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  1. I hope my previous comment didn't sound angry or disappointed. I'm doing this kind of small programming projects all the time during my vacations, mostly as exercise. When the vacation is over, I release it as open source. Maybe someone else is interested and can make use of it. But I don't have the time to create a fully fleshed out product with documentation and all just for a lark. That's a lot of work and commitment. And writing documentation isn't exactly fun. Since I'm doing this for free, the only currency I get for working on a project is recognition. The more recognition, the more fun I have. And if there's no recognition, then I'll start something new. That's how open source works, I guess. I have noticed in the past, that game developers do not seem to trust open source projects. And I can understand that. The quality of open source projects can be very uneven and documentation non-existent. But open source is all I have to offer, warts and all. For complicated reasons I'm not interested in monetizing my hobby. I have a decently paid job, that leaves me little time outside of vacations. So there's little incentive for me to continue working on UE4Spriter. But I'm open to suggestions. If you have any ideas, that could hold my interest, you know where to reach me :).
  2. With the lack of interest, I didn't see any reason to put more effort into this. But it should be possible to compile it for other platforms. I can't remember putting anything Windows-specific into it.
  3. Umm, it already happened? You can download and use it right now. If you do, I might continue working on it.
  4. I'm trying to add points and boxes to my UE4 plugin. But I couldn't find a way to access their names. Without the names I can't connect UE4 objects with points and boxes.
  5. For complicated reasons UE4 requires that plugins have to be recompiled every time they are packaged into a game. So game-makers need the libraries and their header files in the project or they couldn't use my plugin. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
  6. When I'm using the library, I only need the compiled and linked lib file and the header files. Currently the header files are mixed with the source files. So if I want to use them, I have to collect them from a dozen different folders. That's why in C/C++ one usually has a src folder with all the .c/.cpp files and an inc folder with all the .h/.hpp files. (The src and inc folders can have subfolders.)
  7. If you're working on SpriterPlusPlus again, you might consider moving all the header files into a separate include directory. It makes using the library a lot easier. I did it on my own fork for my UE4 plugin.
  8. Is there a way to get information about a bone chain (e.g. a leg or an arm)? I would like to have the position, rotation and scale of all the bones in a chain at rendering time.
  9. UE4Spriter UE4Spriter is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4, that allows importing and rendering of Spriter animations in Unreal Engine games (Windows only as of now). Spriter project files and sprite images can be imported quickly. A Spriter component is responsible for rendering the animation. I tried to make the process of setting up a scene as hassle-free as possible. The whole project is open source (MIT license) and free to use. It can be downloaded from Github. Download Video Currently the plugin supports animations only. If there is enough interest I might add more features in the future. Recent changes Update README.md Disabled crash reporter and 'anonymous' statistics. Added Blueprint function to query triggers. Add reimport asset action for Spriter Project. Added Blueprint function to blend animation. Added Blueprint functions for stopping and starting animations. Added Blueprint functions for character maps. Added Spriter placeholder image.
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