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Great algorithm for rotating pixel art & sprites


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Hey guys what if spriter would have rotating algorithm like this software?


Do you think it could be done? It preserves shapes perfectly, maybe if you would contact developer then he would share how he did it and it could be implemented in spriter so pixel art animating would be even better.

Just look at examples:



This is other program SolarStrings rotater which also rotates sprites preserving details and shapes + whats most important - source code is available for lookup and maybe create something similar


In my opinion having something like solarstrings rotater as option to rotate sprites would be great, even if its not used in realtime during opengl preview but only when exporting.

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Since you rereferenced this I'll give you a small update.

We have a long, long list of things to do before I can even consider getting to this, but I've done some research and seen his explanation of how it works, and we could eventually try adding something similar to Spriter.

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Did a quick test in my off-time. Even without fully implementing everything, the results are definitely an improvement (though Spriter's aliased pixel art rotation doesn't look as bad as this ref):


As I said above, there's still a lot to do before I can turn this into a full feature, but clearly it can work. The implementation method I'm using would work in real time, and when exporting to png.

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I would like to ask when its going to be available in spriter, i made some animations with pixel art bodyparts and some came out ok , it doesnt look that bad when rendered with nearest neighbour but there were still some single pixels/jaggies here and there especially on the borders, im realy curious how these animations would look like when exported with new algorithm for rotating sprites.

Im posting some rendered gifs and my spriter file if you guys would like to test it when working on this feature and maybe do comparison or something :).

I made if from this single sprite : raphael_by_shinleejin-d30ppvq.pnghttp://www.deviantart.com/art/Raphael-182598470

First three are nearest neighbour , last one is smooth sampling.


Spriter file:



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