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The Shadow ( Finished Game )


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It looks great, and it's probably a lot of fun, but I'm not an FPS gamer, so the WASD/Mouse combo is not working for me. Ideally, I would like to see arrow keys for movement and a key for the lamp toggle (like maybe Z for jump and X for lamp). Both sets of controls should be able to peacefully coexist.

In the mean time (or if you don't feel like implementing the above) I think I'll rig up something with Joy2Key so I can play it with my gamepad.

EDIT: Also, a way to skip the intro would be nice (not that it's a bad intro, or anything...)

EDIT2: I had a Joy2key preset that only needed one button change :D Not a bad little game, and a nice, uplifting message, too.

I also played your goat game. I want to ask questions about it, but I don't want to spoil anything for others. Both games are pretty surreal and esoteric, but well done for what they are. I hope you keep making games and get even better at it.

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Thank you! I'll add the arrow keys, and I'll be the standard for my following games.

You can only skip the intro animation, the skip button will appear when you click or tap the screen for the third time,

and there is a secret area in the game (The Shadow), have you discover it? :P

for The Goat, you can ask me right away! It is my first game and I know that a lot of people will have a question more or less ^^

The next game will be less surreal more action and of course, Spriter!


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