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    JohnnyType reacted to lucid in Spriter version B6 Teaser!   

    Special Thanks to user TombMonkey for allowing us to use his awesome art.
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    JohnnyType reacted to aiat_gamer in Constraint option in curve editor?   
    I saw Edgar using an option called constraint curve in this video at 4:00:

    But I don`t have that in my version of Spriter!
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    JohnnyType reacted to NarwhalAndNot in My first attempt with spriter.   
    sorry for the size of the animation, i dident realise i had made it that big XD 

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    JohnnyType reacted to bwwd in Bug with deleting "ghost keyframes" , spriter file included to recreate it   
    I have weird issue with keyframes, i started do fix my idle anmation to use S curves between 2 frames so i want every bone to have only 2 keyframes  but suddenly when i started to delete some keyframes then they came back later and if i remove all of the keyframes but first from some partiucular bone then one of the deleted keyframes reappear immediately after delete( i guess that one is the "Real one" and other ones were ghosts but still - it should not came back.
    This is very strange, here is spriter project to test it :
    Go to Idle animation and "handsh" skin or "sword" skin on timeline on bottom for example and you can see its keyframes

    You see what a mess ? I dont animate like that, its previous positions of keyframes that appear as ghosts.
    Remove all "handsh" keyframes from timeline but leave first one, then look how one keyframe appears again, this happens for other bones as well, try to delete some keyframes even multiple times.
    This doesnt happen only to skins keyframes, it happened to bones keyframes as well but somehow i managed to remove them, and then save the project, after opening "ghost" keyframes were not there, but i did that previously and ghost keyframes came back several times.
    I found out that these are some leftover "ghost" keyfames that dont really affect animation but they are very very confusing because i dont know which one is real one.
    If you cant reproduce this i will make video. :)
    There is another bug i just found whch may be related to this issue or not... i dont know yet.
    Heres video:
    Start new animation, place sprite, then move its keyframe forward on timeline  and release mouse button , move it agan , move again, as you see spriter wont autodelete main  keyframe on top from previous keyframe position - this is bad, and its a bug, it should remove it because there's no keyframe for anything there anymore.It should remove that keyframe from top as soon as you will move that lower keyframe below it.
    My other issue is with default spruiter setting to create keyframes for all child bones of parent if i will move that parent, this is weird.
    I want only keyframe on that particular parent bone  not on its child bones but spriter creates keyframes on its child bones as well , now i have to manually delete them from child bones everytime i move that parent bone, something to disable this would help A LOT.
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    JohnnyType reacted to loodakrawa in SpriterDotNet - An implementation for all C# frameworks   
    SpriterDotNet A simple, fast and efficient Spriter implementation in pure C#. Feature complete.   About The goal of SpriterDotNet is to be as fast as possible while keeping the code clean and readable. Being a pure C# implementation, SpriterDotNet doesn't depend on any external libraries / frameworks. It focuses on simple and efficient calculations of all transforms at a given point in time. This allows using it with any framework just by mapping calculated transforms to concrete objects.   Supported Features Basic animations Bone animations All curve types (Instant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Bezier) Points Collision Rectangles SubEntities Events Sounds Variables Tags Character maps Animation blending   Plugins / Examples Unity MonoGame   Source Code GitHub Repository  
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    JohnnyType reacted to RedRock911 in Looking for help from an animator artist   
    Hello Spriter animators!
    I am a modder for the game Don't Starve, and Im in a bit of a rut.
    I'm creating a mod that has a nemesis octopus as an adversary of the playable charecter I am making. In early rough stages of developement, I realized, the art direction and the animation direction where going in two different ways. SOOOOOO... I started working on the animation aspect first.
    I have the animations working pretty much the way I wanted. But now, I am having extreme difficulty changing the octopus tentacles, to look like tentacles (they are currently just different colored spheres) I still have one or two animations to create, but it's pointless if I can't get through this part of the project. (I've been working on the project since Febuary, and this particular part for the last 2 months)
    So I'm asking, would anyone out there be willing to help me? I can send a zip out for anyone to take a look at the project to see if it's worth there while to help.  Below are the images


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    JohnnyType reacted to c13303 in [solved] Spriter pro 4.1 - Right Click no anchor or IK lock ?   
    Hi dear friends !
    I'm using Spriter pro (Spriter pro activated, says the help menu) 4.1 on Windows 7 
    When I right click on a bone (child bone with at least 1 parent bone) in order to make a IK lock (or bone lock, not totally sure about what IK is) according to this video tutorial :
    I got something different, just a menu : "Show all objects / Hide Selected / Unlock All / Lock Selected /  Deselect / Copy All Frames / Copy (...)"
    My screen on right click : http://postimg.org/image/ppeuhln6p/
    Tried to "lock selected" but actually nothing happens, the whole character is moving when I move the torso. (apparently it just lock in a way I can't select this bone any more)
    I, of course, need this IK lock feature very badly :smile: Can you help me to see what's wrong ? 
    Cheers !
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    JohnnyType reacted to bwwd in S curve in spriter   
    Why it works so weird, speeds up then slowdowns noticeably in the middle between keyframes, its not how its supposed to be, in spine it works perfectly but here in spriter its strange, also im using in to smoothout last keyframe with first one because it doesnt work too well in the middle of animation, there is something wrong with implementation of curves in spriter, do you guys actually tested it in the middle of animation, it looks bad, kinda useless i would say, only useful if you have 2 keyframes for entire animation, then it works fine , but if you have more than 2 and youre using S curve for all keyframes then its very strange motion, even worse than linear , in spine its all perfect when you use S curve for all keyframes.Why is that ?
    When im using S curve in spriter for multiple keyframes (3 or more) then It looks like its still linear but it speeds up/ slowdowns in a weird manner.
    Also can you guys do something like blender has , so its using S curve by default ? Some sort of switch , so i wouldnt have to select curves on all keyframes , just tick box and it would use S curves automatically.
    Linear curve is quite bad for animation.Do you guys have any spriter example of walkcycle using S curves on entire animation ? I do and it looks very bad straight from spriter.
    So after a couple of irritating results here is my test with S curve in spriter, there are 3 keyframes all with S curve there, this one :

    Keyframes are on 0,300 and 600, timeline has lenght of 900, animation starts with head on bottom, look how speedup is last one (from top to bottom) , its not how it should be ! Obviously S curve doesnt work properly on more than 2 frames and id say its a
    serious problem.

    I made some more experiments and i found out what is wrong, its the main keyframes on very top !!
    IF you change them to use S curve then they wont change S curve for all bones on this particular point on timeline, when you take a look at keyframes for particular bones - theyre still linear ! This is very strange,  so what's the use of changing that curve on main keyframe on top ? The one that moves all other keyframes if you move it .
    This is created by adjusting S curve on keyfram of this particular bone instead of keyframe on very top and it works fine !

    I would prefere to change keyframes curve by using the main keyframes on top, i dont want to change curves on my entire rig so many times , there should be some better way to do it, i thought that main keyframe will change curve for all bones below it but its not how it works, so why it even has curve to adjust ? Can you guys do something about it , changing curves like that on all bones in animation multiple times is insane !
    Anyway there still should not be that speedup after 3rd keyframe in first animation, so there is something wrong there definitely, becuse on first example S curve works fine from 0 to 1st keyframe and 1st to 2nd but from 2nd to end it doesnt work too well.
    How to change curve on multiple bones, or all of them? i select all of them then second mouse button and menu pops up to pick curve, linear instant or custom S, so i do it but when i check them after this then they keyframes curves arent changed at all , just single one !
    I would even pay extra $$ for spriter version that doesnt use linear curves at all, only S shaped one, cubic with 2 points (top,bottom)or bezier S by default.Linear is fine for robotic movement, tricky to use it for decent animation of living creatures.
    IF i cant change curves in all keys in spriuter then can i open spriter project as TXT file and replace some lines to get S curves on all keyframes ?
    Also if you guys ever fix this issue with curves then please add preset for S curve, i dont want to create it myself everytime i choose other curve than linear, it will save A LOT of time, when i click 2nd mouse button on keyframe then in small popup menu  should be linear, S curve and instant curve, and then on very bottom "edit curve" or something.now its only linear ,instant and edit your curve, and then even more stuff to click and click and click and click and wow i changed it to S curve finally !
    yeah i figured out, i can replace curve in spriter file on keyframe with curve_type="bezier" c1="0.2879" c2="0" c3="0.7189" c4="0.995261" spin="0"> but its still painful, i think even more than changing it in spriter itself oh why  :-|
    Also i noticed if you will save main keyframe on top with bezier curve then all other keyframes below it will still use default linear curve, its a bug or something else ?
    Tried again, this time i changed all main keyframes to use S curve and.... it did used curve on all main keyframes ( including last ones, dont ask me why ! i dont know why it worked, but "worked" and result is not what i would expect form s curve:

    see how its very robotic ? its worse than linear !
    This is linear for example :

    Its much better but it shouldnt be !
    I dont know why is that, how custom curves are used in spriter but this is not how outcome should look like  :-|  weird staccato movement, now "stops" that i want to avoid from linear are even more pronounced and its very bad !!
    --LOL i disovered that using bezier /S curve gets identical results to using this curve:

    So maybe spriter displays graphs and curves but doesnt really use them properly, because how is it possible that S curve and this curve "peak" gets the same staccato results ?! Try it yourself guys.
    It simply speeds up in the middle of keyframes then slowdown close to keyframes, which is wrong.
    This is how curves are handled in blender :
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    JohnnyType reacted to billymonks in Negative scale values in Trixt0r XNA implementation   
    Hello all, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place.
    I am working on a game using the Trixt0r XNA implementation of Spriter to display objects.
    The other night I discovered that bones & sprites which had negative X_scale values were failing to render in game.
    Are there any known solutions or workarounds? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. 
    Edit: As a workaround I replaced the bones and sprites that had negative Xscale.
    Spriter is an excellent tool and I am very thankful for its existence, even in its early state, and Trixt0r for his open source implementations which have saved me months of work.  :mrgreen:
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    JohnnyType reacted to Tylermon2 in Feature Request: Scenes   
    Currently Spriter allows the creation of multiple Entities. Each entity is capable of having multiple animations.
    What I suggest is to have something called a "scene" where we can bring multiple of these entities together in our animations.
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    JohnnyType reacted to Gwenny in Exporting to PNG / GIF failed   
    I've just bought Spriter Pro and, after hours of failures, i'm coming to you.
    Each time I tryed to export my animation as a PNG/GIF file, I've got an error message like that :http://imageshack.com/a/img905/2511/yjhlfk.png
    And i'm not able to save the project etiher.... So I've spent hours animating my character and the soft doesnt allow me to use it !!!!
    Does anyone can help me ? Forgive my bad english, I'm french ^^
    See U
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    JohnnyType reacted to aiat_gamer in Bones names with numbers at the end, why?   
    Why does Spriter put numbers at the end of the bone sometimes? I have no other bones with that name. 
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    JohnnyType reacted to aiat_gamer in Trying to IK menu hangs up partially   
    In this project I am working on, every time I try to use the IK menu I have a partial hang up...it is really weird, it looks like the mouse button stops working even in windows (i can only use keyboard). This stays until I try to force spriter to close using alt+cntrl+del. 
    It is really weird!!
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    JohnnyType reacted to antix in Export to specific sized frames   
    Hi. I just purchased Spriter Pro and the platform and adventure art packs. They are cool and contain so many of the animations I would like to use in my game. I can not figure out how to export the frames as 64x64 sprites however.
    When I go to the export options there are some random things that I seem to have to manipulate. I really want to export the frames so that each one is no bigger than 64x64 pixels and contain all the graphic, not some silly clipped version. How is this accomplished? It seems there are no sane options to select say a pixel frame size and export all frames.
    There seems to be no display in the program that tells you how big the biggest frame is or any feature to show a grid or bounding box even.
    Am I missing something simple or is Spriter really not that good when it comes time to export? Have I just thrown away over $100 on a lemon?
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    JohnnyType reacted to aiat_gamer in Can I scale selected key frames without changing the whole timeline?   
    I want to make some part of the animation longer which has 5 keyframes but I don`t want to change the whole timeline. Is there any way of doing that?
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    JohnnyType reacted to 384sprites in Editing art files from within Spriter?   
    Not sure if I should post here... sorry if wrong place.
    I just learned of Spriter, and I was wondering if you could edit the art you drop into Spriter dynamically. Meaning... I can edit from within program, it opens art in other program... I save it... and then when I go back to Spriter the art updates.
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    JohnnyType reacted to ranosfera in Spriter Pro crash when im using it...   
    Hi guys, im new at this community i just bought my spriter pro license, and when i open it via steam, i usually load a quick char im working on and, it crash.. not instantly but any time, yesterday i use sprite like 20 min and crash, then i open again and stop to crash i work on it like an hour or something like that? im running it in win 8 64bits, any suggestions to fix the problem?
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    JohnnyType reacted to Stretchcb3 in How to upload gifs to the fourm?   
    I looked everywhere (I think). I'm not really sure how to do it?
     Any help please?
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    JohnnyType reacted to bwwd in My animated sprites   
    Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full version once i get used to the software, sprites are made using exactly the same technique using stickman software from cutoutpro.Im using OpenBOR engine and i play my games on my Android phone and Windows cpu but you can play also on MAC,Linux and other systems.

    Can't embed YT vids for some reason...

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    JohnnyType reacted to aiat_gamer in Character map, possible bug?   
    So I tried using character map for the fist time today, and this is what happened:

    and this is the original:

    For some reason the parts belonging to the upper part of the body are not placed in the correct place...
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    JohnnyType reacted to williamt in Export All Animations?   
    I read somewhere that Spriter had support to export all animations to a sprite sheet.
    Has that been implemented yet ? I can't seem to find out how to do it.
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    JohnnyType reacted to blackant in better visibilty while moving key on timeline   
    actually  it's really complicated to see where you are moving a key when you grab one and try to position it somewhere in the timeline.
    a simple popup wich indique where the active draged key is could be nice
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    JohnnyType reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter R4 Bug Thread   
    Hi themajichan,
    This looks like a known compatibility issue with certain mac's OpenGL support.
    Please choose view/disable OpenGL from Spriter's window and then restart Spriter.  Hopefully this is fix the issue for you.
    We're working on improving compatibility and performance with future free update builds.
    Thanks for your patience.
    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    JohnnyType reacted to aceradryd in Can I use an Image from the Art Pack as an App-Icon?   
    Good day,

    Can I use a player character from the Essential Art Pack as a part of an App-Icon for my game or conflict this with 
    "3. use any of the Content (without heavy visual alteration) as part of a trade-mark, design-mark,
    trade-name, business name, service mark, or logo;"?

    Thank You

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    JohnnyType reacted to dolfiz in Char map - Drag&drop does not work   
    Hi all,
    I've used Spriter for few months now and I still experience what it seems an erratic bug, but I'm not sure.
    Sometimes, when I use character map, drag&drop simply does not work. I click on my defined char map on the right panel (available) and drag it to the left panel (active); when I release the mouse button the dragged element just moves back to the right panel and both the list remain unchanged (with the "active" one empty). I must admit that this behavior is a little bit erratic, and sometimes all it works good.
    So, the questions:
    - is it possible that I'm doing something wrong?
    - is there a precise position where I had to click and release in order to make the drag&drop work?
    - can other reasons be behind this weird behavior (what I've selected on the main window or something like this)?
    - does the position/size of the floating char map window matter?
    By the way, right now I'm using Spriter 4.1 on MacOS Yosemite (I'm not able to test it on a different OS right now but I'll try as soon as I can).
    Thank you for every suggestion you can give me.
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