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  1. Hello, Thank you for your answer. I am glad that my opinion can be useful, I didn't want that you think I was venting frustration. Again, I am really looking forward using those new features. They are going to make the life of lots of users much easier that's for sure ! So considering your answer I guess it won't be too long to be implemented ? That is a good new ! Woo hoo ! :cool: Cheers
  2. Hello Mike, Thank you for your fast answer. I am sorry to hear that =( I am really looking forward enjoying this new feature. As an accustomed user of spriter (I bought it more than 1 year ago and am using it regularly), and a professional animator in my job (for character animation in films), I think this feature is a very important one. For now there is too many ways to waste time doing this kind of things and this is quite frustrating and counterproductive (to give you an honest feedback). It is the same for the tangents, I am really looking forward having a feature that can modify several tangents with one click. From my perspective, if those features are not too complex to increment, they should be a priority. Because for now I am spitting bad words in front of my computer every time I use spriter at some point hahaha, which is not what you want. But I know that you guys are doing your best and I obviously have no idea of your context and your priority list. I allowed myself to give my opinion, I think it matters for the developpers to have constructive feedbacks as well. Hopefully it will be useful for you guys. I think for now I will put aside my project and wait that those features are released anyway, do you have any rough idea of when is it going to be ? something more like 6 months, or 2 years ? Cheers
  3. Hello, I want to edit some parts of my character but to keep the animation. Like to move the arm on the left for example but with the animation.]# Basically to edit several keyframes in the same time. More precisely, I would like to add 5 in the X-coordinate attribute of one object on all the frames. Does anyone know how to do do it without editing each single frame manually ? Thanks !
  4. Ok nice, No worries ! Yes I discovered the sub entities but I think I must do something wrong somewhere. Let me know when you release more informations. Cheers
  5. Yes, what you are saying is kind of what I would like to do. Let's take an other example : I make an animation of explosion. But I would like that my explosion have several explosion slightly delayed one to each others, so I would copy my explosion animation, and paste it with its animation and the keys and everything, then I would take all the keys and delay them. In the following example, you can see how I have animated the tears drop. I animated each tear drop manually, but basically, I would like to know if that is possible to copy one tear drop once I have animated it, and then paste it with its animation and delay it slightly to reproduce the same result without doing animation on each tear drop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gneLrFNkQCY
  6. Well, actually it doesn't work as expected. I would actually like to clone an animation into an entity itself. Example : I am animating an object A into the entity Alpha. Once my animation is finished, I would like to duplicate A with its animation and make several A` with the same animation into the entity Alpha. Is that clear ? do you need a video ?
  7. Thank you so much, I didn't realise that we can actually drag and drop animations into each others ("entities"). This is brilliant ! Thanks for fast answer.
  8. Hello, I kind of agree with what woodscreation is saying. It seems that the IK is reversed and that the root of the IK is actually where the aim/goal should be when we create it. You actually need to do counter animation to compensate the issue. The goal of the IK is supposed to be the end of the bone chain.
  9. Salut hieronims, J'ai cru comprendre que tu etais francais avec un autre post ? En ce qui me concerne, je defini les zones de collisions dans construct directement. En revanche je sais que tu peux definir des points d'actions dans spriter pour construct, pour faire tirer des projectiles par exemple.
  10. Salut hieronims, Je suis francais et utilise spriter depuis quelques temps deja, je peux probablement t'aider, n'hesites pas a poser des questions ici et j'essaierai de t'aider.
  11. Hello, I am sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere, I looked through the forum and didn't find anything about this. So, does somebody know if we can, and if yes, how can we clone an object with its animation ? And if we can't, an other way to avoid redoing the animation manually when we clone an object ? Cheers.
  12. Hello, Does somebody know how to apply a customized tangent to several keys without having to do it for each single key with the curve editor ? Cheers.
  13. Hello, I am very happy to hear that and even more to help. This is awesome, thank you very much again for all this great work that you do. Cheers.
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