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    RunnerPack reacted to Chiptendo in Hi everyone.   
    Edit: Putting my personal practice project on hold. Someone asked me to provide assets for their mobile game so i decided to try a different style and collaborate with them . Hope it works out.
    Current progress:  https://gyazo.com/385e62617015e0cdc03058eba01e523d
    I decided to post my recent idle animation after finally figuring out Spriter. Great software by the way. I only wish there was a mesh feature. Other programs out there that include it are way out of my budget (spine) so I settled for Spriter Pro. Anyway, Here's my very first animation. Going to work on a small 1 level game as a way to learn about programing, improving art, and Japanese (details in the description of my DA page). Next up, running animation \ouo/.

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    RunnerPack reacted to Evan in Jump the Shark   
    Created a character for a Sonic-like game: Jump the Shark.
    Here he is as pixel art with NES-like constraints (3 colors).  Sorry about the bad color contrast, but I'm not fixing this one at this time because it's only here as an intro.

    And now, Clawburr, an enemy for Jump. This was my first attempt with Spriter.

    Clawburr exists to test Jump's ability to jump in a timely fashion, as running into him is clearly a painful proposition. I also think he serves as a demonstration of how a little squetch (squash and stretch) can counteract the 'paper cut-out' feel of a Spriter animation.
    Speaking of squetch, here's the goomba equivalent of Jump's world: a sea-slug named Lug.

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    RunnerPack reacted to isaacburns in Spriter.JS JavaScript Implementation   
    implementation by @isaacburns


    A JavaScript API for the Spriter SCML/SCON animation data format.
    Supported Features
    Basic animations Bone animations All curve types (Instant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Bezier) Points Collision Rectangles SubEntities Events Sounds Variables Tags Character maps Animation Blending How to use it
    In the initialization:
    var scon = JSON.parse(scon_text); // read and parse SCON file var data = new spriter.Data().load(scon); // create and load Spriter data from SCON file var pose = new spriter.Pose(data); // create Spriter pose and attach data pose.setEntity("player"); // set entity by name pose.setAnim("idle"); // set animation by name In the animation loop:
    var dt = 1000 / 60; // time step in milliseconds pose.update(dt); // accumulate time pose.strike(); // process time slice Refer to the demo for how to blend animations, draw images, play sounds and respond to events, access tags and variables, etc.
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    RunnerPack reacted to NEWLEE in The Shadow ( Finished Game )   
    Greeting everyone!
    Here is my new game, It was made by Spriter and Construct 2.
    Check it out.
    Oh and don't forget to give me a like.
    For the love of Spriter!!!
    Thank you and see you all again with my next game!
    Take care ~

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    RunnerPack got a reaction from NEWLEE in The Shadow ( Finished Game )   
    It looks great, and it's probably a lot of fun, but I'm not an FPS gamer, so the WASD/Mouse combo is not working for me. Ideally, I would like to see arrow keys for movement and a key for the lamp toggle (like maybe Z for jump and X for lamp). Both sets of controls should be able to peacefully coexist.
    In the mean time (or if you don't feel like implementing the above) I think I'll rig up something with Joy2Key so I can play it with my gamepad.
    EDIT: Also, a way to skip the intro would be nice (not that it's a bad intro, or anything...)

    EDIT2: I had a Joy2key preset that only needed one button change  Not a bad little game, and a nice, uplifting message, too.
    I also played your goat game. I want to ask questions about it, but I don't want to spoil anything for others. Both games are pretty surreal and esoteric, but well done for what they are. I hope you keep making games and get even better at it.
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    RunnerPack reacted to dval in Shortcut for re-parenting bones   
    Ah Cool!
    Thanks. I admit, I was lazy. I only watched the overview video, but it was enough to get me running. So, I stopped learning and started working.  
    Typical artist.
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    RunnerPack reacted to Banbury in UE4Spriter - Spriter for Unreal Engine 4 (WIP)   
    UE4Spriter is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4, that allows importing and rendering of Spriter animations in Unreal Engine games (Windows only as of now).
    Spriter project files and sprite images can be imported quickly. A Spriter component is responsible for rendering the animation. I tried to make the process of setting up a scene as hassle-free as possible.
    The whole project is open source (MIT license) and free to use. It can be downloaded from Github.
    Currently the plugin supports animations only. If there is enough interest I might add more features in the future.
    Recent changes
    Update README.md                                                         Disabled crash reporter and 'anonymous' statistics.                      Added Blueprint function to query triggers.                              Add reimport asset action for Spriter Project.                           Added Blueprint function to blend animation.                             Added Blueprint functions for stopping and starting animations.          Added Blueprint functions for character maps.                            Added Spriter placeholder image.                                         

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    RunnerPack reacted to Tom Atom in Spriter for Phaser   
     some time ago I wrote Spriter player for Phaser engine. It is written in Typescript and here at GitHub is repository: https://github.com/SBCGames/Spriter-Player-for-Phaser. It supports only features from free version, as at time of writing I had only free one.
     You can see working sample on my blog here: http://sbcgamesdev.blogspot.cz/2015/09/phaser-tutorial-phaser-and-spriter.html
     Beside this I wrote Spriter Minimizer. It is utility to shrink Spriter output (https://github.com/SBCGames/SpriterMinimizer) It is kind of "work in progress", but it can already minimize xml output or convert it into binary. These are output sizes for test anim (grey guy):
    346 kb standard, pretty printed, Spriter output, 240 kb Spriter output with pretty printing unchecked, 165 kb after minimization with SpriteMinimizer (with default definitions.xml), 74 kb when converted into binary format with smallOffset switch on.  
    2016-02-20 UPDATE:
    New version now includes Spriter Pro features:
    blog: http://sbcgamesdev.blogspot.cz/2016/02/phaser-tutorial-spriter-pro-features.html
    GitHub: https://github.com/SBCGames/Spriter-Player-for-Phaser
    Currently it can load scml and scon files. Support for minimized files (made with Spriter Minimizer) is temporarily down.
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    RunnerPack reacted to esDotDev in SpriterDotNet.Unity   
    Also, one other small but pretty annoying issue, is that whenever the prefab is regenerated, the positioning and scaling info is reset anywhere in the project the prefab is references. 
    I have an archer Game Object, with a nested Spriter Animation, positioned where I'd like him to be within his parent:
     --> ArcherSpriter (x = -1.78, y=3.16, scaleX: .85, scaleY: .85)
    Everytime the SCML is reimported, the ArcherSpriter instance resets positioning to 0,0 and scale to 1,1. Any way those could be retained?
    I also added a bit of functionality to UnitySpriterAnimator, in order to allow me to swap sprites at any time, in any animation:
    Dictionary<string, Sprite> swappedSprites = new Dictionary<string, Sprite>(); public void UnswapSprite(string name) { if (swappedSprites.ContainsKey(name)) { swappedSprites.Remove(name); } } public void SwapSprite(string name, Sprite sprite) { swappedSprites[name] = sprite; } Sprite GetSprite(Sprite sprite) { if (swappedSprites.ContainsKey(sprite.name)) { return swappedSprites[sprite.name]; } return sprite; } protected override void ApplySpriteTransform(Sprite sprite, SpriterObject info) { .... renderer.sprite = GetSprite(sprite); .... } This allows me to do fun stuff, like make my character blink randomly, regardless of their animation state.
    spriterAnimator.SwapSprite("eyesOpen", eyesClosedSprite);//Close eyes //Wait 100ms spriterAnimator.UnswapSprite("eyesOpen");//Open Eyes Or, swap his hands randomly, to make it appear as if he's stumming a guitar, regardless of the current animation he's in. (our character can strum guitar while running, standing still, getting hit, etc, and we didn't want to have to bake that in to the animations themselves) 
    //Inside a Coroutine while(true){ spriterAnimator.SwapSprite("chordHand_0", GetRandomChordSprite()); spriterAnimator.SwapSprite("strumHand_0", GetRandomStrumSprite()); yield return WaitForSeconds(tempo); } Doing it this way lets us change the tempo of the strumming to match the music, rather than having it tied to the animation speed.

    This also allows you an easy way to do character maps, without having to define them in Spriter.
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    RunnerPack reacted to boorch in Feature request: Creating seperate folders for every animation set   
    In my pipeline, I need to export seperate frames on each animation by itself (so not a sprite sheet, but an image sequence for every animation) so I can generate normal maps for them on Sprite Illuminator, then pack using Texture Packer. An organized folder structure is essential to avoid messing things up.
    What I need is a checkbox on Export dialog (when using "seperate numbered image files") to create folders for each animation (named by animation itself) and export their frames into the necessary folder.
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    RunnerPack reacted to Owlet in Action points tutorial   
    Update: The solution is to go to Hierarchy view and drag the point under the desired bone. After that, copy and paste the selected point(s) to all keys works- the action points move smoothly with the character.
    Thanks @loodakrawa for help.

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    RunnerPack reacted to aiat_gamer in My foray into animating   
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    RunnerPack reacted to loudo in Spriter Official Reference Implementations and Other Big News   
    Great news.
    Can we have also the scml reference updated in the following link to see the changes :)
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    RunnerPack reacted to aiat_gamer in My foray into animating   
    I am helping someone with his project, kind of like a Terraria clone for now, hopefully we can come up with some stuff to make it more unique. 
    On a side note, I guess I am among the few who is using Spriter for pixel art  :-P
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    RunnerPack got a reaction from aiat_gamer in Resizing the selection rectangle moves the time-line to the left!!   
    This happens on my Windows 7 64-bit PC just as aiat_gamer describes/demonstrates.
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    RunnerPack reacted to elguignardo in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Is it possible to add Color effect : select a color to apply, like it's already done for Transparency.
    also blending modes :brighten , darker.....
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    RunnerPack reacted to dmmcintyre in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    I keep looking for some quick way to return playback speed to 100%.  I finally got around to beginning the videos, and I just saw the video guy click on the box and enter 100 manually.  Well, I guess there isn't a trick waiting to be discovered.  There should be.
    If I were coding this, I'd go in with a plan to have a variable playback speed like it is now, with some clickable buttons to set pre-selected speeds, such as 25%, 50%, 100% (probably user-editable, quick select A, B and C with these default values), with logic rigged so that only one button can be checked at a time, and no button is required to be checked (which rules out QPushButtonGroup it looks like).  If 100% is checked, playback runs at that speed, and the variable control is disabled, but its value remains unchanged.  Un-check the 100% button, and now the variable control is enabled, and playback goes to whatever the running speed was.
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    RunnerPack reacted to bwwd in More than two bones per object?   
    Found it, bones arent on top of tail like they should because character wasnt straight like it should be when i was drawing it so i had to lay bones anyway to test it and it worked! 25 bones and each of them is affecting dragon's body.

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    RunnerPack reacted to aiat_gamer in My foray into animating   
    So I added some subtle (and not so subtle) tweaks in the animation. Funny that smallest thing can make a lot of difference.
    Also this:

    I wanted to see was it possible to animate using stick figure limbs, the results are not bad :). 
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    RunnerPack reacted to Ventos in Just to show some anims...   
    Change sprites through pivot. Spriter Pro works well with that. I had to drawn frame a frame the tongue.
    Share more. Feel free to comment or ask

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    RunnerPack reacted to Ventos in Just to show some anims...   
    Oh.. Another char of mine facing right. I never thought about that haha. 

    About draws. Its my painting style.
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    RunnerPack reacted to Stinky in Attached spritesheets problem   
    You can export PNG images and use this:


    make sure they are sequentially named and then use this command from inside the images folder:

    montage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -background transparent *.png SpriteSheet.png

    change teh 256x256 with your tiles dimensions, and the +0+0 change to the amount of padding you want around the images.
    You can save that command in a text file, and rename the file to *.bat or *.cmd so you do not have to type it every time.
    Here is the file I use so it cleans up the folder every time:
    del SpriteSheet.pngmontage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -background transparent *.png SpriteSheet.png Here is a fun tip, Save the file in your :
    Disk where windows is installed:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
    Now you can just hilight an entire folder, rightclick on the images and select Send to: The_batch_File_You_Made.bat
    Poof! you have a sprite sheet!
    Be sure to play with image magic! ther are a lot of great little tricks you can do, tha save loads of time. Resizing and rotating an entire folder of images? No problem!
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    RunnerPack reacted to Zoubidub in Tutorial - Facilitate Spriter/SpriteLamp integration in Unity   
    First of all I'm french so sorry for my bad English :)
    I've got Spriter a little while ago with SpriteLamp and try to integrate both in Unity. The only issue I found is to create a material with SpriteLampShaders assigned with a normal map for each sprite of the animation.
    This is fastidious and I found a most easier way to do this. I'm not a pro coder so it must exist a better way to do this but I want to share this. For information, i didn't try it with a more complex animation, my project only have one animation, I will test it later with more anim.
    1: Create your animation in Spriter. In my case, I use two balls rotating arround the center.

    2: Create your SpriteLamp normal map and save it.
    Warning: the normal map must be in the same folder that the sprite AND has the same name following by '_Normal'. Repeat the operation for each sprite.

    Even if the normal map are the same for the two balls, we must duplicate it to assign the normal map to the correct sprite with the name.
    3: Create a new Unity 5.x project and import the packages Spriter2UnityDX and SpriteLampShaders.
    Open the script PrefabBuilder.cs in Spriter2UnityDX>Editor.
    Line 28, before the foreach loop, add:

    var path_normal = new Dictionary<int, string>();
    var folder_name = new Dictionary<int, string>();

    Line 35, before the bracket, add:

    path_normal[file.id] = path.Replace(".png", ""); // We save the path of the sprite (without the '.png' to check if the '_Normal.png' file exist)
    folder_name[file.id] = folder.name; // We save the folder where the sprite is store

    Line 54, change the called function TryBuild to:

    TryBuild (entity, prefab, instance, directory, prefabPath, folders, path_normal, folder_name); // Add the two Dictionary that we created

    Line 64, change the function TryBuild to:

    private void TryBuild (Entity entity, GameObject prefab, GameObject instance, string directory, string prefabPath, IDictionary<int, IDictionary<int, Sprite>> folders, Dictionary<int, string> path_normal, Dictionary<int, string> folder_name) { // Add the two Dictionary in argument

    Line 150, after 'if (!firstAnim) child.gameObject.SetActive (false);', add :

    var folder = Directory.CreateDirectory(directory+"/"+folder_name[spriteInfo.file]+"/Materials_Normal"); // Create the folder for the material in the sprite location folder
    if(System.IO.File.Exists(path_normal[spriteInfo.file]+"_Normal.png")){ // Only if normal map exist for this sprite
    var mat = new Material(Shader.Find("SpriteLamp/Standard")); // We create the material with the Standard SpriteLamp shader
    Texture norm = (Texture)AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath (path_normal[spriteInfo.file]+"_Normal.png", typeof(Texture)); // We load the texture
    AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(mat, directory+"/"+folder_name[spriteInfo.file]+"/Materials_Normal/"+child.name+"_Normal.mat"); // We save the material as Prefab
    mat.SetTexture("_NormalDepth", norm);
    child.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().material = mat; // We assign the material to the sprite


    4: This must work. When you import your Spriter project, a new folder must appear in location of your sprites with all the materials inside and each material must be assign to the proper sprites in the prefab. Like this :

    If you press the Play button, the animation play properly with a correct lighting.
    I think I don't miss any part.
    I tried with a more complex prefab and it works. I hope this will help and serve at someone more qualified to find a better way to do this :).

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    RunnerPack got a reaction from blacksails in Export to AVI or another type of Video support?   
    Hi, SymboliC,
    You brought up a good point that I hadn't thought of when I made my first reply: GIF's color limitations. Since it is commonly only used for a preview, the reduction of colors isn't usually a problem. Anyone using it for final output is likely aware of its limitations and can work around them. However, it would be nice to be able to output a full-color animation, with full alpha channel.
    To this end, I believe animated PNG export support should be added to Spriter. Although APNG isn't officially supported by the original designers of PNG, and it almost definitely isn't supported by the version of libpng against which Spriter is linked, it has become a de facto standard, and is more widely used and supported than the official, and IMO overly complicated, "MNG" format. It is even supported by most browsers, either directly or through some type of extension. It would be fairly straightforward to add support, either by using a version of libpng that supports APNG, or with APNG-specific code patched into the GIF export functionality. For reference, here is the Mozilla APNG spec.
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    RunnerPack reacted to caktusbill in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    I've a few suggestions:
    Split by color the keyframes, relative to move, rotation and scale. Allowing we can to tweak the transform keyframes separately. If a keyframe has the three transformations it will be tricolor.
    The main timeline only show the keyframes for selected object or objects.
    Duplicate keyframes dragging + a key (ctrl)
    thanks for this awesome software :)
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