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  1. I have a question, does spriter dot net support the animatior controller in unity?
  2. Hi @Dengar will you release the characters map feature for the the plugin, because is a big feature of spriter.
  3. exploration video, inferno version of the map, with the new updates https://youtu.be/mh-ZjPC9_P8
  4. 1/10/2017 Mini map system and inventory system WIP Mini map system video here: mini map video inventory system: video here: inventory video I use the spriter plugin for change the equipment appearance in the character thank you to pixel Rebirth for his excellent plugin check the plugin video here: https://youtu.be/yW0rQbm1eJU we still working in the inventory UI and the mini map UI.
  5. 28/09/2017judgement project demo equipment visuals updateNow we are working in the equipment and the visuals changes on the main character when he use a new armor.https://youtu.be/2bLB_0UHSCMnew update exploration examplehere is a exploration example of judgement project, soon we will show you a more extensive exploration gameplayhttps://youtu.be/UZEuFxkvJ8s
  6. Shout-Out on 20 Sep Judgement Project Map update. check more here: http://f-fman.wixsite.com/judgementproject/single-post/2016/09/20/Shout-Out-on-20-Sep-Judgement-Project-Map-update the Next Demo map is almost complete, you could explore the two first zones of the game. here are some capture of the devoleper version of some of the most important rooms of the demo. this is the save room, you can save your progress here, level up your atributes (str,agi,con,int,luck). and. this is the portal room, you need to find this rooms to travel to the other version of the map, r
  7. Shout-Out on 18 Sep judgement project interview by retrogamesmaster. I share with you the interview that retrogamesmaster editor Peter Ward made to us in the last part of the interview you can find exclusive captures of the new rooms of our incoming demo. retrogamesmaster is a Website dedicated to retro games. Many interviews with people from Sensible Software, Ocean, Team 17 & the Oliver Twins to name a few. Also Indie gaming and Retro book promotion. http://www.retrogamesmaster.co.uk/judgement-project/ if you want to help retrogamesmaster Website make small donation
  8. we are the judgement project team. info about the game here: https://www.scirra.com/forum/metroidvania-platform-rpg-fantasy-game-wip_t94215 http://f-fman.wixsite.com/judgementproject screen shots: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DuLUQK89pP4/VG1O-fXRO4I/AAAAAAAACLk/UemfcBEGO7I/s1600/inferno_zone1_test.png https://static.wixstatic.com/media/72cc39_2a11ceb5ea034737a32f48a6fabc5c4f~mv2.png/v1/fill/w_1730,h_956,al_c/72cc39_2a11ceb5ea034737a32f48a6fabc5c4f~mv2.png https://static.wixstatic.com/media/72cc39_f9a591436fc543daa54ecc195029cfaf.gif https://static.wixstatic.com/media/72cc39_b059a8c393d0
  9. 12/09/2016Judgement project new official web page.http://f-fman.wixsite.com/judgementprojectcheck it our new page of judgement project. this is our new official web page of the project, with updates, videos, social networks, demos and more.12/09/2016main route first part inferno ver_1we are working in the main route of the first part of the inferno version of the map.needs some adjust but most of the route is ready
  10. Judgement project new official web page. http://f-fman.wixsite.com/judgementprojectcheck it our new page of judgement project. this is our new official web page of the project, with updates, videos, social networks, demos and more.
  11. new judgement project page in gamxin.com http://www.gamxin.com/judgementproject our page in gamxin.com an excellent community for developers. they help us the developers to take games to a precise target audience by networking with game reviewers, YouTubers & bloggers. is like Linkedin for game developers. thank you Jeff Winger for the invitation. good job with the page. Gamxin metroidvania, castlevania, metroid, 2D, pixelart, retro, hardcore, classic, judgement, indie, dark souls, 2D souls, souls like, fantasy, medieval, rpg, action, construct2, spriter, brashmonkey
  12. here is the update of my entry fallen hero.
  13. i made some updates for my entry the fallen angel if the new entries and updates for the first ones will be accepted
  14. new enemy of the game, venon_crossbowdemon follow us in facebook https://www.facebook.com/judgementproject/ https://ffman22.itch.io/judgement-project now you can play the demo and future demos in itch.io too, and donate to help the project. test the demo here: http://gamejolt.com/games/judgement-project-metroidvania-game/63374 watch the play list here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4IPDuuB9kg&list=PLPgn9nJVg904d5bgpiO-H3j5YSn-FX0Sg suscribe please: https://www.youtube.com/user/carandmermor metroidvania, castlevania, metroid, 2D, pixelart, retro
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