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  1. 1) If you use ctrl to select the bones then use shift to move rotate the chain, that is when it happens but not always, a new set of bones is created, but create all crooked like trying to do the constraint move while the original selection remains untouched. It is possible either the software thinks ctrl is still down or it is possible I have ctrl down. I'll try to be more careful, but you should probably check the shift state first else check ctrl... or not perform the clone if both the shift and ctrl are down. It happens very often so my guess is you should be cautious of the possibility of them both being down at the same time for a moment. 2) if the bone's parent is not part of the selected group you should lock the translation and only allow rotation pinned on it's current position so it won't pull the parent bone 3) great
  2. While trying out the Constraint method I found 3 bugs 1) The selected bones started to duplicate every move, I ended up having like 10 duplicates of the selected bones 2) Pulling a bone connected to a non selected bone rotates that non selected bone though it is not part of the bones I want to Constraint move. if the bone is the keystone bone, the entire model will rotate around to follow the pulled bone. 3) there is a jump to move the bone so it's tip is at the mouse position when the moving starts which prevents fine adjustments
  3. sorry for the late reply. got busy with a project of ours. @RunnerPack Thanks, that looks about as easy as audacity for sound editing. great suggestion @Licid: I'll try the new version. The animated gifs showing the new feature looks awesome, it's actually the way I had made my own unpublished animator and that method is way faster than any pivot like system. I will try to email you this week, that after I give the new version a try @tombmonkey: if you can contact me on the GMC via PM, having a few proper files would help the endeavour.
  4. Spriter Essential b10 Windows 7 Ultimate Moving/rotating, a bone with the mouse, intermittent, not sure what pre-existing condition must have been set. All I know it is happened every run about 2-5 minutes of doing work. I just spent 20 minutes to no avail. I have no video editing tool so uploading a 20 minute video of the entire 20 minutes would take a week; it takes 8 hours for 2 minutes. A screenshot of the error provided would not be useful either except acting as proof of a crash. Perhaps we could skype with a shared screen you could possibly record the session on your end while we go through the process. It could be I am not working in the same sequence as you and so you would never hit the problem. Trying to reproduce the error this time I hit an animation moving bug you can verify in the project. at the second key frame the transition skips https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=981C045D ... 168D%21734 Here are my 2 cents Why is the move most always take precedence over the rotate. I have to make my bones excessively long as I click to rotate it most always does the move. I would Like a lock move so that the rotation is the default action no matter where I click on the bone And the second suggestion is make better use of the right click. I watch your tutorials and many of the keyboard action on many of the features are not reflected by the right click menu options. No Select All/Copy/Paste on the canvas. Select All, No right click copy on the selected bones/animation.. No right click paste/paste mirror and so on. You can delete a keyframe with Del but the right click menu for the frame does not show this. Do a run with an unplugged keyboard :) since you have some much more experience than I do you will be able to find all those inaccessible features
  5. Well I guess this will go on hold since Spriter crashes every 2 minutes so I can't edit my stickman animation to something worthwhile. See ya next release!
  6. Hi guys! I dont know if you remember me but I did the Game Maker Spriter API a long while ago and it worked for a while but after a few spriter updates it stopped working and so I been pestered quite a lot to update the api but I simply had no time on my hand and mainly had not time to keep up to date with all the changes and features. What I need is a little guidance to figure out where to go get the information I need. I also need example files and the download I got comes with none. I need the file specs, the supported features specs, example(s) that use all the features, hopefully those example would be included with the API as a demonstration on how the api works and to show what feature are supported; as well they would make an appearance in the demo exe and the demo video. I am not an animator so I would need something "free to use" as I cannot do these animations myself. Also I got the free version, how does it differ from the purchased version, would an API written with the demo as a working/testing tool be enough? would I need to get the purchased version? Thanks for helping out!
  7. [*:3hd4gfwf]Title: GMSpriterAPI Beta1.3. [*:3hd4gfwf]Description: Support for Spriter files (SCML) [*:3hd4gfwf]GM Version: :GM81: :GM8: [*:3hd4gfwf]Registered: Yes [*:3hd4gfwf]File Type: .zip (gmk, gm81, gmres, gml, animation project file and resources) [*:3hd4gfwf]File Size: 333kb [*:3hd4gfwf]File Link: http://www.host-a.net/u/icuurd12b42/GMSpriterAPI.zip [*:3hd4gfwf]Spriter Site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter [*:3hd4gfwf]GMC Topic: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=537492 Summary This adds support to load Spriter character animation files into your games. Interface: [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterInit() Initializes the setup [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterLoadProject() Loads the SCML file. Supports multiple files [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterSetCharaterAnimation() Set the animation for the character [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterDrawCurrentFrame() Draws the animation frames [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterDebugMakeAnim() pops up a menu to create an animation from the characters available NOTICE: Included in the zip is the Spriter R1 and R3 character files, no harm intended, used for proof of concept Limited support for R1 and R3 There are features in Spriter that could be supported... Collisions would need to be synchronized and I think there is hot point support to come in Spriter but the file did not have anything regarding the 2. If you are interested, I can add support to fetch where an item is, like the sword in the animation so you can drop a collision enabled object at the location, so to detect sword hits. I could also provide support for compound characters where each sprite could possibly be linked to an instance. Support [*:3hd4gfwf] Spriter R1 files support [*:3hd4gfwf] Spriter R3 files support [*:3hd4gfwf] hot spot support (to us, x,y origins) [*:3hd4gfwf] bounding box loading, no access Issues: [*:3hd4gfwf]The frame timing is slightly off (not noticeable though) [*:3hd4gfwf] section is ignored [*:3hd4gfwf] ignored Please provide feedback... and I do have a donate link below in my sig :) The Demo It asks for the animation file when it starts Right Click will show the characters available.
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