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  1. Seeing that Spriter is on steam now, i'd like to know if there's any way to get a steam key for it. I've been using spriter for a few months already and i have to say that i love it, but with it on steam i could track of how much time i've been using daily and that would be nice to know. That's pretty much the only reason
  2. Did it few days ago, though im not sure if you received?
  3. Hello there, first post here, i hope im not breaking any rules, been loving Spriter so far, good work with it. But i've been having a problem so far that is kind of annoying, it may be something simple but i found nothing about it. Whenever i try to export a single sprite as .png there's no problem at all, but if i try to export an animation, there's a few bits in the wrong place or simple missing at all, as you can see on the example, we have the original file and the exported animation. If i dont rotate the orange head somewhere else in the timeline and export it, it is exactly as the original, but if i make an animation with multiple movements, it also changes the head when it should be like the original. Sorry for the bad english, i hope the example can help you understand what im trying to say EDIT: I was searching and apparently the problem was because of "Smooth Sampling" had to turn it and Pixel Art mode off and realign all the images to their bone structure, apparently it worked but it is a shame though, pixel art mode was making everything pretty easy to use Apparently i cant export animations in pixel art mode, everytime they're a little bit different and out of place EDIT2: When using pixel art mode the sprite position are different if i turn it on or off, which is a problem because im using a multiple joints + limbs sprites and whenever i export the file as .png it gets the position as if pixel art mode was turned off, making it useless at the moment.
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