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  1. Yeah, that's true, it's easier to manage that way. I hadn't seen there was a similar function in construct actually! Thanks.
  2. Hey loudo, as far as animation naming is concerned, I personally append a suffix to animation names (_L, _R, etc.) and set the animation playing to animName & characterDirection. I tend to avoid using entities as well, but mostly as I haven't had the opportunity to make a good use of those. Multiple entities seem to be useful mainly to have different rigs in a single spriter file (but I may miss something here). Anyway, changing entities on the fly requires an added step in your code, every time you want to change animation. Just for code clarity and simplicity's sake, I'd avoid it. Anyway, once there is a way to sort the animations within spriter and move them around, this shouldn't be too much of a concern.
  3. This is great news, huge thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing this implementation evolve =).
  4. I have just updated the prototype. It now features a higher level of polish overall, with a bit of sound and music! I hope you'll like it =).
  5. For the past days, I've worked mainly on detailing the background elements. It's not the smartest approach to building up a project, but I needed a new piece for my art portfolio : I've got some work to do at the moment, I'm making a website which shall contain some game design and construct-related resources (plus job-hunting). The next update of the game will be available by the end of the week though.
  6. The framerate is important, sure. It's just a prototype though, so this isn't key right now. Construct has good performances overall. I think that spriter is responsible for a third of the computing power required by the game, but it still shouldn't be slow on a computer. On a galaxy S, and on an Android phone in general though sure, it will be very slow. It will only run on the canvas, with a very limited computing power. Once you get past the computing limits, FPS drop very rapidly. I'll need to get a couple of devices to see how this should be optimized. PS: I tried it on my father's laptop, a weak computer with a 1.5 ghz CPU, and it does run at 60fps in chrome.
  7. Thanks bwwd. Here, it's running at 60fps on safari on my ipad3. However, I'm pretty sure it would be slow as hell on weaker devices. But on a computer, this seems strange. May I ask what navigator you are using? The construct event sheets are quite lightweight at the moment, they spike at 0.5% of CPU usage on my computer. It's very hard to nail the problem when the game runs smoothly. I definitely need to get a less powerfull device to further optimize my work! Maybe you have no hardware acceleration on your navigator? Thanks anyway, and have a nice day. Nathan
  8.   Dan the Rabbit   Click to try the early prototype  Description Dan the Rabbit is a turn-based RPG game prototype. It is a foundational application for some of my upcoming creative work. I wanted to build a dynamic and accessible fighting game thought for multiple platforms. It was also an occasion to start working on a personal art direction for characters and environments.  It is still in progress, although you can already try an early version!  Features • Painterly graphics • Smooth animations with Spriter! • A cute dynamic battle system How to play The game features touch (and mouse)controls. Simply touch a button in order to interact with it!  Changelog 2014-06-13: initial post with the firstreleased iteration.  Upcoming features • A richer environment with parallax • More animations! • An inventory
  9. This looks like a really polished casual game, congratulations! May there be a web version? Or an iOS one planned?
  10. That's some really nice work there! I like the kind of bouncy, fluid animation you're showing overall. May you have some background in traditional animation ;) ? You have some bouncy characters like the ginger boys that have that wiggly quality of old disney works. Lovely!
  11. Hi everyone, and sorry for the delay! The project has been cancelled two months ago. I've been launching a freelance activity since then. @bwwd: the mask could actually only be used within a time limit, which reloaded slowly.
  12. On the latest fix, I haven't faced any bugs, however the playback speed seems to suffer a bit on certain animations, and not others. It's not necessarily a matter of complexity or length though. May you be able to add the tick marks of the snapped frames to the collapsed timeline by the way ? Nice separation lines show up in the dopesheet, although not on the timeline itself (maybe this is already planned ;) ). Cheers, Nathan
  13. Hey everyone, This week, well... I started like a rocket, working intensively for a couple days, only to hit a wall on Friday and finish it in a snarly mood. I principally did spriter-related stuff, quite a bit of animation in fact. This is also an occasion to show you the core mechanic of the game : the mask. The player can use this one in order to hide himself from the most stupid guards. This game's levels and enigmas revolve quite a bit around that sort of things. The load of tasks to accomplish felt truly heavy, so this week I'll take care of previous week's backlog.
  14. Sunday update - 03/16/2014 This week has been busy doing all sorts of crap. Let's not waste too much time, here come some pictures : - Reviewed character skins - Level select menu This week, I'll be : 1- finishing the structure of world 2 levels 2- adding a fair dozen of anim 3- adding the princess and piggy earl, two key characters 4- finishing the first batch of tutorial/settings related assets (xbox, keyboard and touch buttons/action assets) 5- And even more ! See you soon ! Nathan
  15. Thanks for the compliments ! I'm making a short update today, as I'd like to establish a weekly update cycle on Sundays. I worked on many fields this week, extended our initial planning to know what's needed in order to introduce the project to potential publishing partners. I'm also digging the possibilities offered by spriter, starting with animated UI and unlockable skins (if you want some tut showing how to setup your workflow to make UI animations with spriter, I'd be glad to share my process along the way). Here's a glimpse of world 2, which contains 2 sub-environments - Underground mines/tunnels and some depots : Cheers, Nathan
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