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  1. Have you watched our getting started, quick tip, and longer format tutorial videos? https://www.youtube.com/user/BrashMonkey Once you learn the basics of setting up a rigged character in Spriter the difference between bipedal or quadruped animation should not be very big. I recommend you find a good reference set of hand drawn frames or photos to copy, rig your wolf character, then use bones to copy each key frame of the animation.
  2. Hopefully we can help resolve these issues quickly, but we need to know a lot more information. What operating system are you using Spriter on? What features are you using when it closes? How big are the average image files you're using in your Spriter project? Can you make a screen recording of the program closing when you try to work? The vast majority of people do not have this problem so we will need this kind of info to figure out the cause for the issues you're experiencing. thanks
  3. Anything but side view is much more difficult in any 2d animation system, even drawing on paper... the big issue is you can't even use bones for the limbs for the most part and likely have to use mostly image swapping for moving the limbs in perspective across the animation, especially if the style is detailed and realistic. Even if someone made a tutorial example it might not help you because it would depend greatly on the visual style of the art but also the animation style you are after. If you post an image of the character itself (ideally a single frame of him running forward) someone might be willing to help.
  4. We hope to have support for Fusion 2.5 but can't guarantee it yet. Sorry we can't give more accurate info in this regard yet, there are too many unknown factors at the moment.
  5. Have you tried yet with a different browser or incogneto/private tab? I'm pretty sure the page is fine and it's an issue with the cache in your browser or IP. If that doesn't work, download and unzip this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/142IMdqqn3pSqf3F_T7Tslxm7V1pOuKDl/view?usp=sharing
  6. please try the link again. It works for me. We ere having server issues for a while. You should be able to save the page as HTML to use offline if need be, and there re also websites or plugins you can use to download videos from Youtube. After clearing your browser cache please let me know if the link is still not working for you.
  7. Yeah, we don't consider this a valid long-term solution, but we're glad this works as a temporary work-around until the issue can actually be fixed.
  8. I'm back with a preliminary update. Until Edgar can fix the issue in the import process (it might take help from Ashley at Scirra) I think the best work-around is to rename your current Spriter object, import the updated version, then use Construct's replace object in events feature with all events selected in order to replace all references to the old version of the Spriter object with the new updated version... the, of course you can delete the old version from the project. For this to work you need to be careful not to add alterable values or behaviors directly to the Spriter object and instead to a normal construct sprite which you might have the Spriter object pinned or or programmatically 'anchored' to. Also, if your Spriter character has collision boxes you'd need to be careful to replace the references to the old collision boxes with the new ones that the updated version would create a long with it (in all events).
  9. Sorry for the very delayed reply. What do you mean by "The Sprite exporter". Please be sure to use the exact name of features as they are in Spriter and ideally share screen recordings or screen grabs so people know for sure they know what you're talking about.
  10. Great job. it looks like a lot of fun too!
  11. Hi John, sorry it took so long to respond, we just now recovered from a malicious hack of our server, which required us to migrate to an entirely new and professionally protected server. I'll try to Speak to Edgar about this and run some tests tomorrow. Sorry I don't have any direct answers right now, but I at least can finally let you know we're looking into it.
  12. Sorry, we don't have an estimated delivery date, but Edgar is working on an alpha build update as we speak and we'll switch to a more concise update schedule as soon as possible as he continues to get all features and their corresponding UI all connected. Regarding tutorials, are you aware of the two youtube channels with lots of tutorial and quick-tip videos? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfkyf95y-FOpPzcvhgmooJQ/playlists
  13. @GaboAs you say, words (and apologies) are cheap, though this does not mean they are not sincere. And we're still going to offer quite a few words here, not that we think they can or should alleviate your frustration with us, but simply to clarify things the best we can. We are also very frustrated with the prolonged delays and are doing everything we can to try to catch up as best as possible, the Kickstarter would have allowed us to contract additional help and in general get more consistent man-power directed towards those ends. It was one option it would have been foolish to not try, because if it succeeded, it would have made a big difference. The two down sides to this were that the campaign failed to get funded and we forgot just how many hours a day is required to set up and maintain a campaign, so for that nearly 2 month span, Edgar's progress on Spriter 2 was further stilted during that time. For the record, no-one ever said Edgar couldn't work for an entire year because he hurt his back. Existing injuries (caused from an automobile accident) grew worse from working very long hours over a very long time, causing debilitating discomfort since then, which is a large factor in the slowed progress. This never forced him to take a large chunk of time off entirely, it forced him to not be able to work for any substantial amount of time on any given day without frequent interruptions. We never changed the story, but any one post on Kickstarter, Youtube, Facebook etc. can't possibly tell the entire story. You can have debilitating back pain from a car accident requiting emergency room and doctor visits, and also personal/family matters (as we all do at time) to attend to. As we explained while launching the Kickstarter, the injuries were only part of the delay for Spriter 2. The other was the required evolution of what Spriter 2 would need to be, to not only be relevant in the face of the many great competitors it now has, but to also be flexible enough to support the ever more powerful features we were envisioning for far into the future of animation, which is what Alchemist was all about. This took a massive amount of R&D on our end, and one of the frustrating causes for us to not be able to explain the delays in more detail is we did not want to explain and announce all these planned features long before we could deliver them. In a competitive niche with several active developers making competing software, it can be disastrous. We spilled a lot of those beans with the Kickstarter, but it was necessary and overdue to give this great community much more clarify of what we've been working on and to explain the other major cause for delay. Edgar is working on getting an update alpha build done and released as soon as possible, and as soon as we can we'll switch to a much more consistent and transparent update system.
  14. Sorry, as we had mentioned long ago, skin mode was an experimental proof of concept which won't be fixed. Spriter 2 will have much more advanced deforming features which of course will be actively supported. I know it's a troublesome work-around, but you could render out the deforming (skin mode) parts all separately by making a character maps which hide the other parts, then combine all the rendered frames back together after the fact in a graphics program.
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