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Spriter r2 released! Steam Sale 50% until December 2nd

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Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the first post 1.0 release of Spriter.  Aside from a couple of bug fixes, this release includes a new video help option that lets you watch our YouTube tutorials in a floating window (with links to open the playlists in your default browser).  Video Help will show up immediately upon startup to give guidance for beginners, and the window has an option to disable this behavior.  Spriter will now warn you if you try to save outside the project directory that it won't be able to find it's images, and will also provide an explanation and the expected file structure when you load a file with missing images.

An important note for Mac users.  There is an optimization in this version that may correct the performance issues some users have been experiencing on the Mac.  Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you, as it seemed to make a significant difference on our machines.

We will continue to fix bugs and provide minor feature updates, but my primary focus at the moment is completing the developer documentation.

Lastly, if you're reading this and you don't already own Spriter Pro, or you have a friend who doesn't, Steam is having their Autumn Sale now, and Spriter is 50% off until December 2nd.  Spread the word!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the new build!

download Spriter r2 here

Change-Log 11/28/2014

Additions and Enhancements

  • Performance optimizations - possible fix for Mac slowdown issues
  • Added Video Help on startup (with the option to never show again), and in the Help menu
  • Added a link the Grey Guy example file in the Help menu
  • Added a warning when attempting to save outside of the project directory(with the option to never show again)
  • Added a warning/explanation that pops up when a project has missing images, and displays the expected file tree(with the option to never show again)
  • Added a Help menu option to reset all 'show this message again' checkboxes
  • Saving a resized project no longer allows you to save to your current project folder or any of it's subfolders to avoid confusion and overwriting or mixing up both projects' images
  • Saving a resized project now confirms individual image overwrites as it creates resized copies of images
  • Original image size data is now preserved in Missing Image placeholders
  • Original image size data is now preserved when saving a project with missing images

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur with certain projects with missing folders and images
  • Fixed a bug that would give autosaves the *.scon extension when working on a project last saved as *.scon, even though all autosave data is saved as scml
  • Fixed a bug that would cause child bones created on very wide parent bones to have 0 width
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I bought yesterday spriter 


How do I upgrade to r2 in steam?


Can you send me my serial key?
so I can decide which version to use



Steam updates are automatic, and the update should come early next week.  There was a slight delay, and we won't be able to get it uploaded this weekend, but normally they should update around the same time.  If you didn't buy it on Steam, then please send an email to support@brashmonkey.com with the subject line: Spriter Steam Key Request to get your Steam key

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