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  1. OS: Win7 Issue: Copy/pasting any number of sprites from one animation to another results in timelines for all sprites being copied over. Steps to reproduce: Create two animations for an entity. I will call them Animation1 and Animation2 for clarity. Add 2 or more sprites to Animation1. Select one of the sprites and press Ctrl+C to copy. Switch over to Animation2. Press Ctrl+V to paste. Notice that while only one sprite was copied to Animation2, blank, unremovable timelines were added for any other sprite that exists in Animation1. These timelines are only removed upon saving and re-opening the spriter project. This is undesirable because if you want to add the same sprite with the same name as one of the blank timelines, you need to rename it first or reopen the project.
  2. OS: Win7 Issue: Clicking inside the "current time" field doesn't recieve focus correctly on click. Clicking the field causes the content of the field to be selected and for the up/down increment buttons to appear to the side (as is intentional), however the field doesn't seem to properly receive focus. If you attempt to type in a frame number to skip to, the input isn't caught by the field. Any keypresses function as if there was no active/focused field. Additionally, since input is not being caught by the field, clicking outside of the field does not revert the active/focused appearance. Steps to reproduce: Click inside of the "current time" field above the timeline. Press a number key. Note: The up/down spinner buttons correctly set the field's focus, and can be used to clear the glitchy state. The mouse scroll, interestingly, can also be used, as long as the cursor is hovering over the current time field/spinner buttons. The total time field works properly.
  3. Simply put: when trying to copy/paste properties between keyframes, the property field being copied from/pasted too will catch the key event (and mess up your animation) unless you've cleared focus by clicking somewhere outside the field. This is compounded somewhat by the fact that pressing enter/return while an input is focused doesn't clear focus as with many applications. For this reason, timeline controls are ideally constrained to keys that are considered invalid inputs on the most commonly used input fields. IMO, the "QWERT" row would be much better suited for timeline manipulation, though I suppose it could also be a togglable(toggleable?) option.
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