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  1. Evan

    Jump the Shark

    Thanks! Yeah, I drew them as well.
  2. Hiya. I'm slowly building over time a virtual pet that includes breeding as an option, and skins are not quite sufficient for my variation purposes. What I'm looking for is the ability to assign color indices to each piece and then programmatically tint all pieces of a given index (so that there are potentially an infinite number of color variations for a given character). E.g. say the body has two parts, main and underbelly. I want to be able to set main to 'color 1' and underbelly to 'color 2' and then assign what those colors are in the game. Not sure if this is reasonable or not. I have a hunch I could use the tags in Spriter already to accomplish this (though I'm a much better artist than programmer). But I thought it was worth throwing out there anyhow.
  3. Evan

    Jump the Shark

    Created a character for a Sonic-like game: Jump the Shark. Here he is as pixel art with NES-like constraints (3 colors). Sorry about the bad color contrast, but I'm not fixing this one at this time because it's only here as an intro. And now, Clawburr, an enemy for Jump. This was my first attempt with Spriter. Clawburr exists to test Jump's ability to jump in a timely fashion, as running into him is clearly a painful proposition. I also think he serves as a demonstration of how a little squetch (squash and stretch) can counteract the 'paper cut-out' feel of a Spriter animation. Speaking of squetch, here's the goomba equivalent of Jump's world: a sea-slug named Lug.
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