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  1. make sure in your browser you are logged into your Steam account which owns Spriter and then follow the link provided here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/332360/view/2243302203310905038
  2. I'll be making Spriter 2 tutorials soon, and many concise and polished ones will be ready for the 1.0 launch. Currently there is the help feature in Spriter 2 which explains most of the features which are currently present. (a question mark icon at top-left of Spriter 2 which brings up the help system) We don't have an official feature list yet, but the same general features of Spriter combined with advanced and flexible (no pun intended) mesh deforming feature is the key. Many features will be added and announced after the initial version 1.0 release. I'll release public tutorial v
  3. Very sorry about my oversight. The new one was placed over the old file, so it just needed to be re-downloaded and installed. I'm glad you tried that despite my poor communication.
  4. The latest alpha build, released about a day ago, can export to many animation formats or sequential PNG images. Have you tried it yet? You need to download and install a new Spriter 2 file, the previous build won't auto-update to this latest version automatically.
  5. You could export the animation as sequential images and animate the other object separately and then combine them together after the fact, especially if this is for inside a game.
  6. Ah, you are not blind. That has nothing to do with Z order. Spriter was really designed to animate individual objects which would be assembled into full scenes inside games. it's not really designed to animate entire scenes with separate objects animating separately. The problem is everything shares the same key frames and easing if you turn easing on from any key to another. Spriter 2 will be much better suited to animating entire scenes.
  7. I don't understand what you're describing. If you're referring to changing the z order across entire animations you can fix the z-order how you want it in any key frame and then choose the option to copy the z-order across the entire animation.
  8. If you pre-ordered Spriter 2 here then you can use Spriter Pro and try the alpha of Spriter 2 at the same time on the same system. Only the Steam versions currently have that limitation, which won't be an issue once Spriter 2 is officially released, then it will be it's entirely own product on Steam. Spriter 2 is not abandoned. Edgar is and has been hard at work on it, but several factors including injuries from a previous automobile accident slowed down its development, especially in the past. A new alpha build should be released in the next several days and we try to release new builds
  9. Hi SoloCrowd. sorry for the inconvenience. If we never replied then either we never received your email or our reply got lost in spam filters. Please email me at mike@brashmonkey.com I'll personally help you out as fast and as best as I can . Did you purchase Spriter Pro here on our store, or via Steam, or via the Scirra or Fusion stores? If you purchased it here on our online store then it was with an old account or old email address. When you email me provide as much info as possible so I can find the record of your purchase.
  10. Unity support will be nearly from day one, but it's too early for any run times because the core features of Spriter 2 are not all present and fully integrated with the others.
  11. The plan is to support C3 as much as possible, but it's unsure if a C2 plug-in will be developed as C2 is being officially retired. I'll discuss it with Edgar when I get the chance.
  12. Ah, darn. I think the issue is you're using the draw self mode and importing the Spriter project form the get go in that mode, with a sprite sheet instead of individual sprites. I think maybe Construct does not create the collision sprites when you import this way. I'll have to check with Edgar. In the meantime, if you zip up the entire Spriter project and send it to me I can verify the problem and hopefully come up with a fast solution for you. of course I won't show or share your Spriter project with anyone. ig you want to, send it to mike@brashmonkey.com
  13. It should have been generated as a regular construct spriter with a name something like the nape of the spriter project followed by whatever name you gave the hitbox in Spriter. It is likely in a 'folder' (in the construct editor) with the other images that your spriter project uses.
  14. it wants you to create a clone of the entire project which does not use spritesheets. so that you can then load that project and from there generate your new sprite sheets. it's under File/Other file actions/Save as resized etc etc.
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