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Error Importing to Unity


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Hi, I made a character in Spriter 2d and imported him to Unity, and all worked fine

by script I change his textures and this worked fine as well with the animations.


but now in another scene the textures wont change if is the animator is activated.


nothing changed ,the only thing i did was re import the character , and now the animations

interfere with the textures.


any one has any ideas why this is happening?

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Not quite sure, what went wrong, but I would start by not reimporting the character again. Go to the scene where everything works fine, and make a prefab out of your character object. You can then add this prefab to the other scene, this way it should work the way you want it. :)

The importer to Unity seems to still have a lot of problems, and I think nobody is really trying to work on those, so an other option is to just work with sprite sheets. They will have a larger file size, but you won't encounter importing bugs... up to you :)

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