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    UElabeal reacted to om3 in [IMPORTANT] Zoom tool   
    Hi, I have limited's  movements in my hand.  I  can't to press right click, I need to  use the zoom, my  suggest is  a zoom  tool, magnifier.
    I use a virtual keyboard http://hot-virtual-keyboard.com/and I can't the shortcut on it.
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    UElabeal reacted to James W in LOVE it! glad its done!   
    I have been following the creation of spriter since the beginning... payed for a early lic, and patiently waited on the finished product.
    I would periodically pop in and download the new releases and play around with them... get started and then some plugin for C2 or the method of insertion would change, things would break and.... well.   lets just say I continued to wait. 
    Yesterday I downloaded the most recent "stable" update and i must say you guys have done a great job!  
    I will be recommending this to anyone looking for animation software.
    and... im sure i will be asking for help using this amazing tool in the near future.          please have mercy on me.   lol
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    UElabeal reacted to jokderdeus in How to clone an object with its animation ?   
    I am sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere, I looked through the forum and didn't find anything about this.
    So, does somebody know if we can, and if yes, how can we clone an object with its animation ? And if we can't, an other way to avoid redoing the animation manually when we clone an object ?
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    UElabeal reacted to alan349 in Looking for somenone to draw something voluntarily   
    Hello guys, so, I'm starting with game development but I don't have enough ability to draw sprites :lol: I'm developing a 2D RPG like game and it's already on the demo 4.0 (link if someone want to see my work: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636410?id=636410 ), but the sprites used in the game were not made by me, i got them from somewhere.. But now I want to make a Male replace for the protagonist, and i'm looking for someone to make it for me. The problem is that I can't pay for it, so i'm looking for a good soul that would make it voluntarily :D
    Here it's a picture of the char i'm talking about:

    Could someone help me?
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    UElabeal reacted to rainbox in Spriter design question in Construct2   
    Hello! Love Spriter. I have a quick design/C2 question.
    Right now I have all my sprites/animations in one SCML file. That one file has my character, items, and backgrounds as different entities. If my sprite count gets very big though, does it matter if I'm still only using one SCML file for everything? Or is it better to create multiple SCML files and separate categories of sprites into them (like one for characters, one for items, etc.) and just create each when needed? I'm just wondering how it works from workflow/computer resources put of view.
    Thanks :)
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    UElabeal reacted to South in Bone import to Unity   
    I just bought Spriter over the weekend after watching several of the tutorial videos and I love it.  It's so simple but powerful and art replacement will save me several months of work because my game has several playable characters and I can now simply replace art in pre-made animation cycles to instantly animate new characters as they are created.  Freaking genius.  In my game however, the player will also be able to pick up and swap out their weapons and I wondered if I could export the actual bones used in the animation in Spriter to Unity so that I can use it as an anchor point for the weapon swapping.  The only way I've come up with so far if this method isn't possible is to create a blank game object as a child of the sprite and then I'd have to animate it and code it to switch animations to match the sprite animation.  This obviously isn't ideal and prone to issues should the animation of the sprite and the animation of the empty game object get out of sync.  So, I'm really hoping I can just export the bone data from Spriter and use it in Unity.
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    UElabeal reacted to icuurd12b42 in Spriter and Game Maker Studio   
    Hi guys!
    I dont know if you remember me but I did the Game Maker Spriter API a long while ago and it worked for a while but after a few spriter updates it stopped working and so I been pestered quite a lot to update the api but I simply had no time on my hand and mainly had not time to keep up to date with all the changes and features.
    What I need is a little guidance to figure out where to go get the information I need.
    I also need example files and the download I got comes with none.
    I need the file specs, the supported features specs, example(s) that use all the features, hopefully those example would be included with the API as a demonstration on how the api works and to show what feature are supported; as well they would make an appearance in the demo exe and the demo video.
    I am not an animator so I would need something "free to use" as I cannot do these animations myself.
    Also I got the free version, how does it differ from the purchased version, would an API written with the demo as a working/testing tool be enough? would I need to get the purchased version?
    Thanks for helping out!
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    it's a definite possibility for the long term.
    good idea. It was already going to have the spinboxes, but that's a good idea. Also, the angle control will have a wheel you can rotate with your mouse.
    The current beta does have a 'protected selection' feature. You can drag, drop, and rotate a selected object even if it's behind others. only if you click a sprite on an area that doesn't overlap the currently selected object(s) will it change the selection.
    yes, that's in there
    yes, the next release will be native UI on Windows, Mac, and, Linux
    yes, all of that is planned for the long term, and the groundwork is already layed for those features.
    thanks for the kind words, and yes, we do want to work with the community to develop an ecosystem of some sort for both the animators and the developers.
    the todolist is huge, but things are going very well on fronts.
    working hard on the next version, and loving every minute of it.
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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Animated GIFs work in the forums now.   
    Hi Everyone,
    I found the system setting to allow animated GIFs for avatars etc and have switched it on.  If your avatar isn't animating as it should, just choose to change the image in your user control panel and then re-upload it and it should then be animating as expected.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    UElabeal reacted to RunnerPack in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    It's probably already in this huge list somewhere, but I would really appreciate it if right-clicking on the play button would just stop at the end instead of auto-rewinding. It should probably be optional (in case I'm the only weirdo who wants it this way ;)).
    EDIT: I forgot to mention the dilemma of how to handle right-clicking when the head is already at the end of the time-line. You could have it restart from the beginning, but sometimes it might be nice to be able to go from somewhere in the middle to the end. In that case, you should probably save the head position when play is right-clicked, and rewind back there if it's right-clicked again with the head at the end. Just my two cents...
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    UElabeal reacted to akdean in Inverse Kinematics Spriter Pro from Steam   
      I was using the "Spriter Free" edition for a while and thought the program was so great, I needed the Pro version. Seeing that it was available on Steam made it a no-brainer for me. However, when I upgraded to the Pro version and attempted to use the inverse kinematics "locking" feature that was mentioned in the tutorial videos (the ones that appear every time I open the program) doesn't seem to work and I can't find any buttons or other shortcuts that have the same features.
      Has this been removed, changed?
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    UElabeal reacted to Solo in Spriter for Unity 4.3   
    Hey malhavok. I love your plugin but really need something that works for the newest version of spriter beta. I was wondering if I could give you some cash to update it for that. I'm sure you plan on implementing all the spriter features eventually, but was wondering if I could kickstart that process a little.
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    UElabeal reacted to dreichelt in Newbie Question   
    Hi I have not yet purchased Spriter until I know it's a tool I can use. I am mainly a developer with not much artistic abilities in drawing or animating. If I hire an artist to make the base character in pieces, I can use this to make all types of animations correct? I would need idle, walk, run, attack, being hit. What's the learning curve on this software for a guy like me? This would really help me keep costs down if in fact it's a tool I could use. Thanks
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    UElabeal reacted to Jonjon in Did anyone ever manage to fix the Reaper importing to Unity with Spriter2Unity?   
    Basically when I try to import it, it looks like this
    If someone could modify the Reaper, or the Spriter2Unity on Github, and send it to me.... I'll give you 20 bucks. Hell if you can fix the whole Spriter2Unity plugin for Unity so that it's finally complete, and doesn't suck, and also doesn't make the Animation tab look impossible to configure animations, or at least let me easily update the scml/prefab when I make changes to animations and shit in Spriter. 100 bucks. Come on, any programmers out there wanna make some money?
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    UElabeal reacted to Malhavok in Spriter for Unity 4.3   
    either editing a wiki or opening a new issue is fine. i'll try to help if you'll need it. also, if you'll have something nice and working i'll just give you access to the repository and i'll just scrap the python version. native is always better.
    i'm missing a first frame in the first animation O.O? in python or in unity? if it's in unity, it's probably just my terrible mistake, if it's in python i'll look into it right away.
    i've resigned for the native unity version for now because i had problems with generating a properly working AnimationClip :/ maybe you'll have more luck with it ^^
    also, if you want i can explain "in depth" how and why i'm using animation events to change the images
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    UElabeal reacted to jokderdeus in Applying bezier tangent settings to several keys   
    Does somebody know how to apply a customized tangent to several keys without having to do it for each single key with the curve editor ?
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Spriter r2 released! Steam Sale 50% until December 2nd   
    Hello everyone!
        Welcome to the first post 1.0 release of Spriter.  Aside from a couple of bug fixes, this release includes a new video help option that lets you watch our YouTube tutorials in a floating window (with links to open the playlists in your default browser).  Video Help will show up immediately upon startup to give guidance for beginners, and the window has an option to disable this behavior.  Spriter will now warn you if you try to save outside the project directory that it won't be able to find it's images, and will also provide an explanation and the expected file structure when you load a file with missing images.
    An important note for Mac users.  There is an optimization in this version that may correct the performance issues some users have been experiencing on the Mac.  Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you, as it seemed to make a significant difference on our machines.
    We will continue to fix bugs and provide minor feature updates, but my primary focus at the moment is completing the developer documentation.
    Lastly, if you're reading this and you don't already own Spriter Pro, or you have a friend who doesn't, Steam is having their Autumn Sale now, and Spriter is 50% off until December 2nd.  Spread the word!
    Thanks everyone, and enjoy the new build!

    download Spriter r2 here
    Change-Log 11/28/2014Additions and Enhancements
    Performance optimizations - possible fix for Mac slowdown issues Added Video Help on startup (with the option to never show again), and in the Help menu Added a link the Grey Guy example file in the Help menu Added a warning when attempting to save outside of the project directory(with the option to never show again) Added a warning/explanation that pops up when a project has missing images, and displays the expected file tree(with the option to never show again) Added a Help menu option to reset all 'show this message again' checkboxes Saving a resized project no longer allows you to save to your current project folder or any of it's subfolders to avoid confusion and overwriting or mixing up both projects' images Saving a resized project now confirms individual image overwrites as it creates resized copies of images Original image size data is now preserved in Missing Image placeholders Original image size data is now preserved when saving a project with missing images Bug Fixes
    Fixed a crash that could occur with certain projects with missing folders and images Fixed a bug that would give autosaves the *.scon extension when working on a project last saved as *.scon, even though all autosave data is saved as scml Fixed a bug that would cause child bones created on very wide parent bones to have 0 width
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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Another game using Spriter and art packs!   
    As many of you may recall from a previous update post, I'm helping game artist Renita Orellana to finish her platformer game. The game is not a BrashMonkey product, but it does tie in with the creation of our first two fully animated game art packs by the fact that we're letting Renita use them as we develop them, so we thought the Spriter community might find it interesting.

    Renita has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the games completion. You can find out more by visiting the official Kickstarter page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renitao/hyper-segtendio-siblings?ref=live
    The game is not ours, and contributing to it will not directly support BrashMonkey or Spriter, but a successful Kickstarter campaign would ensure a great third party environment art pack (by Renita) and a very fun (and casual gamer friendly) game. I'll also be using the opportunity to create several “behind the scenes” tutorial videos for aspiring game artists.
    For those who don't know, I'd already begun creating some tutorial vids which can be seen here:

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    UElabeal reacted to Malhavok in Spriter for Unity 4.3   
    Hi there
    I like both Spriter and Unity so i thought that i'd be lovely to use them together. When Unity 4.3 came out, with 2d support and stuff, this was the first idea that came to my mind. So, after spending some time after work, i present to you - Spriter2Unity
    Currently it's very rough, could call it "pre-alpha" state.
    What it does:
    - converts scml file into Unity prefab and animation
    What it doesn't:
    - assign files directly to Unity SpriteRenderers (you have to do it by hand in the editor :/)
    Why so:
    - you get the most Unity-way objects, that is prefabs, so you can use them Unity-way
    - you get the most Unity-way animations, that is anim files, so you can use Animator Controllers and State Machines and all magic connected to it
    here is the link:
    (the code inside is kinda hacked together, so be warned if you stray into it)
    i've tested it so far on the GrayMan free asset and on an asset connected to the repo - seems to work fine. If you notice anything wrong, leave an issue or a post, describing what's wrong (scml files that cause problems would be cool)
    it seems that it doesn't work for boneless animations, i'll be looking into it.
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    UElabeal reacted to Valerien in My animated sprites   
    That's some really nice work there! I like the kind of bouncy, fluid animation you're showing overall. May you have some background in traditional animation ;) ? You have some bouncy characters like the ginger boys that have that wiggly quality of old disney works. Lovely!
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    UElabeal reacted to Sphax in 8 Directions animations for the animations already done   
    I'm currently discovering Spriter and I quite like this tool. It reminds me a very old small tool I made when I was young (Space Animator) so I must love this new extremely useful tool. :)
    I'm an artist myself but I hate animating and don't have much time for that. I would love to see an Animations Art Pack with 8 directions for all the already done animations in the Platformer Starter Pack.
    Would it be feasible? I would buy directly. ;)
    Cheers and keep up your good work.
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    UElabeal reacted to Gussy in Animations not changing quick enough   
    Making an Isometric game and here are my files for my project
    World of Fantasy
    In this first build I animated a pixel sprite I made and got the movements to work fluently when you press up , down, left, diagonal ups ,and diagonal downs it switches like it should
    I then came to realize how am I going to get armor or weapons onto my character and learned with spriter pro that character mapping would come in handy for that. I went back to redrawing my character in a doll format.
    World of Fantasy2
    In this second build I have all the animations from my Spriter Pro and when i press the keys they don't switch some of the times, or ever like I tried to program it. I also realize and thinking how i would go about when I'm not moving my character how it will know what angle to go idle at because I have seperate animations for that too. Any Ideas?
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    UElabeal reacted to cosmos10040 in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    That is a great idea. I am currently using pencil2d to rough draft my animations. But it would be nice it such a tool can be implemented at least for pro users. :D
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    UElabeal reacted to TwelveFoxtrot in Error Importing to Unity   
    Hi, I made a character in Spriter 2d and imported him to Unity, and all worked fine
    by script I change his textures and this worked fine as well with the animations.
    but now in another scene the textures wont change if is the animator is activated.
    nothing changed ,the only thing i did was re import the character , and now the animations
    interfere with the textures.
    any one has any ideas why this is happening?
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