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My animated sprites

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Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full version once i get used to the software, sprites are made using exactly the same technique using stickman software from cutoutpro.Im using OpenBOR engine and i play my games on my Android phone and Windows cpu but you can play also on MAC,Linux and other systems.








Can't embed YT vids for some reason...

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Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full versio

That's some really nice work there! I like the kind of bouncy, fluid animation you're showing overall. May you have some background in traditional animation ;) ? You have some bouncy characters like t

Im just importing bodypart as skin and then draw bone over it and assign it to this bone, then i click twice on skin and i manually adjust all points to fit bodypart, its best to split bodypart on eve

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Very nice Bwwd, I don't know if your doing a He-Man game but the animations look like they'd fit perfectly with the Hanna-Barbara style.

I actually tried Stickman ages ago, long before Spriter existed when I was investigating different software. At the time I felt it wasn't intuitive enough for me, although I think people should simply use what their comfortable with.

Glad to see the OpenBoR engine is still thriving, I'm really looking forward to a number of the newer mods as well: SoR4, TMNT:Shell Shock, & Final Fight:Remake, although I'm probably forgetting a few. I was kind of hoping you might go back and finish your own TMNT game, truth be told it was looking really good.

Best of luck.

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@bwwd These look amazing! Did you use any resources or tutorials on cut out animation when making these or was it all trial and error? Everything I find is just based on basic rigging and walk cycles. I haven't been able to find anything that teaches any high level cut out animation. Working with bezier curves in character animation is completely foreign to me, although I did use them quite a bit in After Effects for video production.

Any help is appreciated.

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Yes im making he-man game but im actually struggling to get his walking animation right, it might look ok on gif but it isnt ok when hes moving, its really time consuming and irritating, small tiny difference can make or break animation.

I never knew there was some tutorials on cutout animation, i was searching for cutour software that can squeeze body parts and deform them, i tried toon boom but actual time to setup cahracter is really really bad and long, also you must go to its nodes system to setup stuff there, for such big and known software its a failure to force people to go into its nodes and tinker with them, its like receiving a car but first repair the engine, then i tried blender but it has problems when mesh is not subdivided, also it cant change texutres in midanim that easy, i like to animate cartoon characters but if its something realistic/human like this he-man then its a bit different case, its sometimes hard to keep it normal not fancy or funny.

What i know is that ragdoll physics in stickman is a big part of the smoothness of motion in my animations

I work quite fast and made 2 characters per day.




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Two characters... a day. Wow, you have my sincere respect. You seem to get allot of mileage out of using just one or two still images, I do things a bit differently then this, which is probably why my characters take so long to finish. Agreed, having the characters in an animation like style is why the fluidity works.

Ive tried multiple different programs too, many of which had their own strengths and weaknesses. Most of them were small, specialized and freeware, but generally missing a feature or two that I'd wanted or wasn't 100% useable somehow, at least to me. Some are very good or excellent, just not as desirable as Spriter. You have to admit, the advent of software such as this gives people allot of freedom to do things much easier.

Good luck finishing the game Bwwd, I'm sure it'll have your usual flare.

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I tried for the first time to swap body to be in sideview in the middle of animation and learned that you have to create movement to justify the rotation , if movement is too slow then it would look fake and body swap would be very very noticeable which i hate and seen in lot of cutout animations , so for this i created fast move in attack and it looks kinda ok




Also made this fall animation, nothing special tho


Still learning, all the time.

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I still cant animate small characters because there are problems assigning skin to small bones but spriter is great for bigger stuff and im already using it for he-man, i like the clean output as png, i can export in orignal size and i dont see any blur.

I just remade this skeletor in spriter


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Thanks, i recently finished some full game projects and im using spriter for some stuff i cant do in other programs.


But so far i didnt encounter animation i couldnt make, even something like this is possible with cutout animation:


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Hey man your work is amazing as always, I wonder if you could please make a short video about how you set up a skins project in spriter.


I know that skins are experimental and all that yada yada, but your work really makes me want to give them a spin but I can't even set up the file properly ( I can't even get a skin to follow a bone, for starters).


A simple video or even a simple text step by step guide on how to set up the images will do.

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Hi. Really nice work.


Do you think using a soft brush  for painting a sprite and then exporting without smooth sampling gives sharp results? The characters you made in the other post of the ninja turtles or the captain commando one here do not have any "tearing pixels".


I have problems with tearing if I work directly with pixelart and no transparency (alpha threshold). Thanks. 

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