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  1. Thanks for your explanation Mike, but I don't understand why you are suggesting I use some guide image when I would not know the dimensions that would need to be. I'm not keen on using TexturePacker because I didn't know when I purchased this program that I would need to use another program to make this program work as advertised. I noticed that I can drag lines from the margins and move them around to make a pseudo bounding box, theselines can be copied to all frames. I was going to try that as a solution but then discovered that it is not possible to copy those lines to al frames in all animations *sigh* I then had a thought of creating one huge animation containing all the frames from the other animations but there doesn't seem to be any ability to copy/paste frames between animations. What I have noticed is that when I select all objects in any frame of any animation, each and every one gets a little bounding box drawn around it. So spriter knows how big each object is... Since this happens, would it not be quite easy to calculate a bounding box that encompases all objects in the frame? And then would it not be quite simple to calculate the largest bounding box for the animation and show that visually? And also even display onscreen somewhere the dimensions of that bounding box in pixels? And then be able to show the largest bounding box for all animations? Surely thats not rocket science! Hell, the program doesn't even save all of the export settings when I save the project so if when I bugger about getting those right, I have to manually record them if I ever want to use them again! All I want is for all of my sprites to fit into and be centered inside a 64x64 square image. How faffing hard is that to accomplish in this program? Right now that seems to be impossible. I'm very unhappy with the product and feel I have indeed purchased a lemon :( quick edit: When I export the frames to be small the resulting image is pixelated and blotchy :mad:
  2. Hi. I just purchased Spriter Pro and the platform and adventure art packs. They are cool and contain so many of the animations I would like to use in my game. I can not figure out how to export the frames as 64x64 sprites however. When I go to the export options there are some random things that I seem to have to manipulate. I really want to export the frames so that each one is no bigger than 64x64 pixels and contain all the graphic, not some silly clipped version. How is this accomplished? It seems there are no sane options to select say a pixel frame size and export all frames. There seems to be no display in the program that tells you how big the biggest frame is or any feature to show a grid or bounding box even. Am I missing something simple or is Spriter really not that good when it comes time to export? Have I just thrown away over $100 on a lemon?
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