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    Stephensax reacted to asahi in Need help on bone twisted issue.   
        Recently I have tried to integrate Spriter to my game by rendering it by myself. Before doing anything further I tried to render all the bone correctly.   Here is the Grey Guy's bone looks like in Spriter: But what I got in my game is something like:   There is a serious twist in the result I got, and I am not sure what goes wrong, seem it is related to non-uniform scale we have in greyguy skeleton.     What I have done basically can be break done into following step: Get the Matrix of each bone by reading scml data. following code is related to bone matrix calculation. void Transform::ToMatrix( glm::mat4& mat ) const{     glm::mat4 scale(1.0f);     scale = glm::scale(scale, m_scale);     glm::mat4 rot = glm::toMat4(m_rot);     glm::mat4 trans = glm::translate(glm::mat4(1.0f), m_trans);     Matrix::Multiply(scale, rot, mat);     Matrix::Multiply(mat, trans, mat);}void Matrix::Multiply( const glm::mat4& mat1, const glm::mat4& mat2, glm::mat4& output ){     output = mat2 * mat1;} Get the bone join coordinate by I am just doing (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0) * localMat * ParentMat1 * ..... ParentMatN   Can you guys give me some lead about how could I fix this issue?  
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    Stephensax reacted to ruberboy in distorting sprites the easy way   
    This is a tutorial I made That I think could be a good idea.
    Its for making sprites in a 3/4 view which can be VERY difficult without a 3d model, so we use an easy way with the scaling tool. You can disable interpolation in the tool (in gimp) for less blurring results. If you use other program there should be an option similar.
    This method is very old and was used in pixelart for making things like coins or the rings in sonic spinning (or similar method).
    1-First take the sprite or part you want to make 3/4 view and have it on a layer. (draw it, paste it, whatever).
    2-Make 2 Duplicates.
    3-Divide the 1 duplicate by middle by deleting it with the square selection tool(natural middle in this case about the navel).
    4-Do the same for the other duplicate.

    5- Now use the scaling tool on one half of the duplicate , in this case the one which is farther to us, and tweak it to make it narrower.
    6- Do the same to the other part, but have in mind to leave one part smaller as to emulate perspective. Tweak everything By hand, I recommend 1px round brush. This is the final result after tweaking.

    Sorry about the crappy presentation I almost messed up last image, but you get the idea. Using a 3d modelling program and drawing over is tedious, and using the perspective tool can get messy. This way is easier... Now the most important is tweaking and leaving as you like and make last corrections at the end.
    Hope you find it useful, I think you can do the same thing with vectors if you use flash (Im not sure).
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    Stephensax reacted to Sensuko in unable to swap with new sprites folders   
    I am sorry to bother with this problem, I am using Spriter for a project i began since Beta. And i have a problem now when i try swap sprites holding right click on sprites.
    It work correctly with previous sprites'folders i created but with new folder i just can't do it. Just as Spriter don't recognise the sprites organisation in the new folder.
    The folder appears in the palette with all sprites in it, but still unable to swap.
    Im not on the pro version yet of the soft.
    I would appreciate if i can have a solution with this problem.
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    Stephensax reacted to spotco in Cocos2d-iPhone v3 Spriter implementation   
    Didn't see any other recent (< 2 years) or working Cocos2d-iPhone v3 implementations, so wrote my own (with a lot of code grabbed from (https://github.com/talentless/spriter-cocos2d)).
    Probably missing a ton of features, but functional enough for our workflow. Send a issue/pull request and I'll be happy to get to it!
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    Stephensax reacted to James W in LOVE it! glad its done!   
    I have been following the creation of spriter since the beginning... payed for a early lic, and patiently waited on the finished product.
    I would periodically pop in and download the new releases and play around with them... get started and then some plugin for C2 or the method of insertion would change, things would break and.... well.   lets just say I continued to wait. 
    Yesterday I downloaded the most recent "stable" update and i must say you guys have done a great job!  
    I will be recommending this to anyone looking for animation software.
    and... im sure i will be asking for help using this amazing tool in the near future.          please have mercy on me.   lol
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    Stephensax reacted to ffman22 in Metroidvania game pixel art style.   
    Dev Log 16
    new stamina system test, Dark souls style.

    faster link:
    Dev Log 17
    main char animations updates.

    checking more in:
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    Stephensax reacted to Jonjon in Photoshop/Paint/Corel advice to make sword slashes and fireballs   
    I'm trying to make sprite sheets that have effects like this http://vxresource.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/slash_effect_002.png

    And http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/346/b/8/megaman_x_hadouken__remake__by_dragonfaku-d5ntxg0.gif

    Just simple tips/youtube videos for making them in photoshop. The energy glow/windy distorting effects (like in the spriter effects pack) are both what I'm looking to create.

    Also do you have tips for editting Spriter sprite sheets in photoshop, and making sure that when I save them, I don't get problems with transparency? Like if I decide to have a sprite sheet of the guy punching, and I add some blur or whatever to each frame of the punch, then save it, and I see black/gray/white stuff where it should just be clear... how do I prevent that?

    I used to get that problem a lot when I'd edit sprites in Little Fighter 2, trying to add energy beams and crap like that and then when I play the game, there's blackness around the energy beam >=[.
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    Stephensax reacted to ruberboy in My Spriter works   
    Hi all.
    Just learning the program (about one week using it, but learned using it in a day or two ;) ).
    I just do animations for practice, not for a game or something just because I've been drawing and doing 3d a lot... animation is a natural expansion. Let's see what I get from the program.
    Two robot animations (Idle and slide), (cheap I know, this was on the first day of using the program).

    And this one is an RPG child I did (very wip), actually never did any rpg related stuff so its new for me. If enough time given to painting I think you can get quite good results. WIP. (almost 1 mb gif LOL). Its incredible that it actually looks more 3d hand painted than 2d paint because of the smooth anim :D (thanks to spriter!).

    Soon, more! As I have more crappy attempts not good enough :D
    PD: is there any way of exporting pngs without alpha?. Gimp forces you to destroy alpha to create a gif that's visible, well next time I'll use the forum background color :D
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    Stephensax reacted to SuperIconRich in Question on Sprite size   
    I am currently experimenting with the free version - what I can't work out is how to set the final frame size in Pixels for a PNG export.
    So - I'd like, for example, each frame to be 128x128 pixels, but as far as I can see there is no way to do this.
    Am I missing something obvious?
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    Stephensax reacted to lucid in scml documentation update   
    Just wanted to link to this on the main forum for anyone who's been waiting on this:
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    Stephensax reacted to lucid in Spriter R3 Released!   
    Hi everyone,
    We're please to announce the release of Spriter build R3, which includes some great new time saving features and bug fixes.
    First a quick note to Linux users.  Spriter for Linux is available to test on Steam.  We're not going to officially announce it as supported for Steam until we get some more users to confirm it works for them.  Please reply here if you get a chance to try it and it works, or if it doesn't, please post as many details as you can, such as OS version, 64 or 32 bit, any relevant error messages, etc.  If you own Spriter Pro on Steam, just log into Steam under Linux, and it should be available.
    As for Spriter R3, we've got handy new shortcuts for moving through the timeline, and a new batch export (to png/gif) feature.
    Here is a quick video showing showcasing whats new to R3 (Full Change-log at the bottom of this post):

    We hope this new build will save you time and make using Spriter an even more convenient and enjoyable experience, and we also hope you find it to be worth the wait.
    Speaking of waiting, we apologize for the prolonged silence in regards to the Spriter reference implementation we're working on. While it is our top priority until it's finished, there has been a great deal of preliminary planning, and careful design decisions to work through before the actual coding was begun.
    Our original plan was to create a basic implementation which covers only Spriter's current feature set as quickly as possible, but then realized that a rushed version would definitely cause the need for some fairly drastic re-writes in order to accommodate several of the up-coming features we have planned for the coming many months.

    This made us realize its a better idea to take the time needed to do it right...to make sure its as future/feature proof as possible, and that it's built from the ground up in anticipation of the upcoming expanded feature-set. In fact, some of the new features will just work instantly on any Spriter implementation ported from the reference implementation as soon as the feature becomes available in Spriter.  We've also done quite a bit of planning to ensure that even some of the larger upcoming features will require minimal additions to existing code.
    In other news, aside from the preliminary work for the implementation itself, as well as small bug fixes and new features to Spriter itself, we've also been very busy with many other investments in Spriter's future, including but not limited to commencing with the design and creation of a new art pack, which will not only introduce new animation and art content to Spriter's library (hint, not for a side-scrolling game type), but will also introduce several new features to Spriter itself. These new features will not only give this art pack an unprecedented level of customizability, but will also offer even more flexibility and options to all Spriter users for the creation of their own original content. (more on this up-coming new art pack is a future update. It's roughly half finished, but still several months away.)
    Again, we apologize for the not so regular updates, and we will make sure the next update won't take so long, and progress reports will be more frequent and more complete.  We'll do everything we can to make the implementation (and eventual new features that it will accommodate) well worth the wait. And of course, once we're finished, our focus will be on helping developers port this fully featured implementation to as many authoring systems languages as possible.
    Thanks again everyone for your support and patience.
    Cheers, Edgar at BrashMonkey

    Download Spriter R3 here if you don't have the Steam version or automatic update notifications on.
    Spriter Release 3
    Released 2/26/2015
    Additions and Enhancements
    Added Shift key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Shift+1 and Shift+2 will go to the previous and next frame where the currently selected objects are keyed Added Control key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 increment and decrement time by the currently set Snapping Interval, or by one millisecond if snapping is turned off Cleaned up Export to PNG/Gif Dialog to hide controls that don't apply to the current export settings Added new Pro Feature 'Batch Export' to the Export to PNG/Gif Dialog. Allows you to choose several animations to export at once Added 'Trim To Entity' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all of the selected animations for each entity Added 'Trim To All Entities' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all selected animations for all entities Bug Fixes
    Removed tutorial video playback within Spriter (video links are still available) as a temporary fix for some users who were experiencing crashes due to the feature Fixed a bug where creating a bone required several undos to revert instead of one Fixed a bug where the images in the File Palette weren't updated after the Reload All Images was pressed Fixed a crash that would occur if you attempted to close Spriter while in the middle of renaming an entity
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    Stephensax reacted to rainbox in Spriter design question in Construct2   
    Hello! Love Spriter. I have a quick design/C2 question.
    Right now I have all my sprites/animations in one SCML file. That one file has my character, items, and backgrounds as different entities. If my sprite count gets very big though, does it matter if I'm still only using one SCML file for everything? Or is it better to create multiple SCML files and separate categories of sprites into them (like one for characters, one for items, etc.) and just create each when needed? I'm just wondering how it works from workflow/computer resources put of view.
    Thanks :)
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    Stephensax reacted to Bioz in Any difference between spriter pro and the steam version?   
    I was just wondering if there was any difference between spriter pro available here and the steam version?
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    Stephensax reacted to lottiebevan in [Paid] Freelance run cycle work - introductory project   
    Hey there, my studio is looking for an experienced Spriter animator to help us out with a reanimated 2D run cycle. It's paid (of course!) and we often use freelancers, so it would be a great introductory task for any freelancer looking for more work in the future.
    If you're interested, email your CV and experience to me at lbevan@beefjack.com.
    Thanks! :)
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    Stephensax reacted to Sphax in 8 Directions animations for the animations already done   
    I'm currently discovering Spriter and I quite like this tool. It reminds me a very old small tool I made when I was young (Space Animator) so I must love this new extremely useful tool. :)
    I'm an artist myself but I hate animating and don't have much time for that. I would love to see an Animations Art Pack with 8 directions for all the already done animations in the Platformer Starter Pack.
    Would it be feasible? I would buy directly. ;)
    Cheers and keep up your good work.
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    Stephensax reacted to lucid in Which platforms would you like Spriter support on?   
    We're determined to get this on EVERY major game engine, as well as APIs for easy integration into custom engines built from scratch if there is a demand for it. We will do some ourselves, and some will be outsourced, and free support will be given to anyone who wants to add Spriter animation to any engine. To this end, developer support will be given through this forum, and in the future we will release documentation so anyone can get started on their own. Now that free beta is complete, and we have moved to a super easy to parse XML based format, Spriter will be much more attractive to third party developers, so we expect to see the format expand rapidly.
    This list may not determine the exact order we pursue a given platform, but we're interested in knowing how much interest there is for the various platforms, and we can use this information to inform potential third party developers of the audience. Please take a moment to let us know which platform you're most looking forward to.
    You can choose up to three options, but please only select those which you think you will actually be using to load your characters. The Construct Classic plugin is feature complete, and the beta version of this plugin will be released shortly after the new beta version of Spriter itself)
    The following is a list of all platforms where loading and animation playback of the current beta format has been accomplished during this kickstarter. While these implementations will need to be updated before 1.0, it should inspire confidence that your chosen format will be supported:

    [*:znscphjp]Cocos2d(by @TacoGraveyard)
    [*:znscphjp]GameMaker(by icuurd12b42) http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=537492
    [*:znscphjp]Flashpunk(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/PunkSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]Flixel(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/FlxSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]Starling(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/StarlingSpriter.html
    [*:znscphjp]AS3(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/BitmapSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]XNA(by Mark Schmelzenbach) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/SpriterBetaXNA.zip
    [*:znscphjp]JBlocks(by Zeroluck)
    [*:znscphjp]Libgdx (by Christian Finckler) http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/view ... =17&t=3863
    [*:znscphjp]Love2D(by @mariocaprino)
    [*:znscphjp]Torque2D(by @FractalOutlook)
    [*:znscphjp]SFML(by mr.wonko) https://github.com/mrwonko/SFMLSpriter/downloads
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    Stephensax reacted to SlinkyRaptor in Steam Keys for Multiple Licences   
    I purchased a key for myself and a friend recently and I was wondering if or how I could get steam keys for both of those. I followed the directions in the sticky, emailed support and only received a single key.
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    Stephensax reacted to MonkeyBrain in Maybe a nice Plugin-suggestion ? Normal Mapping :-)   
    Hi ,
    great tool by the way , but what if you implemented this as a Plugin ? :smile:
    https://www.codeandweb.com/spriteilluminator ?
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    Stephensax reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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    Stephensax reacted to DaveThornton in steam linux?   
    is there going to be a linux version on steam? or is there a way i can download the pro for linux(i already purchased it on steam)?
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    Stephensax reacted to lucid in End of year update   
    Happy New Year!
        This was a big year as we released Spriter 1.0 and are now on Steam.  We also released two new Art Packs, a new promo video, and a new site and forums.  Now that the foundation is set, 2015 will be an exciting year for Spriter Pro owners.  We already have some amazing unannounced features in the works that we can't wait to share once they're ready to be unveiled.  
        I'm currently focused on creating a working, fully featured and well documented reference implementation.  Once finished, this should make creating full Spriter support for any particular authoring system trivial.  And we'll be focusing resources and efforts into helping developers port this to as many languages and authoring systems as possible.  Originally we were going to make this a barebones implementation with support for all Spriter Pro features, but we've decided to take a bit longer and include several implementation and playback features that most developers will want in their arsenal.
        Sorry for our slow response times on the forums and tech support during the holidays.  Don't worry, you haven't been forgotten, and we will respond and help you resolve your issues as soon as we can.  We also realize there are a few open bugs with Spriter R2, and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as this implementation is complete.

        On a final note, the Steam Sale ends on January 2nd, so there are only two days left to get Spriter Pro for 50% off.  Also on BrashMonkey.com Spriter Pro and all of our Art Packs and bundles are also 50% until January 2nd using the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

        Thank you everyone for a great year, and we look forward to making 2015 an awesome year for Spriter users.
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    Stephensax reacted to Token in Planet Apolion: game developed in Unity with spriter!!   
    Hi!! after 6 months of work and with only 2 people working in the project (my girlfriend and me) finally we just published the game on Steam GreenLight. All the animations have been done with Spriter!! I hope you like it :)

    You can see here some pictures, and also the link to Steam GreenLight, of course if you vote us you would make us so happy !! The game is called Planet Apolion.



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    Stephensax reacted to bwwd in Great algorithm for rotating pixel art & sprites   
    Hey guys what if spriter would have rotating algorithm like this software?
    Do you think it could be done? It preserves shapes perfectly, maybe if you would contact developer then he would share how he did it and it could be implemented in spriter so pixel art animating would be even better.
    Just look at examples:

    This is other program SolarStrings rotater which also rotates sprites preserving details and shapes + whats most important - source code is available for lookup and maybe create something similar

    In my opinion having something like solarstrings rotater as option to rotate sprites would be great, even if its not used in realtime during opengl preview but only when exporting.
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    Stephensax reacted to GeorgeDziov in Can't Assign X,Y and Other Stuff to Object   
    When I'm trying to copy X, Y, angle, opacity and other stuff through panel on the left, timeline simply won't remember. Not sure if it's intended or not but seems strange a bit.
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    Stephensax reacted to alan349 in Looking for somenone to draw something voluntarily   
    Hello guys, so, I'm starting with game development but I don't have enough ability to draw sprites :lol: I'm developing a 2D RPG like game and it's already on the demo 4.0 (link if someone want to see my work: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636410?id=636410 ), but the sprites used in the game were not made by me, i got them from somewhere.. But now I want to make a Male replace for the protagonist, and i'm looking for someone to make it for me. The problem is that I can't pay for it, so i'm looking for a good soul that would make it voluntarily :D
    Here it's a picture of the char i'm talking about:

    Could someone help me?
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