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Spriter Pro crash when im using it...

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Hi guys, im new at this community i just bought my spriter pro license, and when i open it via steam, i usually load a quick char im working on and, it crash.. not instantly but any time, yesterday i use sprite like 20 min and crash, then i open again and stop to crash i work on it like an hour or something like that? im running it in win 8 64bits, any suggestions to fix the problem?

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Hi ranosfera,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes.  Thanks for reporting the issue and letting us know which Spriter version you are using and which OS you're running it on.


Unfortunately, we'll need more info in order to figure out the cause of the crash.


1) Are you using the sub-entities or the skin-mode feature in your project?

2) Is there any specific feature or workflow step you tend to be using just before the crash tends to occur.

3) Did Spriter seem stable (no crashing) until after adding a certain animation or feature?

4) At any point have you multi-selected key frames and tried dragging them all to re-position them simultaneously?


If you can spare the time and trouble, a screen recording of a crash happening would likely be extremely useful.. If Spriter is crashing very frequently, please screen record as you work to try and catch a crash in video.


Thanks very much for your patience, and with your help we can hopefully find and fix the cause of this crash as quickly as possible.



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