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  1. I have been following the creation of spriter since the beginning... payed for a early lic, and patiently waited on the finished product. I would periodically pop in and download the new releases and play around with them... get started and then some plugin for C2 or the method of insertion would change, things would break and.... well. lets just say I continued to wait. Yesterday I downloaded the most recent "stable" update and i must say you guys have done a great job! I will be recommending this to anyone looking for animation software. and... im sure i will be asking for help using this amazing tool in the near future. please have mercy on me. lol
  2. I am guessing the serial reentering issue for some is a cookies being blocked problem maybe?
  3. I hope someone can help me... I have a Christmas Game that is nearly finished. the sleigh, deer and santa was animated in spriter and dropped in a construct 2 game. I updated and now nothing works, I read the instructions and I know what im suppose to do, and how to do it, but I dont have the original image folder to go with the scml. it was torn apart and used in other projects that also will be used on the fisish web page for the game... I did the deer and sleigh, then a side bar animation, and a elf and shop animation... all working of one original image folder. adding, deleting modifying the folders content to suit the project i was on... ( this was working fine because the animations where finish and saved in the c2 projects they where being used in as i went forward) Now everything is lost........ broken or dosent work. I do realize i am using beta software. and im not blaming anyone, just asking for help. can i download a old release of c2 and a older version of spriter and bring this back to life again?
  4. if you merge Spriter and C2 into one smooth running machine it will be UNSTOPPABLE. taking the 2D gaming world to new levels. best of luck guys!!
  5. I see, yes (way back) I did not realize it was being designed for other systems now. :) cool! As for me... I am anxiously waiting for release 1.0.... but I have done a few cool projects while we wait. It is perfect as a C2 tool.
  6. since this is mainly designed to work with C2, you should use most of there hot keys for basic features like zoom. and right click on a object should open a sub menu to choose what you want to do with that object. just a thought. :)
  7. A animated version of me dancing to Muppets ManaMana. https://www.limitlessdomains.com/dance/ Did this With Spriter B5 and C2 keep up the good work Guys!!! Love'n this software
  8. After "fully" removing images in spriter and from the image folder, C2 gives me an error that the image can not be found and will not be rendered. it produces a empty sprite with the name of the deleted image, and if you try to delete the empty sprite it crashes C2. sorry if this has been reported already. I used the delete all button. as stated in the manual. B5 win 7
  9. ok, sorry for this, I seen the link for "latest version" but it was throwing me off because the file name was the same and the Pc was telling me I already had this. And once I opened it, it auto updates to build 5 Sorry again.
  10. Hi! I bought a early adopter lic back in june and i see there have been a few builds since the one I have. where can I download Build 5? I am currently using B2 Thanks!
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned as this thread is 17 pages long, It would be very nice to have options available on right click. hot keys are cool but my memory is not that great lol. it took me 2 days to learn the hot keys for this program and i still get confused some times. I find my self right clicking on the bone or image to open a list of options. (just a thought) keep it up!! this is awesome stuff. love it! when i roll out my new site i will be happy to add a graphic link back to Brashmonkey for you guys, send me a image. admin@21bypass.com
  12. Thanks! yea that makes sense now, Something happened to (delete key frame ) in this build.... did you guys get to that yet?
  13. its not working on windows 7 either... however, it does work in build 2. ( i reloded it to make sure i was doing it right.)
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