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Spriter design question in Construct2

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Hello! Love Spriter. I have a quick design/C2 question.


Right now I have all my sprites/animations in one SCML file. That one file has my character, items, and backgrounds as different entities. If my sprite count gets very big though, does it matter if I'm still only using one SCML file for everything? Or is it better to create multiple SCML files and separate categories of sprites into them (like one for characters, one for items, etc.) and just create each when needed? I'm just wondering how it works from workflow/computer resources put of view.


Thanks :)

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It's probably best for workflow and resources that you use separate scml for separate types of things.  The C2 implementation creates all the actual sprite objects used to create the characters, so you will be using a lot of additional resources if everything is in one huge file.  This also makes it easier to have different logic for different items and enemies, since they'll already be separate objects with separate names.

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