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  1. Slow the animation down. Also keep the feet movement at minimum.
  2. This is really needed: Selecting a bone to show only keys for that bone.
  3. Ok, an update after a loooong time:
  4. it did not say anything, but nothing happened! I think they are in the same folder. i will try moving it into another folder. Thanks!
  5. I have an idle skeleton and I used the photoshop script to export the side view of the that idle pose as a separate project file, I tried using the import another project into current to add it to the idle one but nothing happened!
  6. well, it is just how fast you want the whole animation is and how long you like each part to take, there is no magical formula for that!
  7. A few weeks? So you don`t have the time to look at tutorials when you are at your PC trying to get Spriter to work?! You just fire up Spriter trying random stuff to somehow learn to use it?
  8. it is not a plot to not let you learn about Spriter. Almost everyone use it while they work with Spriter. It is just a matter of alt tabbing to the guide, which is no big deal. Personally I think you are making too much of it. There is also a variety of very good videos that Mike has uploaded to youtube, I got used those to learn Spriter. Overall, if you are serious about doing art, you need a second screen (monitor or a tablet).
  9. I totally gave up on using the skin mode in Spriter. apart from all the infuriating bugs, which is really a big deal for me I just found out that you cant even use an animation with FFD in construct 2. So skin mode is right now just for showing off, you really cant make any use of it...
  10. There is a copy paste pivot point option, take a look at the videos on brash monkey`s youtube page.
  11. What is the problem with the second and the third picture?
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