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Bone import to Unity

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I just bought Spriter over the weekend after watching several of the tutorial videos and I love it.  It's so simple but powerful and art replacement will save me several months of work because my game has several playable characters and I can now simply replace art in pre-made animation cycles to instantly animate new characters as they are created.  Freaking genius.  In my game however, the player will also be able to pick up and swap out their weapons and I wondered if I could export the actual bones used in the animation in Spriter to Unity so that I can use it as an anchor point for the weapon swapping.  The only way I've come up with so far if this method isn't possible is to create a blank game object as a child of the sprite and then I'd have to animate it and code it to switch animations to match the sprite animation.  This obviously isn't ideal and prone to issues should the animation of the sprite and the animation of the empty game object get out of sync.  So, I'm really hoping I can just export the bone data from Spriter and use it in Unity.

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Hi South,


Its definitely possible to swap out textures for other texture...an effect identical Spriter's character maps, but It takes a few lines of code in your Unity project.


I suggest you contact the creator of Spriter2Unity directly to ask how its done. Maybe there's a tutorial floating around.




Mike at BrashMonkey

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