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  1. I've never seen this error message. Does it say anything else or mention the same missing DLL files?
  2. I remember quite a few Godot users have asked about support over the years. Once Spriter 2 is fully functional and it's initial runtimes are released, this won't make Spriter Pro completely obsolete, especially for those who have already been working on Spriter pro made animations, and people working on pixel art games, or who want to use other features or the art packs which currently only work with Spriter Pro. If you do want to make a plug-in, be sure to reference one of the existing open source plug-ins from here: https://brashmonkey.com/spriter-runtime-apis/ And feel free to contact us directly at mail@brashmonkey.com if there are any questions blocking you regarding the data format etc.
  3. Animations are made in Spriter, but all images used to create the animations (like body parts) must be made in a different program and saved as PNG's, then used in the Spriter animations. If you carefully create animations (of a character for example) using the same exact bones and skeletal structure in both animations, then some of the real-time play-back plugins for Spriter projects, like for Unity and Construct 3 do indeed supporting blending (tweening) smoothly between the two animations instead of just ending one and playing the next afterward. Yes, you can install Spriter Pro on multiple devices, just don't let anyone use any of the installs at the same time you are using it. I don't know the anser regarding Pro Motion NG. I suggest you contact cosmigo directly about that. Spriter 2 will eventually offer better features for animating entire scenes, but first we need to focus on finally getting version 1.0 out with all the core features for animating individual objects. cheers.
  4. Hi brainwavecreations, Spriter does not directly support vector art and you can not create vector art in it. You'd need to save the art out as PNG images before you can use them in Spriter. Also, Spriter is really made for animating individual objects, effects, or characters for games and is definitely not the best tool for trying to animate entire scenes. Also, while Spriter Pro does have a sub-animation feature, it's quite limited and not supported by any of the video game run-times as far as I know, so it's only useful if you plan to export the final animation to sprite sheets or an animated GIF. It really sounds like for what you're after there are more appropriate tools than Spriter which you'll be able to do a lot more with.
  5. That one in the video sees to be using a particle system. You can't do anything like that in Spriter. Well, you could do it all manually, but that would be a massive amount of work.
  6. Excellent. Would you mind letting us know which version of Mac OS you're using.
  7. Please try this build and see if it works for you or not. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rNiq2WOtQd1oi_R7H9WA_gH7baTutE3w/view?usp=sharing
  8. Sorry for the confusion the store's silly interface causes. Because it may have also been offered in bundles before, that's how the store is trying to say "if you purchased one of those bundles, this would be included, therefore free for you to download". It's a very poor way to convey pricing information. The actual price if you click the buy button is 24.99, which you'll see after clicking the buy button. Don't worry, clicking the first buy button won't try to charge you anything, it's just to begin the process of confirming price etc.
  9. I don't think Spriter is really the kind of tool you'd be looking for for that, but it also depends greatly on the exact art and animation style you want.
  10. Are you sure you're following every step to properly export the project from Spriter with all the special saving options turned on, and then properly putting it all into a zip file? Could you screen record your export, zipping, and import process and the result when you preview?
  11. I'm not positive this will work, but I think this is how Construct logic structure works.. Try moving the action "Characters:append character map" to be the first thing that's done directly after the "for each character".. I think the fact that you create the thunder effects might be making construct forget you want to effect every character... Oterwise, you can add a separate kind of hack fix event "If character animation "ThunderBlast" is playing, then append character map "ThunderBlast"
  12. Sorry, no.. well.. a small amount of the foundation for the eventual art pack has been started, but I and the other artist I'd need to collaborate with both have been spread thin with more pressing obligations so there's no way we can estimate how long it will take us to really be able to really dig in and then eventually finish the art pack. So, It's planned and it's been slightly started, but right now we can't put any man-power on it.
  13. Sorry for the very late reply oosman, if you want sprite sheets of full frame finished animations then there should be no rotation happening at all. You might be accidentally selecting the wrong export option. It's Export Animation To PNG/GIF, then choose the sprite sheet option.
  14. Every frame can have totally different objects and/or hierarchies of parent and children. If you ad an image to the first key frame it is not automatically added to everything. Please watch this video:
  15. Welcome Sir. Unfortunately there's no way to do this to many objects at once. There is, however, a way to change ALL of the positions of all objects across all frames uniformly, which you do my holding the M key and left clicking and dragging on an empty spot of the canvas. This will move the zero/zero central coordinate relative to all objects across all keys, which is actually moving all objects uniformly.
  16. Thanks very much for making this and sharing it with the community brinsleylogic!
  17. Did you make sure to put the easing curve not on the main time line key frame node on top, but in the key frame node of the head only?
  18. Don't worry, the UI is still very much not complete. We'll make sure there's a convenient on screen way to access all required features. Thanks very much for the feedback.
  19. Welcome Slomes! A trick you can use for idle animations to keep the feet totally still is to simply de-parent the feet from the leg bones before you begin animating that animation. Meaning when there is only the base key frame at zero in the time line, make the feet bones or feet images no longer a child of the leg bones... that way, when you move the body or legs, the feet stay put.
  20. I'm bringing this to Edgar's attention. Hopefully he can see the cause of the issue. In the meantime, you're potentially wasting a large amount of memory and performance by making your character at such a high res and then scaling it down in C3. You can create an entire clone of your project from Spriter to the reduced size, and then C3 won't have giant images to use to recreate your animations.
  21. This issue seems totally resolved. Make sure you're using the latest version of the Spriter plug-in, and the latest stable version of Construct 3, export your spriter project as scon, zip the images and scon only into a zip file with the exact same name as the scon file (but ending in .zip) and then drag in into the appropriate layout in your Construct project. This should properly update and replace the old one in your Construct project. If this doesnt work, please screen record your attempt so we can see what's going on.
  22. This doesn't seem like a Spriter issue, but something going on with the graphics programs you're using to create or convert the images. What program are you using to create the image, what settings are you using to save it, and what settings are you using in the conversion process?
  23. For some reason the images you tried to attach didn't work. Maybe the hierarchy column will update if you pick a differnt animation or even key frame and then go back to where you wanted to see/edit the hierarchy. Or maybe you're unware that the hierarchy can be different at any key frame(in regard to which objects exist or while are parents/children of which). The same is true for Z-order.
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