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  1. Mike at BrashMonkey

    What is “relative z-order”?

    Ah... absolute Z order would be the z-index number, like the third one from the top etc. Relative z-order would be more percentile, like 30 percent down from top.
  2. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Crash when exports to .gif

    Odds are you have an issue like the one explained in this video starting around 23 seconds in. :
  3. Mike at BrashMonkey

    What is “relative z-order”?

    In what context? Where is this quote coming from?
  4. This is it so far, I'll make more videos when I can. Collision rectangles are normal construct sprites once imported into Construct 2 or 3... look for them in the family folder of the Spriter project you imported... you can do overlap or collision checks for them just like any other standard Construct sprites.
  5. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter 2 teaser and pre-order sale!

    You should get it automatically once it's released.
  6. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Is there a way possible delete keyframe on the MacBook Pro?

    One other user seems to have had the same issue and their solution was as follows. "I use OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 and choose edit/delete from the menu worked for me. "
  7. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Collision box in construct3

    Yes, it will automatically be generated regardless of what mode you import the Spriter file in. It's generated as a standard Construct sprite which you can then use for collision/overlap detection events.
  8. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter 2 Private Alpha

    Not currently and we can't guarantee it will. To give you an idea, about 2 percent of total Spriter users run it on a 32 bit variation of Windows, and this of course only gets smaller over time. It's highly likely it would demand a highly disproportionate amount of work to maintain and debug a variant for such a small and shrinking user base. It's not impossible though.. we won't know for sure until we do some testing once the alpha is further along.
  9. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Smooth path

    This is not really what Spriter was designed for, but clever use of a bone or two that the image is a child of is what you need to do.
  10. Mike at BrashMonkey

    How Do I Animate Toes Wiggling

    In both cases you're likely going to wan to use the image-swapping feature... you can have alternate feet images which you can swap through to animate the toes.. .same with mouth movement. There is also papagoyo support: There is a manual built into Spriter (help/help in the menu) and these videos:
  11. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Is there a way possible delete keyframe on the MacBook Pro?

    Have you tried holding the function key or pressing control or option plus the D key?
  12. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Plug-in for Construct 2

    First, be sure to download and install the latest version of the Spriter plugin, which you can get here: https://www.construct.net/en/construct-2/addons/177/spriter If you don't know how to install plug-ins into C2, you can watch this video here. Then watch the video below and follow along to export your Spriter project from Spriter and then import it into C2: When you've made updates or additions to your Spriter project you can just repeat these steps using the same file names for your Spriter files to update your animations in your C2 project. Now that you know how to import and update your Spriter project, watch these other videos below to learn how to control it with events.
  13. Mike at BrashMonkey

    Spriter Plug-in for construct 3

    Make sure you have the latest version of the Construct 3 plug-in from here: https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/addons/192/spriter Here is a video for installing the plug-in of you don't know how. You can then watch the video below to see how to export your project from Spriter and then import it into Construct 3. You can repeat this process whenever you need to update your Spriter project in your game. Meaning, if you change or add animations, images, sounds etc. in your Spriter project, just repeat the import process while keeping the name of the Spriter files the same and it will update in C3. Now that you know how to import your project to C3, you can watch these videos to learn how to control it with events.
  14. Mike at BrashMonkey

    How do you select multiple/all Key?

    There's no way to select all frames automatically, however if you hold the alt key while left clicking and dragging you can multi-select frames via a selection rectangle.
  15. Mike at BrashMonkey

    SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation

    @Revagames I spoke briefly with Edgar about your issue and his thoughts were as follows: it seems like it's a bug in either your code or the SpriterPlusPlus code that's leaving easingCurve set to null or pointing somewhere invalid. Unfortunately Edgar will not be able to look into this anytime soon, as Spriter 2 requires his full attention until we hit certain milestones, but he suggests debugging with a breakpoint in that function in order to verify, and going back through the callstack to see when the issue happens would be the first step to looking into it. Let me know if this is helpful.