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  1. Spriter is wondrful, I am enjoying every second of my new Pro verson. I am an Avid Blender user. I have used it for my personal and professional projects for years now. Blender has lots of animation tools that would take BrashMonkey years to re-invent for their application. Blender hs been in development since the days of the Amiga, so it is not fair to compare the animation system to Spriters bone system. I think If you guys made a propriatory exporter for Blender, for your fileformat, you would get a HUGE following.( I would be your first customer i would pay up to $30 today). If you guys are not savy with Python, you can ask Cambo (MR. Cambell) on the Blender Artsits scripting help forums. He works at a really reasonable rate, and you guys would have the market cornered from blender users too. There is currently no way to import the Sound files in sequence with the animation frames from blenders sequencer to Unity. You can reach them at /server irc.freenode.net, and /join #blendercoders from any IRC client. Ton (the main blender guy) is almost always there with a fake name. I am sure they would love to talk, and share ideas with you. They are very nice people. They even help out non-programmers like me sometimes. You may even get invited to Amsterdam next time you are on vacation, they are neat people. You guys would rock that entire blender/unity community. Not to mention you would bridge the gap between Blender and 2d engines like Construct 2. Anyway, I love Spriter and love the directions it is going. I can make some really great stuff with it, with very little effort. It would sure be great to be able to pipe things back and fourth from Blender. TIA for reading this :) Sorry for my poor english, i have not lived around here very long.
  2. HAHA!! Yeah! thank you!! I looked at that animation for like 3 hours, and I could not figure out why he seemed lop sided. Will give it a go when i get home from work,.
  3. I like the Dragon anbd the bunny the most. What exactly do you conciter low poly? The last "Lady character" looks like the head is 4000 polies alone. In the past most people conciter a low poly human around ~2000 polies. Also her feet will not bend at the toes properly. you need to have atleast 3 loopcuts or the entire foot will inflate and deflate when the animator trieds to rotate the toe bone. (The reason I notice, is I make this same mistake all the time, I see other people do it a lot too.) We have a bit of UV mapping and texturing to do on some of our assetts. They have been triangulated, so our only option is to re-skin them, and then te-texture them. If you are interested please send me a PM with your hourly rate.
  4. You can buy Spriter pro on Steam and from this website for ~$60 USD . I think you can get the current version from the Construct 2 store too. I has some really neat features so far. The IK anchors make it worth it for me. If you get the Enhanced Steam plugin for Firefox and Chrome, you can look at the steam page, and see where the current lowest price is. I am not sure if we get free updates or not though.
  5. If you are needing only frame animations, I suggest using blender. Making tenticles is a beginner project for learing splines and rail extrusion. It will make the twisting , and revealing of the underside of the tenticle childs play. If you want someone to rig and animate it for you, I will do it for a $5-$20 steam game =) It would only take me a few minutes to model and rig it for you. Then you can make any further animations you want,yourself, just by tweaking the rig, and pressing the render animation button. Just say the word, and I can have it ready for you in an hour or so. EDIT: Waiting on hold for some computers we ordered ,since I posted this.... Still on hold, but I got an arm rigged and semi modeled to show an example. I just used an armature, and a quickly extruded cube with a subsurface modifyer: If i ever get off hold with thease jerks, I will try another pose. maybe i will try another shape. I need octopuss things for my game later so it is good practice for me. For the animation I just made an IK chain, made the first bend pose copied the first and last frame, and then did a reverse IK paste in the center frame.1,2,3, and hit the render button! that is it. 1 pose! EditEdit: My webhost is under DOS attack. here is a temp file, sorry about that:
  6. You have something already named Torso, it is a sprite, but i guess bones and sprite cant share the same names, the 001 is a auto-renamer function I am guessing. I end my sprite names with _SPR, like Pelvis_SPR, so i dont accidently screw something up in the out-liner when I am animating. I have already ruined 2 animations by moving the wrong key-frames. It would sure be nice to hide the sprite names when I am trying to animate,
  7. You can export PNG images and use this: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php make sure they are sequentially named and then use this command from inside the images folder: montage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -background transparent *.png SpriteSheet.png change teh 256x256 with your tiles dimensions, and the +0+0 change to the amount of padding you want around the images. You can save that command in a text file, and rename the file to *.bat or *.cmd so you do not have to type it every time. Here is the file I use so it cleans up the folder every time: del SpriteSheet.pngmontage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -background transparent *.png SpriteSheet.png Here is a fun tip, Save the file in your : Disk where windows is installed:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo Now you can just hilight an entire folder, rightclick on the images and select Send to: The_batch_File_You_Made.bat Poof! you have a sprite sheet! Be sure to play with image magic! ther are a lot of great little tricks you can do, tha save loads of time. Resizing and rotating an entire folder of images? No problem!
  8. You need a file host that allows hot linking. There are a few free ones around. Sorry i do not know of one off hand, I just google "free web hosting", and find the best plan that allows hotlinking, and no advertisement banners on the page. There might be a hack with DropBox too, at the end of the URL there is a DL=0 change that to DL=1, and sometimes it allows the forum to download the file into the forum's cache. (if it is supported) In the past you coud do it with Imagur, and Fileshack by rightclicking on your uploaded image, select "view image" and copying the URL from the omnibar. hope that helps :)
  9. Very neat! Reminds me of a deformation mesh in Blender. Are there any documents on how we can make that sort of deformation mesh? I would like to see if it is compatible with Unity and Construct 2. Some great stuff to get inspired by in this thread :)
  10. So far so good. I have had a fun morning playing with Spriter and Inkscape. Now that I am comfortable with the application, I will spend more time drawing my sprites :) Hope i get my graphics tablet today in the mail!
  11. Thanks BrashAdmin :) Spriter is a great little application so far. I downloaded the demo durring the bundle sale. I was so impressed, I felt you guys earned the full price of the application, so I went for your website version. I have been playing with it in my spare time every day now.
  12. Great update. The head bob adds a lot.
  13. Might not be what you are looking for, but you can add the sounds in Spriter, and have them exported to Construct 2, so you get the timming PERFECT.
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