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  1. Hey malhavok. I love your plugin but really need something that works for the newest version of spriter beta. I was wondering if I could give you some cash to update it for that. I'm sure you plan on implementing all the spriter features eventually, but was wondering if I could kickstart that process a little.
  2. Cool script isaacburns. I was wondering if you would write a quick tutorial on it. I'm not a coder, so I'm not sure how it works. I tried it on my own sprite character, but it won't work since I don't have bone null objects or whatever they are. Do my body parts have to be named the same as yours? Does my group hierarchy have to be the same as yours with bones before sprites? I have plenty more questions, but I think if you gave an explanation on how it works and how to work it everyone would much appreciate it. Thanks
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