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  1. Yeah, I'm sure with experience I'll figure out a way to achieve the animation I want in the future. I've just seen some amazing animation done in software that utilizes such features not currently in spriter pro. To achieve something similar I'd have to draw multiple assets. Can you send me a link to tombmonkey's work? I can't seem to find him.
  2. Edit: Putting my personal practice project on hold. Someone asked me to provide assets for their mobile game so i decided to try a different style and collaborate with them . Hope it works out. Current progress: https://gyazo.com/385e62617015e0cdc03058eba01e523d I decided to post my recent idle animation after finally figuring out Spriter. Great software by the way. I only wish there was a mesh feature. Other programs out there that include it are way out of my budget (spine) so I settled for Spriter Pro. Anyway, Here's my very first animation. Going to work on a small 1 level game as a way to learn about programing, improving art, and Japanese (details in the description of my DA page). Next up, running animation \ouo/.
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