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Animations not changing quick enough

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Making an Isometric game and here are my files for my project


World of Fantasy



In this first build I animated a pixel sprite I made and got the movements to work fluently when you press up , down, left, diagonal ups ,and diagonal downs it switches like it should


I then came to realize how am I going to get armor or weapons onto my character and learned with spriter pro that character mapping would come in handy for that. I went back to redrawing my character in a doll format.


World of Fantasy2



In this second build I have all the animations from my Spriter Pro and when i press the keys they don't switch some of the times, or ever like I tried to program it. I also realize and thinking how i would go about when I'm not moving my character how it will know what angle to go idle at because I have seperate animations for that too. Any Ideas?

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here are the names and directions for my animation. I noticed 1 goof I made was, I didn't call my down animation correct to match the one in spriter. I fixed that and it works not but I still get stuck on the diagonals and left and right so I still need help.


LeftWalk  (left)

UpAngleWalk  (upleft)

UpWalk       (up) 

FrontWalk    (down)

FrontAngleWalk (downright)

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OK !!!


I figured it out after sometime why weird things were happening i needed to set NOT MIRRORED X-AXIS on the correct animation directions and MIRRORED X-AXIS on the ones to flip .


so i learned for every animation I should have an instance whether or not to flip on X axis

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Ya once again its my fault. I remember I needed to redo the save on the scml and scon and also reload it into construct  (because i didn't have those angles finished when i loaded), and then finally double check that my animation names matched up and what not


everything is working sorry for the trouble but atleast I have a post people can refer to if they have issues


*I LEARNED*  So I learn that everytime i add an animation or change something in my Spriter Pro it needs to be reloaded into Construct 2 in order to take effect, if i'm wrong please correct me. I'd like to know if there is a way to reload a Spriter Pro file without having to redo all the variables in construct , like i wanna be able to add gear and swords and accesories to the game. It looks like i'll have to do ALL my animating and ALL my art for the game before i start in construct 2

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Hi Gussy,


I'm glad you managed to figure everything out fairly quickly. Sorry I wan't on the forum in time to be of any assistance.


Yes, you are right, changes in Spriter wont take effect in C2 unless you save it out as both scml and scon and then re-import the two files into the C2 project.


One last note: Don't forget, Spriter is not specifically a C2 tool.  People use Spriter to create animations to use in many game engines and authoring system, so if you want help or to discuss issues with Spriter specifically in Construct2, you should mention that in the title of your post so people don't get confused, and so other C2 users will see that its about the authoring system they also use, so they will be much more likely to find the post and try to help.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Good point thanks Mike! I also saw a section for "Game Devolopment" not sure if my posts should have been there, but I know spriter isn't specifically for C2. I herd so many great things about it and learning that it can be used with so many other programs. I stumbled on how you can convert your animation in pro motion to pixelize your work, not sure if there is anyway cheaper to do it since pro motion is a spendy program.


thanks everyone for speedy reply, likes, and warm welcomes into the community!

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