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Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread


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We're a little late to the party but quite excited to present our version of an "awesome boss", Lord William GreasyWheel.


We had a few ideas and it was difficult to choose a direction since the theme was broad. But hey, that was half the fun and we're happy with how this little guy turned out.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did working on it.




A lot of thanks to Brashmonkey for the awesome piece of software that is Spriter, and for this contest which was a nice distraction from our main project.


Keep rocking! Good luck everyone!

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Hi guys! This is my entry:

This is the first time i've used Spriter, ever. The total work time for the graphics and animations is around 6 hours. The monster design was originally intended for the team's upcoming game Caos Trigger: Golem; but the kickstarter for it never got funded so i still went ahead and created the monster anyway.

Best of luck to all the contestants! :)

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Thanks everyone who participated!   Very awesome stuff here.
The playlist has been forwarded to all of the judges, and so far one has responded.

We don't have a hard deadline on when the judges will all get in their responses - as you all know, the judges only found out about the contest very recently.

In order to speed up the verification process, and to be able to present the entries in a consistent way for any announcements and post-contest compilation videos, please send your zipped project folders (the entire project folder, including subfolders, images, and scml/scon files) to mail@brashmonkey.com, with the subject line "Boss Contest Project Files", and in the body of the email please let us let us know your forum username here and your YouTube account name.  

As a reminder, you retain all rights and ownership to your characters and animations, but by sending them to us you are giving us permission to use them to promote this contest, future contests, and use for contest related purposes, like announcing the winner, making a post-contest showcase of entries, etc.   For any winners of cash prizes, submitting your project files is mandatory for verification.  For everyone else, it's optional, but we'd appreciate it, and it's possible/likely we won't be able to include your animation in contest entry showcase videos, etc.     

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Hi again everyone. Just a quick update. We've gotten the prize winner choices from 2 of the three judges and the final judge said he's going to try to look through all the submissions tonight. It shouldn't be much longer now. Thanks for your patience.



-Mike at BrashMonkey


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Hello again everyone.  Sorry to leave you in suspense, the final judge is taking longer than expected to reply.  We're going to reach out to him again today and hopefully at least an ETA.   If it takes more than another couple of days to get his response, we can consider either going with the results from the two judges that have already responded or we could go with a replacement judge (we already have someone in mind who said they're available).  Thanks for your patience.

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