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  1. Some ideas from Spine: - clipping - runtime constraints - path constraints
  2. Thanks. Is there any plan to support this feature in the future?
  3. Seems great. I'll try. I'm glad some of my issues are fixed. Awesome! Thanks!
  4. Hello, Issue with PIXEL MODE. Spriter shows me in the property panel that an image is at y = -2 but there is -1.590909 in the scml.
  5. I try to resize a project today. I've noticed 2 things : 1. it doesn't scale the PNG to the closest integer (it scale to the inferior integer instead). 2. it doesn't change the size of the image in the scml (the old width and height are still there). I don't think it is an issue for my game engine because I use the size of the image I load to place the images. But it may be an issue for game engine that uses the size in the scml (I mean: if the game engine use the pivot and the width and height of the scml but they don't match with the size of the PNG, there will be incorrect positionning).
  6. 6. When saving a resized scml project, could we have an option to resize only the scml and NOT the images? (I handle image and atlas outside Spriter).
  7. 4. All input numeric field need to have the ability to be modified with + - * /. Because right now, we have to set the final value. It will be very good to change a numeric field adding a value. So let's say my x value is 15 and I want to add 103, I just need to wrote +103 in the field and the result is automatically calculated instead of taking a calculator and write myself the result. 5. With 4., it will be great to modify a value of an object for more than one frame in the same time.
  8. Removing an image that is not used anymore doesn't remove it in SCML (<file> is still here). As far as I remember, it was working.
  9. I found an atlernative method working better: copy past with CTRL SHIFT C frame by frame but it doesn't work with more than one frame. Is there a way to copy more than 1 frame ?
  10. 1. Having the ability to play some animations one after the others for test purposes (ie: anim1, anim2 and then anim3). So you can see how they are chained together. (Right now I can only achieve that in my game engine but it would be great to test that directly in Spriter to save a lot of time). 2. Play the animation without loop activated 3. Copy multiple frames into another animation
  11. Hello, It's been a long time since last time I used Spriter. So, I don't know if it's a bug or if I should use a specific method. I have an animation A where I need to copy/paste at the beginning some frames of an another animation called B. So first, I make the animation A longer, then I shift the frames to make some places at the beginning. Then, I copy the frames I want from B and paste at time 0 in animation A. It should fill the beggining of A perfectly but it doesn't. When I paste it creates the frames but with wrong images. Also, when I look into the scml, it doesn't create new timeline keys but just only mainline keys. So is it a bug? Or is there a specific method to achieve this. Please let me know because I don't want to modify the scml manually in notepad++ Cheers;
  12. I may add something like this in my engine soon. It will allow to add a custom shader to a whole character first. Then I may allow to target some childs of the character.
  13. @Archais I have the same problem I have copied a bone animation to an other entity. It totally break it. In the scml, it seems that it breaks the parent information of the bone (all reset to -1).
  14. Hello, I've improved my library and it's now easier to get the current variables and tags. When updated, I store the tags and variables of the current animation in an array. But...it doesn't manage tags and variables from sub entities. How can I manage that?
  15. Awesome! Sadly I still have many allocations (haxe as well) but I tend to reduce them in my dev branch How did you managed to do that? EDIT : Oh I see you use an abstract to use one big Vector instead of multiple Object for your computations. Nice ! I tend to use one static object instead but I still have some allocations (I'm cloning KeyB but I will use a static one for my computations soon). Did you try this implementation of Kha for SpriterHaxeEngine? Anyway, I'll give it a try. Did you make a performance test? I'll be interested on how we can both optimize our libraries. Cheers;
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