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  1. I just tried loading it onto R6 and R7 and had the exact same problem. I'm starting to get concerned that the file I was working on was somehow messed up because of this problem.
  2. While working on my sprites in the past few weeks I noticed something strange. Firstly, I couldn't use the "key all" button, it simply didn't do anything. After clicking it, I moved the characters head completely off the body to test, and went to the next frame, in which the head was still moved, rather than back in the place it was originally like it should be after keying all the frames. But that's not the biggest issue. After doing that, I was frustrated so I started looking through my old animations and noticed that they are just blatantly messed up, things being off by one or two pixels. I don't know if you changed some rounding in the code or something in an update recently, but for my pixel art 100s of hours of work is messed up and I'm not sure I can I cant recommend this software to anyone if this is normal and not solvable. I appreciate what the program is good for, but this kind of bug is just ridiculous. Here's a screenshot of one of the animations which I had exported earlier, how it is supposed to look: https://i.imgur.com/47bli7z.png For some reason, now it looks like this in the program: Obviously, I didn't misalign his legs so badly that one is above the ground and the other is below it. I was using the x axis line to represent the ground so I could make all the animations flush with the ground. You can also see his arm is extended more and his hand is slightly lower. There's no logical reason for this and I need it to be resolved or I won't be able to continue work on this program, because this same sort of random changes have happened to practically all of my animations: Which is a LOT of animations, as you can see Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is a totally destructive bug.
  3. After installing the Visual Studio C++ 2013 runtime, everything seems to be working fine! Thank you for the help!
  4. Hello! Recently my old windows 7 laptop broke and I got a new windows 10 computer. I installed steam and Spriter, but upon trying to open Spriter, nothing happens. Well, the program doesn't open, but for about a second Steam shows "Running" beside the program name, before becoming blank again. Any help would be appreciated! I have a Windows 10 64 bit operation system, x64 based processor if it's important. Thanks!
  5. So I think this counts as an issue, I just made a topic about it but realized I should have probably posted it here. Basically I've found that when I change the xscale of something from say, 1 to -1, in the frames in between, if it ever becomes 0, then I can't change it from 0. This kind of makes the whole animation unusable cause I don't actually want parts to disappear for a frame which is what happens when xscale becomes 0. Basically after that point, if I try to change the xscale of that sprite asset, it immediately goes back to 0.
  6. Hello! So for my animation I wanted to change the xscale of some images, and due to tweening one of the frames has the image with an xscale of 0. I don't actually want that but whenever I change the scale it immediately reverts back to 0. Is there a logical reason for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Okay so I've determined that none of the actual angles of the sprites or the bones change (the angle value stays the same) when I change the sprite pivot points, but the angle appears to change slightly. This is really noticeable for me because I'm using low resolution pixel art. I can't think of a way to fix this problem, please let me know if you come up with any solutions! Thanks!
  8. Yes I'm sure. The angles definitely only appear changed after altering the pivot points, and it affects the character even without the character map active. I'll fiddle around some more today to see if I can fix it but I'm not sure what it is I'm looking for here.
  9. I am having another problem actually, the images haven't changed position but the angles appear to have changed slightly. Any idea what's causing that?
  10. I think I discovered the problem: I was viewing the sprites with a character map over top. I only changed the pivot points on the original sprites, so the character mapped sprites had different pivot points. Thanks for the help, I just need to go in and change all the mapped images too. Thanks!
  11. Hey! I'm pretty sure that's what I was doing but when I did it, the sprites appeared to jump to a new position. I'll try it again, and if the problem remains I'll look into closing and reopening the program, just to see if it fixes it. Thanks!
  12. Hey! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the pivot point of an image in all animations without changing where it appears on screen? If this feature doesn't exist it might be a good thing to implement as an option; simply compensate for the number of pixels the pivot point has shifted. As it stands, I have a ton of animations and I need to change the pivot points of nearly all of my images: having to manually reset their positions is not only time consuming, but pretty confusing. If anyone knows how to change the pivot points without changing the location the images appear to be in, please let me know. Thanks!
  13. *Solved* Just realized you can clone an animation and change the scaling, which doesn't produce this glitch. Still, it's a bit of an odd bug, might be worth checking out! Thanks Hey! I'm having a problem where I want to flip an animation from right to left (and then edit the left facing one). I tried to do this by choosing the parent bone and changing the y scale from 1 to -1. The problem is, the bones all appear massive and since I'm working with small assets (pixel art) I'm having difficulty being able to distinguish between any of them.
  14. One suggestion I have is adding the option to create folders/groups of your animations in a .scml file. I have a character with lots of animations, and it would be easier to work on it if I could hide groups of animations I'm not currently working on while working on other animations; it would also help organize the animations. (If this is already a feature, please let me know how to use it, I haven't found this anywhere online).
  15. Thank you so much! I'm very glad I didn't come across as rude :P I tried adjusting the size of the exported image and it worked! This is really good news for me and my team. I haven't found any other programs which handle pixel art this well. Now I can get back to testing it for my own uses. Once again, thank you! -Seb
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