, it can only stretch or rotate them as rectangular images. If you watch the first several minutes starting at 2 minutes in, this video you'll understand how to work with this: Regarding your suggestions for master key-frames qw completely agree, as do many other users. All of these concerns will be non-issues in Spriter 2, but that doesn't help you in the moment. To make matters worse for you, yes I think you're right and I think there's no automatic way to purge empty main key frames. The most useful information I can tell you is Spriter Pro's format was designed around the traditional cartoon animator's workflow of creating specific full body pose key-frames, with the bonus that it will or can tween between them if you want it to. It's really designed for animators to animate based on key-frame poses and not on individually controlling the tweening and separate timing of independent body parts. This is why the way Spriter works is frustrating and counter-productive for you in this regard, As I mentioned, Spriter 2 will work much more like how you want, in regard to predicable scaling (and deforming), and also in regards to totally independent time-lines without forced main keyframes. If you own Spriter Pro you'll get Spriter 2 as a free upgrade, and already have access to test the latest alpha build as it developes to monitor progress and give us feedback if you choose, but this is by no means an immediate or fast resolution for your current frustrations. Please feel free to email me directly at mike@brashmonkey.com if I've not sufficiently helped alleviate your frustrations with Spriter. and sorry for the delayed reply. -Mike at BrashMonkey
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