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  1. Ah perfect. Seems I tried everything but right clicking those boxes haha. That should help a good deal. However, the subentities as you called them, can't be deleted from the objects menu as you can normally. And I don't think that is intended. Any guesses on when that feature will be more feature complete? You obviously have a never ending list of things to do, I'm just curious how high up on the list this is.
  2. I should add, I can only assume it is a bug. But currently you can drag entities into entities and it just breaks everything. They cant be deleted. They dont animate. That being said though....that is essentially what I want. To be able to drag entites into entities and have them work and animate properly. Let me choose an entity in a scene and tell it to use one of its animations. Etc.
  3. Currently Spriter allows the creation of multiple Entities. Each entity is capable of having multiple animations. What I suggest is to have something called a "scene" where we can bring multiple of these entities together in our animations.
  4. New and improved animations. I believe the skeleton walk cycle is much improved!
  5. I am currently working on a game and if you haven't guessed, my animations are done in spriter. I love feedback. Preferably on the videos( I am more likely to see it there) but here is great as well. New Updated animations! Idle animation/workflow this is a longer video. Took my time on it help my artist see the workflow and how everything works/pieces together. Skip to the end for the final animation. But I think it may be too subtle. This is my skeleton animation. Idle and walking. Again. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Any tips on animating wrists? The rounded technique on arms/legs does not seem to work as well. Example in first video. Any other tips you can suggest based on the videos also greatly appreciated. If you saw something that could save me time down the road, or changes to art that might improve things, I am all ears.
  6. Tylermon2

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    Bug: Crash Steps to reproduce: [*:16s8iond] new project [*:16s8iond] add a skin to scene [*:16s8iond] Add a bone (I have always been adding 2 bones) [*:16s8iond] connect first bone to skin [*:16s8iond] Delete it all [*:16s8iond] Crash PC Specs: [*:16s8iond] CPU: intel i7 3930k (6 cores 12 threads 4.5ghz) [*:16s8iond] GPU: Nvidia gtx 780 Drivers: 331.93 (Beta) [*:16s8iond] Ram: quad channel 32gb 4gb x 8dimms [*:16s8iond] MOBO: Asus P9X79 Pro Bios Ver: 43.02 [*:16s8iond] OS: Windows 7 64bit (6.1, Build 7601) [*:16s8iond] Display(s): ASUS VG278HE 144hz (I use two of these) [*:16s8iond] Other specs provided per request/need
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