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  1. There should be an informative update post later today or tomorrow at the latest.
  2. Hi Shane, Please do the following: 1) Make sure before you save your Spriter file you have all the special saving options turned on. 2) Make sure you do not zip the folder of the Spriter project, but instead zip all the files in the folder into a zip file. 3) Make sure the zip file name is the exact same name as the .scon file except for the '.scon' and '.zip' extensions. If you're doing all this and it's still not working please make a screen recording showing this process and the resulting error and/or zip up your entire Spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com so I can trouble-shoot and find the problem.
  3. You will need to provide more specific information. Please share a screen recording or screen images showing what you're trying to do and the resulting error etc.
  4. Hi CJM94, In the intro you say you are using SpriterDotNet for Unity, but the error message is for Spriter2UnityDX, which are two completely different runtimes that handle using Spriter animations in Unity in very different ways. Did you install one but are trying to use it like it's the other? Here's the GitHub page for SpriterDotNet for Unity : https://github.com/loodakrawa/SpriterDotNet which currently gives some warnings but seems to work, but the author says on his Github page he plans to update it soon.
  5. Hi Michael, We're sorry to hear you had bad experiences. Hopefully we can help with much of it, but before I try I'd like to thank you for your feedback, because users like who take the time to report issues and make suggestions improved Spriter Pro and continue to give us insights for making Spriter 2 all the better. Now onto the specific issues: "Sometimes copying keyframes from multiple objects doesn't work, so I had to copy one by one from the objects." To my knowledge you're the first person to ever report such and issue. I'd love to find out more. What OS are you using Spriter Pro on? Maybe you might be multi-selecting key frame nodes in the time-line to copy them. Amazingly I've never even tried that. What I do to copy multiple objects key frames is just select them in the actual canvas while anywhere on the time line and press control+C, then go anywhere else on the timeline and press control+v. I don't remember any issues going back a great many update builds, but if the paste acts as though not everything was successfully pasted, then try just pressing control+V again. Please watch these videos at the top of the search results: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brashmonkey+spriter+copy+and+paste "Sometimes, I can't move bones. When that happens I use middle mouse button for panning screen, and after then I could move bones again." This is another bug I've never seen reported before other than occasionally missing clicking the bones because they are quite thin, especially when working with very high res images. Again if we know your specific OS and maybe input device we might be able to figure out the cause of the issue. "And when I'm scaling bones, there was difference between the expectation about how it would scale the sprites and how it actually look like. For example, when I attach a bone to a vertically long rectangle(bone's root is on the floor of the rectangle and bone's head on ceiling of the rectangle) and scale the bone vertically, I expected this scaling would make the sprite scaled vertically but it scaled the sprite horizontally. It's not intuitive at all." This is not a bug or glitch, its because Spriter does not do mesh deforming of the sprites, it can only stretch or rotate them as rectangular images. If you watch the first several minutes starting at 2 minutes in, this video you'll understand how to work with this: Regarding your suggestions for master key-frames qw completely agree, as do many other users. All of these concerns will be non-issues in Spriter 2, but that doesn't help you in the moment. To make matters worse for you, yes I think you're right and I think there's no automatic way to purge empty main key frames. The most useful information I can tell you is Spriter Pro's format was designed around the traditional cartoon animator's workflow of creating specific full body pose key-frames, with the bonus that it will or can tween between them if you want it to. It's really designed for animators to animate based on key-frame poses and not on individually controlling the tweening and separate timing of independent body parts. This is why the way Spriter works is frustrating and counter-productive for you in this regard, As I mentioned, Spriter 2 will work much more like how you want, in regard to predicable scaling (and deforming), and also in regards to totally independent time-lines without forced main keyframes. If you own Spriter Pro you'll get Spriter 2 as a free upgrade, and already have access to test the latest alpha build as it developes to monitor progress and give us feedback if you choose, but this is by no means an immediate or fast resolution for your current frustrations. Please feel free to email me directly at mike@brashmonkey.com if I've not sufficiently helped alleviate your frustrations with Spriter. and sorry for the delayed reply. -Mike at BrashMonkey
  6. Thanks for the feedback. For now you could consider also organizing your images into more sub-folders perhaps. I tend to do a separate folder for arms, legs, torso, etc. It makes it way faster to find your body part images while constructing characters too.
  7. Zone-based rigging and bone skinning tweakable through splines coming soon to Spriter 2 alpha
  8. Please always mention what OS you're using Spriter on and if you're using the free or pro version of Spriter when reporting technical issues like this. It can help us figure out the problem faster. please download, unzip, and try using this WAV file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Aw6vAklHh5bilNEg2vjCLiMXD2b7XiL/view?usp=sharing Make sure to put it in a sub-folder in your project canned "sounds" Make sure the wave files you're trying to add are not longer than the duration of the entire animation.
  9. Hi Vania, By the look of it, that's not additive, that's just displaying all semi-opaque pixels up to a very high threshold as 100 percent opaque. There's a good chance It's Construct 3 that is not liking the particular format your PNG's were saved out in. You might want to try loading the images into something really generic like krita or Irfanview (both free programs) and re-saving them to see if that fixes the issue.
  10. You can never use any art from other games or created by artists without getting their express permission. Even if you combine or alter it differently. The only safe things are to make your own art or pay artists for custom art or purchase specifically royalty free art packs.
  11. Here is a new download link. Thanks again to TombMonkey for sharing his exceptional work for others to learn from. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zuZVgyb5Z_6ZaHB7_2IwwGLqsMTMinDs
  12. I answered this question recently to another post from another account, but can't find that now. You'll want to use character maps and also explore using the ability to load an image into a standard construct 2 sprite frame from either a URL or file URI. excerpt from Construct 2 manual section about Construct Sprites "Load image from URL Load an image from a given URL. The current animation frame will be replaced with the image. It is not shown until the image has finished downloading, and On image URL loaded triggers. Images loaded from different domains are subject to the same cross-domain restrictions as AJAX requests - for more information see the section on cross-domain in the AJAX object. Data URIs can also be passed as an image, e.g. from a canvas snapshot or webcam image. The Size parameter sets whether the Sprite object will be set to the image size when it loads, or whether to keep its current size and stretch the image."
  13. Hi Rick. I'm very sorry, somehow I never saw this thread until now. To answer your most recent question, clicking in the canvas and pressing control plus shift plus C will copy everything in the canvas at that point in the timeline. Then you should be able to paste that into even a new and empty animation via standard Control+v. This has always been a major part of my workflow when creating all the animated characters for the art packs. There's no way to copy several key-frames and their timing and append them to the end of another animation without doing it manually, one frame at a time unfortunately. I'll discuss this feature with Edgar for Spriter 2. Sorry again for somehow missing your posts until now.
  14. You could have all the enemies separate, but have the specific grapple animations include enemies... maybe one "dummy" enemy that can hive their body part images replaced on the fly via a character map to look like any enemy? Or have a copy of each grapple animation to handle each enemy. Then when a grapple move is triggered, you'd make the real enemy disappear and play the animation that has that enemy built in. Then when he animation finishes, make the enemy visible again and in the proper place and animation to seamlessly continue where the animation left off. The benefit of separate Spriter projects for enemies vs player is it will be logically more easy to distinguish which Spriter object is which, as it would be a totally different one instead of having to check a variable or something else to figure out what instance of the same Spriter object is the player or the enemy. You're looking to make a complicated game, and any solution is going to be tricky one way or the other, but any of the methods you are considering should work.
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