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  1. Thanks so much for the fast reply -- I look forward to seeing the new build, and completely sympathize with unanticipated delays. You guys have a really cool product and I can't wait to be able to do my game development on my mac laptop as well as my windows desktop. Best, BlackSails
  2. Do you guys have an ETA on the fix for the OS/X retina display issues? It looks like the issue with the UI being squashed on retina systems was reported at least as early as November last year (http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3539-gui-looks-bad-on-macbook-pro-retina/). -The MakeUseOf article you guys have been sharing as a possible fix is from 2013 and the third party program it suggests we download (Retinizer) doesn't significantly change the Spriter UI. -The other fix I've seen on the forum here is to run Spriter in low-resolution mode, which was actually enabled by-default on my machine and also doesn't fix the issue. I don't mean to be rude--there's a lot about Spriter that I really love and my Windows version works great--but not fixing this is going to alienate a lot of mac users like myself and push us to go use other tools like Core Animator which are in the same price range. Are we to interpret the slow response to this issue as a sign that you have few mac users and have therefore put mac bug-fixes on the back-burner? Also, while I have your attention, I'm wondering whether you guys are already aware of the character map bug for OS X where dragging-and-dropping character maps doesn't activate them like it should. Works fine on Windows. You should be able to reproduce the problem by trying to apply a character map on a Mac version of Spriter...if not, I'm happy to provide any information you want to help identify why I'm having the problem...I can reproduce it every time.
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