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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the reduced content Essentials version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine. This Essentials version is free for all Spriter Pro owners. It requires Spriter Pro and a personal license or greater of Construct 2 or a subscription to Construct 3. You can play the review of this Essentials version here: https://brashmonkey.com/essentialsplatdemo

    From $0.00

  2. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Could we finally have UI/Workspace saving?

    Thanks for the feedback. We're definitely making sure Spriter 2's UI is more customizable and intuitive. Unfortunately for Spriter Pro, there's not such as thing as "quickly" adding any feature, but it's possible for us to look into sometime after Spriter 2's private beta begins soon (end of 2018). As for crashes. We're always sorry when any customer deals with any lack of stability in Spriter, but I know in your particular case you tend to be using Spriter to animate much more complex entire scenes than it was really intended for, which explains why you experience stability issues far more than the average user. We're determined to make Sprite 2 far more capable in both stability and feature-set in allowing users like you to create beautiful and complicated cinematic scenes, but it will be a while before the majority of those specific features make it into the beta and then eventually the release of version 1.0
  3. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter 2 teaser and pre-order sale!

    Nope. End of 2018 is the most accurate we can get. Sorry.
  4. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Requests

    Thanks for the feedback and bug reports. Regarding this one: ' Character Maps - there`s no way of swapping images per object - If I have a character with two heads and I want to swap only one of them I need to do some dirty hacks with duplicated images with different names" This is not a bug, its the way the feature and data format is designed. It keeps workflow and data very simple and easy to understand/work with, and wanting to swap out the same object differently in the same key-frames of the same animation of the same character is a very edge-case scenario, and even in most of those cases, it's only a matter of a handful of redundant image copies being required to work around the issue.
  5. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Requests

    Thanks very much for the suggestions and feedback. We're keeping an eye on all this and will be influenced as Spriter 2 continues to evolve. Regarding your question: "I have a problem with exported seq images (PNGs here). Spriter always defaults to 96 ppi and exports the PNG's this way even if the images in the source folders are in 72 ppi.I have also tried to reproduce this with a simple fresh new project. And the result is the same. When I randomly open one of those images in Photoshop, and check with image size, it reads 96 ppi. Is this how it is intended to work? I'm not a graphics guru yet, don't know if this convention causes problems in the future?" Don't worry, ppi is a completely arbitrary and useless "setting" for video game artists or animators. ppi is for printing (pixels per inch) (same for dpi=dots per inch). It makes no difference to the actual image unless you decide to print it instead of animate it, and even then, you could change it's ppi settign to whatever you'd like before printing.
  6. Mike at BrashMonkey

    update by Spriter 2

    Private beta begins before the end of the year, but we don't know exactly when yet.
  7. Mike at BrashMonkey

    update by Spriter 2

    You will be sent an invite for Private beta when the time comes (if you purchased Spriter Pro a while back or earlier, or the pre-order) and you'll be given the upgrade automatically when Spriter 2 is ready for release. Private beta begins before the end of the year, but we don't know exactly when yet.
  8. Mike at BrashMonkey

    What OS are supported on Spriter PRO?

    2 will have totally different compatibility. Pro version is the same as the free version of Spriter Pro. The missing DLL issue is pretty easily resolved for the vast majority of users who have that problem.
  9. Mike at BrashMonkey

    IK Issue

    @Unrighteous I'm very sorry for the late reply and the frustration this caused. The solution is to add key frames as needed and tweak those key frames to keep the feet from moving. Adding a few, spaced out key frames to keep the feet where you want them should do the trick. However, you can also right-click on any key frame of any object and change it's tweening type to instant which makes it not tween at all, so you could break up an animation to any FPS you want, with nothing but key frames. The important concept here is to remember that the IK stuff in Spriter is specifically to help you pose key-frames quickly, it does not in any way effect the tweening between those keyframes. This video covers the most important aspects of the timeline in Spriter. Start at 6:45 to see how to turn on timeline snapping and set that up. Please be aware there's also a manual built into Spriter if you choose help/help in its menu. The fastest way to get direct help is to email support@brashmonkey.com or you can email me directly at mike@brashmonkey.com I'd be happy to arrange time to help you with any remaining Spriter issues via Skype chat with screen sharing so I can answer any workflow questions etc. as quickly and clearly as possible. Please contact me at mike@brashmonkey.com or private message here on the forums so we can discuss making sure you are happy with your purchase.
  10. shadowslair is right. There is no automated way for rendered 3d animations or otherwise to become optimized 2d skeletal animations with Spriter (or any other 2d animation software I've heard of.) The workflow shadowslair recommended is the best there i to my knowledge.
  11. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Radius-Wing SHMUP 3d Models Pack

    I just spoke with the artist who created the model pack and he does plan to make such a video. Are there any really specific things you want to see covered besides: 1) Merging your custom ship into a cohesive single object. 2) Camera movement around the ship Thanks
  12. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter 2 teaser and pre-order sale!

    We don't know yet, but some time this year private beta begins.
  13. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Support In GameMaker Studio 2

    I'd be guessing. Hopefully this thread will catch their attention. We do also have an open source complete Spriter API for .net Maybe that would be helpful to aid in the porting? https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4166-spriterdotnet-an-implementation-for-all-c-frameworks/
  14. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Support In GameMaker Studio 2

    I have a feeling because its dll based its windows only, but I'm definitely no expert. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will give you a more definite answer.
  15. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Drained: an introvert's quest to recharge

    Looks cool. Nice and clean. Best of luck with it!