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Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread


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EDIT: WELCOME BACK to the newly resurrected Awesome Boss contest, now with three proper human judges!

Please be sure to update or submit your boss animation video ASAP!  The submission window will close at midnight EST, just as it becomes September 1st!

We'll send a link to the playlist to the three judges at that point and should get the judging results back within a few days.

Best of luck to everyone!

-Mike at BrashMonkey

EDIT: Hello everyone,

We're hoping to have your help to resolve an issue that just came to our attention.
Despite it clearly being against the spirit of the contest, more than one contestant is using a third party site to basically buy likes(votes) for their animation.

This is in direct contradiction to the text we had everyone paste in their description, requesting that voters watch the submitted animations from all contestants before voting, and that the the votes be based on actual merit/quality of the work.

As you know, we had expected and accepted some bias from friends and family, but this is a different level of intentional manipulation and abuse of the system and spirit of the contest.

We realize this is the sort of thing some of you were warning could happen, and clearly (and sadly) you were right.

We'd like to change the voting system and move back the voting date, but this is only possible if we get all contestants to agree with the change (via email/electronic signature).

Of course, we want to make sure we don't change voting to another system which can be similarly abused, so please give us a few days to come up with the new system.  We're strongly leaning towards having judges, but the obvious choice of judges (ourselves) would not work, as we are friends/acquaintances or work with or more than one of the contestants.  Feel free to make suggestions in this thread in the meantime.

For now we're keeping the entry closing date the same, but what do you all think about having a second submission window to allow the people who had refrained from entering the contest due to the judging system to make an entry now that judging will be different?

-Mike at BrashMonkey

Welcome to the Awesome Boss Contest official submission thread.    

Click here to view and vote on contest entries.

Before posting, please go here for full instructions on how to submit your animation(s).   Complete contest rules here.  Vote for one or more entries by liking their YouTube videos.

This thread is for submissions only.  If you want to tell someone how awesome their boss is, please leave comments directly on their YouTube video (mentioning your username here if you want to identify yourself from the forums).  You can also Like them here on the forums, though the YouTube likes are the only ones that count toward the contest judging.   If you have any questions or issues with the submission process, please post them in the submission instructions thread.

Looking forward to seeing these entries!

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Ocean's Shadow © Isabella

This project was made 100% by Spriter Free, it was only composed & add music with Editor Software later.
Yes, you're right! You can even make Cartoon with Spriter :) But hey, it required some extra works
Btw i am available for more work on Freelancer.com as freelancer: master2015hp
If you like my work then please don't forget to like me entry, thank you! ^^


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Say hello to Sasquitch the Sasquatch! I designed him in Inkscape and animated him in the free version of Spriter. I also added a little cave to give you all an idea of what his environment is like :-D.

My inspiration for Sasquitch came from Totoro, Japanese macaques, and the awesome indie game Guacamelee. Please like if you enjoyed my video! 

Thank you BrashMonkey for helping the game development and animation community!


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