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  1. Thanks I just came across that information late last night and wasn't able to get here fast enough , just what i needed though! thanks again for speedy help Mike
  2. you can also come to my stream twitch.tv/gusnation and help me
  3. so i have an animated attack , now how would i go about making a hit box for the sword so when it collides with an enemy it destroys it?
  4. how come when i save changes to my project it makes an auto save and keeps piling up files so i dont know which is my current saved project?
  5. Awesome this fixes everything !!!! so thats how you change origin. I feel like an idiot I did watch this video before and it had my answer all along. curious what the bake entity is in character mapping?
  6. yes i really loved this video it really helped solve some of my issues that i was going to have later
  7. great game i notice if you just hold the arrow key in beginning of stage, you walk through the enemies. but nice animations LOVE the character design
  8. Yes when you clone an animation it will clone everything , but i guess if you wanna clone just one of the images you could use a guide image to help re-animate just that one piece precisely. heres a helpful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guoT3_4RaGM&list=PL8Vej0NhCcI5sxOT64-Z31LW59VUyAVfr&index=8
  9. Oh after searching i think i found a way around my problem....... so, I might have to export my animations in images Like in this handy video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW5CDg0ayAA then all i have to do is make sure my character stays in proportion otherwise i'm still trying to see if i can align my character mapping to work proper
  10. I need help my armor for my character is differently sized , so when i switch my character mapping things dont always fit with the bones the way I wanted. Is there a way to set origins for certain images in spriter pro so that thing fall where they need to be an example I have is small shoulder pads and big shoulder pads and so because the images themselves are different sized they get off positioned on the particular bone.
  11. Good point thanks Mike! I also saw a section for "Game Devolopment" not sure if my posts should have been there, but I know spriter isn't specifically for C2. I herd so many great things about it and learning that it can be used with so many other programs. I stumbled on how you can convert your animation in pro motion to pixelize your work, not sure if there is anyway cheaper to do it since pro motion is a spendy program. thanks everyone for speedy reply, likes, and warm welcomes into the community!
  12. I have 8 direction character sheet in one of my topics it was an idea and start for 8 direction but so many Pieces I had to make for the angles
  13. twitch.tv/Gusnation i'll be broadcasting my work , and if you like my channel please give me a follow
  14. Ya once again its my fault. I remember I needed to redo the save on the scml and scon and also reload it into construct (because i didn't have those angles finished when i loaded), and then finally double check that my animation names matched up and what not everything is working sorry for the trouble but atleast I have a post people can refer to if they have issues *I LEARNED* So I learn that everytime i add an animation or change something in my Spriter Pro it needs to be reloaded into Construct 2 in order to take effect, if i'm wrong please correct me. I'd like to know if there is a w
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