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  1. the best would be to post an error on https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Unity/issues post there output from the script when you're exporting the project, please.
  2. yeah, like this, but not EXPERIMENTAL but UnityAssets ^^ in Experimental there is a lot of different things, while in UnityAssets there should be only S2U_AssignSprite.js script (and in a version supported by S2U)
  3. as you can see, events sent by the animations have no receiver. i'd guess that you forgot to copy content of the UnityAssets directory to Assets of your project (so that you have, in your project, [Project]/Assets/Spriter2Unity/[something something]), so that the script that should be assigned doesn't work and the animations have no target to send events to. try downloading the newest version of S2U, export your project again with it, but this time remember about copying content of UnityAssets.
  4. @mythgarr: a good example project is: http://www.brashmonkey.com/temp/GreyGuy.zip there are a few animations along with sprites changing. i'm using it as a test for each update to S2U @DanTsukasa: colliders or raycasts, these would still require to have some kind of collider on the ground, so it's forcing some kind of pipeline etc etc (and there are 2 kinds of physics in unity now so the tool should also work for any of them). you'd have to also add some kind of physics to character anyway as it has to interact with the ground without floating and it becomes a bit more complicated when the gro
  5. @DanTsukasa: Whoa, i never thought about it. I assume that animation going from spriter is final and definite, so i dont even plan anything like that :/ Also, it would require to implement the IK on my side as well as attaching colliders to almost everything :/ Retargetable animation means that you can take, say, a knight and replace each piece of his armor (that is sprites that are making his armor) without any changes to the animations (and during the animation).
  6. @mythgarr: either editing a wiki or opening a new issue is fine. i'll try to help if you'll need it. also, if you'll have something nice and working i'll just give you access to the repository and i'll just scrap the python version. native is always better. i'm missing a first frame in the first animation O.O? in python or in unity? if it's in unity, it's probably just my terrible mistake, if it's in python i'll look into it right away. i've resigned for the native unity version for now because i had problems with generating a properly working AnimationClip :/ maybe you'll have more luck with
  7. oh my, i've received a mail notification only for the last one... so sorry for the late response! @pjwaixingren: - you can't change the material during conversion process :/ didn't think about it (yet) - i'm developing it on mac, so it works on mac. however there is no GUI, you have to use terminal. just go to Spriter2Unity project directory and call "python convert.py [scml file] [unity directory with meta files and content] - i'll try to prepare a video for it (or even better - i'll try to convince my gf to write a new GUI, this time in java or something portable) @ArcPrime - file structure
  8. Hello, i love the Spriter and think it's a great tool, however since i spent most my time working on OSX i'd love to see a little improvements to the interface / shortcuts. Here's the list of things i'd love to see: - fullscreen support - with the dock on bottom and status bar on top, spriter gets kinda squished :/ - zoom-in, zoom-out keyboard shortcuts: cmd+space opens spotlight by default, cmd+alt+space opens finder :/ maybe ctrl+'+' ctrl+'-' ? - touchpad support - currently it's almost impossible to do anything in spriter using touchpad (i know that 99.99% of the users use the mouse, but...
  9. Hi there! @Akraticus: Would you be so kind and do the following steps: - try to download the latest version from the github - if everything still ain't working as it should, would you mind sending me the problematic scml along with some placeholder graphics at malhavok (at) wow (dot) com, so i could check exactly what kind of problem is there and perform a fix for it. oh, and if it was made with Spriter b6.1, i've just started working on support for that so some things may still be "plain wrong", but still - sending me the project will probably help me find and solve problems faster. @everyone
  10. Not yet and not even close on the roadmap :/ there are like two ways to do that for Unity, 1st one is dirty and the 2nd is time consuming :/ and both are tricky (but not impossible)
  11. what do you understand by skinning? If it's replacing a single texture in all frames of animation, sadly it isn't yet v.v There are multiple problems with that and i'm still thinking about it (mainly, the way unity handles files, the way the transitions work etc etc). However, when that problem is solved, character maps shouldn't be far behind.
  12. hi there a major update for Spriter2Unity came today and it features: - automagical sprite assignment - gui tool for windows users - fixed multiple bugs with z-sorting - it seems that everything from b5 is supported, but NOTHING from b6 (yet!) and it can now: - create native unity prefabs that match spriter entities - create native unity animations that match spriter animations so it's, like, fully functional now. there are probably some missing features (like it's impossible to retarget animation currently). Rather simple "how-to" to make it work: https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Uni ... k
  13. just fixed bugs with sprites. pickups from essential packs should be exported properly now and there are no other known problems. feel free to use it and report all issues, please (either here or via github)
  14. oot this is the proper topic about implementation of spriter2unity converter. post your answers here, please eo oot there is a known bug with exporting "just sprites", i have some troubles finding it (and a little time to do so), so if any1 finds anything, a message would be nice (either on github or here). the bug makes exported animations unusable, as everything goes "loco". but with some simple, skeletal animations everything seems fine
  15. Hello there i've got something new and different, just for Unity 4.3 https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Unity It's a tool, written in python, that converts your SCML files into Unity prefab's and anim's. For every entity in the file a prefab is created and for every animation in the file, anim is created. All created files are native to the Unity and can be used like any other Unity resource (you can instantiate these prefabs and add events to animations and use animations in state machines) The main limitation is that you have to assign all the sprites in Unity again, that is images to prope
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